SNM144: Fighting Strangers

When should you stand up for yourself?  When should you stand up for others?  What’s the difference between ignoring people and letting them walk all over you?  After a strange incident at a fast-food restaurant, I had no choice but to share this story.

Life is Full of Bullies


There are people who walk through life trying to take advantage.

They are always looking to cut the line or get a discount just because they are loud.

They try to return products they have used and damaged.

They play games at work and they take advantage of social norms.

They act in ways that are socially inappropriate but they know most people just put up with it.

Most of us prefer to avoid confrontation.

When to Stand up?


Is it your job to stand up for what’s right and change the world with your voice?

Should you fight every battle you come across?

These are big questions with no clear answer.

Each person has their own set of beliefs they live by.

Nobody wants to live in an unfair universe.

I’ve never met a bully who had a happy life or had a nice ending to their story.

I have faith that people get what they deserve in the end.

This is my interpretation of karma.

Am I a Coward?


You might hear today’s story and decide that I’m a coward.

I don’t always stand up for myself.

Sometimes I feel the battle isn’t worth fighting.

I prefer to save my energy for the fights that matter (like getting my wife to the best doctor in the region.)

Listen to today’s episode and let me know.

Show Notes:

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Key Points:

  1. Make conscious decisions to get involved or not
  2. Choose the battles that mean the most to you
  3. Don’t let people take advantage of your kindness

Resources Mentioned:

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Breaking Orbit

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