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SNM031: If You Could Go Back In Time

When I started on my Master's course, a fellow student told me to change paths and get an MBA. I just shook my head and ignored his advice.  Looking back, I wonder how much bigger my empire would be if I had taken his advice.

Teach Your Younger Self

What lessons would you go back in time and share with a younger version of yourself.  The lessons that I would teach myself 5 years ago are the lessons that I want to share with you today.  Those are the lessons that you had to learn the hard way.

Help your audience avoid the pain and struggle.  Give them the knowledge without the struggle.

Back to the Future

My father wishes that I'd gone to a different university. Looking back, perhaps I would have had more fun and more dating success, but then I think about that picture in Back to the Future.  I see a picture of my family and I can see them each fading away from that photograph when I go back in time to change things.

I don't actually want to go back in time and I have no regrets about my life.  Every piece of pain and struggle brought me to the place I am today with my amazing life.

Lessons I Would Teach Myself:

  1. Growth can disappear
  2. Controlling what you spend is more important than controlling what you make
  3. Build a business, not a product
  4. Treat your customers with affection

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