SNM137: Write An Entire Book In 2 Hours or Less

The number one reason we don’t write books is time.  Well, let me shatter that false idol.  You can write a book in less than two hours.

Shatter Your Misconceptions

No one reading your book cares how long it took to write.  Do you have any idea how long it took me to write Serve No Master or Breaking Orbit?

The reader only cares about their own experience.

We are all selfish consumers.  As long as you enjoy the book and get the content you desire, the production time doesn’t matter.

Imagine that you saw two identical cars for sale, but one was triple the price because it was put together by hand and took longer to assemble.

Would you pay extra just because it took the creator longer to make the exact same product?

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The faster you can write books, the more money you will make over time.

Shorter Books are More Profitable

You can easily price a  two-hour book at $2.99.

After Amazon takes its cut, you’ll make around $2 for every sale.

That’s a dollar per hour for every single customer who buys your book.

A longer book that takes forty hours to write will sell for $7.99.

If you write a book in a single workweek, you’ll make about 20 cents per customer for every hour of writing.

Fast books sell for less but you earn five times more money for your time.

The highest price is not always the most profitable path.

Edit Smart not Hard

When you run a book through Grammarly, you can edit in a few hours and avoid spending a bunch of money paying an editor to do the same thing.

Editing without Grammarly takes ages and it’s a total nightmare.

The software is free, so there is really no excuse for throwing money on the fire.

The more money you throw at a book before release, the longer it will take you to recoup those costs.

The purpose of writing fast is to make money faster, not to grow your debt faster.

Always control your spend as much as you track your income.

And that’s just the beginning…

Show Notes:


Key Points:

  1. Dictation is faster than typing
  2. Two hours of talking is the sweet spot
  3. Spend money on transcription for easier editing

Resources Mentioned:

