SNM133: Should You Trust the Media?

When I was a child every week there was a new “special episode” to warn me about a new danger.  My favorite television shows wanted to warn me about everything from touchy adults to accidentally locking myself in a refrigerator.  I was warned to avoid steroids long before I hit puberty.

But what about the “regular” episodes….did they ever have a built-in message?

The Fondness of Youth

Right now the eighties are back in a big way.

We get to look back on the cartoons and television shows of our youth with fond memories.

If you take a closer look at some of those shows, you'll notice that even in democracies we have propaganda.

You would be hard pressed to find a cartoon from my youth that didn't have bad guys that seemed a bit…Russian.

The good guys on G.I. Joe had names like Snake Eyes and Rock ‘n Roll, the ultimate manifestation of democracy in musical form.

The villains were led by Cobra Commander and included characters such as the Baroness and Major Bludd.

Their elite troops were called the Crimson Guard.

Does all that red remind you of anyone's flag?

We Still Do It

There is plenty of empirical evidence and scientific studies about propaganda and political messages being slipped into TV shows.

But that's just the beginning.

There is the argument that life imitates art, but we know that we follow what we see on television.

When a show tells us that something is normal, it starts to alter the perception of society as a whole.

These shows have the ability to shift our culture.

But do they always do it for good?

The Blind Leading the Blind

I was in a meeting recently with two ladies from the corporate world.

I started telling a story about one of my favorite shows (hint: it's an investing show of course!)…

They both almost recoiled and asked why I would watch boring stuff like that.

I don't ingest reality television or things that I don't want to emulate.

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I watch the shows the are in alignment with where I want my future to go.

Are the shows you watch in alignment with the life you want to lead?

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Key Points:

  1. AWhen we watch old shows as adults the hidden messages become obvious
  2. Art affects life
  3. Watch shows on purpose

