SNM031: If You Could Go Back In Time

When I started on my Master’s course, a fellow student told me to change paths and get an MBA. I just shook my head and ignored his advice.  Looking back, I wonder how much bigger my empire would be if I had taken his advice.

Teach Your Younger Self

What lessons would you go back in time and share with a younger version of yourself.  The lessons that I would teach myself 5 years ago are the lessons that I want to share with you today.  Those are the lessons that you had to learn the hard way.

Help your audience avoid the pain and struggle.  Give them the knowledge without the struggle.

Back to the Future

My father wishes that I’d gone to a different university. Looking back, perhaps I would have had more fun and more dating success, but then I think about that picture in Back to the Future.  I see a picture of my family and i can see them each fading away from that photograph when I go back in time to change things.

I don’t actually want to go back in time and I have no regrets about my life.  Every piece of pain and struggle brought me to the place I am today with my amazing life.

Lessons I Would Teach Myself:

  1. Growth can disappear
  2. Controlling what you spend is more important than controlling what you make
  3. Build a business, not a product
  4. Treat your customers with affection

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Go back in time what would you teach your younger self on today's episode today's episode is brought to you by Thrive themes blissfully fast WordPress templates blog and bill to get more traffic more subscribers more clients and more customers to you to find out Friday and can turn your blog or website into a moneymaking work of art go to servo\drive theme are you tired of dealing with your boss you you and underappreciated want to make it online I started getting a retirement dreams now I well no master open new revenue streams and make money one reason why tropical selflessly by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now as your home when I was 28 I began my Masters program in teaching the first day of classes one of the students was talking to me another teacher most of the people in my program were high school teachers from around the world who came this program got their masters and went back to teaching at the high school level that was something that didn't interest me in my class of 30 people a year later I was the only one teaching at the university level everyone else gone back to teaching high school while I was teaching graduate and postgraduate courses and high-level universities the beginning of the course one of my friends turned to me and said if you want to build a business if you want to make money you're on the wrong course I'm not sure why you're on this course you don't belong here you should go to the office right now and asked in the switcher to the MBA course that's where you belong I laughed it off and didn't think anything of it year and a half later I had my Masters my dissertation was published and left at industry behind forever I'll never go back to teaching in the school ever again I'll never go back to teaching at a university ever again the thought of teaching the classroom were someone else is in control of me impossible to my nightmare now I would never go back to that during that time and should thereafter I began to privately tutor through one of the universities I eventually began teaching at someone was on MBA course the sky was running a multibillion dollar company's home country in Eastern Europe his company was one of the largest companies in the world it was owned by him and his siblings informed something and build something huge in a very small country asked him why you getting MBA when you're already running a massively successful business and he turned me and said I don't know just seem like it might be a good idea why take a course to learn what you're already doing very interesting that he was taking MBA course he didn't need and I was taking what I should be taking perhaps if I go back in time I would take his spot and an MBA course we could alter the limit of history he told me that he couldn't imagine me continue as a teacher for much longer he could see within your hunger and desire for so much more and a desire to run a company before and successfully grow grow grow again I laughed them off and said no this is what I love doing I love what I'm doing I don't want to change nearly 10 years later looking back it's amazing how two different people had foresight and wisdom and offered me really deep insight into where I should take my life and I reacted way too slowly I miss a couple of opportunities now when I think about going back in time when I think about how I would change my past I have to think about where I am right now and do I want to change my present there are lessons for my past I wish I could go back and teach myself to give myself a better chance at success and these are the things that if I go back in time I would teach myself if you go back one year five years 10 years 20 years would you go back and teachers of those opportunities you missed those moments those lessons you learned the hard way those are the most important lessons to share with your audience whatever you're writing about whatever your teaching about whatever your lessons are going to be about that's what you want to share with your audience whatever experiences you could we should go back and give yourself that's really the gold the things I share with you now are some of the most important things I wish I taught myself back then your perfect audiences the younger version of you that's who really needs to hear your important message I've thought about going getting an MBA several times over the last few years I don't really know how to run a business I didn't learn in school I didn't learn all the structural things I'm very much self-taught and I wonder if having experience in relieving drug business development program out be in a different position to be much more financially