SNM004: Turn Writing into Dollars

Writing is my passion and the foundation of my business.  I love expressing myself through the written word and I can easily generate 5,000 words every single morning.

The Internet is a ravenous monster that demands new content.  Does anyone want to read news articles from yesterday, last week, or last month?  More content is how websites get more traffic and make more money.  Because so many people want to consume content, we can become providers and keep the audience and Google happy.

You don't need special software or training to make a living writing blog posts.  You can make $35 a blog post right out the gate!  Two blog posts an hour and you make $70 a day!

Writing middlemen find the clients, but they also take a big cut.  The advantage of starting here is that you get paid while you build your portfolio.  I recommend just writing 10-20 articles for one of these companies to get started.  You don't need to write any more than that.  They will assign you very different topics.  You want variety in your portfolio.

My copywriting friend never got the job because he didn't have a portfolio put together.  This is how you can MISS a big opportunity.  Build out your portfolio before opportunity strikes.

Just being a native English speaker gives you an advantage in this market and increases your price.  When a client puts an article you wrote on the Huffington Post, you can increase your prices again.  Make sure to grab as many testimonials as you can.  Give discounts as you build up your portfolio of testimonials.

Lack of portfolio is a really common excuse.  When I talk about people creating their own obstacles, this is exactly what I mean.  You should trim your portfolio at least twice a year; remove articles you wrote in the past.  You should always be improving as a writer, so those old articles no longer represent your talent.  It's better to have nothing than a bad review.  Never give potential clients links to projects you worked on that received bad reviews.

Reviews are huge for me.  This is why people who leave amazing and detailed reviews of my products get offered other courses for free.  Most people who promise to leave a review, never take that action.  This is a small action you can take to improve your relationship with anyone.

Building out a portfolio and a collection of reviews puts you in a REAL position.  Now you can start getting high-ticket jobs.  You can climb up from $40 articles to $1000+ books.

Key Points:

  1. Don't Get Overwhelmed
  2. It's possible to break free financially
  3. Remove the garbage from your portfolio

Resources Mentioned:

How to Set Up Your First Website (blog post)

Turn Talking to Writing (blog post)

Serve No Master on Amazon

Grammarly (my secret spellcheck/grammar check tool)

Send in your questions to podcast [at] servenomaster [dot] com

Writing Middlemen:



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Warrior Forum Writers for Hire





WritingJobs: Am amazing resource to connect you with high-paying, fresh writing jobs every single day.  A very powerful way to get an edge over other writers who spend all day scrambling through want ads on dozens of forums.

