SNM050: ConvertKit Changed My Business

My lists have become so disorganized that I dreaded sending emails.  I lived in fear of sending repeats to the same people or mixing up messages. My business outgrew my list provider…

And then I read a ConvertKit Review

I have been hearing whispers about this software for a few months now.  But when you’re in the middle of changing your entire business infrastructure, the last thing you want to do is mess with your email provider too…

But ConvertKit convinced me to give it a try.

I will never be looking back.

The Power of Tagging

The biggest problem with my other mailing lists is disorganization.  Every time someone takes an action; they end up on a new list.  I have to set up automation to remove them from the old list, or I have to pay for that email address twice.

You end up paying double for all these emails that are on multiple lists, and it gets very confusing to send out emails.

I was overwhelmed and just tired of looking at emails.

I have over 100 emails for Serve No Master that I never loaded up because of disorganization.

With ConvertKit tagging, I simply add a note to each file every time my customers take an action.

There is no risk of paying extra or sending the wrong email to someone.

Life is simply beautiful.

Key Points:

  1. Switch to ConvertKit
  2. Never pay twice for the same customer again
  3. Grow your business with perfect tagging

Resources Mentioned:

Breaking Orbit

Serve No Master on Amazon

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Switching to convert Can change your business episode brought you I can market to find out how converted to help you grow your business save money and increase the relationship with your email list head over to Servicemaster.com\convertkit right now are you tired of dealing with your boss you feel underpaid and underappreciated to make it online to start living your retirement dreams now you come to the right place welcome to serve no master five on how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented live from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now is your house I'm in the time of great transition with my business with every business you go through a couple of faith that first growth phase were kind of doing ideas and things are quite slow you hope it's got a pick up and you slowly begin to bring in customers with Servicemaster I started off just doing webinars and coaching on helping people to build Amazon businesses can a business in one mind I started the top my pyramid as we talked about yesterday I started the very high-end and have been building at the bottom) but lately my traffic is really spiked I have two books out now that are driving in more and more new fans new followers into the server master tried I'm very excited about that in this time of transition has been accompanied by a lot of technological changes I change my hosting company I'm in the middle of changing my entire membership site change my entire software backbone I'm changing how I process payments how to handle Della JVs all the piece of technology and on Sunday just a couple of days ago I finally realized I also need to change my mailing list provider this is a company that had a relationship with for five years have been using them for very long time and I realize that it was slowing me down when your business hits certain levels it's time to make a change when your business at certain levels you have to make technological changes had to change my hosting company first serve a master because the membership site was getting just too big and Ebony was slowing down when my traffic got bigger and bigger as my traffic is semi-spiked unchanging my WordPress theme switching to Thrive themes for everything instead of just my members area you grow and as you grow you need better and stronger piece of technology the problem with my praise Millie's writer and this is all attritional mailing lists is the sophistication of my business I have multiple books on Amazon but all we do serve a master of multiple free gaps in each of my different books I have different rewards and prizes all over the place Iran contests I sell many products I give away lots of products I have some people that are on seven different mailing lists inside my milieux provider and sending an email to the right people had become nearly impossible I started working with someone who the entire job I hired them to help me organize my email infrastructure because as you may have noticed especially if you're hearing this live begins rightly comes out my I don't send up any emails as much as I teach about it because I have some a different list all right an email and I need to send out seven to listen constantly afraid the same person we get the same email over every I don't want so I had all these problems with the organizational structure and this is most email providers like this they organize into a list so every time you byproduct fill out a form read one of my books you added to another list and it becomes very difficult to mailed to one list and know if you got an email on a different list so I don't want to send you an email you pricing for that silly I want to just anyone you want to do that to your customers you don't want to send an email to customer say hey product X is on sale for 50% off in the email you back and say about for full price when you saying are you getting back half the money that's one of the nightmare scenarios of sending out awkward of the wrong email the wrong time when you're doing an affiliate promotion or promoting someone else's product you don't want to send someone the same message over and over again you can mail only to the unopened's but what about the people open email don't click the link you can send them a different message because they haven't seen the final message so being able to email the people who didn't click is far more powerful to be able to email the people who didn't open email all of these things have led me to start looking at convert kit and fat convert kits but on my radar for two or three months I been thinking about it one of things that held me back is it's more expensive the micro provider and when actually look at the numbers today I realize it's not like as of them actually paying in a higher band that I need to be for my current provider see each time you thought a different form with my current provider you get added to another list and I pay for that is