SNM152: How to Write a Book in a Flash

The faster you write, the more money you make and the more time you can spend with your family doing the things you love the sooner you can hit your goals and the more amazing things that are in front of you.

The limitations are in your mind.

Most of us believe that we can only write at a certain speed and we’re limited by different challenges perhaps the challenge is your hands or perhaps the challenge is how fast you come up with ideas.

But those limitations are artificial or in your mind and when you break through them you’ll discover that you can write four or five times faster than you ever thought before.

You can unlock them word counts that you only dreamed of…as soon as you believe that it’s possible. And here’s a very simple test I want you to apply before you listen to the day’s episode.

Do you write as fast as you think?

The limitation on your ability to write is not your body; it is your mind.

I read faster than I talk and I think faster than I read. I also read faster than I write.

I know that I am not as fast as I could be. I took a typing test recently and my number was way more than a hundred words per minute, I forget the exact number, but you can go to the 20K page and see that I posted a picture of it. Whatever the number was it was really big.

So I know that when I know what I’m typing I can be very very fast.

And yet, when I’m trying to write books, I’m never as fast as these typing tests.

Push the envelope.

We live in a world filled with technology, resources, and software. Take advantage of all of these piece of technology and tools and the ability to hire people around the world to build a team or the software suite you need to write faster.

I’m always looking for new tools to give me an edge, to help me write faster, to help me be more creative or more ingenious.

And to find out the latest tools I’m using, listen to today’s episode.

If not, use the rest of the techniques in today’s episode.

Show Notes:


Key Points:

  1. Find your writing bottleneck
  2. Speed up your hands or remove them from the process
  3. Use tools or people to accelerate your writing

