SNM145: The Three Types of Traffic

You can have the most beautiful website in the world, but if no one visits it, you'll never make a penny.  A great product needs a great audience and that all starts with traffic.  The more people who visit your site, the faster your company will grow.

Find It

The cheapest method requires the most elbow grease and sweat.

Build up a social media following and master the Google search result.

Many new businesses start here when they have no budget for advertising.

In reality, you are helping people to find you.

There are millions of websites in the world and most of them are absolutely dreadful.

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Appearing in search results and social feeds is a good first start.

Borrow It

You can start with a product.

Find someone who has an audience and share your two assets.

You split the profits and both walk away happy.

This is a great way to start your business and the fastest way to make money.

They are the affiliate and you are the product owner.

This is how many online businesses start and it's a great way to get a taste of profit.

Buy It

You have to spend money to make money.

As soon as websites get enough traffic, they love to sell advertising.

Everyone from Google to Facebook to the Huffington Post does it.

Get in on the action.

This is a game of arbitrage.

As long as your return exceeds your investment, this is the best way to scale your business.

Not every business can start this way.

Don't blow all your money on advertising until you listen to today's episode…

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Key Points:

  1. Finding traffic takes the longest but costs the least
  2. Borrow traffic and you don't pay unless you make a sale
  3. Buying traffic gives you total control of your business but carries the biggest risk

