SNM051: Pick up a Sport

Going to the gym stinks.  If we liked it, our nation wouldn’t be overweight and dying way too young.

Exercise can be Fun

The problem is that most exercise regimes involve going to a boring gym and doing the same thing over and over again.  It’s repetitive and a hassle.

It’s why people are constantly joining and quitting gyms.

But what about gym class when you were a kid.  For most children, it’s their favorite subject….so what happened?

Find the Joy

My exercise mailing consists of surfing, kayaking, and stand-up paddling.

It’s not a coincidence that I live on a tropical island.

I moved here because my body was dying.

If the only sport you enjoy requires snow, move somewhere snowy!

There are loads of fun gyms that are like gym class used to be.

Exercise Extends Your Life

Slimming down that waistline and getting your blood pressure under control can add DECADES to your lifespan, listen to today’s episode to find out…

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Pick a sport and double your lifespan on today's episode today's episode is brought to you by social pilot the social media marketing tool for bloggers and small businesses join over 20,000 social media\social pilot today are you tired of dealing with your boss you feel underpaid and underappreciated if you want to make it online. Start living your retirement dreams now then you come to the right place welcome to serve no master pod on how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented life from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now is your house few episodes ago we talked about becoming healthy and taking responsibility for your help on your business runs your business and controls your schedule your more and more responsible for your own destiny this is something that many of us are nervous about were scared of and it's a little bit overwhelming we talked about how you need to start by taking responsibility for your numbers knowing what risk categories are and what you're doing and what right and what you're doing wrong just being responsible is the first step this is not a podcast this is not a path right to give you an entire diet or exercise regime this is about giving you tools to make life-changing easy I don't like changes that are hard something to share with you a few of the changes that made my life that were very effective when you say to someone you need to go to dieting to lose weight it sounds awful sound like a punishment so you hate it it's very hard to live healthy when living healthy sounds awful and most people who pitch living healthy have a way of making it sound like an absolute nightmare there someone I know right now who is a type of vegan or vegetarian it would be very specific because I want to go too far but there always talking about therefore my vegetarianism how it's better than other types of being a vegetarian and have no one really understands like they do but it never sounds appealing it's so interesting to me that people that want to proselytize the most always make it sound the least appealing don't so want to give you something a set of tools in idea they can be very exciting and what I want you to do when you think about the idea of adding excess your life is remove the idea of running on a treadmill writing exercise by or going to the gym and lifting weights if Yorty like this things great for this of the people that hate those things when I want you to consider no matter where you are life is picking up a sports now a sport is something that has a competitive element ideally there are points and there's a ball involved the only sport that doesn't really count as golf because somehow you can play golf and lose the weight and get no excising or break a sweat nothing happens any other sport though it's really great ultimate Frisbee kickball soccer flying a kite climbing and I know climate is never bald but still a sport sporty because it's not Jim and is not repetitive there's different elements what waiters think about things that could be fun and find something that's actually fun for you I really have always struggled my weight my entire life I mentioned this throughout this podcast because you can see they look like my pictures everywhere I know that my picture I look pretty amazing it's just a really great angle I haven't been at the correct weight probably four seasons of 13 or 14 if I was even a right right then but at least that long maybe even longer but definitely high school till now I've always been overweight and just been a matter of how far we have been now tell you my way right now but have away myself about a week last week I weighed myself as an hundred 8 kg which is a little disappointing because a few months about 103 something happened I got distracted remote houses and Batcave accessories even now back on it 🙂 it's going back down again we prefer that I was like 109 as I got a take action so I don't know what way right now I wish I could give you really accurate number but the number of Bessemer how does one wait a week ago which is limit up but considering last summer I was at 123 still got about 3040 pounds down from my my peak when I got really scared which was out at 272 pounds and now I'm in like 230 to 40 range I need to be under 200 I know that way to achieve true long-term health beyond just weight loss but maintaining a healthy lifestyle which involves lowering your blood pressure keeping your entire system operating is to be active every day your body was designed for a world where we walked around everywhere we hunted for food we had to chase food down we were designed as an office chair to face computers all day whether you believe in evolution or intelligent design completely irrelevant our bodies were designed to be active their machines and we don't use machine just like you for your car in your front yard filtered out for six months and trying travel turn on something will break down the side same thing with your body if you don't use it you lose it rather than tell you go to the gym what I'd like you to consider is falling a few key steps that will change and extend your life if you listen to me for the next five minutes you can extend your life by 4050 60% serving similar dies of a heart attack in your 40s or 50s to be somewhat less than your 90s the easiest way to find a sport is to pick a night of the week and make it your try out a new hobby night every weeknight every week