SNM004: Turn Writing into Dollars

Writing is my passion and the foundation of my business.  I love expressing myself through the written word and I can easily generate 5,000 words every single morning.

The Internet is a ravenous monster that demands new content.  Does anyone want to read news articles from yesterday, last week, or last month?  More content is how websites get more traffic and make more money.  Because so many people want to consume content, we can become providers and keep the audience and Google happy.

You don't need special software or training to make a living writing blog posts.  You can make $35 a blog post right out the gate!  Two blog posts an hour and you make $70 a day!

Writing middlemen find the clients, but they also take a big cut.  The advantage of starting here is that you get paid while you build your portfolio.  I recommend just writing 10-20 articles for one of these companies to get started.  You don't need to write any more than that.  They will assign you very different topics.  You want variety in your portfolio.

My copywriting friend never got the job because he didn't have a portfolio put together.  This is how you can MISS a big opportunity.  Build out your portfolio before opportunity strikes.

Just being a native English speaker gives you an advantage in this market and increases your price.  When a client puts an article you wrote on the Huffington Post, you can increase your prices again.  Make sure to grab as many testimonials as you can.  Give discounts as you build up your portfolio of testimonials.

Lack of portfolio is a really common excuse.  When I talk about people creating their own obstacles, this is exactly what I mean.  You should trim your portfolio at least twice a year; remove articles you wrote in the past.  You should always be improving as a writer, so those old articles no longer represent your talent.  It's better to have nothing than a bad review.  Never give potential clients links to projects you worked on that received bad reviews.

Reviews are huge for me.  This is why people who leave amazing and detailed reviews of my products get offered other courses for free.  Most people who promise to leave a review, never take that action.  This is a small action you can take to improve your relationship with anyone.

Building out a portfolio and a collection of reviews puts you in a REAL position.  Now you can start getting high-ticket jobs.  You can climb up from $40 articles to $1000+ books.

Key Points:

  1. Don't Get Overwhelmed
  2. It's possible to break free financially
  3. Remove the garbage from your portfolio

Resources Mentioned:

How to Set Up Your First Website (blog post)

Turn Talking to Writing (blog post)

Serve No Master on Amazon

Grammarly (my secret spellcheck/grammar check tool)

Send in your questions to podcast [at] servenomaster [dot] com

Writing Middlemen:



Post Your Writing Ads:

Warrior Forum Writers for Hire




WritingJobs: Am amazing resource to connect you with high-paying, fresh writing jobs every single day.  A very powerful way to get an edge over other writers who spend all day scrambling through want ads on dozens of forums.


1 thought on “SNM004: Turn Writing into Dollars”

  1. Wow, I wonder why it took me nearly a month to sign up with iwriter? You were right, Jonathan, it really does not matter how small that first check is. When I awoke today to find in my email that my article was accepted, and that I will be paid (paid!!!?!!) $2.03, it was a feeling like no other. I owe you a White Russian, sir.

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