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One of the main ways that I drive income and my business is by writing writing happens my passion something I love to do and it's one my favorite ways to express myself just this morning I wrote 5000 words in the book the project I'm doing with my clients and I I'm involved in a myriad of different writing projects I read books for myself I put books on Amazon just like on my book several master which is on Amazon now that's one type of project I do I also write books and put out books under pen names iBooks in Romance category books about parenting iBooks a personal moment have a lot of my own stuff that I run through Amazon account sell books that were they also books that I run through publishers in direct response marketing and then I ghostwrite for different types of projects am very involved in all the different ways you can make money from writing and I want to show you how you can develop the same skill and make money the same way the Internet is driven by the need for content any website you like think about any of the blogs you go to websites read news website they need new content every day nobody wants to read yesterday's news the news website that I go to they have new stories every couple hours so that means I come back every couple of hours we have a website that is new blog post once a week will be going visit once a week resident blog post every day the customers will visit once a day to have several throughout the day with a people keep coming back she can turn one visit a week into seven visits week or 21 or 30 visits we you could really increase your traffic numbers which massively increases your profitability so as much as websites are driven by the desire to bring in new visitors also want their existing visitors come back more and more the way Google ranks websites new this is very important new content is very important when a website is static with there's no new information no new blog post no new data nothing is changing when it starts to decay in its ranking can often drop so start to see less and less new traffic as well so for these two main reasons the fact that you need lots of new content to get new traffic and the need lots of new content in the traffic that's what he will website always hiring more and more writers and write blog posts in fact the going rate right now for writing a blog post is pretty good you pay 30 $35 write a single blog post and when you learn some of the writing methods that I'm to share with you throughout this course I talked with my books on my website as well when you can write very quickly you can write one those blog post in 30 minutes you don't need any specialized training you don't need to be supersmart you don't actually have to spell very well because these days word or any wordprocessing software AutoCorrect most original mistakes and will really help you that so we have some software technology to really help make up for those types of things and as you get into writing you get better once it becomes your craft once you realize you can make $70 an hour writing blog posts the start to take this very seriously so let's say your goal you've established your goal right now you will make an extra thousand dollars a month for every three blog post you write you hundred dollars that means you need to write 30 blog posts a month one a day you write one blog post a day for someone else and you hate your financial goal that's how we can quickly hit our first goals I relation the power of ghost writing up there are certain services you can go through we can't have a middleman and in the notes for this episode are provided with tons of links below for their services where they're kind of in the middle and they give you jobs and you get paid per article the challenge with working with one of those is that you lose partier commissions instead of getting something around four cents work at around two cents or because your paycheck and how soon after that same blog post make it 15 or $17 so you do have to do more work that way you can take advantage of that type of work to build up your portfolio so so if you have no idea how to get client to never an article for those before you can start off working for the services and there's a couple of on the context right and I write every all the names are kind of changing this couple in my first years what you do is start working for I'm just getting steady working once you retire 20 articles you sent copies of articles they when you approach your client directly or so and post an ad looking for someone to write from you to hears examples were written before so that way as of this writing portfolio for no reason you've actually been paid to create a fully it's very important to start off with a portfolio otherwise you'll never get were going to hire you have a great writer's use of the grid I've never anything right sometimes people I talk to people about jobs I was recent talk to someone actually about a copywriting job as it had also was looking for a full-time copywriter and they're willing to pay the kind of money that you're looking for I asked this friend of mine went to a semi-boring was how much money will make per month and he told me his number is this my goal as a sign I talked to my other friend is a hater looking for full-time copywriter this is a salary of some so what I was looking for and then I I said I need to see your best work what your portfolio and unfortunately's before was really assembled it hasn't put together properly towards just a zip file of like for five different cell sizes written with numbers and stop so I'm still gonna try in connection with a job with the possibility of current workouts kind of gone down a little bit and that's what happens when you don't have a fully tights I really recommend give examples that you can show people because of some existing hate ICW writing I see what he wants you or see something I've written about healthy was he sending a written about dating for men dating for women something I've written about all prepping Everett about right. There's a lot of stuff like right wing and the world preparation of written emails blog posts and some sales and Joe's not industry so whatever industries was from that so they won a seat right it's soliciting hey I need someone to write a couple of blog posts along this and stating how great here's an example me writing review of the new iPad it doesn't make any sense just as eager right on one thing to grandma something else so the great thing about taking these low-paying jobs to start off is that you get the most random of projects will give you wide spectrum of industries and topics to write about and will start to expand and will start to write a written about as you build up a little portfolio then you could start posting ads on different websites is a couple of forums and different websites would you just post ads for content writers and you can start off again with a lower price point okay so maybe working for service you get to sense words you offers a hailed discount and all right for three sons were the Army through someone else's for some sort I get a discount just the fact that your native English speaker means that you'll get offered a higher number whenever I get an article that was written by some as second language thing was I going to tell just because I taught English for very long time accounting was a four linkage around the world I can kind of fields when making mistakes for idioms are some of the sentences have a little weird structure