SNM158: How to Ghostwrite an Amazing Book

Research is the single most important factor when ghostwriting, finding things that the client didn’t even know about himself can be amazing, put on your PI goggles. By digging deep you can find remarkable information.

There are 3 Key Elements to Ghostwriting a great book


I don’t normally take on many ghostwriting jobs but recently really cool options have come my way.

  • Facts, especially while writing a biography for someones life story.
  • Emotion, how you felt and how the audience will feel about the story
  • Structure – the order in which you tell the story.

Context is invaluable


Find context about the persons life, what was happening around the time this person was born? did they go to school with someone famous? or born during a significant time in history?

This will provide great context of the time in which the person was born into and lived in.

Context will make you remember the story better than you remember the book.Click To Tweet

Events of the world, the people around them, the setting, the environment all signify the balance of the piece you’re writing.

Ask Yourself one Question…


Is the journey more important than the overarching message?

Listen to todays episode for my ghostwriting process.

Show Notes:


Key Points:

  1. 3 Key Elements to a Great Book
  2. Research is critical.
  3. We need contrast to appreciate the value of things.

Resources Mentioned:

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