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Should you trust the media find out on today's episode this is absurd brought to you by SEM rush started in 2008 with one mission to make online competition fair and transparent with equal opportunities for all to find out how Russ can help you compete with the big boys go to serve no master account\SEM rush today are you tired of dealing with your boss you feel underpaid and underappreciated if you want to make it online. Start living your retirement dreams now then you come to the right place welcome to serve no master podcast on how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented live from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now your post lately politics in America got a little bit intense as you know I never like to talk about politics directly but what I do want to talk about is something to come up with the others and love to talk and was accusing of what a fake news at once accusing of what hypocrisy but what I really want to focus on is more about where we get our messaging and what are we let indoor houses every time we accept a piece of entertainment there are things that come along with it and there are hidden messages and things below it and more and more as I watch my television to see the trends that I'm not so sure I want to live in my home for example it's very rare to see like a primetime sitcom where the dad isn't a bit of a bumbling idiot that seems to be like the standard that character right now if you remember The Simpsons when I first started I was all about bars about the sun being had a bit of a bad boy and then shifted into the dad being idiot it was funny I watch a lot it will just lie but more more that becomes when the central themes of a lot of TV shows you may notice I very rarely watch the Cubs and mostly watch finance shows and shows that investment in documentaries and part of it is because I don't want to bring that stuff into my home I don't want to bring in that messaging especially now that I'm a dad I'm more aware that I pay more attention thing is your good your kid it's kind of funny the idea of your dad being a bubbling anybody or data came in that's tough your mom was tough to it I don't know that's like as I just don't like me… But now seem more and more messaging in movies and television shows even more more political and actors are getting on TV and getting on Twitter ecstatic you make it with roads in all its political things and one thing that I don't like is massive amounts of hypocrisy and I don't trust people that are big hypocrites I don't talk a lot about immigration is a dumb topic and I'm immigrant in the country but every two months I have to go to the immigration office forms of pay extension for I'm constantly dealing with immigration in the country I live in but I see all of these people speaking more and more given political opinions and dualism and the question is should we trust and should we listen to people who work for the media are they saying things that are consist of others who we should trust and I find it fascinating because most actors and most writers most people in this profession are combination of low IQ and high income there are very very very few smart actors their very same for writers & directors of the huge amount of their businesses lock who you know the factors that come in place and so which interesting is what happens when you combine a group of people with low IQ and high money that's why all the weird religions are really big amongst actors and again I want to go too far down that path but I find it very interesting because acting as a profession is changed used to be considered the Lowe's profession the world actors used to be one step of a prostitute they often used to be prostitutes as well to make ends meet and the use be thought of as garbage so it's interesting to me that profession has done so go to this PR campaign to go from being the lowest profession to be affectionate many minimum people aspire to I find it fascinating and this is let me think about because there's all the political bands because movies have started to send messages that out like in my home that will talk to about it a little bit and the thing is when we let messages into our lives affects our behavior we used to say that art reflects life and a lot of media a lot of movies have been created that are designed to show slices of real life and assigned show a real aspects of life but more and more because we have so much money they shifted into trying to alter life and so they want to use media that to show what life is like but to force us to change how we think about life and it leads to indoctrination and that's something very different CTV becomes many people's primary form socialization the way children form our perspectives of life parenting relationships dating comes from television more more than parents because most children spend more time watching TV than they do with their parents this is the problem with the shift in culture the last 50 years and if you watch most problems in our society started off with this ship as children watch more more television there distant your parents have grown and we begin to act more like we see on television I can tell you that many of my dating problems in early life will because I was repeating stuff I saw television television is designed to entertain Barbara you can't separate the difference to our brains repeat what we see even though wemust be funny our brain is a train that when a separate entertainment from reality in our memories so we begin to reenact sitcoms all the time especially rear reenact scenes from movies and our brains begin to think of this entire post act or this is normal it starts to affect your behavior and the point here is that bad culture leads to bad business desired own stuff comes totally from media comes from watching videos of really rich people about that stuff and look I get that he has been rich you know that on against on a lot of stuff that's fine by me but it's important to understand where our ideas are coming from and are the original when I was younger before I started fully working for myself after I got my Masters I began teaching an MBA course of course I was horribly underqualified for by place of teaching for was just a little bit of a sketchy institution with a good name as I was teaching on this MBA course had all these students about 30 or 40 students who all wanted to run businesses and I go I don't know if you're running a business but I do have a bunch of friends were millionaires and who started on businesses overrun really big businesses so I started bringing guests who were all millionaires were all running large businesses and they would come in and give a talk the classroom these are people who never give talks like were very private but because my relationship because my networking skills I had something very valuable to bring them in to teach a message to the class and often times they wouldn't get it back they almost never understood with the teacher was talking about is over so I used to real messaging most education as you knows what indoctrination is by teaching you to be an employee and even the MBA courses most we get an MBA course and then they