SNM132: The Seven Reasons Most People Fail

Some businesses succeed while others are doomed to failure.  Why have so many of the people I started in business with fallen to the wayside?  Why do the majority of small businesses fail in the first two years?  And how can you be the exception that shoots to the top?

No Man Can Serve Two Masters

We often ascribe success to motivation, but is motivation really enough?

Everybody in the world wants to be rich; nobody ever talks about wanting to be poor.

Yet so many people never move up a single tax bracket, let alone shoot into that elusive top one percent.

The problem is not one of desire; it is one of too much desire.

Every day there are thousands of choices headed your way, and you want to choose most of them.

You want to watch television, spend time with the kids, work on your business and enjoy your hobbies.

The more directions you pull yourself, the further from success you slide.

A Bit of Sabotage

When we get too close to a success that we think we don’t deserve, we self-sabotage.

Rather than admit that you have a job for which you are under-qualified, you get your boss to fire you.

Whenever the external world is in disagreement with our sense of self, we take action to bring them back into alignment.

Unfortunately, this means that we are often our own worst enemies.

We don’t apply for the promotion we don’t think we deserve and we ignore amazing opportunities because we lack faith.[easy-tweet tweet=”Your success in life is often a measure of your confidence.” user=”ServeNoJonathan” hashtags=”servenomaster”]

Every single president thinks they deserve to be president.

Whatever it Takes

I was just talking today to a new business partner, and she was shocked to discover how long it took me to learn copywriting.

I decided three years ago that I had to learn this craft.

Along the path, I have spent thousands of dollars on courses and coaching.

I have also put in hundreds of hours in free work, just to apprentice with someone a little better.

If there is one lesson that I have learned it’s this:

I’m willing to eat a little “crow” if that’s what it takes to succeed.

There is no job I won’t take if it’s the only way to put food into my kids’ tummies.

Find your core motivation and more on today’s episode…

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Key Points:

  1. You can avoid the dirty SEVEN
  2. Align your desire with your actions
  3. How many ways is your motivation pulling you?

