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SNM189: Why Is mindfulness important to your business success with Laura Van Den Berg-Sekac

Are you aware of yourself? Have you ever experienced something deeper than your primal thoughts? Do you think you can be better, smarter, more productive, and eventually be more comfortable with yourself and be the best version of yourself? If you want to be a self-published writer, but something is interfering with your creative process we might have just the answers for you. Today, we are talking with Laura Van Der Berg-Sekac, an expert in the art of mindfulness. If you are ready to transfer your life, keep reading about life improvement and self-awareness strategies.

Writing a book and having it published on Amazon is the first step in starting entrepreneurship. Writers are known for being creative and adventures, so diving into a new business is a deep transformation on a personal level.

Because of the freedom that the authors always need to have it might get difficult for them to keep a focus on just one task, the world is always throwing some additional challenges and, who says that this next one is not better than the previous one? In their world there are no leaders to keep them on track, even if there were they would not accept their authority. So how can you become your own leader and achieve your goals at your own pace in your own time?

Mindfulness in Business

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We mentioned earlier that writing and publishing a book is the first step. But, let’s take e step back and talk about your inner self. Inner work and self-awareness need to be your starting points. If you are not clear with yourself and don’t work on inner transformation, the bumps that will come your way will be much harder to overcome. Resisting inner change means you let your ego cloud your judgment. On the other hand, inner strength means that your relationship with yourself comes first, you don’t need somebody else to confirm you and you can handle critic or a bad review.

Clarity and inner guidance are the paths to entrepreneurship. The path is not always smooth, especially if you don’t have a clear vision and clear values. One thing you can do to make things more logical in your head is to visualize them.

Find 3 things critical to your writing process. Focus on time frames, 3 things today, 3 things this month, and 3 things this year. Write them down, and dig deeper, find their essence. It all makes sense now, doesn’t it?

When approaching this new reality it’s very important to keep a positive mindset because your attitude will affect the final income. That’s why you should be self-aware and patient. You need to use your time wisely and stay focused.

Show Notes:

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Key Points:

  • Is mindfulness important to your business success?
  • How to prepare for the change from authorship to business
  • What is important to nurture your writing process
  • How to manifest clarity and inner guidance of your knowledge on the path to entrepreneurship

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