on Tuesday night if you choose Tuesday Wednesday whatever night you choose I want you to spend to just two or three hours you don't have to spend eight hours judgment forever just try different activity every single week until you find one you want to keep going back and doing I don't want you to do a sport because you have to I want you to find the one you love I actually love surfing I really like kayaking and for a long time I prefer kayaking and then I might prefer Senate piling right now but I discovered that for me being that the ocean makes excising music I like actually like all the support you can do the water draw fun I just served for about an hour where I live accepted paddle all about to the waves so it's like 30 minutes each way and announcement for future limit surfing summa so exhausted getting in getting back but it doesn't feel like a job does it go hard I don't check my watch like you do at the gym and a generous look and see if you been there long enough incentive workout classes I really enjoy it and for enjoyment that's the key now I know you're saying hey you live by the beach of course is easy hey look I moved here because it was I had to save my life one of the reasons I knew I needed to move here wise I was dying before I was excising it all so I made a big change my life and part of it was to come here and save my life so I would exercise more and lose weight and be revealed my kids longer so if you live somewhere where there's no activity you like and you need to be near the water to live longer within you need to set to get our plan right now to be living by the ocean within the next six months my next her neighbor there's nothing more important than extending your life as much as it's important to build a business to make money limit longer is even more important in making that money is always a way to make it happen so don't use my situation as an excuse before I actually I used to join another type of Jim which I forget the different names but it's like boot camp type Jim where you going to do stuff like high school PE and it's fun my friend one of the guys with the high school with this couple years older than me started a huge one so successful and so much fun I used to go to gym those 30 mitts from a house I go every single day because it was really really fun I met loads of professional athletes why was there to so much money meet all these guys in amazing shape and some of the best athletes in the world would hang out there because it was just a really enjoyable so don't use your location as an excuse wherever you live try things until you find something that's fun when you find that sport you like and you want to do it suddenly exercise doesn't become hard anymore the only limitation right now on my exercise is I get distracted by work and sometimes I want to work through the entire day I love what I'm doing at me I'm doing the big transition to talk yesterday the precepts that I talked about my transition to convert kit I would love to spend more more time working on that one more time working on my blueprints but every day at three no matter what time I started working I go outside and get in the water that's my dream of my girlfriend we always do something that way I get out there get that exercise and I really enjoyed that's the thing I love being out there letting the water and now my feet are actually in the water and onset in the dock but here if you went to the backrub it's not too bad I love sitting on the dock so instead of thinking about all the horrible things about sports don't think about how hard it is don't think about how all the jocks high school stank don't think about all the horrible aspects the words of shore where it's a nightmare we are doing repetitive things I can tell you as someone who went to a gym with her professional athletes and I was probably in the worst shape of my entire group people at a certain level there are different I probably worked out with 20 or 30 professional athletes at least in my career which is crazy we think about it and I found that even though I'm terrible Devon they're so nice you never deal with that high school bully crap ever again all the things easy harmonize with a disappear I can one of the coolest things I have an I've had a lot of great expenses like that is what I told my friends what is at the sole Jim that I hung out with a bunch of guys and played prefer professional sports in his like that's ridiculous we walked to the mall we saw a guy okay starting player for very high level sports team hey Doug how you doing my friend looks and goes well Joe that was I don't obviously because he just said my name he couldn't believe it one of the greatest moments in my life that someone is always been in terrible shape as I was in a sit ups competition with the guy play for the Dolphins's active player is an active player and IBM now I'd say right now he was in phenomenal shape and way better shape than me I just happened to as they say in that great movie on any given Sunday anyone can win I think Debbie Locke was a big part of it allowed was preparation and I was sitting there thinking that if I can beat an NFL player in this 60 seconds of sit ups all talk let her rest my life so his motivation was I want to do much except my motivation was all talk about this forever to him it was Thursday to me it was a story I been waiting five years to tell you the odds of him remembering this moment are zero I'm sure he doesn't remember why Woody Tim wasn't significant but that's okay gimme high-five afterwards he knew exactly what I was doing might even let you and I don't think you did but you never know who knows right scallions as a not a lot I'll never be that level on their you and be as good as a high school football player high school basketball player level athlete never make varsity but was one of those great moments and so if you need to join that Jim do it every city has adult sports leagues has activities for adults that are really finding different things I know people that they joined adult kickball league and end up meeting some of the fun loving each other met this couple that they found love by adult kickball who knew could happen anything is possible there these amazing activities out there and the only thing between you and find them is a Google search there's some really cool things directly trying as I think they're really good there certain sports that are great and he can