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SNM194: The Value and Reward of Extreme Giving

Starting out an online business can not be what you imagined it would be. I remember when I started I offered my affiliates low commissions because I thought that’s only fair since I have done most of the job. I didn’t know at that time that getting customers is much harder than building a product.

So of course for a while, nobody wanted to promote my products because I didn’t know any better because I was just starting out.

Later, I discovered that I want to switch my mindset to abundance. I want to be an extreme giver; I want to give too much to people, and that is how I became so successful.

If you create products that hold actual value like real books, podcasts, seminars, apps, anything that people find helpful, and if you offer them for free they will know that if the free stuff is so good, imagine how good the things that they paid for will be? So they trust you, and they become your customers.

Another important thing is to know your audience. You need to know what you are selling to whom. There can be people who are always seeking freebies, they take something from you and then instantly unsubscribe from your mailing list. That’s fine, as long as the other people who really want to buy something find your product useful and valuable.

When you put value into the universe, you always get a massive return on your investment. So the more stuff you give away, the more people get to know you. You make a path for more people to see and engage with your products and courses and of course, that all comes down to making more revenue.

A great place to meet more people are summits. A summit is a place where you have live or prerecorded interviews with a whole bunch of people on a related set of topics, and you run a live event, and everyone promotes the event and the person organizing the event gets a massive following spike.

I put a lot of effort, time, blood, and sweat into my free gifts because I want you to feel like you’ve got something worth your time. I want you to like me more after you read, listen to, or watch a free gift from me than before. And that is how you can use extreme giving to build a massive list.

Show Notes:

 Extreme Giving

Key Points:

  • What are the methods of extreme giving
  • How to use extreme giving to build a valuable mailing list
  • How to win the giving game at events

Resources Mentioned:

 Extreme Giving

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