Kindle Book Description Generator

Breaking Orbit

Serve No Master on Amazon


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How to write an entire book in two hours or less on today's episode today's episode is brought to you by digit save money without thinking about it get paid five dollars just for signing up@servomaster.com\digit today are you tired of dealing with your boss you feel underpaid and underappreciated if you want to make it online fire your boss and start living your retirement dreams now then you come to the right place welcome to serve no master podcast where you learn how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented life from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now your post finally back for my long trip to California but away from home for more than three weeks and I've pretty much been around people the whole time I was hoping to have some alone time to record a bunch of extra podcast episodes get way ahead but didn't happen so these are some notes that I wrote in my notebook my notebooks actually completely for Mike to get a new notebook as soon as he backed my house because Evan so busy cranking out new ideas and as you may have noticed I recently released my book procrastination and about in release a new book called influence and persuasion how can I put out a book a week and how can you do the exact same thing I would take you this process that allows you to release books even when you have a very very limited amount of time I've been experimenting with a couple of cool new things I just got my first new computer almost 4 years and boy this one is so much faster than him to do some new really really cool things so guys this is the first time in recording an episode in this particular hotel room I got all the way back to my house I'm in the city near where I live the nearest large city in my small island and right now my wife and son are out trying to get the final paperwork for marriage certificates so they can begin the process of getting passports and visas from once we can travel to family the next time I need to leave to have a little bit of alone time and I wanted to spend it with you we were thinking about writing a book in two hours many people think about all I write so I type so slowly writings what big challenge for me and I have cover a lot of this in my new book 20 K day which is coming up very soon it's in the final editing process with one my Servicemaster tribe members I'm hoping to have that ready in the next week or two I note a few months behind it's been so close for so long I can't wait to share that with you right I don't want to make you wait for everything so the best way to create really fast isn't worry about typing it's actually use your hands I've been dabbling more and more and more with transitioning into dictation the reason I haven't done a lot of dictation the pastors a couple of big reasons for me the first is that as you may have noticed the scrimmage always background noise wherever I go even I live on Paradise Beach I live in this amazing island there's always noise is always a motorcycle going buyer couple dogs barking each other and even if on the beach in the snow and making noise the waves get really loud there are a lot of challenges because Riley was so hot sitting at the computer I always have a fan I'm not much of an air conditioning guy I prefer to use the fan that way I'm still in the correct weather and I don't have a lot of sickness that comes from an air conditioner running I can assure all the time tends to give me a cold and much rather have a natural air but with a bit of a breeze behind it we can actually dictate up the entire book just two hours I've been dabbling more more Dragon Dictate another have actual faster computer it's been very impressive to me and now can get a lot higher accuracy rate and I can see what I'm saying as it appears on the screen so it turns out the limitations of the software but my old computer living alert learn something new and I'm excited about that you don't have to do it that way right now I just have my microphone plugged into my iPhone and I'm walking around this hotel room the normal human speaks around hundred and 25 250 words per minute right now I'm speaking a little faster some particles are 150 but I start talking like this I'm a little closer to 100 or 125 words per minute when you were writing the faster you write the faster the job stuns a talking fast as a benefit I know that I'm a natural fast talker so I sometimes have to resist the urge to talk too fast if you speak at that hundred and 50 words per minute rate in just two hours of continuous talking if you record yourself talking for two hours 18,000 words that's 1000 words longer than my procrastination book which is already shooting up the charts and will be the number one book in the procrastination and the time management category by next month it's okay to have a book that length in fact as far as profitability of 20,000 word book at $2.99 it's more profitable per word written than 100,000 word book at 799 and it makes sense because at 299 that's five books to get the same hundred thousand words that means 5×3 $15 it's twice as proper for me to write shorter books and charge less money that's power sure booking people actually prefer shorter books and many of these areas oftentimes I'm competing books that are 12 or 14,000 words the books if you would read an hour 45 minutes to thousands, my sweet spot because that tends to go in the 90 minute or the two hour short rates are still new to our still short reach category but you're not no 50 minute book which is too short for me so let's go through this process to start by simply recording your book over the course of two hours now the hardest part is done all you have to do to create your book I just recorded several podcast episodes average podcast episode is around 20 4:35 45 or six podcast episodes I can merge them and they will be a book have enough words coming out my mouth what you do after you have this raw audio you have this MP3 file it's two hours long is he blasted over to rev.com there a lot of different ways to peddle the transcription this is the easiest way intercom charges a dollar per minute to transcribe I'm not an affiliate for them but have used them in the past many times I've dabbled with cheaper transcriptions I've dabbled with using Dragon dictate to do all the transcription the problem is it slows down your process I want you to be will to start and finish this entire book through editing everything one day so two hours is for the actual content creation and then you're done when you run something to Dragon dictate if it does the formatting for you there are no. There's no spaces or any punctuation so does generate the words and it's getting better and better but you're stuck having adult punctuation that can take a really long time I learned my lesson on 20 Canaday 20 K dad did a really long book about a book it's always hundred thousand words and the reason I had a pull in a trimaran help me was because a renter Dragon dictates that Raven had to add so much punctuation was taking forever was kind of getting a little bit overwhelming there are couple of moves you can make to maximize your value from rev., rev outcome charge you per minute of the recording the faster you talk and the shorter your recording with a more value get so I do recommend talking as fast as you can what you can do with your audio files is a couple