successful I know how to create products to people to buy I know how to build great revenue streams I wonder sometimes if there's infrastructure pieces they don't really know about that I would know if I got this course is a sometimes I look I wanted to improve my resume want to improve the quality of my teaching my writings I've looked at a couple of programs postgraduate programs last year the thought about going in getting an advanced degree or doctorate in psychology to improve the sellthrough of my books if I could say Dr. Jonathan Greene more people would buy my material it's interesting because I've never thought about being a doctor and thinking I would learn new things that would change the quality but a teacher change the material simply change the response rate later on I began to think about getting an MBA and how that would open up some doors in between I thought about getting MFA which is a master of fine arts I thought about the path to becoming an author of always want to be a successful author and I did so much research I read every blog post every article all the stories about how to succeed as an author and the all start with you have taken MFA the proof you have to get a master find out you have to get this postgraduate degree in writing to prove your good enough people to listen to you then you write and you hope that having them if they will give your chance to get your articles are your short stories in magazines or really hoping a little more credential would give you the opportunity to move forward with writing even with an MFA nothing is guaranteed to spend tens of thousands of dollars in year two of your life getting this degree with a class taught by someone you never succeeded as a writer in the hopes that you put into the cycle where you deal with an agent and hope agent picks you up and hopefully you get enough attention from a publishing house or small publisher or something when you look at the writers you like or any of the writers you know you probably haven't read a book written by someone with an MFA in your entire life all of this advice of this entire path that I got interested in looking back now I'm so glad and go down the path as you know not a big believer in traditional education but I do sometimes look at these things I like practical education I could see the value in MBAs of the teaches you how to run a business in a very practical way I know that a lot of what they teach on many MBA courses isn't that but something that was practical top infrastructure I would think is very valuable and for a while I was in negotiations to start becoming a short-term Seo consultant so really what I want to be doing but it was something I dabbles about two years ago the negotiations with the companies I did a little bit of experimentation it would involve a lot of traveling to wherever the company was based staying there for six months to two years rebuilding the entire company cutting cost raising profits reselling the company with my partners and then moving on to the next company something I looked into and having them be again would help me with that process would help people to respect me a lot of it's about perception a lot of value in MBAs telling of you haven't these experiences these thoughts that I have looking back I don't really think they would change things that much I'm glad I never got MFM glad I never did other things I don't know for MBA would've made anything different very happy with my life could my life be better it's possible there are some important lessons in life that we can learn from our mistakes and will most important lessons is to accept our past for the past year to my father's been talking about how he regrets I went to college I probably made the wrong decision about really sure if I made the best this is where I went to college I chose the school where I got the best offer as far as a scholarship as far as financial help that's really what drove my decision and what is what I could've gone to women a large state school not in my home state that was filled with a lot more beautiful women and cool people who would've been a much more perhaps a better socially conducive environment would take me down a different direction and he was going around to talk to my mom know we should've talk to go to a different school when I look at my life two amazing kids I live on the paradise on the beach I went to a different college my kids to be gone they would disappear they would've existed it would back to the future fate of them away I might have more fun in college I have a friend who's very similar to me the college I didn't go to Google it for the same scholarship and he got it I didn't I look at his life and I don't want to trade my life is a lot better he's actually back teaching at mile high school so the circle is completed itself I don't want to be teaching a male high school I don't go back in that circle I'm sure he's very happy with his life and he took his right-I took my right path but I want to trade living paradise on the beach to teach you mild high school no thanks I'm not switching back there are a few important lessons that I've learned build my business over the last six years that are really important and I want to share with you because they are going to help you change and grow your business in the right way and the first lesson that I learned is that growth disappears you will run into projects that are very very successful sometimes successful very quickly and you get convinced the your genius this happens to most people in all my markings happen to me in this happened lots of people around me and mentioned a few previous episodes I know a guy who's doing $1000 a day with his very first ID on Facebook 21 years old very very young tried ID on Facebook and was immune to make an thousand dollars a day the only thing he'd ever try the other projects ever work on and Facebook shut down his page and close the loophole that was running his business they change their entire structure businesses gone I for a long time ran a specific