SNM052: Product Ideas that Sell

Creating a product before you check these FOUR key elements is a recipe for disaster.  Find out the difference between a flop and a product that becomes a business on today’s episode.

Find Your Audience

I always start my research on Amazon, but you can look at Buzzsumo as well.  Find out what people need.  Your audience will show their interest with their wallets and social media shares.

Find those needs in the market and then fill them.  Often the inception of an idea comes from your own need; when that happens, you want to check that other people have the same need before you create anything.

Find Their Desire

Everyday people post on forums and social media baout their biggest problems.  Look for the forum threads with the most activity.  These posts should be the centerpiece of any product you bring into the world.

Beat the Competition

You will never be the only product in your market.  If you are, something is wrong.  Your job is to make a product that has better content, better graphics, better engagement nad more value than the competition.  There should awlways be a reason people should select your products.

Do not simply steal and regurgitate other courses…

Long Term Profits

Some products are a dead end.  You solve your customer’s problem and he never wants to hear from you again.  When you lock yourself into one of these markets you must constntly find new customers.

Before you create your product think about additional products you can make or sell to this same customer.  If there is no logical followup sale you may be in the wrong market…

Key Points:

  1. Find something that your audience desires
  2. Create a product that is superior to the competition
  3. Plan your backend before you create anything

Resources Mentioned:

Breaking Orbit

Serve No Master on Amazon

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Had come up with amazing product ideas on today's episode today's episode is brought to you by Thrive seems blazingly fast WordPress templates blog and bill to get more traffic more subscribers more clients and more customers to you to find out try things can turn your blog or website into a moneymaking work of art go to Servicemaster.com\drive themes are you tired of dealing with your boss do you feel underpaid and underappreciated if you want to make it online to start living your retirement dreams now then you come to the right place welcome to serve no MasterCard on how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented life from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now is your house finding a product that people want to buy you can create and that you can bring those people to you can generate that magic moment or people who want what you have find what you have expend money to get I've been a product creator for very long time now I've created 100 products books video courses audio courses programs for myself for clients for partners for publishers all the different ways you can really generate and create courses online and deliver them to people my expertise is always really been in creating content that people buy and never want to return so they're happy with the purchasing decision my come up with these ideas how can you find that brilliant product the perfect idea for your market I would think about this a lot lately as I've come up with some really exciting new product ideas lately the first place that I generate ideas is my research base I research Amazon two or three times a week to really see where the market is headed what types of books are training what types of topics are becoming popular starting their really gives me a feel for what people are interested in the great thing what Amazon you can see how popular book is popular any product is in its category and that tells you people are spending money on it there are plenty of books on Amazon on topics no one cares about if I M try out an idea or if I'm just looking at different categories of see one book I look at other books on topic or selling sometimes there's nothing there and I say oh is not a popular topic to move on but sometimes I see something really special I see an opening I want to see wills openings becomes the seed of an idea if I see topic that's popular and becoming more and more popular but is not a lot of competition of the books they are the products there are very strong that's right see opportunity I like to see that people are interested in something and then to see that the current products offered to them are not as good as I can do that's one way I do it another way is when I run into a need of my own I recently switched my email provider as I talked about two episodes ago to convert One of the challenges that I ran into was their onboarding procedure is a little bit difficult there organized so differently than traditional auto responders in the system's ideas in the past that figure other system required me to send in for five support tickets that were totally unnecessary I was asking questions because I couldn't figure out where features were were different buttons where how to do different things I did a lot of research I looked online trying to find a follow-on course I did grab one course I found one free course and I would say that it was pretty much garbage it was a two hour course I went to wooden for five minutes a Fast boarding and say when I get into the part where you show the screen where you show how to actually use the software side of two hours of cotton only five minutes was showing screen stuff and it wasn't anything beyond your catalog and it was so basic and such a waste of time also disappointed so I see now there's opportunity here because I need this product I would really value something and I begin to think about what's the west way to invite this idea if I created an entire training all about how to use convert kit and use it to build your millions had build your business how can I best implement and have some really cool ideas and I'm just in the idea phase this is an idea that I just had today and I'm just working on is one of the ideas that swirling I don't know if it will actually happen I think it will I want to talk to some people that help me design my products and courses to see what they think about this process a lot of it this type of process this type of product is can be almost pure screenshots as opposed to something that's pure text most my books have no pictures in them so this is slightly different this will be similar to a few projects I've worked on and will be very similar to a lot of the free gifts I sent to you as opposed to additional Amazon book before I make any final decisions I think about the value of the product that would value me how I could generate money in the backend so with every product I generate I think about the idea of becoming an affiliate off of this product ready to sell this product to make money or is there another way I can use this to be more successful maybe I give this away for free I can build a really big following a relieving audience or do something else I always want to build something that has long-term value one of the challenges that everyone faces and the dating industry people that do products for men stating especially is the lists stay out very quickly if you teach a man how to meet a woman how to get a great relationship he goes great problem solved by any never open the email from you again because if salt is one main problem that's relevant to that now women believe the relationship maintenance so a woman who buys a dating product for me will also by how to make sure he's the one how to get to the perfect wedding had a plan for first child all of those relationship arc moments women care about because women see relationships as a journey was men see them as an event it's far better to build a list of women in the relationship indenting space than men because a farmer reactive and that way men once they get the props of the disappear and enforce the same guys rented relationship ROMs down the line and no idea what went wrong the never even considered relationship maintenance so when men fall out of relationships they have these problems they never consider the relationship maintenance solution everything all made was a prophet the way approached relationship no see probably the event and this is across the board and I know this because I've sold probably a million products to men and women dating this is when one of my experiences for interacting back in with my audience of lot center designing a product anything I want to create a book about acts a perfect example 1 of my friends recently put a book and created an entire book but had a quick smoking E cigarettes I might be ahead of the curve and eventually find that audience when he wrote the book there was no audience for it was barely an audience for learning how to smoking cigarettes but let's think about that for a moment what do you sell to people when you talk them into quitting smoking this product almost nothing where's if you teach people how to smoke a cigarette's not that I'm saying you should not them a fan of it if he throws me signals within you can sell them E cigarettes different flavors different things to teach people how to not do something is very hard to create follow-up products one of my friends as a proctor acquitting pornography same thing he can't find anything else what else will solve their problem quit their addiction there's nothing else to offer them the quitting industry it's very hard to create follow-on products you can certainly help people but when people have a problem solution mindset and once you solve that problem it's very hard for you to continue to grow business so you have to causally find recruit and convert brand-new customers when you're designing a product think about additional things you can provide services courses training materials physical products whatever is one