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20K a Day

Kindle Book Description Generator

Breaking Orbit

Serve No Master on Amazon


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The three types of traffic on today's episode today's episode brought to you by SCM Rush started in 2008 with one mission to make online competition fair and transparent with equal opportunities for all to find out how I see them rushing up you compete with the big boys go to serve no\SEM rush today are you tired of dealing with your boss you feel underpaid and underappreciated if you want to make it online fire your boss and start living your retirement dreams now then you've come to the right place welcome to serve no master pod where you learn how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented life from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now is your house I was talking with weather that I mentor recently anyways talk about ideas for building a new website building instructions try to find that perfect idea even that idea if it were brainstorming little together and I said look it's the ideas great but before you focus on the idea far more important to focus on where you're going to find customers that everything and finding customer schedule to visit your store that's called traffic and there are three main ways to traffic in this world three main ways that really are effective right now and of course the methods change these numbers are different than they were for five years ago and maybe for five years again the whether three ways to get traffic first as you can find it the second is that you can by and the third is that you can borrow it find it means free traffic this is search engine optimization this is social media this is getting a big instrument following by posting lots of pictures of yourself and you close to bikinis and transitioning that into selling health products Barlett this is where you get joint venture partners to promote your offer and you pay them anywhere from 12% Amazon to 75% different some of the markets in which I operate and this is called a for liturgy marking the talk will be in Philly before now were talking rubbing the other side of the picture when you get someone to send draft in the third course that you can by sweeping frats no if you listen to podcasts pretty regularly have been struggling with Facebook ads for a while wrestling with them after getting my first Tony the water in my Facebook account my personal account my account banned them in the state I learned my lesson hired someone to really work out I'm work with number two someone who is an expert working off of some is directly in space so let's circle back and talk about 123 go through each of these different types traffic and the pros and cons of the first type of call finding tribes of people got free traffic for a long time work in the space of search engine optimization as we make a website that so good and so well put together according to the weather Google want to put your website together the Google city trap of course some people focus on other sites such as Bing and Yahoo but unfortunately meaning combined are about 10% of the market at such a small sector I have a few friends were masters things on bang and they simply can't get enough volume to grow the business whether it's what's for your patriotic unfortunately the mediums to so for a long time search engine a position with how I built my business and how I first nothing's going unfortunately now it's a nightmare it's so hard that I didn't even bother yes I have some SU companies handle some basic stuff for me but I don't depend on it for traffic the main reason I want to keep my SU type so that if someone types are brewmaster Jonathan Greene serve the master doesn't ring author into Google I'm on my result to be first I care more about anything else and if I write a review of a product like that to me page 1 if you type in pay kickstart review I've always number 12 or three if you type in grimly review them usually page wanted to have a check either these numbers about that so I don't know but usually abstract and prolonged make sure that at least when I do a really good valuable keyword that's monetize will director the top but to try and build your whole business run SCO these days is pretty much a nightmare Google is very hard for her to wrestle with it used to be easy is the easier I know yesterday talk about back in the day stuff the reason it's always harder is because every 3 to 6 months they release a new set of rules and when I say release I may change the way they rank websites but they don't tell you what the changes are so not only do you have to follow the rules some of the rules or secret when I used to do SCO there were hundred 71 factors and now there's over 300 so the reason I say it harder is because just like the American tax code they always add stuff but they never take away they always make it more more, get more more difficult and even the people I know in the field asked him to explain stuff to me so complicated that I got nevermind it's too much so much overwhelming work so instead when I think about finding traffic I really do mean social media now this is just the beginning being able to find social media traffic isn't enough recently and I know this is crazy but in terms of the Robin talk about talking to strangers I normally never talk to strangers but there was someone here who walk right by my front door had a laptop I was try to get online trying to figure out where the Wi-Fi router was enter walking around the pool have a right front of me talking for some Windows oh I used to do this and now I have a couple hundred thousand Instagram followers is that why you must make a killing me as I have met a penny from and then he tells me is another friend was a huge falling on a YouTube channel who also makes nothing and I said what have you trying to sell people anything me as well not have a trilateral question so traffic alone is enough even have to do the rest of what I teach which attorney traffic and money but they were just talking about traffic and here's how you can build a social media falling very quickly special Instagram this is so simple anyone can do it take pictures that are amazing that step once it is a picture taking platform then when you post each picture you at 10 2030 hashtags find the best hashtags I go to hashtag and you fine hashtags are very popular for example