go back to middle management and big courses don't teach her to be the CEO do that if you think about it how many people take an MBA course and go back and be the CEO less than 1% so these students when they encountered a difference in the messaging when the counselor say you don't have to wait 40 years to be successful that's when I saw something very interesting there so used to people who teach unfortunately the problem with a lot of teachers and especially in this field is that don't do it interaction or start a business they simply know how teach and I was the same thing only difference is that I couldn't just teach from the book because I didn't have the heart hypocrite I said if I'm in teaching the course which apartment to qualify for have to bring in something after bringing people actually are doing after use real knowledge and one of the classes was taught by friend of friend of mine who was making money online to talk all about how arbitrage work I can make money online and I go while I got started doing that and that's wiser to really going into online marketing the business of it now because we talk some and gave where I was the teacher and afterward you you let the students ask questions and even then the speaker leaves and I'll address more questions I notice I kinda blew my mind at first that none of the students understand what the person was talking about matter what I had been in teaching about they didn't get it and I brought in probably a dozen people who would be so lucky for you to get a talk from them and they didn't get it over and over and over again they were looking for something to match with their use to their other teachers of course all of the teachers look on the course of course were equally qualified and we get our messaging again from these people and should you be learning from someone who knows how to teach a business person was actually built the business what I known to have a parent or what I knew back then are totally different I now am totally qualified to teach a course there were running a business for eight years I become quite successful but I know for me to go back and want to work for university full-time not in a million years that's the real problem is the people who are qualified to want to go back and do it because education system is a nightmare dealing with the level of bureaucracy the only place with worse bureaucracy than education is the government every time you teach a class if the student doesn't get endorphins to advance and go complain to do a demonstration unit dealing with complaints all the time because you have to somehow satisfy and when the room and more and more that seven-game are complicated it's a whole nightmare why would some the super successful or put up with that that's why it's a business with people you can get unbecoming of a talk at night begins we took classes very hard because they know they had was a whole lot more garbage speaking to a class then you have to follow all these rules that say things you can talk you can't talk about concrete all these restrictions and you can't provide good information no longer teach about the real world there's this new shift in education which I'm sure you've heard about about private spaces or safe spaces and you can say things that hurt people's feelings if you can't tell a classroom that most of them regular renneted tough stuff and they gradually hate fighting W graduates heart yellow say that because it might make them feel like low self-esteem or something do not see things that really were the true things I say feeling most contractors don't get great jobs I know this because I didn't I know Susan when I went is are dealing with that departments with how to get a job is give you list for good luck there actually help you when I encounter that and talk to other alumni that's I realize that's the reality Yelena tell people that case and hurt their feelings so there's this new battle in education between reality a motion something I find very uninteresting I don't care about emotion I only care about giving information help you have a better life that's my core values and that's why I mentioned the lead education system after 10 years so we are watching education when you're going through school when you're watching entertainment becomes the same thing your mind and I were kind of weaving a little bit the core message here is that entertainment always has a message whatever you're watching there's a message embedded within it was education the messages often no one was hurt your feelings nothing bad will happen you should be a drone a nice warm safe drone and middle-management are below as we go through college it's really more and more of the messaging of modern colleges have shifted into Noah's mother say anything that will send you no is not to say anything that's scary and that life when you graduates can be so easy and the reason because of shift and this messaging is because their business and they will do whatever it takes to get the most students it's not about preparing for life anymore because life is like to get your first job I do my first job was a rude awakening when you discover hey guess what you're lucky they pay you they don't need you there thousand other college graduates equally qualified you see as we can find mutual time is late we can replace it that's such a rude awakening by the time you realize that you're out of college about three months and guess what you are a student loan you guys are paying off in the next year this is yet another reason why we gotta think about messing with it alive thing about education entertainment always has a message this is the core lesson I want you to think about today that look with you on the right and left I don't care I don't care my politics all but be aware that what your children watch what you watch will often be designed to alter your politics if you're on the left there shows meant to give you message the right for the righteous again much on the left there shows meant to change a lot of our political opinions there shows I start watching because they're pushing more and more things that I'm very comfortable with there shows right now that are trying to normalize child abuse and that is never okay for I will ever talk about politics but my view on hurting children is across all diode if everyone wants to stop listening because I have a problem with molesting children and you're more than welcome to because that's one thing that I want change that's one view of the LB firm on and it really bothers me when I watch more and more shows slipping in little messages that are leading down that path so there's a couple shows recently I stop watching because I can see what they're doing I can see the path they're going down trying to normalize sexuality for children which is step one in the process of anything children love to make sexual decisions that's exactly what they're doing and it really bothers me so there certain shows I have stopped watching because that's the path they're going down it makes me very very uncomfortable and I'll do whatever it takes to protect my two children I've Artie had to deal with someone try to hurt my daughter in the worst way you can imagine I've Artie been down that path and