type of SCO business and what I wanted to travel I had to shut down the business the gross disappeared Amazon change some of their algorithms and I would've had to spend a lot more time than I wanted to really rebuilding the business I would had been personally working on technology personally working on a lot of SCO changes and really working hard investing a lot more of my time and really really working to rebuild a business rather than draw that I shut everything down and now course you know you're through my local consulting millionaire course if you go through and listen to the previous episode where I talk about telling SCO business being a local consultant up if you can make money you know I no longer am an SEL expert I know how to hire the right person and do arbitrage at the time I didn't know what to do so I ran into a wall I didn't know the right person a higher to take over that business fortunately what happened had already shifted into product creation energy shifted another market so the business that shut down was a very small part of what I was working on because it moved into a new area when you have that first success don't assume that it's permanent there is an element of luck and there is a moment of changeability to this market and sometimes we think we built a business really build our first product our first idea and we have a transition to new business yet if you watch those investment TV shows that you know I love to watch all the time someone shows their product invention the creation talks a little about their sales and the people they want investment from tell them if a product out of business yet growth will calm and go projects will go up and down be prepared for that don't assume if you make $10,000 this month you automatically make $10,000 next without any work that assumption is what kills so many people that burn so bright very quickly happens actors athletes musicians most professional athletes they make it through high school they make it through college amazing scholarships like Division I football and in the draft in an NFL they think they're gonna be there for 20 or 30 years the average NFL careers only three years nobody thinks there can be one of those guys gets cut after only 12 or three years so they spend they spend with the assumption that the growth will continue forever the second lesson that if I could go back to myself six years ago I would teach myself that I would teach right now is to love your list I didn't always have a great appreciation the great love and a great response to my list I didn't always reply to every email the people sent me I was too busy living the high life visor to make money way too fast and I didn't cultivate relationships and have the drive mindset that have right now I've matured in my approach to business my approach to my customers and trudged my list and the lessons I've learned as I've matured it the importance of a long-term relationship the importance of giving value the importance of responding to every email people get their subordinates up really setting up a strong support structure so people contact your support whether you have an email address for support or you have helpdesk set up you really work to daycare people as fast as you can it's very important people on your list when you become large yellow large following of a list of 510 20,000 people are even more you can send a single email make hundreds or thousands of dollars and the amazing and magical it feels so unreal that sometimes you stop taking the people on that list seriously and you're tempted to mail offers that you don't really believe in it's a dangerous temptation I don't want to fall down the path to break that trust break that relationship it may be impossible to ever ever repair your reputation your relationship or connection with that list with those people treating her with love and respect from the beginning I teach that because I learned how important it is the hard way the third lesson that I would go back in time and teach myself is to control your spent making money is not very hard for me I am a very very good rainmaker what I need to make more money to find a way to do it part of it is that I'll do whatever it takes to take care my family taken myself make my bills have a great natural instinct for Singh financial opportunity part of it is I have a great deal of experience in this industry network myself for a long time I've been to unsuccessful projects and successful once and I can see the difference when I encounter them I've had years where I made huge amounts of money but the net shrank because I didn't control my spent it's not about your gross everyone I talked to even now when you asked them how big was a project how much money the project make management there was talk about the gross sometimes a talk about a number and they made 15% of the numbers are telling me get so excited about the biggest number we can name the digs that we can attach ourselves to this when I made before taxes what good is that to how much money did you actually get to keep that's the real number controlling what you spend controlling your business outs is the key to big success as you grow you to run in the moments we are tempted to hi Ron I take it step by the most expensive software go further best of the best I've dabbled I've been down that path I've paid to $300 a month for website hosting and you have all of these things the top of the light everything that starts costing more and more you develop this overhead you'll pay attention and suddenly are paying $10,000 a month your staff and you're working harder just to maintain them and when think slow down when they don't perform it hurts your business because they are not doing their jobs well enough you have to terminate them and the relationship your left there with less money than before you look back wondering I pay this person 10 $20,000 and nothing for hiring people to fast growing too fast not paying attention to controlling your money controlling your spend is far more important in controlling