of the things I'm working on right now with one of my interns is a book about how to color books better how to be a better coloring book user sounds crazy until you realize that your average coloring book and Amazon right now is made $10,000 month to huge huge market adult coloring books outsell children's coloring books about 10 or 21 right now such a huge market great opportunity there's several courses out there just about how to write and create adult coloring books so there's a market interest in this new area and there's a lot of value very excited about this product internetworking with his drawing on these amazing pictures and learning how to be a great coloring book color once you teach people how to be great color you can then seldom coloring books it makes sense there's a following the whole reason we came up with the idea for this book after two days of brainstorming was to sell some coloring books that I've Artie designed sometimes you create a product to sell something else you've Artie thought of there are a lot of great programs to be an affiliate for if you find a program you want to be an affiliate for you think is a great piece of software the repressed technology this is a great platform we can create an entire training course for how to use it better hotties more efficiently had a more profitable using this tool and then you sell your course and then recommend to an affiliate link and see get paid for all the people to go through your course first very very very very valuable and a great way to approach creating product I come up with many many ideas and not all of them work out a lot of my ideas either the persons interested in or I kind of realize it's not the right time is not the right product different things happened but having a constant flow of ideas having idea notebook can be very valuable whenever you run into a wall and say I wish there was a better way to learn how to do this make a note of that you can then teach yourself go to that struggle and then create a coarse-grained product that solves that props up you will have to go to that struggle again there are a lot of great pieces often a lot of great programs their luggage systems that don't have very good on boarding procedures on boarding is what you teach them how to use your software they buy it from you some platforms are notorious for how bad their programs are and you to hire someone else to teach end-user software you can fill that gap and create products that are just training manuals but more advanced training manuals and the sell really well think about how many unofficial training manuals you see on Amazon that sell like crazy for visa software that's another direction to go in you have your training manual and then on the back and you sell the software you can develop a really nice relationship with some really great products that way filling a need in your own life or using your own experience is very valuable another thing you can look at is products by people that you admire one of the ways people describe in a marking is as a pyramid scheme and it's not that additional Pearman scheme of Ponzi scheme it's that someone at the top creates a product for $5000 but you will buy that product make their own versions of an insult for 2000 people and by that and sell their version for thousand that someone goes to that course makes thousand arbors until eventually there's a seven dollar version of the same training that unfortunately split a massive game of telephone is been two separate iterations you don't want to purely take the content from someone whose courses are going through you can easily go through my course you go through my words profit mastery course learn how to make some money as a freelance writer if you went to my course and then he began freelance writing and you tracked all of your experiences you tried every different platform and you created and try her training course about finding the perfect platform for you the maximum monetization thingy built on top of what I do you made something that's more advanced and really drills down into detail will there you have created a superior product or product that I can then recommend after he was gone to my that's the right way to create an advanced product now be happy to promote your product if you have a more advanced course the goes even deeper into really current experiences exactly what you're going through it has really great training that of course I be happy to recommend that my audience however if you simply go to my course turn it into your own outline and regurgitate the information you are then retelling the same information without the same level of experience or expertise and desecrating inferior product which is what many people do and unfortunately many courses online go to this problem just last night about a training webinar teaching people a brand-new batch of people all about how you can use Amazon in creating a become a bestseller as a lever to get back to work if you're lost your job for summer lost her job and you're trying to find a way to get into more interviews having a book it's a bestseller is a very powerful fulcrum to lever your way into some really great interviews and even to get a raise we talk medicines and previous episodes I know you're aware of this one of the people said me what makes you different from all the other people out there what makes you different relatively teaching and laughter and I said look as a couple things I do different but the end of the day if you're already into someone else follow them I'm really not interested in stealing followers from someone else and entering into some type of contentious relationship my system is my system I sprinted my friends but ever does different things and I'm not foolish up to think that having a system does work on the only one who system works etc. the viewfinder of the person who similarly but you like their message like their connection and follow them but doesn't bother me I would never talk down about someone else now there are some products that I don't think is good as mine but she didn't name a specific person so how do I know but I also there's five or 10 people teaching summer things that I think are pretty switch although they do valves lay different methods to me that's okay you need to worry about that competition means that it's a good market rather have five people competing with me the nobody because no one is interested it's okay to get ideas for product structures now I'm working as you know on my blueprints product which I'm very excited I'm really hoping to be ready next week in its product launch blueprints for a couple of different markets them to keep making more and more I got the idea from something another market was promoting is very different their content is very different but the idea of really simple large blueprints of people go through a short amount of time at that all that's pretty cool what about a really miniaturized version of my different systems so people can quickly and afternoon understand the entire system and decide if it's right for them or not and be able to implement something very quickly I thought it was a very interesting and very smart structure and organization see that's the right way to great product you see something you find exciting I could do something similar my market so if you're in a market other than my major teaching personal development or urine a health space you can look at the structure my business and do something similar but simply for health if you were doing something medical like helping people recover from injury you can look at my blueprints and go what if I make little mini courses on dealing with each different type of injury on the second toolkit and people have a different type of problem they can grab that different tool or they can civilly pay for access to everything so whenever there's an injury they know what to do a very simple way to repurpose and reimplement exactly what I'm doing and keep it original keep it your own type of content there are a lot of places to find inspiration we always want to first check that there is an audience