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20K a Day

Kindle Book Description Generator

Breaking Orbit

Serve No Master on Amazon


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How to write a book in a flash on today's episode plays episode brought you by convert kit to find out how convert it can help you grow your business save money and increase relationship with your email list head over to\convert kit right now are you tired of dealing with your boss you feel underpaid and underappreciated if you want to make it online. Start living your retirement dreams now then you come to the right place welcome to serve no master podcasts how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented life from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now your post I finally finished my parable 20 K day which covers the entire process that I use for designing writing excellent books very frequently I'm excited to have that book out there right now it's in the hands of many of my early readers and reviewers Artie grab it on Amazon not find it it's right Barry is looking to my neighbor 20 K day as a way of sharing my excitement that I finally completed that project which ran through some ups and some downs because of just my family have some exciting to share with you I dictated that entire book is the first book ever dictated so course as with any project I began to run into problems was a learning process that book I auto dictated a software to head of the dictation of the book is over hundred thousand words it generated a lot of mistakes if a 1% mistake rate means a thousand mistakes have 100,000 words we have close to 45% mistake regularly in 5000 mistake that a lot of mistakes it adds up in this process I learned a few things now you don't have to dictate every book it's one of the ways to be faster and a lot of what I cover in the book is how to write very fast without dictation but I developed a new process new system for how I write that I want to share with you this is my new process and I'm using several different new tools even since the last book so 20 K day after transcribing the book I went through a whole nightmare to get it published the entire book I wrote in six days everything since that everything in the past six months has been dealing with the editing process and fixing all those tough auto translations and so I have a new system my next book control your fate is already transcribed it already is passed the rough draft phase and is in the final rewrite phase only because my eyes get tired the book not already done I can only edit or rewrite about two hours a day we have a book that's 80,000 words it's gonna take me two weeks or so of these two hour sessions are one hour sessions of doing the chapter day to add here's what I learned here is what I did different I realize I need a higher human to handle my transcription in a higher human to help me write faster note that all these resources to research everywhere I looked it up for collective fiber I all these resources are great but they're very very cost prohibitive for the content I generate as someone who's looking to generate about hundred thousand words a week of content it can end up costing thousands of dollars a week in fact it's more expensive to these platforms through most prescriptions to get your book transcribing that it is to pay someone to write a whole book from scratch in fact it's more expensive to have a book edited by most editors who approach me that is to pay some else to write the whole book and edit there are certain professions that really will trump short I'm content if your book is really short and it's one or two hour recording audio recording of course Brenda, fine is not too expensive but if you're doing massive content it makes more sense to hire someone full time and so I went to this new platform that are dabbling with cold outsource link and there's a link in the show notes outsource leaves where you can hire people from around the world to do amazing job and I posted that I was looking for full-time transcriptionist I found someone who can handle my amount of content will work for my budget and is also already transcribed Holbrook forming party working her way through the second book the third book of probably ready next week my new challenge now is to stay had the great thing is that good transcriptionist will also end of it on the fly if you pay attention to how I talk versus how I write will notice that I talk and run on sentences I talk in ways that are considered inelegant when written down and this is how most of us are were more formal right they won't talk so not only do I have someone turn my words into text with far less mistakes with a .01 mistake great they will also make the changes that I want when I run a transcription through software such as Dragon dictate there's no punctuation see you end up with these massive blocks of text thousands of words long with no punctuation organization we Mixon that small but critical error percentage rate you can have trouble breaking down and interpreting and while you can do this hire someone handle cleanup it's cheaper and more effective to hire a full-time person to transcribe your work and edit on the flight is in the can hear the meaning the error rate is far lower in the work is excellent yes this is a little bit more expensive Van what it costs just to software but when you're trying to get to that next level right now my business of trying to catch up to Steve Scott because the awesome author of havoc stacking he wrote the new fortress ergo master which I'm so excited to have people read he has so many books on Amazon his whole business is Amazon he doesn't sell additional courses and it's amazing to watch his business and see how prolific this in my desire to catch him I'm always looking for ways to be more effective in building better habits this is a very powerful way to run your business but you do have to have the time to put the content out there now you don't have to hire a full-time person you hire some a part timer start with a fixed number of hours and things but when you order enough content when you do and the quantity it's totally worth it new get someone really talented that can do a lot of work for you because of the problems with my eyes I can't really write books on the keyboard anymore now my eyes are getting better I'm doing a lot of exercise from the Bates method an able to work more hours but I also love transcribing a loving outside right site now outside watching the sunrise and staining my porch I'm enjoying a beautiful morning why would I want to sit at the computer if I don't have to some becoming more and more of a fan of dictation and I've been looking for ways to streamline the process that's what I want to share with you today now there's another option that I'm also a big fan of others of tulips are using more more Dragon dictates really good but you have to speak your punctuation