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SNM038: Are You A Startup?

You walk into a room with an idea and you walk out with a check for millions of dollars.  It's the greatest moment of your entire life…or is it the beginning of the end?

Giving Up Control

You give up little pieces of your company, you take on investor debt, you take on partners – all to make your dream come true.  You believe so much in your idea that you might end up owning a minority of it.

You can get fired from the very company you created.

Investor Roulette

You go all over town with your hands out like a pauper begging for a few scraps.  If nobody gives you the money you need, your company might just fizzle out into nothing.

There are now companies popping up around this entire process to skin you alive.  There are companies that teach you how to pitch your idea and other companies that want to design your presentation slides.  Then you have to face complicated legal fees just by entering the process.

You end up spending your investment cash paying off these sharks and the money doesn't event make it into the business you love.

The Content Marketing Business

There is another path.  You can follow the Serve No Master Protocol and build a rock solid business that grows slowly and consistently.  A business that you own one hundred percent of, allowing you to pass it on to your children intact.

Key Points:

  1. Taking investor cash is a high risk, high reward game
  2. You can end up spending years on an idea that goes nowhere
  3. A prisoner of your own success…

Resources Mentioned:

Serve No Master on Amazon

Send in your questions to podcast [at] servenomaster [dot] com

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