before we create a product if we write a book make sure there's people interested in buying it we find that audience first we can find that by doing different types of searches a really great platform of the talking a little but recently is called by sumo.com you type in a keyword and see the most popular topics trending based on social media shares for that keyword very valuable to see people are interested in your topic right now fearlessness a few weeks or a few months in the future perhaps quitting e-cigarette quitting raping will become a very popular topic in sending my friend idea becomes a genius idea I guess she had a great idea just not the right time the audience wasn't there yet but someday it will be you can see what people are interested in you can check Amazon you can check other products other direct response areas and say our people byproducts about this are people buying products on this topic one of the people my life was recently complaining that there are so many products on very well and he knows more material than is in those products I said will make a better version make a better version of their product use your knowledge there's nothing wrong with creating a better version of a product out there I do that all the time I always look to provide longer horses better slides deeper material and better Access to me the competitors try to be at least 10% better in each of those four ways then I don't have to worry about the competition how may my competitors prettify blog posts a week or five how may my competitors put out five podcast episodes a week or even five blog posts a week not that many there are a lot of things that you can do to demonstrate you have greater expertise you're more available and you create superior content now again when creating higher ticket products and deeper price you do want to know what you're talking about I don't want you to simply buy someone's product steal all the material and try and sell it for low price point it's a common beginner's mistake to think that you know this is the greatest form of common when the first people I worked with did this exact thing he stole a product from someone reverse engineered it having no idea what he was talking about it obviously is was all about using a certain piece of software never even use software before you can tell in two minutes and he tried to get the same guy he stole the course from to promote it you still for me and you want me to recommend what you stole that's insane able make that mistake a lot online don't you want to go down that black hat hat that dishonest Pat what a great stuff to you own I often take for five books to create my outlines for Amazon in that I combine them with my own external research my own personal experiences mail the stories everything one of my books just like all these podcasts are filled personal stories that's right differentiate myself that's right add value always trying to create something that's very valuable to the customer I always want to give people more value now I get approached several times a week about outlining fiction books out right now I'm not good at it someday I might be but is something that right now I'm not a master at and so I always recommend this amazing book pants about letting Eric read it all the time I recommend inside several of my courses I do have a training video inside when my course is why break down the pants off system and it secures my interpretation of the system here's the link I think you should buy the book so I give my interpretation I give my experience from the NSA better to go to the original I'm just giving you my feeling but if you want to write a book you should really go to the source it's okay to do that I recommend that book all the time if you don't know about something being affiliate recommended recommend someone else who really does it's the same thing for Facebook marketing I have never written a course of basic marketing I have very limited experience that area however now I am beginning to move into that market I recently went to a very good course on Facebook marketing and depending on some test later this month all begin recommending that course as an affiliate and eventually all create my own version because a come of my own ideas I would never put out a course that just a regurgitation unless I have completely new ideas and I have something so far that I'm doing that's not in the course so have a new take on Something very interesting that I think adds value and that's really where you start to create something amazing go through a training implement the training test out ideas the reason I crater my first really big can of course was actually to train interns and because all the courses out there didn't have my innovations I went through very extensive training course and now I only use about 20% I learned that course I changed 80% of what I do I can't recommend something because that system no longer works at systems two years old recommend a couple things that Amazon now bands and what your account and I would never wreck when the product and the fact that person is actually moved out of the e-book market and Amazon book market for that exact reason so I teach staff that start somewhere else but uses my innovations and has a lot of my voice and a lot of Mike's fermentation and it that's really where you get the value one of things I teach some snow else teaches us dozens of ways to get reviews for Amazon most people most systems at best to get two or three and usually most of the course of say 90% can of course José ask friends and family which in fact is a violation of Amazon's new terms of service and 90% of time these reviews will Sibley get deleted that allowed Amazon even tracks of your Facebook friends with your reviewers that alone can get you caught in those reviews then get deleted so the core method most systems teach doesn't work so I found my own waste my own methods and am always adding new methods in effect I learned a couple new methods over the weekend there very excited about I came up with some ideas that someone else had IDI go without apply for this and that's we generate our uniqueness the value of our products once he had that unique differentiator the thing that separates us we know there's an audience we know there's profit and we know we can sell other things to her audience on the back and provide them other value with that's when you know you have a winner in that something you should try to create as far as a product creation process of course have multiple courses about it going to detail that you just find the right format every audience response and avoid certain audiences demand DVDs to arrive in the mail certain audiences would never want the product liver that way they want an e-book other people or physical book study your market and see what those people respond to and we find what works best from there create something really magical something really amazing and you be very profitable that's how I come of my product ideas that you can generate your own product ideas and that's it you can create products that you know before you even release them will be good for you again we find out if there's an audience we find out if there's a need we find out if we can sell additional things or provide additional value to that audience over time so the customer has more value than the initial sale and then we find a way to create a product is superior to the competition whatever competition exists we use those four simple steps fall this up a four step formula you can create a product that has value will be profitable and is actually a cornerstone in a real business and that's how you create something that could be profitable for a very very long time thank you for listening to this week's episode serve no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to restate that rat race it over to serve no master.com/podcasts now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five star review of this podcast see you tomorrow thank you for listening serve no master podcast make sure to subscribe so that together we can achieve true freedom

