SNM148: How to Use LinkedIn to Connect with Customers, Prospects, and Clients

One of my friends is the absolute king of LinkedIn. He has helped tens of thousands of people find new jobs on LinkedIn.  After years of friendship, he has shown me absolutely everything he knows.  It’s the ultimate platform for growing your business.

Only the Successful

Every LinkedIn profile has a job title; with one glance you can see how much someone earns.

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Facebook is broken into social groups and demographics.

LinkedIn is broken down by social echelon.

People are grouped together by power and income rather than who they went to high school with.

It’s a lot easier to close a deal in a room full of people who can afford you.

Your Profile is a Tool


Most people have terribly boring profiles – they use the photo from their security badge and the profile reads like a tax brief.

Who wants to look at bad pictures and read boring profiles?

Your profile is a chance to stand out from the crowd and let people know how you can change their lives.

Think of your profile as a tool to grow your business.

It’s not just a place to describe yourself.

When you give a purpose to your profile it will become useful.

Be Strategic

Use your time wisely and approach everything you do online with an eye toward results.

Are you selling to businesses or are you targeting teenagers?

Every business has a different demographic.

If your audience isn’t on LinkedIn, then this episode might not help you.

But if you are looking to sell expensive products to people who can afford them, you are going to love what I have to share.

Show Notes:


Key Points:

  1. LinkedIn is the best place to find high ticket buyers
  2. Most people use their profiles as a bad resume
  3. Use LinkeIn as a tool and you can make amazing things happen

