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SNM185: Why do you need to invest in Amazon ads to promote a book with Marc Reklau

In a world that is constantly changing and everything is going digital, the publishing book industry is taking a monumental step forward, reforming and joining the revolution. Kindle publishing is stronger than ever, almost anyone can write a book and use Amazon to sell it. But, because it looks like such a curious and confusing market, at first sight, Mark Reklau an expert in Amazon ads will share some tricks on how to use Amazon marketing services for authors who are just starting out.

To be your own boss or to go from jobless to bestseller means you are empowered, so to reach your goal you will need to create resources and learn the tools to make it happen for you. You need to change your life and be willing to do a simple set of exercises over time. You need to create healthy habits that will support your dream. And you need to know that when it comes to publishing dreams, you need to learn how to use amazon ads for promoting your books.

Amazon Marketing Services for Authors
amazon ads for authors

The rule is always the same. To make money you have to invest money. Amazon has a strict policy about their ads, you have to invest a certain amount apart from the percent they take from your sales. Is it worth it? It’s not just worth it, it’s everything. Amazon marketing services for authors will make sure that your book gets the proper boost and appear in the right place at the same time. It might be difficult at first to fight the competition, but the more you invest and the more content you put out, the faster your sales will go up and you will get all your initial investments back. The mindset is – if I pay Amazon $1 and I get $2 out, then I want to give Amazon as much money as I can.

Amazon Ads for Books

If you are struggling with your Amazon ads, one thing you can do is test the European market. Use an online platform like Upwork to find a translator and proofreader and you are now an international author. The Amazon ads cost less in Europe and the best part is, they do all the work for you. Keywords, campaigns, promotions, everything. Your job is to write the book and find a decent translator, but, if you don’t know how to sell the book, if you don’t make a profit out of it, all of your previous hard work will go down the drain.

So, as you can see, investing in Amazon ads is the smartest decision you will ever make if you want to be a successful businessman. You will see that soon enough, your revenue can be so high that you wouldn’t even notice how much money you pay Amazon to make your dreams come true. It will give you a chance to publish as many books as you like, and you know how things go, the more book you have, the more they sell. It might seem complicated at first, so don’t be afraid to stand up and take the first step towards your bright future.

Show Notes:

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Key Points:

  • Why do you need to invest in amazon ads in book promotion?
  • How to succeed with book bub deals
  • Steps in amazon book promotion with ads
  • Learn the importance of amazon ads to make your income steady

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