when you're using this tool you have to save your periods in your next sentences in your comments ideally so that you end up with content that's not so rough I'm not very good at speaking with. Now I have a bunch of friends and followers in action member of a new Facebook group it's all about Dragon dictate users that are power users and they do those things really really well so I could try and train myself to speak the punctuation but if there's one thing you know about me I'm a dinosaur I get stuck in my ways I found a new software tool that is more expensive than Dragon the charges about $12 an hour 12 to 15 depending upon how much you do called Trent TR INT again link in the show notes what trait does is generates really really good transcript with a lot of punctuation and then it sinks in up to the audio inside their app so you can then listen to your audio and fix mistakes on the fly just like a really good transcriptionist would actually really really wonderful tool I wish it wasn't so cost prohibitive but when I'm doing small transcriptions myself I do it a lot now when I write the blog post to go with these podcasts I write them by dictation and I run into Trent so that I can write them quickly one of the delays one of the reasons that I have had a big gap in my podcast output is that my eyes are too tired to write the actual podcast episodes I have dozens of recordings ready to go out but the podcast episodes a little blog posts themselves what's limiting me the smallest part of the process but because of my eyes they can only do so much work for gay and I have to do other work first unfortunate podcasts of Foggy Bottom the pile but now having dictation really really helps me so soon as I finish recording the main podcast episode I record my little blog description of the episode run at the Trenton Evans ready to go it's really really wonderful tool Trent is great for smaller quantities so if you're doing for example a two hour recording we talk about doing to our book in the past then you can run a train yourself to cost $30 to turn over that dictation not too expensive it's a great place to start if you do run the same dictation to which is nice if you don't do any work yourself will cost you $120 so it's one fourth the cost pretty good as you started it just as you go what to quantity if you're doing 10 hours a week or something like that it's definitely worth it to hire person so these are the two resources that I recommend write books faster can really help you accelerate what you're doing as you move in to dictation tablet dictation hiring full-time person or using this awesome software I always want to overdeliver so beyond recommending to tools that I love I want to share a little information about how you can become a fast writer if you've read any my other material you follow me in the past you know that I believe research is king research is everything and the secret to my dictation secret to my quantity is that I always thinking about the future sometimes I just want to write sometimes it doesn't want to dictate I don't want to dictate eight hours a day can't do it the most I could ever dictate is to maybe three hours in the day now be three separate sessions of 45 minutes to an hour each last week I did a marathon session were in a single two hour. I recorded the audio for my new book networking for jobseekers audios done it's in the queue for my transcriptionist and eventually shall converted over it's the second or third book in the queue now our core than a single two hour marathon session at the end of it my back was killing me from all my pacing on the dock it was a pretty big storm near the end lotto waves were attacking me I don't do that very often but I wanted to prove as a talk by the previous podcast episode you can dictate an entire book in two hours and I did put together an entire book that I will be releasing as quickly as I can very simply the reason I'm able to put out books so quickly as I'm always caring my notebook I recommend having a notebook paper and pen notebook it's real I know now you could buy one of those notebooks you can make waves you can rewrite and and over and over again if you need to do that that's fine those are available where I live exactly seem pretty cool I also don't own a microwave for the double whammy in a room in her house for one we cook having trash so prefer semi life went on a microwave we can't make with the notebook to reuse it again anyways but I'm always writing down book titles for book topics that I will write about and I have this big list of around 100 book titles just in one my notebooks and sometimes I look at it when I'm in I add ideas to what my book was this what a book about that later on I can sit down I can research books and see will be popular will be not popular names on I can see what people hear about what people don't want here and as I build out more and more of these ideas I have my ingredients for great books they gave me my second idea phase after I have my book titles that say on this one looks cool I'll see if it seems like a popular topic if it is a public check next to then I write it at the top one of the blank page my book to write that book title sometimes I'll just sit down outside or sit down by the ocean and I'll just write out the table of contents for books as you know I recommend you design your table contents by looking at what the competition writes about and you can look at other books I do that a lot would all do is download a couple of books took in a limited my book to see what kind of other people talking but I don't need to do it as often anymore because I've done so many books I can get pretty good feel for market which which what I arty know about so just write down chapter titles and I tend to write down anywhere from 10 to 30 chapter titles and so right now in my notebook I have about seven or eight books have the entire outline written I five or six more books I just have the title the top of page habits or work on the outline they're just things that I think would be valuable and things that I think would be good to add to my repertoire there are certain books that I wouldn't write if they would take a lot of time I'm shifting more more into the two-hour dictation style books that generates about 20,000 words which is a pretty decent read 650 page book yourself and though still really really well on Amazon the rate effective for me now anyone wants to read the tome that a servo master of the monster that's 20 K day Raven control your fate which is still 80,000 words it's like a 10 or 12 hour audiobook it's quite long it's a lot of content not everyone wants to observe content it's that long sometimes we want something shorter and that's one of the other lessons I learned from watching the genius that is Steve putting out lots of shorter books are medium length books is a good idea so have these ideas for books that I could record something that I record in a one or