what I post anything I use things like surfing vacation tropical I look up all hashtags are related that that's take pictures of my island I don't do a lot as you know social media what I do this on Instagram I double my following every time people will see my pictures a limo talk about sexually interim super easy for me to limit tripod and take pictures by Felix Mason as long as you put the right hashtags are the people who search by hatch that will find your great stuff the like to comment on and off folly if it looks great pictures really really simple I hired a new girl to help me run my social media because I'm not a good social media person I can take the pictures onto all that but in the rest of it scheduling stuff organizing and that's that I don't have the time to do it so she helps to take my messages get them out there last week in just the first five days working together she doubled my escrow fund for McKnight hundred 1800 nowhere near the hundreds of thousands that the sky talk to Pat but at the same time just a week which are growing those numbers you don't need to have a huge ball initially and is always doing every plot so this is free traffic assist finding traffic work instead of spending money or spending hi either tightening up the structure of your website writing write lots lots blog post as you know I have lots of content type something around 200 block puts a podcast of so I have pretty good depth of content but all of the stuff I do my blood doesn't matter unless I manually moved over social media kind of set up all these different things and it's outside my area of expertise telling a finite amount of time that's why brought an outside person and the great thing is this is another persons moving to another tropical island near mine another surfing trouble else she can actually get to take pictures where she lives in a book of the profile for me and will still be amazing pictures of beautiful places really great you can do similar things with pictures of food are pictures of dogs are pictures of whatever you want take pictures of and Bill falling on instruments pretty easy to do is actually and if you're beautiful woman even easier just to picture yourself all the time and you can become someone sponsored by some of the big yoga friends that's a very popular business model right now different and by I totally respect because you can make a killing when you want to go beyond this type of traffic can then go into the second realm which borrow track tomorrow's a little bit of a misnomer if you do end up paying for just pay for it afterward for example if you run a webinar with apartment hey I got this product why don't you send much traffic it will split the money they send you the traffic but to get half the money that's the borrowing by the traffic and then on the back and anything you sell you this is standard business practices used to be the business model I described to it's simply being sold has a product or site and you pay the affiliate so before we talk in the past of being the file now, the other side be the person paying the affiliate and their pros and cons to this the benefit is that you can make a product if you make a good sales venue for any good a cop you can immediately get traffic music any customers you can actually focus on two key aspects of your business building a product or building sales page and then you can find the traffic by someone else to the danger is that you never run your business when your traffic comes from JVs your business cannot be sold the business value the market value of the business with 100% JV traffic zero because you don't actually own your business for example let's say I'm an affiliate for your business self something amazing and I send you 1000 sales a day every time you sell something make $10 for making $10,000 a day that's a pretty good business business making little over three and half million dollars year pretax you think about making three Million dollars pretax average sale price of the businesses three times yearly revenue my business I can sell for $10-$12 put your business on the market in the first offer you get is for around $50,000 because that's really your business is worth approximately instead of being were three times yearly it's worth 5 to 10 times daily now if you're lucky could find some who pay you three times monthly that will be lucky that's the highest you consider business worth because in any given time I can decide something else let's say because I'm promoting you and were just doing example to 50-50 split every time I sell your product make $10 and you make $10 I'm also making 3.6 but then a competitor years emailed me to say 60% so now I start making for $4 million here such 1/2 $1 million is pretty nice and you are making zero while this new guy is making 3 million boom your business died in one day sounds horrified happens all the time I do it to people all the time as the Philly someone puts out a better product or better tool or better piece of software than you're making I will replace that link with yours and it's so easy I use a piece of software called pretty link Pro this little plug in is how all of my links say\link if you serve the master come\Graham really it takes you right to the free trial family that's a link I made a while ago it had over thousand cliques believe that link all the time if I decide to switch from Gramlich to another product that's an even better spellcheck product you can imagine your Binkley regrettably all I have to do is going to back to my website click on the link that says Freeling Pro open up the grandmother link and change it I copy the new link and paste over the old one click save and when you go to Starbucks or come back/grandma link will take you to a different piece of software your ticket is a better software it takes me less than 10 seconds to change out a link and replace I don't have to go through my whole website and change everywhere have access grimly to the new link I want to do that knob friend was businesslike and is 10,000 Linksys to manually change all the time that's why don't do it that way that's why handle all my links to one central tool that's why the tool exists it's not just for convenience.just really fillings pretty it so that what I need to change something I can easily do it I've also seen with the business owner doesn't have a feeling I know someone who they were promoting a really big product they were sending traffic