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One of the worst things I've ever seen was a man drown right in front of me.  Hundreds of people watched this young man fade away…all because his parents never taught him to swim.

It's Inexcusable

I realize that not everyone has a swimming pool in their back yard.

People living in urban environments only ever see water on television.

But every year there is a major flood in a new city.

I was there for the massive flood in Nashville.

All these people who thought that swimming was a just a fun hobby suddenly realized that it's a survival skill.

We have shifted to a society where parents take less and less responsibility for our children.

We expect schools to handle education and we no longer pay attention to the curriculum.

We don't teach our kids about fitness or surviving in the world anymore.

It's harder and harder to stay ahead, so we have to put in longer hours at work.

When you put in a fourteen hour day, it's hard to have the energy to go over your child's homework, let alone teach them to swim.

It's a Problem of Perception

If you see swimming as a fun hobby, then it's a luxury item.

If you see swimming as a survival skill, then it's a necessity.

My university had a giant lake in the middle that people swam in all the time.

Like other schools, they should have enacted a swimming requirement BEFORE anyone drowned.

But hindsight is 20/20.

As we go through the modern education system, we get indoctrinated into many beliefs.

One of the worst ones is that old things are no longer dangerous.

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If someone pointed a musket at you right now, would you be scared?

We don't think that people get scurvy anymore or die of thirst.

There is a prevalent belief in the West that we have crossed the barrier and become a post-scarcity society.

We may be on the path, but we aren't close.

It's a Hard Lesson

As a parent, I know it's brutal that I blame a child's parents for him drowning.

Watching something horrific happen is the very reason that my daughter is an amazing swimmer and that my son started swimming at six weeks old.

We live in the tropics and the pool level near us goes up and down depending on the rain.

Sometimes she can barely reach the edge of the pool.

One of the first things we focused on in the pool was escape.

My daughter still can't dive, but she knows how to shimmy along the pool til she gets to the filter.

She can shove her foot into that filter hole and then leverage her way out.

There are many skills that are far more valuable than what they teach in school, and this is just the beginning…

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Key Points:

  1. Swimming is a survival skill, not a hobby
  2. Take responsibility for your destiny and your children
  3. Pass on emergency skills – you never know when you might need them

Resources Mentioned:

ISR Self-Rescue – This is the AMAZING swimming course for infants that I wish was available where I live.