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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George Presley - October 17, 2016

I’m a retailer, myself. I’m always looking for competent, relevant information on the subject, and this blog post came across my desk. The thing I’ve noticed about most information on the subject, is that there’s a lot of conflicting viewpoints.

The truth is, there is a subset of different elements that converge to make the right product choice. Jonathan covers them beautifully.

For example, what are people paying for? You can discover this rather simply, both through global searches and social media shares. You can compare this with the quality of your competition to come up with a general idea. Just how you rate the quality of your competition is the way that Jonathan recommends, in improving your sales presentation to generate more sales.

Obviously, there is a lot more in depth information, but this post covers all of the bases.

Wayne McLellan - October 17, 2016

This is possibly the most confusing aspect for me right now. I know there are millions upon millions of products out there, and I understand a lot of the mechanics.

I understand why competition is good. It’s brand awareness. Jonathan points out why and why not to eliminate a potential product that you’d like to sell, and this is an awesome place to jump off into more detailed research.

This article really cleared things up for me. I’m beginning my search with products that I’m already interested in. I’ll eliminate them logically afterward, and expand my horizons a bit with this new information. Thanks!

Dylan Worthe - October 17, 2016

An important aspect that this article points out is discovering what people want. I work as a salesman in a sporting goods store, and I’m prepared to share an unusual example with you.

About a week ago, a man came in asking to buy some tennis shoes. Now, at first this may seem like a hard product to sell. Are there really any relevant features, and if so what are the most important ones to making a sale.

I think in terms of quality. See, I asked this man if he were looking for something more comfortable and durable, or a pair that costs a little bit less and would keep in shape long enough to use without wearing out.

He said neither. He was looking for something stylish that would help him become a better tennis player. This is pretty unusual, but I found him an attractive pair from a brand that his associates would definitely recognize. I also shared how the shape and material on the bottom would help improve his balance.

As Jonathan points out, it’s important to think about what MOST buyers find important, because you won’t have a chance to ask them in person. Also ask yourself if you’re capable of selling based on these qualities.

Tracy McDonald - October 17, 2016

Finding your audience is more challenging than it seems. This article asks you to visit places like Amazon.com, which many people would ask you to stay away from. However, these places are a great place to start for many reasons.

You’re not sourcing a specific model. This is done much later on, and you’re just trying to figure out what people want to buy. Go on Amazon and Buzzmodo, and although you won’t have a complete pricing analysis, it’s an enormous playground of product ideas.

It also asks you to check social media. This is an important part of each of the 4 aspects, because it can help expose you to trending information, and exactly what people are interested in buying. This is a god read for a beginner that can help correct some of the mistakes you may be making, too.

John Trudeau - October 17, 2016

Frankly, I don’t know much about selecting a product. I’m more interested in the field of information products, like courses to help you improve your relationships.

Nevertheless, I’ve found this blog post useful. I found the section on competition especially valuable, because it asks you to nail down exactly what your product offers that other products don’t.

Also, the long term profits is something I’ve been having trouble with. After reading this article, I’m going to think about how I can solve more of my clients’ problems when I’m creating a new product. I don’t want to be too far-reaching, because it probably won’t be helpful to a specific problem. At the same time, maybe I can create courses that are more relevant to related issues as well.

Thank you for your insight. I’ll be sure to think about this, and maybe print a copy to keep on my desk in the future.

Matthew Barnes - October 17, 2016

This is kind of a simple article. I thought, “How could something so short give me the right idea for a product?” Now I understand that it was my thinking that was holding me back.

I’ve never ran a business in my life. I don’t know the first thing about selecting a product, but now maybe I can take my first steps into the world of online marketing. It sounds like I can’t just offer the cheapest thing, either. I went on Amazon.com and found zillions of products that were being sold for astronomically low prices. I can’t imagine that any of these people are making very much money. But maybe, if I can offer a superior product, I’ll be in good shape.

Kathleen Billings - October 17, 2016

Did anyone else feel as lost in the dark as I was, before reading this blog post? Anyway, I don’t feel that way anymore. I’m going to look at the additional resources, but I just wanted to leave a quick thank you for showing me some of the common traps that business owners fall into.

I can’t afford to make any mistakes right now. At the same time, if I don’t make a decision and go for it, I won’t ever be able to become financially independent. What a life saver!

Troy Tait - October 17, 2016

I have to agree with each of the 3 main points. You can’t afford to enter a cut throat competition market. I’ve seen it many times in my experience, to where a particular product just isn’t of value to the consumer anymore, and multiple companies go out of business.

But that one company that knows what people want, and offers something that they keep coming back for because it’s good stuff, seems to stay relevant.


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