SNM099: 10 Ways to Resurrect a Dying Book

Books are not magical self-perpetuating machines.  A properly launched book can do very well, but like everything else we launch into the sky, eventually gravity will bring it back down.

Your book does not have to suffer like Icarus, however, the resurrection of a book is always possible.

Signs It's Dying

A book can bounce up and down the top ten for months, but the show isn't really over until the numbers start to crash.

Don't worry when your book drops to number six, that's not a big deal yet.

But when you're sales rank dips down to below thirty thousand for all Kindle books, this is the sign it's time to take action.

It's much easier to save a book that is faltering than it is to bring back a book that hasn't sold a copy in years.

Tracking your stats and maintaining your books traction will allow you to take action at this critical point.

I Wasn't Paying Attention and Now My Book Is Dead

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There is no actual difference between ranking one million and four million – both books haven't sold a copy in months.

At that level, the difference in profit can be measured in fractions of a penny.

Who wants to fight over one-eighth of a penny?

Even if you've waited this long, it's not too late.

Your book is currently invisible and that means you can do just about anything and nobody will notice.

Kick the Tires and Light the Fires

The secret to bringing your book back is quite simple – take action NOW.

I have turned a book that didn't sell a copy for eighteen months into a bestseller and it's been there for the past six months.

The past does not limit or predict the future.

Don't let past failings become an excuse for inaction.

Your book is an asset and you should leverage it.

Show Notes:


Key Points:

  1. Your book is an asset
  2. Notice when it drops below 30k
  3. You can save the deadest of books

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