on the type and odor without telling turn off the product my friends were no sales no deluxe products on that's an opt in page is why you to check your links people do on both sides of each other as much as affiliates and business owners are best friends at the end of the day were mercenaries and it's really all about me and you're all about you and that's how businesses so the feeling is always good to find a product that sells the most makes him the most money and the business owners can do the same things always looking to maximize the profit so when your traffic is borrowed you're on unlimited cycle it's a really great way to jumpstart your business not some friends that are really good at it right now I don't do a lot of JV traffic if you found me most likely you found me directly from Amazon or from another source or from social media it's possible you found me through someone else the most likely through that were through me appearing at an event to summit our live event why did you talk I don't do a lot of JV traffic because it's kind of low quality traffic not to the people of quality but here's the problem let's say Jack Smith found me through a JV promotion yell an affiliate sense traffic to me and now Jack Smith is on my mailing list which is awesome is also on the affiliates mailing list that affiliate will promote everything he can so now he sending traffic all over town subject Smith appears on 10 email lists if you're Jack Smith with your normal person you probably are talking about so now instead of getting one email a day get email from me anymore for me and nine emails from other people so what you create is a problem that is called signal-to-noise or crowded marketplace or banner blind view sees too many ads you see no I pretty much ignore billboards and most people do we see so many that we react to almost nothing when you see that after ad after add to door in the same thing happens with emails and what can happen and I know this because I used to be in the JV business is to have a much larger following but every single person follow me also followed annual between 10 and 100 other people so even though you have a larger list the quality is much lower not because the people are lower quality but because the people getting inundated with messages you may have noticed that I don't promote affiliate stuff I only recommend tools that actually use I don't recommend any analysis training courses not because other training courses don't work but because it creates shiny object syndrome for you to get overwhelmed with too many different options and it creates signal-to-noise problems for me you'll stop sharing my message because you start hearing messages from 510 20 other people so actually hurts both of us but this is borrowing traffic notes really good with jumpstart your business department to trap you can build a list of 10 20,000 people in a couple of months and with that list you can begin to do other things get to build other directions so to really good way to jumpstart a business I'm just not a big fan of making your only source of traffic I believe you should have a mix of all three sources of traffic this is the fastest way to get traffic the third way to get traffic is buying traffic I always been bad at buying traffic this thing is I can't explain why I think it's my approach I'm very comfortable spending huge amount of money to put processes in place and get free traffic but when you're doing patriotic dozen a challenge for me for me to finally get to the point where I'm investing lots of money Facebook as to me years of thinking about I find the rise I gotta pull the trigger and you know talk about a couple months ago where I funds are ready Facebook at three days later my Got bad business account very cautious not to break the rules Facebook is very very specific and strict rules just like Google does for their ads I have learned all of their system and all the rules so I'm hiring some hey traffic here's how it works you can buy traffic and lots and lots of different places now I personally do by traffic that I run myself from two sources I buy traffic from Amazon I run paid as an Amazon all the time there's a very good chance if you bought my book it's from one of my paid ads on Amazon I also buy ads from several book vendors in between couple this couple book services that let you run ads in the totally worth it so I buy a lot of traffic Bill tribal traffic advisor called mail drop this is why pay someone to send an email to all their followers and say hey one of Johnson's books is free they came me on this book is that at some stage of this book is a promotion and I buy this type of traffic about once a month to make sure that my books the fraction of the always in people's minds all the things combined they come together and they're very valuable for me you're absolutely worth it these types of traffic I feel comfortable with the other type of traffic is where you run ad on a platform like Facebook Google Bing Yahoo and you pay her for you which is the number of people to view the Audi paper click double-click on the edit go to your page yet is recommending that the process here it's math but it's actually simple for every dollar you spend on ads you want to make a dollar in one heading as long as you do that you can become infinitely rich for dollar you make a penny for $10 make $0.10 for hundred dollars make a dollar for thousand dollars make $10 for $10,000 make 100 $400,000 make a thousand so if you had $100,000 you could spend every single day and the end of year make engine $65,000 now obviously you want have a little bit better than a 1% ratio but even at a 1% ratio if you have an ad that's perfectly working you can expand and you can scale up instantly and every time you make more money take the prophet put it back in so even if you can only afford to spend $10 the first week the next week is what spent $10.10 we got that $10.11 I like that and this is how most people do and this is where people bring credit cards into the business you can spend the money today if you don't pay credit card for 30 days by then you got paid by whoever is by whoever is paying for the traffic now it's arbitrage by traffic from Facebook I remote and then I resell the traffic to someone else the JV that's arbitrage when you buy the traffic for your own products it's when you're doing your own media buying is also called me vines find that with this type of traffic you have to