another person's of the same email address on a different list I pay for that person eight times now it's something like a penny a month per person you know it's $19 a month for thousand people so I redivided up minutes $0.19 a person how you do it up or two cents a person I did check them out before starting this recording but I have people that are on their multiple times and in fact when I move my lists when I moved my main server master list from my old provider into convert kit 1800 nearly 1900 people turn the 1500 I was paying for at least 300 extra email addresses that I didn't need that work real Wickenburg kit does that's so amazing rather than create lists they track behaviors every time you do something when you interact with me if you go to the podcast page and you following the podcast actions and you go hey I follow podcasting the podcast but hey I read your books are remastered with semester most oh I read written argument at both oh read 20 K today given that but each time you do that it gets Mark and says this person bought that product itself you bought breaking orbit or if you want my early reviewers and got a free copy and you took the free gift teaching editing my audiobooks by breaking orbit phase 2 product which is to me almost almost any longer to make that free gift and did make all regular bib if you jump on that list will then I don't want to send you an email reminding you to buy it again that silly not only is it bad marking for me it's a little inconvenient and rude for the receiver it allows me to track all the different things that you do so I know which products you bought so I can then give you advice based on the product I can connect with you in a deeper way and really track every different action and every single opt in form you create is a tag as well so I know people that fill out a homepage form versus the form in the sidebar my blog all of this information allows me to give a much better experience to my users that's important to me that's the most important thing is that I hate the idea of sending someone an email that looks copy and paste an email they were seen before and I think I copy and paste it when really I put in the two different list because there were problems with how my MLS was structured now if you have a very simple email list or if you just have one product so for my pet names I use get response right now and it's perfect for that but when I have a system like Servicemaster where I have right now separate products and another 20 developments he been trackable that's too complicated so when you move and begin growing your business becomes a point where convert kit just becomes necessary the previous alternative was always Infusionsoft I can be honest as you I hate that software it's very very expensive starts off at $300 a month and they make you pay when you sign up to try to be spending $1000 to have someone help set up but they don't actually help you all that person does is draw a mind map for you and said you gratin say good luck want to work with Infusionsoft you have to hire someone full-time who is a technology expert I hate that I would never read with upright and now they will pay me so much money to recommend their software but I tried it three times in three of her projects with people who said they were experts and there are people out there who swear by it and everyone I meet who swears by it is always someone who's running a separate figure business and have a full-time person I've never met someone using Infusionsoft was a paying someone 50 or $60,000 year to write it for them use convert kit get all the same features not pay anything to pay for next person so as much is it cost to limit more than get response or a Weber safety 50 or $66,000 year from musings of the other competitors that contact now Infusionsoft is really the one who invented tagging their first ones out that the tagging but when I saw it convert could could do it blew my mind I was so excited about this piece of technology they just want to share with you question because you notice my emails or start coming out from a new platform one of the biggest challenges when you change email platforms is every evil company punishes you they treat every single person like your a black hat spammer monster so when I switched from a Weber to get response for five years ago every single person on my list had to send an email and say I'm switching to get responses of KB's Dammam email list tons of people if they miss that one email you get to send it once if they miss it don't see it if you're on vacation for two days and he goes in spam folder never see it with her gone forever you can expect to lose when you switch between mailing list providers and they force you to react in your list 40 to 60% of your audience you'll lose at least half your business now all the minimalist companies do it and they say it can spam compliant but part of it is that there I would say in a COBOL deliver the collusion in my opinion everyone makes it a nightmare to switch to them so that what is happy to leave it Harvey to switch anywhere else they'll punish you switching my lists I actually assumed when I switch to convert get I assumed I would have to give up all the people I previously said that I would send out an email saying about a new list if you want to go to my new provider here is NLB and I was expecting to at best at best say 10 to 20% of my list I expected maybe 100 people to follow me to this new platform convert kid is good enough that I was willing to make the change and leave behind all my falling because I know that eventually I would get one back convert kit was the easiest transition you could ever imagine to move all of my lists and to tag everyone properly to ensure that I could separate my customers people bought different product with two different motions Mark everyone correctly to me under four minutes unbelievable was unbelievably good experience I've run into several technological glitches in the time of and using convert cannot say that right now all of them were operator error they're all me every time I emailed support the enemy back within a few hours and it fixed the problem or help walk me through it I figured it out on my own because I use other platforms for so long it's so different there is a bit of a learning curve at this point I would say I'm over 80% of it so the first two or three days of used a different platform will be tough I'm gonna put together