Breaking Orbit

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Serve no master essential skills lesson swimming today's episode is brought to you by social pilot the social media marketing tool for bloggers and small businesses join over 20,000 social media [email protected]\social pilot today are you tired of dealing with your boss you feel underpaid and underappreciated if you want to make it online prior your thoughts and start living in retirement dreams now then you've come to the right place welcome to serve no master podcast where you learn how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented life from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now your votes today's lessons can be a little bit different again the background noise might be different day because of the relevant hotel and still traveling back to get a traveling for lease another two weeks up to this complicated journey and today's lesson is so important to me and I actually can't believe how to talk at the center as a episode all by itself my son started to learn swimmingly was six weeks old I actually would take her in earlier but my wife would let me start before that she loves the pool so much that he studies winners always stone I get summer but swimming to music when it was a warning to the teacher children and people who don't teach their children to swim actually bothers me and here's why why went to college at University of Richmond take college why not sure it's different I would allow it to school the boys loved ones unlike the girls lived on the other and there's a lake in the middle of why want to split what terrible mistake to follow I had had sort of problems going on talking latex I never went to all guys high school that I went to college we lived across the lake from each other phone Sandy ever you know to be really long time to learn how to socialize because of wells indoctrinated by school education the first week in school you know you do all the stuff where you get to know the school especially how we currently do all the freshman indoctrination stuff I feel the call in a call to Dr. Schmidt what is in it and on the last day the boys all walk across to the girl side campus for the school chapel was any sign this paper promising and I can achieve is is one thing that stops you from cheating if things they will do in advance add the tradition was that after we would sign the thing we walked back towards a guy's a campus all the guys would jump in the lake now I am a pretty strong swimmer I don't look like it I look like a terrible surrogate that all time and I was stronger than that I am right now right now I don't swim very much? Most time piling during others on the water like raw swimming and not as good as I use traceroute or Ross would like for an hour straight another said there is a shipwrecked practitioner I just met I love the other stuff I do I love serving a balance of potato just get in the water and just went for an hour anymore the time is a pretty strong swimmer essay one of the world moves items from summer and we jump off this bridge and abridgment muscle for the heights so I jump off it and probably about one of the three guys jumped not everyone jumps by any stretch the imagination one third jumped 2/3 don't and I jumped in and I hit the water and the water was really cold it was like swimming in a mountain lake which I've done before I did a lot of swimming in water that's just above 36° okay I never saw more like 3233 no thanks and out of the polymer club I've deftly summoned by the 36 and up 4° definitely I've swim in the ocean in Wales in winter man it's called I would go to the beach well since women known also be there it was too cold for would also like a from what he is talking about I serve are able to October what I would also stemming from like June to August that's it so I can some good cold water swimmer not great I jumped in the water my first thought was a Walt this is way colder thought is me was cold enough that shocked me at my first I was menu having consumer to be in that they deftly you definite to be a server in my year one of the there's a guy who had a birthmark on his face while the Wii was was a big full a player it's very distinctive vice and we was a jump to the water and last words he ever spoke were to one of my friends and he said I could it's a mistake my life somehow he got caught up in the moments not knowing how to swim he jumped in the water next when my friends probably with you it was guys away like 110 120 you have a 220 pound for player Katsumi grabs my friend they both go to the bottom of the lake and my friend nearly dies to okay and we come up in all the girls are watching where the girls notices the guys come back up because of questions answered I certainly no girls would've noticed dividing a backup at the time will tell you that so one of the of course is always the student who was the star lifeguard goes in and they finally got a pull out too late pull them out the door the whole CPR thing like 10 feet away from me and I think the band the jump in the lake after that limited for hundred years and it's like a lot my life which does Windows moment to change my life that was when I decided to learn to be an MTA work on payments for year let Emile stories because I never wanted to feel helpless again I don't want to be a situation where someone was hurt I did not help so the sky had dried and I didn't ask you know what to do I taken a CPR class and as a Cub Scout I didn't remember it that's where the reasons I'm working even now on my parenting emergency product was a big product all about how to do all the different emergencies meant so much work does are some things you think about his parents and swimming for me is actually critical as I look at this guy who if you looked at me and him you think super athlete take I don't look anything like an athlete people always underestimate me as an athlete people always think that I'm joke is that the most massive think of way worse than I am okay I'm not a great natural athlete but I'm not horrible actions almost every day I love to be out there but yeah will be fat she looked at the two of us and you thought who's gonna die from drowning deftly think will be me and I watch this I die front of me was horrible things are seen and a part of me blames his parents for teaching him to swim and was a part is a most make it's and expand my opinion it's inexcusable not teach your kids how to swim because there's water everywhere you know I understand it would be rough in the city grew up in an inner-city environment where there's a lot of pools around another's public was everywhere if you have to go to the YMCA wives will teach anyone to some for free thereto into it I know that you can go to Harvard if you don't also make take some tests because the etiquette drop like six or seven years ago the school is that's not happening again you can come if you can't learn the skill and for that reason swimming is to me an essential skill is apparent I started teaching my daughter swim when she was around two years old okay if you think I got your tickets to and she hated it like you wouldn't believe and I was one time teacher I would I would wait to teach when I used to live in a large building like a large complex and so wait till everyone was done for the day so I would