SNM050: ConvertKit Changed My Business

My lists have become so disorganized that I dreaded sending emails.  I lived in fear of sending repeats to the same people or mixing up messages. My business outgrew my list provider…

And then I read a ConvertKit Review

I have been hearing whispers about this software for a few months now.  But when you're in the middle of changing your entire business infrastructure, the last thing you want to do is mess with your email provider too…

But ConvertKit convinced me to give it a try.

I will never be looking back.

The Power of Tagging

The biggest problem with my other mailing lists is disorganization.  Every time someone takes an action; they end up on a new list.  I have to set up automation to remove them from the old list, or I have to pay for that email address twice.

You end up paying double for all these emails that are on multiple lists, and it gets very confusing to send out emails.

I was overwhelmed and just tired of looking at emails.

I have over 100 emails for Serve No Master that I never loaded up because of disorganization.

With ConvertKit tagging, I simply add a note to each file every time my customers take an action.

There is no risk of paying extra or sending the wrong email to someone.

Life is simply beautiful.

Key Points:

  1. Switch to ConvertKit
  2. Never pay twice for the same customer again
  3. Grow your business with perfect tagging

Resources Mentioned:

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Send in your questions to podcast [at] servenomaster [dot] com

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2 thoughts on “SNM050: ConvertKit Changed My Business”

  1. I see how that can be a problem with doubling emails on a list. That would overwhelm anyone! So how Converkit is different from Mailchimp or GetResponse? It seems like many email providers offer now something more than just email marketing. GetResponse moved to marketing automation. Seems like Converkit and others did too?

    1. Hey Stanley. The GetResponse marketing automation became extremely cluttered for me. The two main reasons I switched to ConvertKit were tagging and ease of import. I was able to move my lists in just a few minutes. I also found that my list had plenty of duplicates I was paying for multiple times. The automation within ConvertKit is very simple to implement and very advanced. Every time I create a new webinar, training or product I just add one tag to my CK dashboard and it’s taken care of. With GetResponse, I had to constantly create new lists and it would take dozens of steps.

      If you decide you want to change the order of some emails in an autoresponder sequence, with GetResponse I was manually copy and pasting emails around. With ConvertKit I can just drag and drop. The functionality is simply amazing.

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