SNM038: Are You A Startup?

You walk into a room with an idea and you walk out with a check for millions of dollars.  It’s the greatest moment of your entire life…or is it the beginning of the end?

Giving Up Control

You give up little pieces of your company, you take on investor debt, you take on partners – all to make your dream come true.  You believe so much in your idea that you might end up owning the minority of it.

You can get fired from the very company you created.

Investor Roulette

You go all over town with your hands out like a pauper begging for a few scraps.  If nobody gives you the money you need, your company might just fizzle out into nothing.

There are now companies popping up around this entire process to skin you alive.  There are companies that teach you how to pitch your idea and other companies that want to design your presentation slides.  Then you have to face complicated legal fees just by entering the process.

You end up spending your investment cash paying off these sharks and the money doesn’t event make it into the business you love.

The Content Marketing Business

There is another path.  You can follow the Serve No Master Protocol and build a rock solid business that grows slowly and consistently.  A business that you own one hundred percent of, allowing you to pass it on to your children intact.

Key Points:

  1. Taking investor cash is a high risk, high reward game
  2. You can end up spending years on an idea that goes nowhere
  3. A prisoner of your own success…

Resources Mentioned:

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Is your new business to start up and you even want to be on today's episode episode is brought to you by SEOProLab the company that I trust to keep several master at the top of Google to save 10% use the coupon code serve no master check out go to\SEO today are you tired of dealing with your boss you and underappreciated want to make it online and start living your retirement dreams now right-click well known best on how to open new revenue streams and make money one way presented live from a tropical island selflessly by best-selling author Jonathan Gray now is your home where I live on this tropical island I always go inside my house and kick out my girlfriend the kids everyone quietly recorded my studio have a big bay window but no it's not always enough one of the things I dreamed about when I first decided I wanted to move to tropical island I decided that I wanted to live outside as much as possible I wanted to have the experience with first envision myself starting a podcast year ago one of my ideas for my big ideas was what if I could go around the island be outside will record my episodes my initial recording set up an external microphone and it just wasn't possible so much background noise and wind in every go run into someone hammering or using the soft right now it's Sunday it's perfect out I'm totally buy myself a kit another person now you might be able hear the ocean in the background blood 500 m in front of me there are some waves breaking sows a light rumble I wanted to give the people at my podcast a little bit of a challenge taken to the next level so this is a special episode of truly test for me to see if I can court outside and get a good enough sound that is still enjoyable spiritualist at my hope standing in the water right now up to my ankles I have a notebook Mohammed my notes and I'm really excited to talk about today's episode and think about what it means to be a startup many people I meet you really know the difference and it's very confusing in our society because you are starting a business what exactly does it mean to be a startup one of the temptations we watch these amazing programs I watch them all the time and getting investments in growing your business and all those really fun TV shows is only shows I like right of financial you see these people starting a business to haven't sold anything they just have an idea in the company's value millions of dollars very recently one of those companies it was valued at billion dollars they call the unicorn it's a company that's worth $1 billion and hasn't made a dollar hasn't sold anything was just devalued announce with zero turns out their idea their technology didn't work at all it was blood testing company called Santos it turned out they were buying other people's blood testing lies in using other people's ecology pertaining was their own they said they had an amazing thing to plug in your iPhone drop of blood on a new test for every disease you can think of effect all the results owns the company's no band for me anywhere near the health industry for two years people that is worth $1 billion that's the start of industry when you go into the idea of a start up when you begin that type of business you know going in today want her to have to raise funding that's a start up the majority of startups fail people get loaned millions of dollars given millions of dollars for large pieces or company and it goes nowhere every once in a while though there's a big payoff and that's were these investing companies angel investors make their money they get one hit at every 10 the unbelievably wealthy and that's with their targeting it's very tempting to want to go to that world sleeping a rock star one day you have no money and the next day you have millions of dollars all this financial freedom but you're selling a huge amount of your business if you drive your time and a huge amount of your freedom you know that I'm a big believer in starting your business in funding through profit not debt one of my friends raised $18 million to start a company the company grew and eventually the Board of Directors fired him from his own company this happens a lot more often than you think you start a company you give up a little piece a little piece a little piece and suddenly only control 40% of people can