of good moves the first is to record lots of small sections 20 Canaday I recorded each section is about 10 to 20 months long and a click and start a new recording that way if anything was wrong you lose all file this allows you have a little more control the second thing you can do what you have all small files is to open up audacity which is a free audio editing program and you can click under effects and that's when the disk truncates silence and this is something I cover in the blog blueprints inside the members area but click truncate silent and you tell it how long the longest silence is allowed to be so when I am recording sometimes I'll pause for five 1015 seconds when thinking of an idea this will automatically delete the silences and in fact it changes the way you talk there's an old episode again is a 37 or something where my audio sounds weird when talking too fast that's because I truncated the sounds a little too hard background editing audio so goes I am Jonathan of the root of of of of of of of it like that it's really fast that's okay because guess what every second the silence you cut out is a little more money you save on average when I run it truncates silence on a 25 minute podcast I save about four minutes I see about four dollars over the course of two recording might say 15 or $20 of the cost don't help you want to minimize your costs to citizen rev.com the convertible send it back to the door really good job the privilege about 99% accurate if use technical terms that's we might run into problems with the new good punctuation good everything and it's really good value there couple of other transcription services that are out $0.75 a word but haven't played with him yet rev is only one of used so my posting links below this video was of the other ones I'm trying I don't have a relationship with any of them unfortunately I wish that if a part of the due use rough but what can you do once you get it back in rev is great because they always in the back of the 24 hour sleep due to hours take a break come back the next day your files ready for your nice 15 to 20,000 word book and I just need to cut cleanup a little bit the editing process is gonna take around up to three hours tops the to our book and the editing is the same length of time and this is everything what I like to do is I take that word file is in back to me I moved in scrivener and then I focus on cleaning up the structure making sure that I like how the chapters are organized when I talk about freestyle and so we need to add a little structure to written work we expect written stuff to look a little differently than the way we expect audio sound I make sure that my story is consistent that there's a flow through it to this point I'm not fixing grammar and stuff like that I making sure that my stories right order that I don't repeat stories which have a tendency to do avid tendency to write the same stories three times because of the writing a book have the same idea and I forget that I Artie had it three days earlier that's what's so great about doing a short quick book you can then to handle all of your editing run the entire book to Graham really Grimley will correct at least 95% heirs maybe 99% I ran procrastination through grandma Landon is a professional editor this time so wanted quick I want to see if I could right publish and release a book and $40 which I did did 36 hours grimly caught everything except for two tiny mistakes one person email has so far emailed me and about mistakes they found a procrastination one was adding the word and at one point and one was about, the, not hundred percent on but added the two changes and other than that there's been no other mistakes people mentioned to me the gremlin and catch that's really really good in the same way for high-pressure letter guess whether not 100% effective to most professional editors say they need to take multiple passes they need to go to the book multiple times it starts to get very very cost prohibitive we want to do here is a book where you can earn back your best very quickly so in this case are only financial vessel in so far as $120 for the transcriptions of the Western transcribe of you have Dragon you do it that way just cost a little more time it's the time to trip Scripture ratio how we want to do it those the different ways of doing it once that's done you need to create your front and back matter this is very quick as well the front matter is we have your title page 3 of the copyright page or table of contents I use vellum which is great because it allows me as my template so I actually use the same pages for the front and back of all my books I just go in and change the ISBN number in the title so once you've done this one gets very quickly even as drag-and-drop over and over again all the page template if you're using vellum is blessed me an email and I'll send you my front and back matters well she can see what my templates look like but all of my books they also written by Jonathan Green has the same books it's very quick the about the author Pedro is the same bio has the same social media links so what's great about that is you only if you want and you drag-and-drop copy pasted I copy and paste form my paperback version as well so it's I criminally I can drag-and-drop the folders just as easily have little photos front matter little forces back matter and I drag him in each of my novelty to my books now the process is to can then convert your book into Kindle format once you finished doing everything in scrivener actually recommends from your term is always on sale for goodbye look around for scrivener coupon sometimes it's $40 but usually can get it down as low as $20 on sale really great value you convert your book to the Kindle format and scrivener does have an e-book export we can do like I do and use vellum either way works really really well then the next process that I do recommend investing little money on is getting a cover made if you've been look at the website lately of sawn scene 11 running a contest to choose the perfect cover for control your fate that's the next long book I'm working on and that's the next book that I'm in a do a massive massive launch on I'm a try get really really big with the longer book the outlines done but I need to get 20 Canaday and influence persuasion out and into your hands first really trying to build up the catalog of books I have on Amazon right now that's my big push it's something I teach at some the of the other pen names and I realize I need to do more demonstration of what I teach I would be more consistent that's one reason the pushing out more books recover design I wreck when hiring someone in fiber now I would tell you who I use but every time I listen person I use the price ends up going up a month later because some people follow me I'd have to find a new designer so for the last contest you can look at Victoria Fay contest had six separate covers actually, went hogwild I think it's been up to hundred dollars one had like a fun contest to get a bunch of ideas and actually then I didn't did two rounds of testing made and choose a final copy you have to sit down and do that today so busy traveling you can hire someone who's just five dollars I recommend paint is five dollars actually the winner my contest tends to be the five dollar cover when I pay 10 or $15 those designs and was never went pick a good simple design what I like to do is find a stock photo unified stock photo deposit photos.com