play as you get older and older some sports tear you apart you can't play football in your 60s and 70s as a possible stew to harden the body but sports like swimming and tennis people play them well into the 60s 70s all the time so try sports you've never thought about Trice which you never experienced before try yoga with your man or woman yoga is awesome I've been a lots of yoga studios it's a blast find something that's fun and then it becomes easy and it becomes a habit in your life and especially as you're someone who started work from home you need to build a pattern where there something healthy having your life and you get out of the house I very easily could do what I do and not talk to anyone for an entire 30 days I just got totally in the zone on a work project that could happen and I will use my voice from tire 30 days now that this podcast that's an option after court at least every other day a recorded episode almost every day but having sports to get me out of the house has always help me when I first started out working for myself and I no one around me I going to talk to going to that activity Jim that boot camp style pieced out Jim save my life again entire social circle great friends and really games and great experiences that all member first my life these little things can make a big difference so your action step for today… Episode is to find something in your life that you enjoy doing that's physical now are where I was when I started out a few years ago I was a year ago I was so happy I couldn't run I couldn't job so I start out with walking activities fortunately it when you're fat as I was swimming is not too hard because the wireless must you wait some you lose a lot of water activities I still am not anywhere near what I want to be as far as surfing is far swimming I am light years from the level health any to be and I'm surrounded by people that are professional or one level below professional surfing and would is he ever serves and lives near where I do or come here to visit is high-level surfer there's no one is no one else here is terrible like me several beginners who is her first trip people live here in a cucumber alarm or longer all amazing servers and on amazing shape a call swim for miles and miles I'm not there yet but I love what I do it's fun and enjoyable I also have other activities have a group of different things I can do so I can mix up Sunday's excerpts of business and the paddle some days I get in the kayak and having a dog with me sometimes you do the kayak immigrants we bring my son over my daughter were not the level we can bring two of them it's always one kid or the dog it's never a kid and a dog were two kids I tried to capture one kid in the dog once lesson eight seconds returned about right back around the impossible kids are too young and too wild find something you like to do find something that helps you exercise in the previous and very important podcast episode I talked about depression and how it almost of my life I as a young child really suffered from it and I can tell you that if I don't work out if I do identify for three or four days depression will start to creep in on me and maybe you can hear my voice in this episode the direction a really good when a sound really happy that's because I just exercise was just out there surfing and only really caught a wave and 1/2 I couldn't ice was in the right position the waves weren't the right waves for me today I'm still really happy because I got that exercising at least those endorphins whatever I've never had that thing the runners high never run far enough to find it but I totally understand the idea and I totally believe in the idea that when you exercise it pushes away whatever chemicals cause depression and brings in the chemicals that cause joy for me when ever I'm feeling a flicker of depression if I do something athletic it goes away even if I just hop on the exercise bike and put in 20 minutes reading a book and writing my bike it really helps to guard against that so there are many many benefits to adding a sport to your life extending your life control of your health how can you be social helping to fight against depression and it's so much easier to do when it's something you enjoy that when something you dread instead of going to that excess class that the nightmare pickup fencing or racquetball for England squash I does it interact most washes I looked at both they look the same to me find something that's fun for you what's fun for me is different it was fun for most I know I do have some servers and padded workers who do… Podcasting email me all the time and I love that so from the same wavelength as me you totally get it but whatever you find whatever you seek out it's can extend your life it's can increase how long you get to enjoy your career it's can increase how much time of your life is filled with joy instead of struggling with a little bit of pressure loneliness at the end of the day it's all benefit the only reason we wait excises because it's doing stuff we hate but if it's something you enjoy some it's not that big of a deal and later on we'll talk about how doing these types of activities makes adding and lifting weights other activities easier because you want to get stronger if you really want to get great surfing you're having trouble standing up doing that push-up to stand on the board then you don't do yoga lifts and waits until you're strong enough and makes you better at it you want to get better at soccer scene kicked the ball harder so then you go hit the weights he can keep the ball harder when you are exercising for a purpose it's not as horrible so if you add a sport to your life if you are an activity you enjoy you extend your lifespan push away depression increase your social connections and increase your joy and when you do find that great hobby the really fun activity I'd love to hear about it to strongly email podcasts are mustered out, I do answer thank you for listening to this week's episode no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to restate that rat race head over to serve no now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five star review of this podcast see you tomorrow thank you for listening this episode of the serve no master podcast make sure to subscribe so you don't miss a single episode

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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