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20K a Day

Kindle Book Description Generator

Breaking Orbit

Serve No Master on Amazon


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How to use LinkedIn to connect with customers prospects and clients on today's episode today's episode is brought to you by Thrive themes please leave us WordPress templates plug-in bill to get more traffic more subscribers more clients and more customers to you to find out the right things can turn your blog or website into a moneymaking work of art go to\drive themes are you tired of dealing with your boss do you feel underpaid and underappreciated if you want to make it online fire you faster start living in retirement dreams now then you have come to the right place welcome to serve no master podcast on how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented life from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now your post circling around Lincoln for very long time of been a member for years and years and years at least a decade now and Sen. all consideration seen it grow and the thing about this network it separates from the social network that LinkedIn is a place where people have money you wanting a high school students you want to college students most people's LinkedIn profile is something the resumes you can look at someone immediately and see just by their job title just by the heading under their name if you have any money or not you can tell if they work for real companies or imaginary companies you can tell whether business is going to tell Education they have if you know about advertising over business-to-business sales you know the targeting people with a lot of money and intermolecular make a lot of money you can't sell 2000 doctrine courses high school students that have money whereas right now I'm actually thinking about spending $700 on a course just to help with my vision because I'm having problems with eyestrain high school I would never even considered spending I had a money I wouldn't add it and then you are trying to get some would ask the parents for the money I've had that before were someone emailed me and said I want to buyer course to get to talk my parents into it and of course that's not really something I meant to doing I don't like to stepping it I'd rather the person paying to be actually be the person experiencing the course when you're approaching LinkedIn there are couple of he steps on the path to getting new business bring in new business of course you can go down the pay traffic path but what we want to focus on is how to get business without spending any money that's the real transferring or targeting here in the first step is to expand your network if you're trapped in a close network if the only people you're connected with the link interconnected with each other then your extended network is very small and the way to see this is to look at your connections and you can look at your first second 3rd° connections in your third reef connections should be in the millions and ideally in the tens of millions of people is the number of people that within 3° of separation of you your first reality we are friends with second reason they are friends at their degree as friends of friends friends the larger that outer circle is the more people whose radar you can appear on you appear in their searches you can appear in their feeds give a popular or trending article let's imagine you what if an article and one your friends clicks like release, then one of their friends is a common event access to their entire networking out being visible and that third ring the 3rd° of separation we want to really grow that in a way to do that is to look for people's profiles say the word lion or say the word super connector line will be all capitalized LION it says for Lincoln open networker means well except anyone Clinton's original premise is that you can we connect people you arty know but that's very limiting and that's how you end up in a close circle but there are people who make an entire business of having a massive network in fact LinkedIn doesn't check or limit your number contact since he hit 30 what you have 30,000 friends and contacts that's when you have to ask LinkedIn to manually let yet more so lesser there give a lot of ground to cover in effect I'm not anywhere near that I have a lot of Lincoln connections but I haven't actively push mailings inasmuch as I should that's why this is on my mind I'm actually going to start a big LinkedIn push this week so that's what I'm sharing with you the first thing I need to do is expand my network and the new places now I've connected with a great deal of Lincoln open networkers I'm also connect with love super connector sometimes who call themselves one of the other the me the same thing the main they have huge number connection so imagine you connect with someone with a thousand in their network well now add a lot to you but if you connect to someone in the first rejection is 30,000 that's far more valuable it'll be way more than 30 times more people you connect with five or 10 open network cores or large networking when you suddenly have a network of millions of just hundred this is the beginning of the process and additionally you should join groups that are relevant to what you do so your information starts appearing on people's fees next is to start taking advantage publishing articles on LinkedIn the easiest way to do this is to connect LinkedIn to your blog I use a plug-in called blog to social I'll put a link in the show notes for this episode but it's blog number two social you can Google it if you can't find a link and what it does is automatically post any blog post I write or any podcast episode on to LinkedIn before start using that I was using a tool called QQ you you you connected with buffer which is an auto posting app doesn't matter they all work the same tons of auto posting apps it would take post from Q which is a post it's not mine but it would find a post that goes in line with the stuff I like I'm at the post on LinkedIn and was amazed to see people clicking like leaving comments on this post that even written which is why after the test I switch from Q to my own post every single time I post something on Lincoln automatic get some comments I get some likes I get some attention the first step to cultivating your LinkedIn family is to start posting start putting messages out there people on LinkedIn will begin to follow you if they like your posts delete comments when you have a bit of traction and it doesn't require much you don't have to actively pursue anyone just build up your networking and start posting you can then begin to identify your war prospects look for people that are interested in you are ready the first is that you can look at sea was actually future posts inside of Lincoln publisher if you click on the whose future post page there's a list of what is interactive of the post and you can sort them by life's comments and chairs you can see the people that are following your interest in what you say Artie following your message so not only do they know you are which means there were prospect there fan of your work awesome you can then connect with him on LinkedIn by sending a personalized connection request and you could say I saw you shared what my post I thought we should be connections bone give instant access to them additionally you can look at the followers look at the people who follow you libido fall you have the most influence on large followings and you could find how people fall you based on seniority industries regions you're allowed to do a lot of sorting on LinkedIn and whenever you see someone follows you