SNM138: How to Meet Your Heroes

At my last convention in Bangkok, I hesitated when I saw someone I recognized.  This time in San Deigo, I knew I had to live up to my reputation.  I recognized the star of one of my favorite investment shows and was so nervous I was twitching…

Judge a Book by Its Cover

I only have one shirt.  I own more than thirty of this shirt in various colors.

The shirt is six bucks at the mall I visit once a year; every time I'm up there I grab all the new colors.

Sometimes I'm lucky and the shirt is on sale for four bucks; that's a great day!

Just before my trip to California, I grabbed eight new colors including a bright red.

Normally I wouldn't wear any bright colors, but when you live on a tropical island you don't need to dress in black all the time to look cool.

At this event, all the staff were wearing red shirts covered with writing and the name of the event.

Multiple people asked me for directions simply because my shirt was red, including a guy who got mad at me for wearing red and not working there.

He basically called me rude for wearing a red shirt and tricking him.

After that interaction, I went to my room and put on one of my other colors.

When you wear a color matching the staff, people won't notice the differences.

Even though every other shirt was covered in red writing, people assumed I was part of the staff.  They were locked into the similarity of my shirt and not the differences.

We've all seen the kid who doesn't quite have the right uniform, so he puts on the only red shirt he has.

Their assumption wasn't that crazy, but it was annoying for me after the 5th person.

Blowing Chances

I threw an awesome party, set up some huge business deals and spent a lot of time partying in the Presidential Suite of the hotel.

These strangers walked up to me and without knowing it, they had access to one of the most well-connected people there.

But they were so caught up in their preconceptions that they asked me for directions instead of asking about my business.

This is exactly what happened when people saw Ron.

The guy looks like a farmer and that's the world he comes from.

As someone who wears the same outfit every day, I can appreciate someone else who does the same thing.

The guy doesn't dress like a “business owner” or an “Internet marketer.”

When the clothing doesn't match the preconception, people can really screw up their chances.

I saw someone making fun of him for looking different.

These people were employees, not bosses like me.

When I walked over and explained that they were talking about the most successful guy in the building, they shut their mouths.

The Stealthy Advantage

My wife is way too good looking for me.

When I joined eHarmony a few years ago, they only gave me matches that were at least ten years older than me.

Objectively, I'm not a good looking guy.  I'm boring and I don't stick out in a crowd.

When most people here that they think I'm demonstrating low self-esteem, but they are missing the boat.

I have moved to the phase beyond that.

My boringness is my greatest advantage.

It was my greatest weapon when I was single and it gives me a killer edge when I'm networking.

Only people who know me, know to approach me.

I don't have to spend time dealing with people who think I might be somebody important but aren't sure.

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The Great Opportunity

Every time I told someone that I recognized Ron from a TV show they wanted to meet him and talk to him.

My fandom became infectious.

I don't know why people don't watch his show because it's awesome

Watching him barrel through the bar in a demolition project is one of the best things I've seen on television in a long time.

Because no one else recognized him, I was able to walk up and have no competition.

I forged a great relationship and we've already chatted a few times in the past weeks.

He's one of the most amazing people I've met in ages and I'm so stoked to share the story with you on today's episode.

Show Notes:

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Key Points:

  1. Don't be afraid to talk to your heroes
  2. Break through the fan barrier
  3. Give value rather than taking

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