not going out again one of the reasons we had to move across the country live right now was to ensure her safety to ensure that she will be very far away and the person wanted her couldn't find her so not only do I speak from a moral position I speak from real experience cyber problem with certain things and I see this indoctrination media and it bothers me so think about the messages and what you're watching what your children are watching what you watch the reason most people fail the reason we talk about this yesterday how people don't believe in themselves we think things don't work out is because we learn messaging that is inconsistent with my messaging most of what the media tells was very inconsistent when I teach the media tells you it's hard to be successful the heart of their work on your own dad to try to start their own businesses struggle that moms who try to start their own businesses and only works if their single moms messaging is getting really weird but it's very hard to get messaging out there too hard to watch a television show that says hey guess what you can succeed if you start your own business I guess what you can make $5000 month in less than three months sounds unbelievable because the way we've been taught in the process been taught isn't real and the other problem with messaging is that we believe that if you can make big money only through the work the fastest way to make money online is to not talk about over and over again is take jobs writing writing articles right blog post writing copy for the people in 90 days you can make a pretty good living 90 days you can make more than 80% US population you can make more than most teachers are most garbage collectors most police officers most people start at $36,000 a year so we can break $3000 a month with writing projects you're immediately making more than many many professions but people don't believe it people don't take action because they know every to really succeed pasty but because media stalls entertain missiles would have to work hard watch television shows none of us the vacuum owner works hard and onerous struggles of work SF is never shown as entertaining in our brain start to absorb this messaging that sends down the wrong path and there's a really good examples of this especially when I grew up all of the cartoons when I grew up were messaging those anti-Russian propaganda pretty significant if you watch a G.I. Joe episode the original cartoon chauffeur I was child almost all of the bad guys Russian accents and have names like the Baron and the Baroness if you read my obvious Russian names all the coloration is always read America's blueback is a ready nor flag has read on it as well same thing for the original transformers you start to watch the way the messaging works terms of her freedom by guys the septa cons is different deception in the firm's correction is lots and lots of shows and different ways of slipping in with those Russian accents or Russian names or little bits of language to turn generation by generation rest aggravating the Russians and not from anything my parents ever since my parents didn't have a very strong anti-Russian message we have had to rush probably in the house by ruminating the Russians that came from television came from a childhood indoctrination we absorb single meetings or messaging his children nowadays more and more children shows are really weird there's a lot of stuff that I'm a cup with my children tend to watch cartoon shows from 20 or 30 years ago and them watching older shows was one of the newer shows are try to send messages that are not comfortable with Sesame Street is shifted and very little education comes out of that show anymore everything they teach is about multiculturalism but they never teach kids how to read anymore I don't care what color person teach my kids to read as I really doubt but I would like them to actually include the part about teaching. To love these TV shows that we should be really great they moved away and are teaching things that don't help for me only thing I will my children learn in education is things that will help them be more successful in business anything else to me is irrelevant and a waste of time the purpose of education is to help you make more money the idea of education teaching civic responsibility how to be better citizens to work never worked anyone who began a better citizen because of school and I know a lot of people that are out there try to make the world a better place with other social workers or their volunteers were there working for NGOs are logging on to the why make a better place and none of them is a reset I decided it would help the world because I took a civics class I was 11 years old making little better places find their plan was to do it it's not the purpose of education put in there and even if it is that's very small part of what education does anyway so people say that's part of what education is doing it's just a lie is true education never affected my sense of civic responsibility the only time it did was what I had to start volunteering to improve my college resume I don't know a single kid in high school doesn't do that stuff and what high school used to all help out at a soup kitchen we stopped all these other things programs like school put together so that all the students added to our resumes nearly every kid who goes my high school ads work in a soup kitchen to the resume below once a month a lot of the students do it most students do once or twice knows enough kids doing it to run it that's what's going on there also care about having people feels nice okay but making people do it to get a better raspberry and a better school is done it is a work the real that's only place in which it happens though at least I guess it was something we getting helped but we have to think about what we're doing as you deciding what to watch on television because my message right now is competing with all of those people and I watch them again and again in the things they say are so dishonest every single celebrity talks about how they hate walls they don't want to border while they want open borders but every single one of them lives in a neighborhood with a giant wall everything when I was in the neighborhood with the security forces God they say their anti-gun mail of security guards watch the Oscars there are more security guards more walls there than any other event in America it's more well guarded in the White House for one night they say one thing they do another if you don't believe in guns stopping in movies is got to stop having security guards to be doubling the walls take the world around your house down in the believer you don't and all I ask for is consistency what ever your political position is if you say one thing you should also live it's and they never never never do because they're all about emotion because the low IQ high money and their total leader and by emotion not logic they never feel a need to be internally consistent is a go it doesn't apply to any for everyone else all of that messaging makes be okay if attribute fine if you believe that you can espouse views that you don't live makes you uncomfortable not to listen your messaging anymore as for me consistency is