SNM139: Flying on Planes with Babies

I’ve been traveling more in the past two months than I did in the past two years.  As a parent with two young children and a third on the way, I am acutely aware of how they behave in public. Having noticed more than a few bad parents lately, I realized it’s time to drop some Serve No Master parenting wisdom.

Other People Matter

Spend any time in Asia and you’ll discover that in certain cultures strangers just don’t matter.

In some Asian countries, people smoke in elevators and take phone calls in movie theaters…on speakerphone!

This translates into shocking and unbelievably dangerous behavior when there are children involved.

I live in a country where their birth rate is high because most people expect to lose a few children before they hit adulthood.

That is not how I view my kids!

What Goes Around Comes Around

It’s always amazing to see the people who treat everyone around them like garbage be shocked when things don’t go their way.

[easy-tweet tweet=”If you treat people bad, people will treat you bad.” user=”servenojonathan” hashtags=”servenomaster”]

Put negative energy into the universe and that is what you shall receive.

It’s a little weird teaching the Golden Rule, but it seems that there are a lot of people who have forgotten.

People who show kindness often get the best upgrades and the most perks in life.

Even if you are an absolute mercenary there is value in treating people the way you want to be treated.

Little Things Mean More than you Think

This episode is about far more than just babies.

When you are in public, you never know who is watching.

The way you treat the waitress or that bathroom attendant could turn your life upside down.

Treat them right and amazing opportunities could come your way.

Treat them wrong and that new boss might be watching…

It’s the way we act when nobody is watching that demonstrates the content of our character.

Are you the same person in public and in private?

Show Notes:


Key Points:

  1. Don’t be the bad parent
  2. Don’t be the bad stranger
  3. You get back what you put into the universe

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Babies on a plane had a deal with them in the right thing to do on today's episode please observe is brought to you by SCM rush started in 2008 with one mission to make online competition fair and transparent with equal opportunities for all to find out how I see him rusting up you compete with the big boys go to\SEM rush today are you tired of dealing with your boss you feel underpaid and underappreciated if you want to make it online prior you to start living in retirement dreams now then you have come to the right place welcome to serve no master podcast where you learn how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented life from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now your votes I wrote in my notebook just after I landed in America that I wanted to talk about baby etiquette on airplanes because the person behind me on the 16 hour flight from China to America had a baby and the way they acted was savage acted like animals just yesterday I was flying back from the big city to my island my wife and son and we had the baby and I discovered I will second like savages so travels a very big part of what I do have children big part of my life and so this is a trap… We need to talk about the proper etiquette on both sides of the situation let's talk about bad parents first the woman behind me on the plane I would describe as a horrible or possibly monster. She did a lot of fruit everything to do wrong in the middle the plane flight for 60 hours with everyone sleeping at a certain point her baby woke up and started screaming he said instead he said over and over again and her child continued to scream someone was dead for the next 12 hours to flight whatever was suddenly sleeping she welcome everyone now I watched a couple of interesting things happen I fortunately had my sweet studio version 2 headphones and I fired them up and they will block out most of the noise now this reminds me that maybe I need to get a pair of active noise canceling cells once make like a humming noise and block out the background if these don't do that these block about 90% of the noise out but what I watch this mother to blew my mind the first thing is that she didn't do anything were sitting in the middle row in the middle of a plane surrounded by hundreds of people that are now awoken by her child and she did not give the child a pacifier give the child a drink any of those things just like our letter screamed out turns out eight hours how long to scream eventually she attired eight hours later the second thing I noticed and I found this baffling was that the stewardesses took no action so the stores chose not get involved in military policy I don't know but they did walk over to hey how can we help for your child what would you happily fix this problem the stewardesses were treated to the front back 90 as far away from this noise as they could at one point after five or six hours one source to talk to the monitors I think his mom was note this is what you're supposed to do this savage animal let her child scream and disturb hundreds of people she decided that she didn't care about other people and maybe this is a Chinese cultural think I don't know I want to jump to the conclusion that it's a the tarnation is terrible parents but at least this one lady she's doing nothing or child screaming into so many things you can do what should she have done in the situation first thing you have to understand why children come from planes and has to do with air pressure in their ears if you have an infant or baby to give them a pacifier bottle when you're sucking on it will cost her ears you can also try to force your child beyond if you forgot to bring the Quitman and want to charge three years older and given piece of gum or you give them some acetaminophen or something for pain killing about 30 minutes before the flight you find this information if you Google why do babies cry on planes I'm not a baby wizard I googled it myself before I flew my son make sure we are ready for those type situations the second thing is to have courtesy and respect for other people what this lady should've done was take your child into one of the bathroom so we some of the noise was muffled that was my first I said why do you make will suffer take the child to where at least some of the sound is muffled if you don't have a pacifier if you don't have any with muscle noise in situ in your seat take your child to where it can't annoy everyone I see it in the notables where a girl was howling May was a girl second to shape so this little girl was howling and howling dreaming he said that instead wants to hear that so not only is it a baby crying it's saying something haunting now I sound like I'm in the middle of a horror movie no thanks I don't appreciate that I did appreciate it so please if you're traveling with the child and the spirit does this your etiquette in the way we behave is actually critical to the other thing you should do in this exact minute when my son flew back with me yesterday when an hour long flight that a 16 hour flight to leisure management I kept him awake extra long using the taxi try to falsely public know you don't buddy dreadful souvenir for us to know you don't but you're staying awake because the second we got on the plane he was out like a light he doesn't remember any of the flight he slept from the second we set down the second we got off what I noticed at the airport with some other etiquette problems they make that announcement and I normally don't do this to make the announcement have you got small children come first if I with my daughter we start find my daughter when she was two years old I never did that part I don't need to add to she's manageable enough that she can walk herself again on the clinic and what else so I don't cut the line would have to we were there with the one-year-old who it is still write a harness in the front of my wife and/or someone else there with the infant probably six month old or young all these savages shop to the front line and try to get on the plane anyways now here where I live in this country didn't enforce it now in America at the airport you try that you need a real kick in the teeth so we had to I'm gonna say L4 way on the plate now to get on the plane will relive first you go through this little tick of the year to get your app in the put in a bus summing it on the bus anyway new to the plane that ever walked to the letter Stark's claim so it's not Windows ones we walk right on the jetway on the plane so all of these savages disgusting animals were pushing and trying to push my wife and son of the waste to get on the bus first I'm getting on the plane and finally as my wife pushed when the front line I do push I finally had security I should stop these crappy people and security had to block someone so my wife with infrastructure just walked out without this person shoving her novelty right now okay very few things set me off in this situation I think it fully set off but if someone had accidentally elbowed my son it would be a whole different world okay call me old-fashioned but I'm against baby function I did like the way that you this other person as well as of presenting the younger child of mine more fragile than mine might take it because that is more than-year-old we take a baby thick six weeks or three months old can't really hit them two small in all these people were shopping the way on board and was everyone none of them had kids none of them were old and the ball were shopping there with a one hour flight when you doing why is like animals so we get there we get off the bus and then what I can only describe big fat old German lady try to shut away on the plane in front of my wife my wife is walking there of course if you work for the airliner help her walk to the front she's got a baby strapped to the front of her we have all of her bags I only go with her to help her the elevator opened up the stairs and not try to rush my way up she got my son chapter so I walk up my hand on her back to help her because I know my sons have it now I would care my son have a right with me but you should know he does not prefer that he would been crying and howling about caring so I had to I'm going to say come very close to pushing this fat German lady is awake and she harrumphed like eight or nine times and it's like you don't need it on the plane