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SNM006: How to Make Friends and Network with People

I was fired and thought I would never have to interact with anyone ever again.  I didn't want to feel that vulnerability.  It's impossible to achieve true success without interacting with people. Relationships and the foundation for all of my success online.  Trust is a key component when building an online business.

Start by being a great friend.

Many people are terrible friends.  Could you tell me the qualities of a great friend right now?  Do you embody them?  Friendship requires loyalty, trustworthiness, and empathy.

When you learn to be a great friend you and get promotions and find mentors to help you succeed.

Favors are a muscle.

Do not get trapped into the wrong mindset.  You can't run out of favors.  People who track favors always end up alone.  When they feel they can't repay a favor, they terminate the relationship.  They destroy their hope for a better future out of a sense of guilt.

Some people try to take advantage, but in the end, they fall by the wayside.

Do not attach emotions to favors.  Put favors into the universe, and they always come back to you.  Sometimes it takes years for a favor to turn into something amazing.  These are the favors that most people lose because they have no patience.

What is a compliment?

Most people give obligations rather than compliments.  A true compliment, like a true favor or a true gift, is given with no strings attached.  Stop expecting a return.  Put positive energy into the world just to do it.  When you stop expecting a return, amazing things start to happen.

Favors can take a long time to grow

It's ok if you plant a favor and nothing happens for five or ten years.  Don't worry about it.  A favor like this turned Jim into a millionaire and it can do the same for you.

Networking is about forming relationships where people want to work with you

When you work for yourself, you no longer have to work with people you don't like.  Develop the favor skill and become memorable.  This is how you can connect with people more successful than you.

Video reviews are a powerful way to give value and be memorable.  Amazon always ranks video reviews above everything else, so you can get attention even when a book has 10,000 reviews.

Be the exception, give first, and get attention.  Buy drinks for men.  Give without expectation.

This is the secret to joining powerful circles.

Introduce people that can help each other

Introductions are the best way to build your business and become memorable.

Get a promotion

Connect with people outside of work and you can accelerate your business career.

Practice where they have nothing you need.

Key Points:

  1. Learn friendship first
  2. Favors without expectation are the foundation of my business
  3. You can connect with very successful people

Resources Mentioned:

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GirlGetsRing (my book on dating for women)

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Send in your questions to podcast [at] servenomaster [dot] com

Places to Practice:

Rotary Club

Chamber of Commerce


SocialPilot: Schedule your social media in advance.



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