I sent out a coupon a couple weeks ago they had a big sale normally charge like 100 photos of five dollars per hundred photos but they were $30 or $40 per hundred photos last week on the promo I think it's finished but that was why sit on the email so that anytime you make a copy of access to related images what's great is that a lot of the fiber people will actually include an image for deposit bonus for free so that's pretty value otherwise you can find a cool document somewhere find something really simple that fits your idea that's all I do all my covers come from a stock image now I do alter the graphic and change the colors and go to that process myself and then send it to the diner but that's up to you little election time but all of the cover cost is five dollars you get great cover done and now your book is right upload to Kindle we have the internal file you have the cover and you're ready to go it's a very simple process and by now you could be the end of day one or the beginning of day two without working continuously if you have a very busy schedule maybe the first day spent two hours recording you send your book out use in your audio file come back the next day spent two hours editing and the next day you have everything ready set stay three at the most to release a book this quickly I then recommend you write a really great book description now I do have a brand-new tool that I've been slowly showing to other professional authors and it's been blowing the doors off it's my new Kindle description generator to my website Kindle cyber.com as it can sub.com\Kindle – HTML – description – generator I believe cut a long name so I recommend you click the link in the bottom of this video and let me know you think I'm really excited about this tool because it's perfect I use it for my own books the perfect test case is that I rented for my own book I change my own book to this the two about six weeks ago so that you look at server master the scription's little bit different now than if you bought it six months ago and since changing the description a couple of amazing things happen I ran a promotion bottle of a traffic and the book exploded and got one of the top books on Amazon which means Amazon like it's much they called me and they ran a big problem and had the biggest day of my entire career in Amazon as they like the book so much they promoted it they did a push notification to everyone who uses an iOS device sells a huge huge day for me then on Monday of just this week with that new description my new better description using exacting tactics have been using my book shut up to number two on all of Amazon not number two in a category the second best book on all of Amazon if you're on my email list you saw the email rows number six and said I wanted to be Harry Potter and I did for three hours on Monday thanks to the help of my audience next to help people like you my book push past Harry Potter and that's when I was flying back to Asia was a little bit worried that my plane wasn't gonna make it because you don't always want to poke the beast and let's be honest that's the biggest author in the world was so excited and a big part of that is using my new description tool which is absolutely 100% free it's a tool that just there to provide a really valuable resource to every single person who is out there trying to make it as an author a very very very excited about that once you have your description done you go in you just go to Katie Pete on Amazon.com and upload your book you put all your files copy paste or description my tool gives you the HTML so all you do is copy paste and looks absolutely beautiful she ensures your book sells really really well to answer all questions what the author name what the publication date this real simple stuff takes about two or three minutes to have a bunch of screenshots that I shouldn't have to answer no United to it and boom your book is up in 1 to 3 days she wrote a book in two hours and you published it in two or three days at the most now I've proven in the past that I can do this myself I did this with procrastination I decided to write Friday morning by Saturday night was live on Amazon it's that quick I want to really shorten the cycle how long it takes you to write a book for very critical reason the shorter the distance between you and a goal the more likely you are to achieve it if writing a book takes nine months have to think about it so far to plan out and even if you're working on a really long book I'm working on two long books right now 20 K days arty around 94,000 words that have already written okay Jordan editing process that huge book Wally worked on that I decided to start a series of shorter books for the reason that I 12 proof this works and it can be profitable it's already my third best-selling book in my all my Amazon accounts it's the third most profitable of this month procrastination she can have a small book it's very very profitable in fact it's only benign and tense for the past two weeks as of it sitting out to be will to generate a lot of views there's a lot of value in this process because you can see that you can quickly create a book it doesn't have to be sitting in front of computer and grinding just two hours of your time the length of a decent movie shorter than many bad movies and you have yourself a nice little book and you can start to taste the earnings now I do know that this process is run hundred $25 because of using rev.com support to some of the links you can use alternative sources and you probably get your book transcribed from $70-$80 you could run it through Dragon dictate and have to edit yourself in which case adding processes of 2 to 3 hours were private for six hours a really double setting process if you're going to go the Dragon Dictate route I would much rather you read the book directly into scrivener and have Dragon convert 11 testing at X if you have a newer computer works really well my computer was three or four years old Kelly by computer on a regular America haven't been for a while because my son was born last on this conference was happening set in travel you can dictate a book very very quickly using either these two techniques depending upon your time to cost ratio you'll make back your money in the first month of pay that right now when I run a promotion making hundred $25 a month it's not that hard follow my system you can use my other motion tools it doesn't cost that much money and it's really great place to face I recommend that either way you go about this is how you can write a book really really really quickly in either case you start money have you booked there by Friday at the absolute latest if you follow this very very simple and this is how you can write successful amazing profitable book just two hours thank you for listening to this week's episode of serve no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to escape that rat race it over to serve no master.com/podcasts now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five-star review of this podcast see you tomorrow thank you for listening this episode of the serve no master podcast join me on my Facebook page@facebook.com\serve no master

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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Joyce - April 12, 2017

This is a great resource. You encourage me to keep going and you make it even easier. Thank you!


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