first this is your big fat and me doesn't mean you should get on they announced children only they didn't make any other announcements they didn't say VIP patrons or any of that crap they just sit parents of children only so this lady already violated the social contract want to try to violet a second time and it turns out this person is consistently garbage person because guess what it the end of the flight we my wife we said let's wait forever to get off I don't interact Danny's people because the opposite no respect weather will push you down the stairs or something they have to get off the plane so fast and this lady forgot her back and she would beckon there still people think she shoved her way past everyone to get back to her back so rather than wait for the people show any sense of public decorum beliefs or behaviors consistent she was consistently garbage first when you're on a plane and I can't believe I have to teach this but this happened so many times and they announce the babies just weightman to show a little but a touch of class now when my son is two years old I will stop doing this stuff. Need to go with that group of people once he can walk for himself and what his little Academy to fight my unemployed but I observed this and I observed something else actually when we are at the mall shopping resume of Dixie of my life we took my son to the mall we never get to go shopping to buy them a couple things it was an opportunity in my way home for my big trip to America for us to meet in an urban environment my wife had it been shopping in two years in person we do our shopping online there certainly no real stores in Ireland and the neighboring island this is an opportunity for us to take care of some chores that we just can't do or we live in the mall they have two elevators this is web-based mother been in the two elevators and if you have a child you read one of those carts pushcart in this case is a taxi not letting on escalator will open on the escalator two haptic elevators and so every time you go to the elevator over the short full again what I can only describe as garbage people it's right next to the escalator it's little to extra steps there's no reason to take the elevator unless you have child or wheelchair have no choice and I watched people Ron and shop the way in front of people in wheelchairs and people in strollers because they have to take the elevator and there literally on the elevator right next to watching us clearly to be on the same time this letter is just as little effort it's just as lazy I love the escalator in fact people are so busy shoving the way and when I finally was able to get my wife and son onto the elevator we often have to take Elder when the wrong way just to get on it we got on at one point in all of these people look a bunch of exercise weightlifter people got on and blocked it to the poor my son the shop to get back in the elevator we can even seem to make sure he is okay he reached out pinched one of the Legos for a problem for that honestly if I could've had a ham and eggs are hitting people I would've been okay with it because these people don't realize that some things are just for people to meet them guess what I will park in handicapped spaces that the same thing refiling of the social contract and unfortunately on these elders mothers actually guy there workshop was about to put down doesn't force anything ridiculous part of things that people think when I'm in an Asian country I can act like garbage unfortunately that all these incidents the Mason County because of where I live because it limits while we very rarely leave where I live we very rarely get to encounter people that I have no respect for other people so this is something I'd forgotten about the way people treat each other if you listen to yesterday's episode this ties in together this is it just me on a rant I have a good life is because I put as much goodness of the universe as I can when I'm near an old person on the plane and any help lifting something I try to help not all the time not perfect but I try to default today try to be that type of person would try to someone has a baby I make room for them if people are try to shut on a plane as well has a baby I made sure that other lady with the baby was also able to go to play hug and shoved over but people that for some reason think if you get on the plane first Lee first nothing this they're all wrong wrong Lawrence because I know how the plane works you want to play Lindsay if you wait for the luggage to come out to all the who would shut the when the plane were waiting for luggage we had a friend at the airport and grabbed our luggage first we left for what else even got the plane last people were not only being rude they were being stupid is a race of the wrong part of the race they were the first purple to wait for their luggage that's not winning we were the first people to leave because we got our bags for stats winning being a little bit smarter is how you get ahead of the game no why we friends this person of the airport because guess what we treat people who work at the airport with kindness and we over to everyone because were fortunate to have a really good living my family's fortune enough to have enough money to build a treat people right and I try to pass that down into the local economy so I always over to I probably tipped them five times exposed we can afford it and I'd rather give it to people that deserve it so turns out when you treat people right you get a much better experience and this is why when I need to let me lick me my celeb my hero for blue-collar backers talk about the previous episode I treat him right I treat him the way you want to treat he treated me back the same way was really great when you treat people with kindness respect when you act like a normal person instead of a savage when you resist your temptation to be's selfish when you don't shove babies out of your way more good things come in your life as I watch I very much observed way people live in all the people who shove the way on the airplane to make sure they could be me my wife and my infant son onto the plane and their race to the top there only to be a mileage for a week or two there all the really short vacation people they could have a little taste of paradise but guess what any year also feature certain everyday two years same thing I get the real adventure I live here and I'm to be here for a long time and part of the reason my life is so awesome is that I treat other people well so as much this is a lesson reminding you to have a little bit of courtesy whether you have the baby or don't if your baby is crying please do something about it it's very uncool to have your baby cry in a movie or an elevator or in a airplane this is important to trip you have a baby and give a little bit of space get on the plane first we have to do a lot more logistics we had to wait until the entire plane loaded for me to get into the overhead compartment grab a snack for my son his people were shopping so much dumb things he does things it shouldn't be a problem it takes five seconds extra for me to get his bag upstairs to grab a snack for him and then to get my check how to get a meeting situated but people don't have the courtesy to let you do that does are fighting for position and we are fighting for those things you're putting out negative energy into the universe and just like when you do good things good things come to you when you act like an animal bad things come back your way so the reward for all of these people who acted like savages on this airplane is that they get have a taste of paradise and find out they're not allowed to stay and if you go back to their British-born lives and jobs that the Odyssey don't love and the probably never get a chance of the silent again when you do good things to get to stay forever in Paradise Island think about the way you treat people in the big things in the small things think about the way you should act when you're surrounded my babies thank you for listening to this week's episode serve no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to restate that reference head over to serve no now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five star review of this podcast see you tomorrow thank you for listening to serve no master podcast head over to Servo\podcasts right now to find out how you can win a free copy my brand-new book

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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