entire training what's I really master it the put together a whole training for convert kit that can be a free bonus to anyone assigned up to my felt like I was one of reward people for taking action I don't want to just state so great and if you buy a feel-good Sega commission or anything like that and yes I'm an affiliate bill also user I only recommend stuff actually use which is why I switched this platform over the last two days and this is the first podcast I recorded some time aside to make the switch of the last two days it's been raining so have many records and I'm out here recording that I want to tell you right away that I switch this platform to put together some really cool training to show exactly how to do it because it's the promise it so much easier and simpler than what I'm used to using it just intuitive and when it's amazing to me I am very excited about this platform so if you're worried about moving from your old email provided in this when you don't have to be you lose anyone it's amazing another thing that I love about convert kit is the way they do double opt in now people would ask me lately several times two or three times last week he would ask me if to do single after double opted and if you've join in my list you know of a single opting guy there is this old saying I came up who said it's one thing to Kibo relic in urban legend that double options for people to don't want to make money that this old saying because it's a strange message to get you thought a form and say hey send me this book I wedding is bucketing and even what are you really sure you want that book and you lose people because it's a strange message double opt in messages very weird and unnatural it's hard to put people to that confirmation have to do a lot of things with convert kit you can make the message very clear hey I just want to be sure you really wanted this gift if you want to be on this list and you want to get this gift just click this button and they click the button and immediately downloads the PDF I was just testing it and skin to be how starting next week flowers are starting to flip the switch it's giddy how you get delivered the gift for breaking orbit is getting instant download so double opt ins double ops people in but also given the gift right away synoptic double opt in and wait for another email together gift I think it's very cool very smart am good to become a double often guide double opt in depth increases deliverability is something that everyone likes as far as servers and means more people see my emails because they chosen to get them but when it's just easy everything so far that I've seen of really like there are some limitations in the email design area they own in the form design are both very basic but I only send basic emails if you've seen them up for me before basically I sent my emails to the width of an iPhone and I usually put a picture at the top because the two ways I creative eyes my emails I want to look good to know most people read about mobile and I like adding pictures to a few places they use real pictures of my family or me or my island so if you like seeing real life are pictures of me with my kids that's the only place I really sure that I open my blog at upper mom's podcast but I do share a little bit my real life with people or action my email list the cool thing is how well convert get in a great time in the middle of changing my shopping cart minor shopping cart perfectly work so if you buy any product from the convert kit immediately knows and can send you the follow-up like the training sequence hey thanks by the product let me walk you through how it works let me walk you through all the different pieces make sure you get the best expense on make sure you know which Facebook group to join know when there's a group coaching call know how to access support all the correct information can be delivered very easily I'm excited about that these the ways it converts it allows me to give a better experience to my users and people like you my fans my followers is very important to me to give the best experience possible earlier today I was working on my blueprints mentioned recently that I work on a new product where I teach some product launch blueprints I'm very excited about it skin to be something very low-priced and very valuable I'm trying to put four or five hours of content on five different topics Emma sell it for under 20 bucks may be better 10 bucks not sure exactly what I want to give something really really valuable to help people outline entire business without having spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and just today I was working on in the blog section teaching about starting your first blog all the different piece all logistics I was just talking about treating email forms and since I just switched what I'm getting demonstrate with changes I'm excited about that I'm really excited about this platform and that makes it much much easier for me to talk about and work on it I often talk but the 8020 rule how we get drawn into working things on things that were passionate about rather things are profitable all the time now finally a problem I'm excited about email I often dread writing emails and not the writing part I actually have over 100 different emails I've written for the servo master list that I've never put in my artist buttocks I dread that part I dread trying to figure out where to put in the different sequence it's very hard to move sequences around if I go oh this is day five or to put a new email today for you move everything around very hard so I'm now excited to work on something because the organization is there I hate when things are disorganized when I was in high school I got the best grade in Latin three my junior year I decided that I would do whatever it takes to get and awarded the idea for the best grade in the class now every morning I would go to school early our visit the Latin teacher to get help with my homework and he was as mean as a snake he would like all Jonathan you're so dumb how can anyone be so dumb not figure out the answer is obviously see if you could endure if you could endure being berated the teacher give you all the answers is one reason that such a tough skin I put up with him five days a week for an entire year got the best grade one a metal license lost obviously meant that metal that last for 20 years but certainly asked for prayer for I lost some time in college I think