two hour session and in this one or two hour session I can record the entire book very quickly and easily send it into my transcription process for them to use my person or trend type used both for a lot of my different things I can write and generate the book in a day I love that I love having it done quickly outlining and preparing stuff is critical with the writing my dictation or your writing by hand having your research in advance make things a lot easier when I was writing my books my hand I used to have dozens of ideas outlined on my computer and my maps all prepared far in advance this allows me to right whenever I want to one of the big struggles we run into his writers up and slows us down is not going to write about next to getting bored of the topic sometimes when work on one book I get bored I jump and work on the next one you don't have to write your chapters in order you don't have to write your books all at the same time mixing up what you're writing about helps keep your mind fresh sometimes I'm just bored working on one topic I'm working on so long I need something to reset and so if I change what I'm working on for five times throughout the day far far more fish I put higher workouts is how you can hit 20,000 words a day this is how I hit 40 or 50,000 words a day all the time now dictation with the right my hander dictating that he had these big numbers putting research together in advance knowing what you're going to write about whatever the mood strikes you you can in fact today now that I've cranked out a couple of new podcast episodes and getting a little bit ahead again good work on my outlines again to work on a couple more outlines to stay ahead every time I record to write a book and then write the outline for the next one your books don't have to be long they don't have to take months to write you can put about two hours that previous episode covers exactly how to do that books don't need to take you weeks or months to right now for fiction of course it's a different process most of what I talk about is nonfiction but you can accomplish great things with fiction make really wonderful things happen and that's what I want for you as your becoming more of a writer as you are developing in your craft you'll find that the faster you can write more time you can spend with your family the reason that I switch to dictation as an experiment as I wrote 20 K day I then began to have problems my eyes in my from my eyes that I spent too long in the computer my I start to hurt chart have eyestrain I have no promise of an outside I live on the equator people tell me all the time all the problem is the suddenness a note pump for me the opposite when out in the sun is blazing my eyes it resets my eyes for me but I feel better I can see great distance right now I don't have any problems with my distance vision or my reading vision it simply the radiation that comes out of computer screens is very unnatural having should my eyes all day long makes them tired or makes them feel sore sometimes it gives me a headache writing faster getting my work done faster allows me to spend more time away from the computer I could spend more time with my wonderful kids my wife my dog and my the people I love and that's what I want for the greater efficiency means they make the same amount of money and have more free time and then you can even make more money and have more free time that's really the dream is in it to work two hours a day and make more money than you were before doing eight hours a day I dictate about four times faster than I write by hand love right in my hand I love right away when I write by hand I do put out a better product this is why editing a dictation even when it goes to my transcription takes me longer then Eddie my own works that's okay the overall process is still far far far faster want you to really think about what you want to accomplish with your writing what you want to accomplish with any of the tasks in front of you it's important to have clearly defined goals and have a clear idea of your future I know that I want to get to a point where at least 50 books on Amazon that's my current goal that's what I'm working towards that's why I'm writing so much and getting super prolific that's why I have dozens and dozens of book titles that's why have more than a dozen outlines finish and that's why have half a dozen books that have already dictated her that some part of the dictation transcription editing process I wanted really put out a lot of content to get to my goal I don't want to wait three years for 50 books I want 50 books for Christmas that's my dream that's just seven months away and if you break that up that means I need to put out a book a week probably not be able to do that I know that my goal isn't quite something and get hit but I do want to have at least halfway there I want to get to really deep content I want to have 25 books of the lease that's how my minimum goal I love hit 50 but I know it's a little bit unrealistic even for me but I'm trying my best to get that having a clear goal in front me I know I am writing I know what my plan is now for the past year Michael was different my goal is really to build outs or remasters a website and that's why experience with blog posts only podcast episodes and so many products on the back and you have courses about how to become a writer how to write faster had outlined how to create video products in the direct marketing effectively have products on networking and podcasting drove through very valuable tools very wonderful I want to go to the next level and this year it's rebuilding my foundation now that my website is strong I'm happy with the content they are and of course I will continue to build new products they are my focus for now is really expanding what I'm doing in books expanding what I'm doing Amazon having a large quantity of books that are all 29939 and 799 just putting out huge number books will quantities of quality all of its own and absolute the faster I can write the more books I can put out the sooner I can hit my goal and I can catch up to my current mentor and hero Steve Scott I love what he's doing at Amazon I want to get to the same level so even on further up the mountain and you're not all with the topics of more things I want to accomplish the faster I write the sooner I can accomplish them in the same thing for you the faster you write the sooner you can accomplish all those goals thank you for listening to this week's episode serve no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to restate that reverence head over to serve no now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five-star review of this podcast see you tomorrow you just listen to another amazing episode of the serve no master podcast make sure to subscribe we back tomorrow with another amazing episode

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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