SNM102: Four Keys to a Successful Book Launch

The effort that goes into writing a book is enormous.  Every time I put pen to paper I create something living.  I take my thoughts and turn them into reality.

When that work is complete, I absolutely want people to read and enjoy my work.

Critical Steps to a Book Launch

There are two phases to the independent author process.  The first is creating your work.  Most people are so focused on the creative part of their brain that the process ends there for them.  But the second phase is just as critical, if not more so.

In phase two, you have to get your book into the hands of the masses.  You can write the greatest book in the world, but if nobody reads it, then it doesn't really benefit you.

Emily Dickenson died without making a penny from her poems and she was only famous when her family found over 1800 unfinished poems in her house.

Is that what you're hoping will happen to you?

As much as I want to achieve immortality, I want people to read my books now while I'm still around to enjoy their reviews and feedback.

The Logical Part of Your Brain


In the past, you could depend on a publisher to handle finding customers for your books.

But those days are in the past.

Traditional publishing houses are in a nosedive and most of them are fully supported by just a few big name authors.

Even if you get published, that is no guarantee that your publisher will put any effort into your book launch.

With the advent of digital books, the need for these publishers has disappeared.

You can now promote your book the way you want and remove the middleman from the equation.  But that does mean that you have to be a businessman as well as an author.

You have to treat your book like a business and leverage that asset until it becomes profitable.

It's Never Too Late

Even if you released your book a long time ago, you can go back and bring it back to life.

Wherever you are in the process, you can change and improve your situation.

The game isn't over until that final bell has wrong.

In my experience, the four parts of the book launch process that people mess up the most often….well you have to listen to today's episode to find out.

Show Notes:

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Key Points:

  1. Start cover designs before you finish your book
  2. Formatting for paperback is critical
  3. Reviews are the lifeblood of a successful launch

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