teach around sunset when the pool is empty I when they were out there and she's howling and the sky outside the only guys outside outside unlike his porch but on the fourth floor from players I've had IN a wise outside okay start shouting at me she doesn't like it when you think you're doing your monster and all I can think about was I tried to curse on my podcast about to I want to this guy try to get between me and teach my daughter in the schedule life skill my daughter is probably the best women are for you to have the best one for a general island and she's an amazing swimmer one of the things that I do everyone's will all grab her and throw to the middle of the pool and if she's not expecting it sometime she doesn't like it at all but then she swims to the middle here's why she's fallen into a pool a few times okay I would rather her learn the skill from surprise as well so like it's a swimmer they don't if they get sort up by surprise they forget that having her before she's actually over the surprise phase as well my daughter's for now she's a really strong swimmer I don't worry about it all I don't let us run by yourself never let us know myself but I know that you put an emergency very important people who don't to see if you would go to swimming is essential skill don't treated the same way and that's why people drown but I will not let that happen when my kids because it's so important to me actually have other such skills in a talk on some future absence because I realized parenting is big part my life so my son he loves you my son cancer was and is one now there are classes you can take unfortunately they are very protective of their information is I wanted to teach my son this things like survival swimming they teach kids as young as like a couple months old they get thrown in the pool how to swim to the edge upon their backs unfortunately my kids donated to the rescue survival swimming because you can't find information line: a person because they little irregular but they throw like a three-month baby in the middle pulled the baby swims to the edge and I saw this thing online I cellulite my friend because Kennedy was a cool singer saw Ellis you like your monster how could you teach your kid to do the happy three can mill the pool and cement tickets phone pools all the time it's much better C will happen when you're there and you can rescue right and you can actually take care of it so it depends how you see swimming determines how you actually see what those videos if you see swimming is fun then you think what you doing at 20 Kinnaman up what he a monster when you think about the danger of a kid falling in the pool deck been in whether snares rouse little kid I thought up almost died my dad had a dive in and saving a crib and my mom hope it was my data for tell the story run such a jerk but I found a pool by sister's onstream where parents jumped in and say my life I did not assume a young age so I see swimming in a different way I see assuming it's a survival skill I love Summit entertainment but the course go first because I've been around too much drowning stuff I never saved I actually a few years after that incident in college I saved one's life from drowning present for shows two kids I likely pictures those kids on Facebook because I like well I did something right was almost 2 things I did in my life before I got married somehow male kids my reaction to swimming and changing it from entertainment to an essential skill is the reason that lady and her children are still around okay so for me serving as a jokester is I love swimming but assume about the core skill so it's very important teacher children at skillets for porn if you don't have some to learn because we always end up in situations where something happened you went up when a cruiser in the near lake or river and is always something right in you never know it's can happen what is a flood you never know it's can have what it comes up enough that it's worth learning important as your attorney showed was exhibit discovery is always new tools affords I missed the boat on a couple of them there's this thing you could do with the kid where you get like him circle like a doughnut of air like a floating right we think of the fully get one that's the size of just the kids neck and then the kids fighting the water can swim we'll get with us my son deciding how to discover the technology choice to beg we got some quips really cool things at all post links to the stuff we use as well we have this thing called for the name theirs again if you look him up there's a couple things collects flashers and paddlers for kids unfortunately different they expect you to teach your kid to swim when there like three or four almost listening tools are too big commitment my daughter doesn't need this at all the some training she is she gets her own no problem she can swim probably for our last without getting too tired to get some back and forth back and forth back and forth she also can climb out of the pool when the water is too low where we live eventually hot the water gets low it rains a lot higher the pool so sometimes it's like 2 inches of water until your dead support sometimes it's like a foot or foot and half one of things that I made her learn how to do was when she is tired to climb up our stuff I taught her to go swim to where there is the drain on the side of the pool and stick her foot in that whole and then climb out so because what happens if she falls and she sums the edge and she still too tired to usually get out of the pool that survives good and once on each other what are you doing I remember she was to scream and I should love swimming she's a really good swimmer because of the way I see soon winter was really hard teacher slim surreal struggles waited too long in my opinion that's why we buy some started six because of two years ago I learned my lesson from out the gate when you see swimming this way for your children for yourself you start to think about the other steps a logical teacher can swim and I get out of the pool what good is that especially so she sent me and the other thing is using to trick you eligible and in the climb along the sides telling it to the stairs as well but what happens are too tired to go to climb all around the pool so what have multiple ways of getting out very important to me try to touch my son he is ours was chump any canceling for getting next for his age Nellies one because the Patterson's flashers are too big and their great we actually got one and it's amazing but it's to make firm and we look at trying to resize it and wouldn't quite work it's basically like to arm floaters on the sides and then there's a chest the front your chest has a band of floating us as well like life judgment of lifejackets and if the flight was there but he doesn't know to keep his face out of the water properly disease that the danger he doesn't realize you can't relent water when trying to teach in damages to some who is Eli's baby doing and David so we need and what I should pick up this week in America is a thing called a Fred swim trainer data use when you have interviews look amazing on Amazon saw about the link but it's in between these different levels it's for his age figure she started six months with her something so electric it out and problems of the next all as well I