SNM003: Start with the End in Mind

Start with the end in mind, both in the big things and in the small things.

In the Big Things

Right now you need to lock in your break even number.  How much money do you need every month to stop your debt from growing?  If you are already in this position that's wonderful, but more than 50% of Americans increase their debt every single month.  Knowing this exact figure is the first end we want to target the end in mind.

The second number you need to establish today is how much income you need to quit your job.  You want to look at debt, savings account needs as well as benefits you lose when you leave your job behind.  When you quit your job you lose all the insurance, stock schemes, and retirement plans.  Planning in advance can keep you from the shock of finding out how much private health insurance costs the day after you quit.

The ultimate lifestyle.  Your third number is how much it will cost to make all of your dreams come true.  Do you need private jet money?  Maybe you just need helicopter money?  How much money do you need coming in to be retired right now?  Imagine that your house, cards, credit cards and all other loans are paid off.  What is your actual cost of living when you have no debt wearing you down?

Be ready to quit.

Establish a solid goal we can target and build a map toward.  This goal determines the right type of business strategy for you to implement.  You can be making a thousand bucks extra each month within six weeks, but to get to ten grand a month we need a different plant.  Without knowing the end up front, we can start on the wrong path.

In your dream life, are you traveling around the world or staying in one location?  Do you need location independence?  Decide now, before you build a business that traps you in the wrong location.

In the Small Things

What is the purpose of this video, website, book or email?  Ask yourself this question as you work on each and every project.

Each project needs a purpose.  If you don't know the purpose then the work is wasted.  People get overwhelmed by too much choice.  Too many options often leads people to choose nothing and then they disappear.  Always know why you are working on a project. This is how you ensure that you aren't wasting time.  Without knowing the goal, it is easy to lose focus and become inefficient.

Some people create excuses for inaction.  When you run into an obstacle, do you see an excuse to give up or an opportunity to overcome?

As you are working on projects here are some questions to ask yourself:is your goal to have a pretty website or is your goal to make money?

Is your goal to have a pretty website or is your goal to make money? What is the goal of your business?

Charity businesses serve two goals.  It's hard to accomplish two goals at the same time.  It's much better to build a business and then build a charity.

Make sure the audience exists before you start a project.  There is nothing worse than investing time and effort only to find out that nobody cares.

Look for the need first.

Key Points:

  1. Set and Write Down Your Three Financial Goals Now
  2. Know the Desired Result of Anything You Build
  3. Only Wonk on A Single Project Until it is Completed

Resources Mentioned:

Give and Take by Adam Grant

Serve No Master on Amazon (Large section on networking that Jim taught me)

Serve No Master book page

Pants Off Outlining (Best book for outlining fiction)

SEO Agency in 24 Hours

Non-Fiction Writing Course

Send in your website to podcast [at] servenomaster [dot] com to have my analyze it for you

Movies and Books Mentioned:

The Avengers – 1990s movie

The Avengers TV Show

Superman v Batman

The Phantom Menace

Black Rust

Leadpages: The perfect landing page and lead capture tool.  I have been using this software since the first day it was released many years ago and I still use it today. 😉


4 thoughts on “SNM003: Start with the End in Mind”

  1. I just read your book, “Serve No Master”. This has been the greatest Fire your boss book I have ever read. I think you over delivered in giving examples and practical information in how it can be done. I will join your podcast and have already signed up for boot camp. I am also an educator. I am a fan and would like to become a Menten if you have a spot available. I truly enjoyed this book/wake-up call. Thank you very much! This has left an endelible print in my psyche. I will write a review on my review blog, Good Reads, Amazon, and Netgalley. You are also funny.

  2. Asked for and received your book, Serve No Master for Christmas and I’m looking forward to getting into it. With all of the so called online business experts out there, I have decided to place my trust in you and Pat Flynn as my sources for learning the ins and outs of creating a successful business.

    Love the podcast and I want to thank you for all you do. Looking forward to a successful 2017!

  3. I just read ServenoMaster and thoroughly enjoyed it. I like your no-nonsense style, combined with humor and your real-life examples that show what I want can be had.

    I’ve had a few false starts, good ideas and not so good ones and have been the victim of my own lack of focus/blurry vision, but I think I may have found a compass. Thanks Johnathan!

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