falling your poster click follow your profile and you see that they have either a large following there a good prospect then you just send the message that I saw your farming I like what I see in your profile that we should be connection on your updates page you can see the content that you've interacted with and what you can look for are people who are following or commenting on the same things that you like so they're not messily following you but in a line with you they like the same things you like and again you can mesh that I saw you like I saw your comment was great on this connect blonde LinkedIn are savvy enough to know that more connections are better than last most people know you can have a huge number of connections are for a run in the problems finally take a look at the people who viewed your profile LinkedIn shows you have the people of your profile the last day of the last two weeks last 30 days depending on how traffic you're getting but maybe different updates and you can find people just check out the hay site you visit my profile how to connect remember building your network is valuable so even if there not directly prospect even if there never to buy from you not a great customer your network expand your reach one of their friends when their friends and friends of friends may eventually buy from you may eventually connect with you the second step is to begin to build rapport or connection or relationship this means being proactive on LinkedIn now you're going to all of their posts like their comments just like people do on Facebook except for here more professional so they write an article you like to say well that's a great article shows a look of the following you love that comment and share the articles additionally pay attention to what people actually need as we talk about internetworking programs there's nothing more important or more valuable than introduction so if you have two people to you on LinkedIn you think would be a good connection for each other just an introduction Doolittle introduction email and I don't have a huge of a trust when you give people introductions they really start to fall in love with you you also send them helpful articles and resources on the site talk about struggling with problem clients are you talking about jumpstarting your car here's article to cut it helps you walk through that process open house open provide some value and so our initial faces giving giving giving value without asking for anything in return while were doing this we go to phase 3 which is where you build up your story or build up in the sense that your guru an expert in your field when you seem like an authority when you seem like an expert there is more demand for your products and services your price goes up you don't have to work hard to sell it's a lot easier for an expert to sell something some of us no idea what they're doing one of the best ways to establish yourself as an authority on LinkedIn once you have some followers is to start hosting authority content this is where into the posting stories that your family are kids you start to post up by your expert for example I'm thinking of buying this course to help my eyes so it's on my mind and I just email me right before I started recording this thinking about the first post he could put is on LinkedIn if I saw posted something like nine exercises to strengthen your eyes will sitting in a boring meeting three exercises to use before user computer each day to protect your eyes activities like this anything that is an activity or training or knowledge especially in terms of numbers people love numbers putting a number in front of a post to get you a lot more, people love lists just a fact of life what's great is that Lincoln publisher always shows her last three posts inside your profile so as these look more professional to have more special graphics of a professional image at the correct size for LinkedIn and they look like you are sharing sort of closet people's perception of you will improve those that while this is a real expert the Scout is the real deal they know everything about this field look at the concept of putting out if you can't figure out what to write about your telephone stock you can do it I did which is look at the competition look what other people are posting I look other people are writing about already have the authority want to capture so you don't have to come up with new ideas you can just find someone else say all this is public them all right something similar with my own take on it I can steal the content of disconnect idea the concept like this person an article about my access for meetings here's access I recommend here's my total workout I need to read the article you can also find ideas by looking your connections are talking about I love to see what people are talking about in their groups or to each other or post about all this is what's wrong with right now but you will fall in your struggle with losing their jobs post about an article for example how to make money while you're in between jobs without risking your job search most people who are high-level executives and people lose their jobs all the time now I work the job seeker market a little bit with a couple of my partners couple projects I work on some very aware of this market they lose jobs at sea level executive this means there making 67 figures a year to make serious money sometimes the job search can take the 90 or hundred 80 days 3 to 6 months to get another job has their making report them to take a lesser paying job inhibits them in several ways number one it's a massive cut to their income number two it's hard for them to go to interviews and meetings when they need to go out and pursue those new jobs if you're stuck at the job paying $80,000 a month year month the amazing $8000 year to go to this meeting for job in my pay half million dollars year you're stuck in between these two tensions than for some also say will want to hire you we notice you working for a grant right now for someone else so they might lower their offer is why many people who are looking for jobs don't take lesser jobs long way like to write an article for an article would help them to make money working for themselves writing articles use their expertise to the consulting to fill in the Which actually means they can work on hours make money increase their expertise within what we been doing since you left it up I started consulting company would pretty busy the good thing is that petroleum time the time of the compass meetings he was going on but hearts are generating revenue merchant replace my lost income sitting in a weaker negotiating position and strongest position as you can see this would be valuable people on LinkedIn or job security now you can also form strategic alliances connect with people or experts in areas that you're not an expert in and say hey Bernard what is love to share with my audience seek new guest posting crossposting connecting write articles gather to referrals all of these things are really powerful you can become an affiliate for someone else as an expert in another field zero Midori about lost revenue from recommending someone else you know something you don't know I'm probably never put out a product on fixing your eyes my first thought was if this course works I want to be an affiliate I want to recommend it to other people because I would help other people through their vision but I also would like to get paid why not two benefits but I can recommend the course until I fix my dental work I need to be sure that it actually works as you build up your network and build up your authority on LinkedIn you'll notice that people start to message