would do better teaching the kids to so II actually feel like my century much better sermon than is it's my fault I don't think I I tried and how to teach rescue Sumit's is nobody is a training online in China limiting so I did read a bunch of books to one and all his other stuff but I just wanted to be an amazing swimmer as fast as possible these always try to crawl in the pool that is pretty party last week you try to call a pool like five or six times he wants me the water all the time he love swimming so much I love Excel of Summit to so this essential skill this really cool tools out there to help you lose a couple things long way you can take lessons at the Y I really recommend something don't you think about it notes a little bit off topic but really serve the master for me and I had a big talk some of this editing is all your two messages too wide for me it's about helping people to have amazing lives and a big part of that is passing on your amazing life to children a big part of that is being prepared for certain types of emergencies I'm not into survivals and not thinking this can be a zombie apocalypse but I do know that things happen because I've been around in my life several drowning incidents the first time I couldn't do anything the second time I could I don't want you to have to go through that I did nothing worsening that happened you can so it doesn't matter what race you are does matter where you live it doesn't matter all those things where I live I live in Island huge numbers of people as a whole island nation most of the country can't swim he will go to the beach and they don't they never go more than 10 feet into the water I confess that for ages I first my wife she did notice from either IT terms from as well she still says that she's not a swimmer she's actually pretty it's a wrap have you surfing all the time and not be free of summer right but when you see it as it entertainment or as a fun as opposed to a survival skill you approach it differently so please think about the importance or swimming if you like me if you have your children teach them how to swim if you don't assume yourself please learn it's such a critical skill think about having the second billion pools in America as lakes and rivers everywhere there's flooding all the time I've been in multiple sides of an ally natural disasters of action and every natural disaster except for asteroid attack and volcano I've been in cyclone hurricane typhoon massive earthquake assessable that's really not just a 6.7 of also been an eight I've been with us and I have been in the Civil War that's not just as I have them in and out when either but all the things on the list for this act of God a tornado yes massive lightning strikes yes here are all the one on the list that I went to the list when time to been near all near or in all of so you can't predict what's can happen in the world around you and I want toxic that when the others are natural – music the whole world to flood out if that's can happen I've been in multiple flux you never know when stuff is can happen and this is one of those critical skills so please I know ironically Esther's lesson was too long so this lesson can be shorter because it's a real simple message take the time to research swimming technology depending on your age many kids age it's a really useful skill worth living and let's see there is a zombie apocalypse you're being chased you get to River if you consume across you live if you can't die so just in case there's a zombie apocalypse as well will be ready for that scenario so you have there's two good reasons to learn support essential skill and in case her zombie apocalypse he could save your life if there's one thing I know that zombies cancel have to walk along the bottom of the on the bottom of the river and that's much lower than some cross think about the things in your life think about these kind of skills that are more than just fun we don't think about all the time there's a couple of essential skills and we talking about in the future I have a little list of what they are working on with things to talk by dogging those ideas now in the future and the future lesson we talked about first day and talk about forming an LLC understand that for protecting them financially for tugboats showing map skills in gardening music on the primary skills I think of the essential skills hello to Lyle on the survivals and skills through armor a bit too much but the ability to do these different things is really important selling I don't actually do so. Seller I can't so dress like a definite yet kinda normal so that close both can regret it but if you have to do that's what bites my board is actually for injury selling I think it's important skill but these little skills that kids are learning more I actually and I cannot use a sewing machine I tried Leonard to get a trailer and is adult as well so that part assuming a can't demo the bid and selling but sometimes you just gotta fix something you and your work in your pants break down so I would go down and bring that lesson advanced organ covers some essential skills in future lessons that I think are important for survival anything important for being ready for different scenarios being that handle certain things are very important and being able to swing having the children able to swim protects you from disaster when I was living in London every couple weeks you care about someone getting drunk going in the water same Florida people get drunk and swim and dive never and that a drunk summer I will drink it so accurately people do do one or the other fine but you want your children to be strong you want to be a strong swimmer because you never know it's coming away and there's tons of videos and lessons and tools you can use matter your age to better kids that you can teach your kids assume as early as a couple weeks old do it really don't want you to go through what I went through and I don't want he goes with this guy's parents at the his parents Mrs. almost 20 years ago now 18 years ago I know exactly double the age I was when I watch this happen his parents probably never recovered I would never recover I only I could recover some happen and it was my fault because I didn't prepare them for stereo how can you not teacher can discriminate send them to school to jet lake in the middle I don't know I don't want that to happen you don't that happen in the sky more serious lesson this to we are a couple of other some essential skills will talk on the future right business and little bit take care stuff this is the most critical one because it's the one that I saw happen and I'll never forget it on their feet I felt that moment on every it I felt the moment for five years later when I saved a woman's life because I had taken a new approach to storming and I got my NT force and stuff so think about those things and please if there's one thing you do picture kids to swim thank you for listening to this week's episode serve no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to escape that rat rings it over to serve no now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five star review of this podcast see you tomorrow thank you for listening this episode serve no master podcast follow [email protected]\serve no master

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