and I noticed those mistakes and those affected the value of the article so just by being a native English speaker the amount you could charge goes up enough to graduate high school you can add that high school graduate you have a graduate degree have any experience all those things you can add to your portfolio add to your job offers and he was a all this pursuit of these expenses is what the price is little higher written article that appeared in your time to the Huffington Post wrote a best-selling book within your price goes up that's why my prices are so high so you start out at the bottom of the hill but doesn't it you that long to climb up you post these as an offer review copies offer discount copies and you start to get testimonials now when you print articles for someone for review copies or discount copies to start to build up your reputation you can say hey I'll give you just can review copy have to leave an honest review and so what you're doing is giving them a discount in exchange for something that's worth more to see you every single review on Amazon books is worth gold okay a single five-star review from some sexy red when my books is worth more than 50 sales to it so much more valuable to me because it drives more sales it helps to build my business helps my reputation a single positive review can lead to 20 or 30 more sales easily easily and have tons and tons reviews the star to build on each other when I see a book on Amazon the last two or three reviews I almost never even look at it I go out both of his parents and his best friend the right necessity or three people you start to get these first level of direct clients ready with a high directly for discount other people that will grab you for review copies and discount copies not really the kind to a long-term because they can't really afford the full price that's whether snapping up anytime so as to review copies but that's okay then what you do during this time you set up your profile and some of those direct websites okay websites up work was at the fiber couple other ones were people hire writers directly when someone hires you off of one of these forms of places we do discount offers you get them to pay using one of the sites and say I actually want you to pay me using upward as a payment processor which read about that is when they pay the money was in escrow signal they really pay the money. I should get the money delivered until perhaps with the articles so that's why use that service allotted protects both the client and the person delivering the content I've been hired through for a higher People's Republic all the time he sees you actually Lance now merged so now upward who knows maybe that will change again so just check the show notes in case they change the name of the website again what's great about using this escrow system is that you get reviews in a place we really high ticket offers I was just scanning through the other day and there were job offers writing short books for $5000 writing articles for hundred dollars actually really high paying high to golfers I have a friend who hired by major Corporation to write a series of articles through this website and $65,000 so you can get a serious job right you that one job and how to address the year off pretty good numbers right so there's a lot of amazing opportunities the hard part about breaking these types of websites is when you join and you have no portfolio you have no reviews no one wants to hire you and give you a chance like you want to post an ad to sell give me a chance I go and they have a portfolio of one or two articles that have the drawn one or two pictures no one ever can hire you you have to have a folio was 10 to 20 articles on different topics you have to have reviews okay this has written for someone else I know that he can do the job deliver on time so someone finds one of the website defined uniform type website they pay to upwardly leave your viewable places the same review that's great so now you have five 1015 reviews okay use your review copies does have copies if used as a system that they do take a cut chemical percentages they will take a cut your payments you can make a lot of money during this phase you have to write 15 or 20 articles you know and make just a little bit of money I can make nothing we probably make some of what you're making it the first place and maybe coming to some sort okay right right or 20 articles and you make three $400 it's not amazing money but the reviews of the value getting paid to build your portfolio you're getting paid now to have views when you have these reviews you can then start bidding on the higher ticket projects you no longer have to go out and kind of find your own independent clients what you can do is the way these websites work with website 05 or the other one upward work as people post jobs and say hey this is job and is a yeah I can do here is the price years along with was fiber people kind of desire directly does have an ad again notify will hire you units five dollars will get you for anything until you see a bunch of reviews know what's in the first person I can't play that risking this is not worth it is most people on the powder reviews have no use for reason so once you have built up a little better reputation by being strategic CIC people they join up work the post two articles things they wrote in high school or college that are not really relevant to our blog posts and articles are just like school papers and things like that and have new reviews and they can't respond all these things they can understand why no higher than those and give me chance images I can do it I can do it and the reason they can't get any jobs is because they haven't treated like a business when you approach the second business and you fall the series of steps are shared with you opportunities will begin to arise that you can then transition in the larger scale projects I don't write articles I'll tell you that right I don't write blog posts for other people and I don't take article jobs the way my mind works I don't really like that I much will I would much rather write 35,000 word book 800 word blog posts they can make the same kind of money I'm you know you make the same kind of money per word but for me I'm very good at writing long okay that increases your value is your native industry grand graduate-which went to college graduate high school projects to write like 10 little blog posts it does it doesn't work women mind works for other people writing blog post is much much easier he said they want to pay attention to what your mind works and find the type of projects that work for you if you want to write articles you a lot of articles before removing the books like I do you can easily move in the books your average book on Amazon right now was popular books tenure 8000 words are quite short it's 10 800 blog posts through sending you just write 10 articles: chapter 1 to 10's of article 1 to 10 put intro and outrun a beginning and a conclusion and you have a book so it's really not that different it just happens to my personal taste one thing you do want to avoid is doing one-off articles when I would never accept is a one article job once you've written your first 10 or 20 articles for different clients then you only wanted two articles in packs of 520 because really your doctor to get that excited doing a job for $20 and that you don't find another one big hurt for writing the big challenge is finding clients the more time you spend finding clients harder to see if you find one client and they