the 80/20 rule

SNM015: The Curse of the 80/20 Rule

With every decision, we are caught between the balance of profit and desire. When working on your blog, are you focused on something that will help you make more money or something that you just want to work on? Even in my own courses, I focused on the quality of the content rather than aesthetics first. Resist going down rabbit holes and working on things that don’t affect your income. People love to complain and let you know about small things that really don’t matter.

build a tribe

SNM014: Build a Tribe

What could you accomplish with an army of dedicated raving fans? A tribe of just 1000 can support you and provide an amazing life for you. If each one of them simply sent a dollar your way every week, you would make $48,000 a year. That’s very doable when you build that connection.

too much information

SNM013: How to find a mentor to make money online

Thousands of ways to make money online and every sales message was written by a professional. Most of them actually work as well. It’s easy to hope from amazing idea to amazing idea – promise to promise. Trying to do two things at once always fails. You become good at two things instead of excellent at one.

Writing my new book was fast, but editing it took WAY longer than I projected. It’s very difficult to predict how much effort a project will take until you start.

You cannot follow two gurus – trying to serve two masters.

learn copywriting to get rich

SNM011: Learn Copywriting to Make Money

Copywriting is a valuable and marketable skill. You can always find work if you know how to write copy and you can learn everything without spending a penny. Find classic ads and copy them by hand into a notebook…

These days you are just trying to get someone to click a button, but during the Golden Age of copy customers had to cut out an ad, fill in a form, write a check and mail the whole thing to an address they’d never hear of; that’s really hard!

Once you have the basics of copy language down, you can move on to the next phase.

Time is not Money

SNM008: Escape the Cubicle Mindset

Our beliefs control our behavior. The way you see the world will affect every thought you have throughout the day. And those thoughts will go on to control every decision, big and small.

We are raised from birth to accept the cubicle mindset. The only purpose of standardized education is to train you to sit at your desk quitly all day long and obey the teacher at the front of the room. Thie educational format punishes creativity, free-thinking and finishing early. Nobody gets to leave school early if they finish on time.