how to make your book stand out in amazon

SNM173: How to conquer Amazon search engine with John Tighe

Self-Publish Your Passion Into A Business

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make your childhood dream come true? Do you wanna know how you can become a published author with independent, online publishing? If you are struggling to sell your book online, you might be doing something wrong. Do you know how to market your book online? Let’s see what John Tighe,  a bestselling author has to say about how to make your book stand out on Amazon.

John had a rough start. Unable to find the right publisher, he found himself in 2012 with four books and a soul-crushing job. This is when he took matters into his own hands and give self-publishing a shot. After this, he never looked back. But what was it that made John so successful?

How To Write A Successful Book?

how to promote a book on amazon

Your book is a white canvas that you need to paint and sell. But, how to get the people to choose your book amongst the million others? How can you stand out on a platform like Amazon?  According to John, stick to the basics. In time, unique methods develop, especially with social media, but the fundamentals are always the same. And the setting stone? Good marketing!

How To Promote Your Book On Amazon?

First, and most important, is to have an excellent book cover. Contrary to popular belief, people judge a book by its cover, and that’s only fair since the cover is the first thing they see. Try to change your perspective from an author to a buyer and see how your cover looks. Always keep in mind, a catchy cover that matches the content of your book and the right thumbnail are the winning strategy.

The title is just as important as the cover. Keep it short, self-explanatory, and most importantly, professional and to the point. The title has to pop! Think of bright colors, contrast, fun yet understandable fonts. Remember that buying a book is a linear process and to sell one, something has to catch the buyers’ eye first.

Content is important, but if there is no “love at first cover sight “getting to the actual content might be difficult.

How To Excel In Marketing?

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The marketing is something that you should focus on before you publish your book. You need to go out there, research, see what the latest trends are, and try to adjust to them. If you are wondering who should do your marketing, there are two options. You can hire someone, or you can take some time and get familiar with the basics. That way, you can turn your knowledge into a benefit, not just for yourself, but also for everyone involved in the publishing process because your directions will be that much clearer. I wrote a KDP Rocket review after using it extensively as my tool to push all of my books on Amazon.

If you want to become a successful author, you need to know that you have to stay completely committed. This means that if you try hard enough, your side hobby might eventually become your dream job. The math here is simple- the more books you have, the easier it is to sell them. Don’t lose your business mindset! Don’t be afraid to sell your story. Constructional criticism and feedback are useful tools and they can give you fresh perspectives that might make you an even better author and businessman.

Now that you know the very basics, keep reading so you will get even more familiar with what decent marketing strategy will do for you in the long run.

Show Notes:

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Key Points:

  1. How to market your book online
  2. How to approach putting your book out there
  3. Fundamentals of how to push your book on amazon
  4. How to make your book standout in amazon search?

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