and who keeps a metal from high school Latin but the aphorism I remember more than anything else from all the years of Latin and memorizes Latin phrase I don't read Latin anymore what was a sound body requires a sound mind sound mind in a sound body having this part of his knowledge of her variations in the translation but the idea is that when your world around you is disorganized you become disorganized in your life and the reason I've struggled with emails lately is because of the disorganization I no longer have to worry about that I love writing emails and I love organizing emails so now that I have a platform that organizes them really excited to grow that part of my business you know emails can grow your profits as a Kindle author as a podcast or anything tenfold to really weave business comes from and the more you can build that relationship the better you can email us the very can communicate with them the more successful you will be in business and for so long this is become an area that is gotten worse and worse and worse for me I just haven't been able to correctly organize my emails and the way I want and now that I have this new level for this I can be excited again well as a kid on the hike was always messy kid messy room that I discovered that when my houses disorganize it's hard for me to focus I always thought it was very strange my father was always obsessed with the house being really clean when I was younger when you carry I'm here at work by the body but I realize now and on the father we alternate our fathers or mothers don't me that it's very important to me when the house is messy I become very disorganized it's hard for me to focus as strange as it is become for someone was so messy I was younger I like my house being very very clean and I do everything I can to make that happen we clean the whole house every couple of days I can even understand how fast our house gets dirty now we've got kids and a dog wall the entire room we sweep our bedroom at least twice a day and there's so much hair and just weird stuff that I can't tell where it came from kids have an unbelievable capacity for making things messy so if you were struggling with organization with your emails if you're struggling with enough people to write messages and if you're just starting out with your email platform there's a lot of reasons to switch to convert kit and I really recommend making the shift and if you do make the shift sending email podcast Servicemaster.com just say hey I switch to convert kit and I'll send you a copy of this new training course in putting together the walks you through the entire set of process it's actually a little bit confusing because it's so different than other platforms it's way simpler than you're gonna realize that it missed the errors I ran into were because it was simpler than I expected I thought it would be harder and harder and harder somebody put together an entire training course over the next few weeks and if you grab a copy of convert kit before that I'll gladly do a training with you a video training with you they'll probably record and then put that into the training that I release to other people but I really want to do more than just sale of this product with my manure mouth is really give you lot of value and really reward you for trying something out that I recommend I'm really excited to switch my platform to convert kit I was really scared for a long time the thought of changing my list thought of all the change that to make change in the link every single email change knowledge of things sunspot is about as can be in fact I just last week put together a special PDF showing exactly how I put forms inside of Kindle books for using get response have entire PDF they give way to anyone who grab the free gift inside breaking orbit you make a new version of that with convert kit and you could be amazed it so much easier what takes 3045 minutes with get response or any other platform with convert to takes five or seven minutes it's so simple is so simple that made me nervous I didn't think was really in a work throughout figured out they know it can't be this easy but it really can be a very excited switch this platform you'll notice after gets this transition. Probably in one or two weeks from now at the most every single email will come to the convert kit platforms you know that it's something of switch into because it's something I believe I've been a big fan of get response a lever for very long time and they are great for what they do but converts it is a new product it's changing the game and I'm very excited add to my arsenal and they can make a big difference if you added to your arsenal thank you for listening to this week's episode serve no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to escape the rat race head over to Sue no master.com/podcasts now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five star review of this podcast see you tomorrow you just listen to another amazing episode of the serve no master podcast make sure to subscribe we back tomorrow with another amazing episode

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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Stanley - November 3, 2016

I see how that can be a problem with doubling emails on a list. That would overwhelm anyone! So how Converkit is different from Mailchimp or GetResponse? It seems like many email providers offer now something more than just email marketing. GetResponse moved to marketing automation. Seems like Converkit and others did too?

    Jonathan Green - November 4, 2016

    Hey Stanley. The GetResponse marketing automation became extremely cluttered for me. The two main reasons I switched to ConvertKit were tagging and ease of import. I was able to move my lists in just a few minutes. I also found that my list had plenty of duplicates I was paying for multiple times. The automation within ConvertKit is very simple to implement and very advanced. Every time I create a new webinar, training or product I just add one tag to my CK dashboard and it’s taken care of. With GetResponse, I had to constantly create new lists and it would take dozens of steps.

    If you decide you want to change the order of some emails in an autoresponder sequence, with GetResponse I was manually copy and pasting emails around. With ConvertKit I can just drag and drop. The functionality is simply amazing.


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