get together and vote you out you don't have a job anymore they can get rid of you you give up control and it's a very scary place to be in usually starts with a very expensive idea these days most articles run apps I see so many apps to do the same thing competing to do the exact same thing over and over and over again and it's a really tough industry to get into and that's the path you want to go down obviously to your list in the wrong podcast there are some great podcast for that type of starter for that type of business but at my expense most of those businesses are all built around the people living in Silicon Valley and they live in their own little world where everyone is super technological abuser apps every day to do everything they rarely interact with other humans and have this whole inflated culture it's very different from the rest of America and unbelievably different from the rest of the world there so caught up in their little bubble to the often come up with products and solutions to problems known as Hass notice has to deal with these problems and get caught up in this entire trap when you're thinking about how to build your first business when you're deciding whether or not you want to become a starter whether you want to go to Pat think about what it means play that investor game and to work somewhere and start a business with a business can fire you right now I'm the only person that works for Servo master I would hundred percent of the stock and what else works for me does contract work or part-time work I haven't given up any level of control now the differences high risk high reward you may notice I'm doing a little walking is for the boat you showed up course I'm trying to record people never give you the perfect opportunity so hopefully you can still hear me nicely some birds in the background and again this is just a test to see if I can record outside and I'm learning that I'm on a beach without thousands of meters of emptiness people still park the boat right in front of me playing investor game is hard to give up more more control you have to keep performing for people there are services now that will teach you how to do a presentation to investors their services now that provide legal services specifically for people that are out there trying to raise money you raise $1 million it's been $100,000 of it just paying for your lawyers for your special bank fees for all of these other costs you give up control for nothing 10% of the control you give away your money you don't get to keep her use in the business there more and more businesses now that cater only to Silicon Valley startups and are caught up in this incestuous financial loop that personally I don't be part of I don't like giving up control my companies I have gone down this path before I have dealt with investor money before and it didn't end well I wish had never gone down that route with one of previous businesses I learned a lot you can make a lot of money and you can grow really fast and looks refuse example against the grammar symbols of the companies that raise up a couple million dollars and sold for hundred nine dollars year later one in 1 million chance those businesses most important thing about this type of business by becoming a starter is your completely and totally dependent upon having a really amazing color on your team your software is everything if your software is not proprietary someone else can copy replicated and put you out of business very very quickly you're trapped in this loop where you work 18 hours day 20 hours they sleep on your desk trying to start a company try to build something and you really slave away it's a path designed for certain type of person but it's not a good path for someone who has children or wants to continue having a life someone who wants to maintain control of their destiny the system I believe in the self-starter system to serve the master concept is about maintaining control of your business building something slow that lasts for a very long time the majority of these technological businesses come and go very fast the idea when you start a business we start a startup we build this type of business is to start it quickly and sell within two years and get out basically the value the company goes up people by it that arises is a piece of garbage right now Jan is going to massive acquisition Yahoo is actually worth negative money the only reason as value is not negative is because they own stock in Ali Baba doubt that stock without owning a percentage of another company Yahoo would be worth negative money every single person operating Yahoo is losing money for the company why because they invest massive amounts of money in purchasing stupid ideas this meant something rent $1 billion to buy tumbler a blogger platform that only used by people with no money and has no revenue structure nobody uses tumbler it doesn't make any money and there's no built-in add structure most of the people who used are teenagers they don't have spendable cash they built the platform a blogging platform the targets people don't have any money to spend running out them, would it make you any money anyways it's been $1 billion and now it's valued at something run 10% of all you do is pass on something worthless now if your desire is to make really fast money sell two years of your life and play higher stakes game of poker Starkey might be for you but that's not what I'm all about that's not what I want to teach and that's not what's important to me I much more about lifestyle happiness enjoying the journey as well as the end we want to develop a long-term plan go take care of you and your children for years and years in the future we don't want to build a business that depends upon your exit before collapses before falls apart before becomes worthless that's the key to finding your financial success my methodology my