you I get message quite a bit as long we can always surprise me some. After coming my posts are done automatically via my blog I very rarely actually add new people right now about to big push but even with me being pretty passive on Lincoln other than auto posting my blog posts I get new requests just about every day for you want to connect with me and I get a great deal called messages hate to do consulting hey you help me with his Haiti help you with that the final thing I want to talk about is your actual LinkedIn profile and this could be a whole separate EPISODE to be Holzer's box when my friend sells a product for a lot of money profile vow to give you highlights right now most people see their LinkedIn profile is a resume which is dead wrong no need to do that your LinkedIn profile should be will cover sheet it starts out with here's how I can benefit you so if you're looking for a job that means you're in the market and you're looking for headhunters and HR people to see your profile want to message you you want to talk about what you can do for their company what you can do to make companies more money what you do make companies grow because that's what they're looking for someone who's hiring you and HR rep you know anything about what you actually do but if you can say when you hire me I'll make you five dollars for a dog pain that rep is going to hire that's all I care same thing for headhunters and hunters don't actually what you do they don't actually know how you programmer the nitty-gritty they just of the rough idea slicking from what companies they can put in front of to start off by saying open micro pump awesome you put in for job and you get your to make more money headhunters to get a commission when you get high their job so my understanding we are looking for you can modify your profile in your profile should be description of why your excellent what you do for new companies the benefits to new employer that's really focus on for me probably you do a rewrite of my profile this week I'm thinking about it haven't really rewritten in a long time and a lot of it I did a rewrite Lasix lot it was targeted for what I was doing seven years ago which was looking for local businesses to pursue me to help them rank on Google testing SEL business long time it did bring clients to bring prospects what I want the profile to say now I'm just deciding what I want to send people and so you can decide your final say what I'm thinking about right now couple ideas one of them is to send people into my coaching funnel which is the say hey what I do is help people become best-selling authors I walk people through the process of becoming a best-selling author here's why it's good for you I could push people and try to sell my coaching program which means a lot of face-to-face interaction but this year and try to do less coaching with a lot of stuff with my family which means they require more of my time so I could build a final-round something more low ticket when my lesser courses I could say here's my program for becoming a better writer which is step one of the path of making money is writer writing successful books writing about something sites and some in and said to my coaching program send them into my training program which is where you watch videos telling PDFs and learning everything my worst profit mastery course which is my most popular course right now to be a huge boon and huge opportunity for all the people follow me is that the wife push people I could also push people straight to Amazon and say for you message me before you ask anything by my book all about get Arcana limited for free Dr. Pandy said see what I'm all about you can learn a huge amount and everything I buy from not hate and refunded this is a great way to establish the relationships of this some of the ways of thinking about driving people you have to have a call to action your profile what you want people to do when they visit your profile you wanted to send you a message you want them to add connection do you want them to click on a link or go to a special page or watch a webinar whatever action you want them to do make it very clear the benefit of having a link that you want people to go to is that if someone is not a connection appears of their second or 3rd° connection they can't actually message Lincoln doesn't allow you message just a contact for the charger that we are changing the rules sometimes you have to pay to be allowed to send five messages months subject to Lincoln Pro which I don't recommend you only Lincoln pro unless you're a recruiter that's really built for Miller always turn up tell everyone so someone visits her profile they're not able to messaging the other looming venues within the LinkedIn have that call to action tells them what to do and that will get them action can get them into your final I know that if someone buys one of my books we begin a real relationship most people who reserve no matter than messaging they eventually end up connecting with me leaving comments on were leaving a review on Amazon fall gold from and a lot of them end up buying women more expensive courses were working in a coaching program coming with new ideas all of these things are very valuable to me so when you know what you want your prospects to do what he will know how to bring clients into your fold can you make it easy make it easy easy easy for people to follow you to go to the next step I built my linked in profile you're going for any of these programs the last time I worked on it I did some graphic since then Lincoln is recite stuff I have a new girl who manages my social media because I'm not big social media personnel have a lot of time to invest in social media anymore she helps with organizing and picturing the share buttons in the right places and things are connected and helps organize some contests that are running all these different little pieces these moving parts I don't have as much time to work on not it big fan of social media Outlook talking about social media where… Talk email I like to work on my books does my passions finding someone to fill the gap is and with her to design a whole LinkedIn final whole way to bring people as prospects and through LinkedIn and she's doing it for all the other networks as well because in this day and age most people find you via social networks already my main source of traffic examined on that I get some traffic from Google but I'm also getting a lot more more traffic from social media people find that my friends friends of friends and they knew how you found me putting these things in place making it easy for people to take the action you want all these are valuable and I do recommend putting good custom graphics where you cancel your page even if your true self make a business profile looks really professional set up a profile for fractional business in all these pieces will make things better will make you look more professional help you build that authority I hope you will visit your profile even if it's for the first time they met Mila take immediate action why make it hard for you always want to make it easy as possible for people to take action and this is how you can find clients customers prospects in the PowerPoint thank you for listening to this week's episode serve no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to escape that rat race head over to serve no now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five star review of this podcast see you tomorrow thank you for listening serve no master podcast make sure to subscribe so that together cheap true freedom

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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