have a little bit of money to get into the game you have to invest money and they say to get into pay traffic out of this obtrusive he was a tenured to be about $5000 just to start playing with it and if you have $5000 you have spent each day less than $100 in about six months you can really learn the art of buying traffic but has to be the only thing you're doing because I'm doing so many other things I simply don't have time just a halftime run my social media is much as I would like to have time to run all of my media buy in effect the team are hard to read Facebook ads are also to take over my other ad campaigns for me to give me more time and it's a very simple formula so now let's say you're hiring somebody pay traffic and let's do a little math let's say hypothetically and this is pretty standard depending upon who you're working with the charge anywhere from 500 to 2000 and $5000 month but how serious the person you're working with this some companies charge you brought the gates $5000 month plus spent that means you pay for the ads yourself the $5000 just for them to run your assets that is not how much I paid my team but I have a friend who charge that much I can afford her shoes were the best in the world if you already spend my money want the best in the world I can introduce you to my friend she is the best one of the best media bars the world she works with some of these brands in the world she so good but to get on her radar by the love plus that other companies charge you Laffey and then a percentage of spent I've seen companies with a charge of $2000 month and then 10% of what he read ad spend so there managing a $10,000 budget you pay another thousand dollars that they're managing a million-dollar budget you pay another hundred thousand dollars if I was a media buyer that's what I would charge the customer that's not what I want to pay because it means you have to constantly adjust your profit margins so let's say let's just stick with in saving $1000 plus so that means you pay $5000 fee everything else there's no extra fees or hidden fees is no extra percentage is a Mac it's too hard there that means I need to make a profit between my ads cost and my profit on the backend so I spent a dollar and make two I need to spend at least $1000 a month to have $1000 profit so that I break even with paying off my media buyer this is where knowing your numbers becomes critical you have to know not just the value of a person on the day when I buy traffic when I do medium I don't sell anything I usually offer free copies of a product or free training or free gift I just want to get email address how to start a relationship I want to get someone help pay for this update 20 said $0.30 a dollar depending upon which source of traffic come from to start listening to this podcast because I don't want to listen to podcast eventually a certain percentage of them spend money with me and I know all those numbers I don't know what my software does not suffer the tracks every so it's is all when you buy traffic from the source you make your money back over the next 14 days or the next 21 days so this is we have to get more precise with your track so you can follow and make sure profitable people at first well if you're being abiding as an affiliate for just dabbling try to make a profit on day one is a him to take traffic and by Huntsman hundred dollars today I want to make back hundred dollars today sent straight to my product metrics and say to my course I've dabbled is in the past with other types of media buying sometimes you can make your money back the first day but it's pretty hard when you have the long view you have more to work with most people I know the goal with median advice to make their money back within 30 days I know someone in the dating space it takes 90 days he sends someone add every day for 90 days and on the 90th day he breaks he would choose a day 90 when he goes in the prophet now that sounds ridiculous until you know this guy now has private plane money I was hanging out with him three years ago in San Diego were at a party he got bored rented private plane went to Vegas to go to party flew back in the morning that's upper-level and that's with I've never been private plane board I have a couple friends who at that level so what he's doing even though it seems crazy it's very effective because he has the Longview now there is a difference between hoping you make your money back in 90 days and knowing will make your money back in 90 days and he knows this is very precise with tracking so there is more room for looseness when using the first two types of traffic once you get to paycheck you have to be super super super OnPoint very strict and very regimented and track your numbers so these are the three types of traffic I do recommend you apply mix of all three and as you follow me and visit my website you'll notice that I use a mix of all three I am conflict putting out new Bob Posen podcast episodes and content on the website as part of a seal regime for my free traffic regime I now have a lovely lady helping me with my social media as part of my other part of binding traffic regime I'm doing more and more I am opening up the doors to fill a few affiliates and one semi-traffic and finally I'm really going feetfirst and buying ads on Facebook and several other platforms and I'm also in talks with another person's experts absolute expert on by traffic from Google and I may move into that as a next area so that I then and by traffic from 1/4 source sums it's profitable I don't mind so these are areas that I moving into news the three main types of traffic that you building your business you can do them in any order I do recommend you master one and the next and the next but a certain point your business you really need to have control of all three and when you do that's we have a business that really takes care of your lifestyle provide you with the income you want and when you're ready to exit can actually sell the business thank you for listening to this week's episode serve no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to restate that reference head over to serve no now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five star review of this podcast see you tomorrow thank you for listening to serve no master podcast head over to Servo\podcasts right now to find out how you can win a free copy my brand-new book

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