your income growing income is really easy once you start to understand the things I share with you once you actually implement the lessons I've given you if you start writing blog post and work really hard if you're serious about it you could to make it $100 an hour within the next six weeks if you work full time 40 hours week you get yourself up to $4000 a week in your temptation the point is to begin hiring other people or outsource yourself or diversifying a little bit too fast always be sure that anything you invest your money in is worth more or gives back more than your spending that's very very important control your spend when you raise your overhead when you raise the cost of running your business we buy more expensive mailings offer more expensive shopping carts offer more expensive technology things have a monthly fee all of those bills start to weigh on you because now the first thousand dollars you make every month is yours anymore than the first 2000 and the first 5000 controller spend from the beginning learn that lesson and you'll find it a lot easier to grow final lesson that I would go back and teach myself that I want to teach you today is to build a business focus on building or real business infrastructure the things I'm building now the way approach Amazon the way I approach the products I create is very different than what I was grading 567 years ago for a while I created products that were very powerful but I can only sell them for three or six months they were in very changing markets and I would have to constantly come up with a new product every two months I would have to create a new training course to stay at a the curve it's fun and exciting to be in cutting-edge sectors to be in things that are very wild and very exciting you have to fight really really hard to stay ahead of the curve if you slip or get distracted or run out of time or fall one step behind with some of you are doing technology with younger people are doing it's very hard to stand top of your game when you build a business when you build a real infrastructure when you have products that are evergreen when you focus on longevity you create something very different some people approach Amazon my favorite place to sell products without seriousness they put out really cheap books to try to create a book for $25 list on Amazon and sells many copies as they can before the bad reviews, and people rises a terrible book that's the business model to keep putting out bad books as fast as you can there's no longevity that eventually Amazon figures out who you are what you're doing and they ban your account Amazon when they ban you your.they can find you if you jump to another account if you try to open a business account and try to open a new account in your wife or your husband's name the often catch you the track your IP the track your location to track your address Ville notice if similar books start popping up under a new account name that happens at the same home address what happens to be the same computer member Amazon plants cookies Amazon tracks or IP all of those things the modern technology allows websites to do means you get caught you can burn out your entire relationship by not treating like a business I work so hard to make my books is good I can I just yesterday got an email from someone pointing out five or six typos the fountain server master I immediately went fixed both versions of the book the paperback book has been down for 24 hours while they change the printer I immediately change both versions of the book the Kindle version of merely updated but it took me a few hours to do both of these things I want the best version possible anytime someone emails me about a typo I merely want to fix it and change I will must've to constantly better better better it's one typo go back and I want to fix it that's the mindset of a business building the business infrastructure thinking about where your business to be 125 10 years this is why I'm not a big teacher of building your business in other people's platforms you can do very well make a large business the cool Facebook fan page but you don't own your business it's not a business because someone else has ability to shut you down Facebook decides they don't like what you're teaching built like a politics they like one of the pictures someone posted on your wall they can just delete your account nothing you can do you don't ask on your business this happens to people in the not ready for it and as with building a business the one thing that I would add into that is controlling your traffic three or four years ago all of my friends got in Facebook advertising buying a traffic from Facebook I never had an interest in that out I could go back I would change what I was doing and really master pay traffic these days I do a lot of pay traffic on some other platforms when you control your traffic and your paying for traffic and you build an infrastructure where you can buy a customer for a dollar and sell them enough products make two dollars you sent $10 and they make $2000 they make $200 million a day make 2 million that's a really really powerful business that's the one other less now go back and teach myself to really focus on developing growing pay traffic even now several my businesses pay traffic is a very big part of it I didn't learn back then but I am learning now to have added to my business and it's made a huge difference to my infrastructure taking more and more control of my own destiny this is some of the lessons that I would teach myself if I can go back in time I had to learn the hard way but now you don't think you are listening to this week's episode no master you want to never miss another episode be back next Tuesday with tips and tactics on how to escape that rep no now chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller no master all you have to do is a five-star review respond to Tuesday thank you for listening to serve no master

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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