thousand dollars with your Final Cut a month if it's $20 Yukon 50 clients a month makes a Monday so we see really low numbers we don't trust that we need to see numbers above a certain point so you want to move in the realm were taken hard to get jobs so long the way you want to build out your website now have extensive step-by-step equitation had a set of your first website how to cut and install WordPress all these different things with tons of screenshots on my website okay if you don't notice of his website do that you just what happened on the menu would be something like amazing writer, Jonathan the writer comedy like that so that lets people know what you doing you build a website has your portfolio on it so some your projects and you want to be so very carefully writes you proud of everything you work on one of things I discovered some people have terrible work in the portfolios if you've written something that's not good remove it from your portfolio put something better when I'm looking to hire writers for small projects like if I would hire someone for smoking a book them to put under when my ghostwriter names you know one of those 10,000 word books that I expect them to write in 1907 days or something like that though send me a link to a book they put on Amazon now I don't mind I don't mind hiring a writer that's good writing sucks marketing there's plenty people that are amazing writers and have no idea how to find an audience on Amazon that's fine and that's what really good I love to work with people like that using some of the websites of pressure to the show notes but sometimes the reviews are like all the words are misspelled this person doesn't speak English when I see reviews like that I just and was a why would you point me to that while you point me to something you've written that has terrible reviews and says your terrible writer so be very conscious of what you're doing the reputation your building I work really really hard on the things I write try make it the best quality I can the mounted quality control the wetsuit might serve the master book is the most I've ever done the first time a board with an outside editor and even after the editor went to the book I want to get a partially edited and that I sent the book out almost 200 early reviewers to do line by line scans for any mistakes I think every couple of days is getting email with all one word was out here or use the word go to me the word food all these tiny tiny things it is very hard to catch every little grammar stick when you write a book as her for a long even though I personally scanned the book multiple times a few things slip to the cracks so that dedication to excellence so poorly because my name is on it I want to be the best it can possibly be I would hate to have a review this is over the grammar stateroom is the words and all those things I would hate that see want to take pride in your work and the pride will come across the type of projects people brings you you don't have to be an amazing writer right now you might be thinking hey other stuff sounds fun but I hate working with a typewriter in that case there are apps on your phone that will record you talking and converted to text for free there's a dragon dictate for phone the does it is a couple of other ones it doesn't have to be that long you can actually become viewing really high paid article writer using this method set means in five minutes does the 750 words so you can actually bang out an article every 5 to 6 minutes now you then have to go back through and edit a little bit to make sure that each were not properly converted you could be very quick I tried using this method actually have the full scale Dragon dictator my computer I'm not great at a dictation writing personally because I write so fast I'm the only person ever met who writes as fast as they dictate okay most people I work with there much faster in a fight started using Dragon Dictate three or four years ago that's what I'll be doing venture was the dictation method promise that I got so fast at writing whereas writing my server master book at some point I was trying 5000 words in our now with dictation you can hit eight or 12,000 words are I can't there's this type of dictation where you just recorded audio file and you pay someone to read it in manually add in the. The spaces the punctuation it takes a long time and cost much money cost run a dollar minute to get that done and it takes a day to get the dictation transferred so it adds more time it takes much money and it doesn't really help me so I don't like that method and we do really long project and just recording you software within it doesn't put any punctuations you wanted some challenges for longer projects and you can simply learn how to do it but if you're slow or normals be writer for anything slower than me then you can dictate why you look at the screen what you're writing and we faster than typing so the software for your computer you pay for that is no free versions when your phone is tons of free apps into these I don't why the free versions for your computer but they don't Macintosh it does come with a free dictation app avenues that much the tried Dragon Dictate which cost a couple hundred bucks a month another heart recommendation on that out to start by doing your phone you can dictate a blog post today pretty easily you know five or 10 minutes talking your phone clean up a little bit and they got a blog post every signal day that's a user to generate some real money see don't have to be amazing typing to me an amazing writer I would hazard it was run James Patterson was prolific and was successful often the most far more successful and authorization of right now okay known as the same exhibit I put that so many books a year he writes his books by hand on yellow legal paper that's something that I find amazing to be so slow at he has this whole system is wholly writing books is whole process and what you about the process lock into it so find the process that works right for you on the system that works right for you and start taking action because your native English speaker just by your ability to speak the language were more with you can make money online right now writing articles for the people and if you're stuck in a manual labor type job or physical labor job you're making minimum wage you can make more money writing for three or four hours and you can't work hard physical job or 78 or nine hours so the real opportunity here and this is one of my favorite ways to make money like is it really lets you express your creativity and there's always work out there I always have more work in front that I can handle I can tell you right now that I have Sony projects I'm always behind because are so many opportunities produce is always more writing and is a great way to escape the necessity to go to office every day at work a job you don't love it's one of the quickest and easiest ways to start making money very quickly when you speak on average speak about hundred 50 words a minute

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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Stephanie Marrero - September 26, 2016

Wow, I wonder why it took me nearly a month to sign up with iwriter? You were right, Jonathan, it really does not matter how small that first check is. When I awoke today to find in my email that my article was accepted, and that I will be paid (paid!!!?!!) $2.03, it was a feeling like no other. I owe you a White Russian, sir.


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