system is very simple go through my free material and make enough money to buy the first of my courses once you make your first hundred dollars online for my free material then and only then do I want you to invest anything of a course unlike everyone else out there making massive promises and promising you make millions if you just invested thousand dollars before then you are doing I'm not interested in I really like working people to put in the effort that her trigger pours across the finish line using my free material writing a couple blog posts and make the first hundred dollars you demonstrate to me and you to both of us there so it takes action the understand my system works and you get a feel for what it's like to make money online the first feel it's so simple it's so easy that's how we build our relationship I want to go to the underdog course use the money make from that course make it thousand dollars getting more advanced with what you're doing and then invest in a more defensive course I want you to make money at a way to buy stuff for me it's not necessary for me my business structures very strong and it's getting very very good this is the smallest presence have online survey Masters my passion project you really want to be the same if I have right now I'm standing on the beach looking paradise yes the boat pulled up next to me but I wanted 50 m down the beach maybe my footsteps I don't know when you can hear the waves in the background or little bit of wind and do my best to put my back to the wind but keep shifting direction this is the life for me this is the life that allows amazing opportunity and I want you to have the same type of life this is something I believe in every time one of my interns quits and starts her own business and becomes massively successful one of my interns leave behind their full-time day job and begins to work for themselves as I what is support their families are having children filled with pride and joy that's what I want to create in this universe that's what I want to give to you I love that experience and that's why move beyond just having interns and began creating more and more free training more more courses help people just like you take control of your destiny when you go down the path of a startup you're often trapped betting on a single idea for ever it takes 1214 axing our days for years do you starve off the ground to raise investor funds to go through all those testing phases refinery people even like your idea after you put in years of effort all of that work all that effort and you're trapped in a single idea the great thing about my system and the great thing about building this type of business where you start small and build as you're ready is you can easily and quickly pivot you can easily shift directions as needed I pivoted my business separate times of the last six years as markets shift certain things become to difficult or change the way they operate I move in another direction for a long time my entire business my main source of income was structured around local consulting and as you know I do teach about that still teach you how to build that type of business tell me my first big money online what I wanted to move my left behind I went to answer the phone to clients anymore I very rarely do private coaching anymore only every once in a while usually because in trying to capture data and see what my clients are going through to expand the direction my businesses going in, make sure the teaching the right material that of connecting with people like you but answering phone calls to clients wondering whether sites up a pointer down a point playing those games I want to do that anymore I don't want to be in a client facing business if you're living somewhere local it's an amazing business to be I pivoted because I wanted to move and change the direction of my business there are many ways to make money online and there are many ways beyond what I'll teach you from the courses enter my podcast episodes I'm not a Sprint every single way what I will teach you all the ways of work for me show you exactly what I'm doing show exactly how to develop a powerful and strong business if you want to go down the start of path if you just want to raise a bunch of money and sell massive control of your company if you want someone else to affect your destiny if you want to go down that path and you're listening to the wrong podcast is much as I love having you here I don't waste your time this is a podcast about startups it's not something I believe in what I believe in is generating passive revenue streams that allow you to travel the world full-time take care of your kids never go to the office live your dreams live in paradise just like I do how do people get Stan on a tropical island feet in the water and record the podcast episode not very many if you follow my path you will discover your own path to freedom thank you listeners a special episode hopefully the sound comes out really nice at the micro right next my face I tested settings the last two weeks to make sure everything was perfect but I do appreciate you spending a little extra time with me while I test a new piece of technology I do love recording outside and if this goes off while I promise you I'll be doing a lot more outdoor recordings because it's really slice of paradise out here thank you for this week's episode no master they try this little episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to restate that reference you know now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller no master all you have to do is needlepoint store respond to see you tomorrow you just listen to another amazing episode of the cervical master podcast make sure to subscribe we back tomorrow with another amazing episode

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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