absolutely critical and when you're deciding what to watch your siding with movies and television shows to bring in your home into your mind everything you watch every movie television show everything else you watch it's competing with me because if you watch one TV show day that I'm getting equal time as each of my podcast episodes is about 24 minutes way to do a quick permit but mostly watch what that's if you watch two hours of television a night how was he gets four times more chance to affect the way you think so it's my competition and when I watch people fall to the wayside it's because of other messaging anyone who sticks with me on your percent will achieve success if you give your time and invitation will succeed more and more we hear these messages about this work or should do that and before we talked about shiny objects in the were chasing IDI the idea but is also a lot of messaging which indoctrinate us is culture tells us that we should be servant solution to certain things tells we should act certain ways whether it's people in the news or politicians or actors they all tell a certain things and almost no politician lives the way they say you should live almost no actor or reporter lives the way they want you to live they almost never have any consistency and will we already point out we don't expect politicians to be honest anyways but more and more other people in power feel an obligation to be very very dishonest or user message they always say if you have a platform you have to use it there's this new idea that if you become successful in any arena you have to leverage that success into expressing whatever your political messages so that's why television shows have more more hidden political messages and you can see it because sometimes it's so obvious it seems like a child that it every TV show in the last six months has had the illegal immigrant episode every single even the shows I watch suddenly it's the episode of like I watched all the different positions for other countries as well as all these episodes about immigrant inventors suddenly Emily never cared about these people before suddenly you want to give a platform and act like all these people are heroes it's because of her sleep in a political message there saying hey were on the side of that debate and their having all of these different episodes and I try to watch a lot I almost right outright new shows what's interesting to have all these political messages McMahon, just entertain me just the pure entertainment without mixing in stuff that's obvious so the least that time release with all these little M&Ms that they're doing it like a sledgehammer but no subtlety but try to do something every time they do it and they send these messages they send something a limit inconsistent because of all these episodes are was always about someone who came here that my parents came here from something 20 years ago and they did this and it's all through the king here legally I might well I'm expressing it was an illegal and legal immigration zoo not even exist a message is no one is against illegal immigration so it's a false narrative that bothers me even more decay at least have someone who came here legally did something because that's what you want to push all of this messaging and I'm sorry for getting so close to politics for dance around it's not the messaging it's the consistency that bothers me and if they translate messages in your home if you don't notice it will affect what you think about things things become more and more normalized and they enter media and they have noticed that they can make a change people in Hollywood have noticed they can affect the way most of America thinks they slowly slip new ideas and the television they start to make things seem normal and day do that the good do that why wouldn't they also mess around with the other things the goal of people in Hollywood is to stay rich and keep you poor they have to keep that separation the reason I don't care what celebrities and resume nonplussed by slavers besides the fact that a longtime hangout celebrities travel the world is once you make enough money that you achieve a level of self freedom they feel like you're in control of your life you don't feel stress anymore the stress disappears you no longer turn a television for comfort my scrimmage television because we need to when I was younger without some stress or have a bad day at work turning intelligence rate is lets you name your mind ability can deactivate numbers on the studies show you're watching television your brain is inactive is when you're sleeping to totally absorbing the messaging almost in a hypnotic state where the television has total control of what you think so the core message the core lesson I want to give you today is that you absolutely think about everything bring into your life stop listening to people that say do as I say those do as I say messages are all designed to turn us into drones just force us to become part of the masses that have unsatisfying jobs and make enough money to generate enough wealth for them to do whatever they want actors celebrities politicians care about us that's find them care about them and we care about you is your my team uses pica to read my book if you follow me in any way shape or form upon my tribe have an obligation to help you better life that's my core message I am not here to entertain you if you're entertained by the show that is wonderful but is also a total accident my goal is to give you a better life and sometimes I have to say things that are little top today's lesson was a little tough love is very possible that some people will stop listening we want to enjoy her television want to think about what's coming our homes but unfortunately shows those messages come into our lives and it's a distraction it keeps you from achieving what you want because no matter what you think the matter what anyone tells you with every single piece of entertainment there's a hidden message within and before you let actors entertainers writers determine how your life goes I want you to make an active decision and when you actively decide what your to watch when you pay attention to the hidden messages or whether try to slip in there Jack gives you the ability to determine the course of your life and that puts you back in control and with that ability you can suddenly develop the confidence the drive the belief that you really can achieve some amazing things he really can alter the course of her destiny he really can start to make the money that you deserve they really can't do all the things you've always wanted to do I want to make you limitless I'm tired of movies television telling us that we can't do amazing things because you can do amazing things that's when you get true freedom thank you for listening to this week's episode of serve no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to escape that reference it over to serve no now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five star review of this podcast see you tomorrow thank you for the serve no master podcast email your questions to [email protected] in your question with my answer might appear in the next episode

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