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99% of people fail avoid becoming that statistic on today's episode today's episode is brought to you by fresh books accounting and bookkeeping mistakes destroy thousands of small businesses every single day bookkeeping doesn't have to be hard turn to the number one invoicing software for small businesses start for free\fresh books are you tired of dealing with your boss you feel underpaid and underappreciated if you want to make it online and start living your retirement dreams now then you come to the right place welcome to serve no master but how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented life from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now your post kind of amazing look around most of the people that I started with the shades in my life fallen to the wayside I have got a different phase of my life now that I'm in my mid-30s enclosed entering my late 30s look back and see the people were there each phase of my life making it to the next phase people who tried to keep Bob or try to do what I was doing and never makes the next level in life we go through phases levels how we want to talk about it when I was college and I got my first job in every seven dollars our house like I'm rich now this when you're young seven dollars an hour seems like so much money now almost 20 years later thought of trying to take care my whole family on that that's tough but it's well below minimum wage now but we go to places where things we think were not stopping enough as we get older we need to make more money to take care of our family take care of our kids and all of our needs etc. perspective about money changes in the same another categories life for me I kind of gone through three main areas of development there's my personal development which involved your mastery learning how to eight well enough that I could finally be my wife and never have to do it again as well as skills that you only have to deal with for a while and in what you actually good at it never used ever and ever ever ever ever get hopefully I will never go another first addressed my life so even though I got good at it it's a skill you get good at you don't have to do it anymore with education I remember silly people who each level and I have a Masters but each level there are people around me who started their strong and didn't make it to the finish line they quit or the desire not to go to that next level and edging on that huge live education but even when I was in high school I hear we also list the rifle great until age greater six grade as we get older they for whatever reason the start screwing around or end up not making it all in the end of high school and this is the people who each different industry adventures each time I try to learn a new skill and meet I used to have a guy who was Amazon now even when I started Amazon I was making probably 20 or 30 times more than the sky but he was someone I could talk to every day about my ideas what I was testy because he was doing cannons both were booked another first and second book in the same time revenge other Facebook group or something Winona was taking action so in a group of always but it was a course only one or two or three of us were posting we are finally talking to each other and eventually quit and he now works a day job making minimum wage or less he couldn't stay the course and I want to break down what happens why do people fail today if we can understand the seven critical reasons to cause people to fail you can avoid them you can become someone who succeeds in the first of those is that goal setting most people set goals really really poorly as a culture we don't set goals well I know it teaches how this is another great example of the failure of the American education system is no one really teaches you how to set goals it's never covered in school in any way shape or form I never experience it is critical absolutely the most important thing you can learn in life because it applies to every category most people set a goal like this I was away or make more money and those articles those wishes we can't separate the two unfortunately school is something concrete specific and achievable when you set a goal to set a measure timeframe I want to lose 10 pounds in 37 days that's a goal measurement is a townhouse in the time I was the reason this when we go with typewriters we can then divided by the number of the timeframe have a daily go you know if your goal cannot be divided up you have a problem if it's something that only leads to imaginary numbers I will lose some weight and I will lose weight every day will have a twitter but I don't know I don't the reason we do as we hedging our bets if you say lose 20 pounds and don't feel bad if you never say 20 pounds hereafter feel bad so ironically Eagle section the what if I fail part of our brain is causing us to fail so you set a goal you are specific that's why Richard Thomas if you go through a lot of different blog posts I was a how much money do you want to make per month to supplement your income right down the number the number actually is a matter active writing down having a number that matters everyone has different number doesn't matter at least now you your number how much money you make to quit your job how much lady make to live your dream lifestyle those three numbers down bolster half of K because then we can say others will make thousand dollars monthly signature first number if you made an extra thousand dollars what you should really grieve instead of getting a little behind with your credit card is what the my crazy go but it's a specific number I like and as you know I have my one key in the months free training on the website see condensate on thousand dollars what I want to get to that number the next 30 days to make an extra $30 a day really yet exactly $34 able to give you all the achievements of the job and you know if you got have a number that is type into it and you have yourself a nice goal when you're setting goals more concrete way you said it better saying in your mind can you write it down and put it down somebody could be your notebook right online it doesn't matter as long as you write it down please look at no one of the dangers in life is our poor memories it's the reason that eyewitnesses are so unreliable eyewitnesses to crime is attentively for people you write down your goal that ensures when you check a month later you don't forget what your goal is it's very easy to say you want to lose 20 pounds next two months only lose 10 pounds at the end of the two months if you have any value on I know I think 2010 with Michael and you yourself but also live yourself it's very normal and what Americans overweight could it be okay recent articles in all times because I'm constantly dealing with sitting in my way. The big part of my life it's always always there recently I noticed that my weight started slipping we gotten very proactive again have to do with it sits a new specific goals and that's only make it happen if you do anything else if you are loose with your goals yet you're less likely feel that if you hit him we also never number two second reason people fail is analysis paralysis paralysis by analysis this is where we get a new stage we don't want to make a mistake so we take no action I don't want to write a book that people hate I don't put a book on Amazon the failsafes I'm not put anything up soon I've been to 500 courses the fear of failure will talk about your moment to get this frozen in the state I have been in place wife suffered from analysis paralysis item problem I want a new Facebook advertising for long time and he kept watch courses getting stuck that's an area where I got stuck if a minister push myself and force myself out of that state because it was having me there are couple of areas my business right now actually that I kind of hesitated father delimits the news I was doing this fun it took action it's better to do something bad but right now I have please don't look to serve the master out that I did to my podcast hosting companies actually terrible a lot of the way things they think of the connection with mother make you have defined you must I make my wrong sucks for the way I run my podcast doesn't work at all they don't know how to handle it when I set my podcast come from my blog only if you host a podcast of them as well which I don't so don't handle it which means problem for me terrible so I am having is trying to take down this week working on another path to getting them built up I started using another platform okay this is a nightmare murder me know and even seeing the habits that are not expert on the iTunes Store and the Google play store for two weeks those messed around and in emails forcing his way fix it so what's your path analysis browses that you can ask to take action fixed of having it stinks this is a maximum scene now so you look terrible promises not updating correctly and is not attaching the downloads the podcast was a nightmare but it's not delivering what I consider to be a perfect experience and to meet purpose rates is critical so having a job I now move on to the next thing so how does this policy are taking action we discover we try something feels that bad and you can actually do a better version of my first book on Amazon failed for very long time and then it became a massive success two years later expect that a given up on the book it happens when you get in this analysis prosecuted I don't want to make the wrong decision now there's a difference between a lot of analysis before purchase in analysis before taking action which are very different there's nothing wrong with making a lot of analysis before you make a purchase about we could have two weeks ago I put up a new review my review pay kickstart the shopping cart use in fact the owner may kickstart my friend Mark who is about to do some new custom stuff for me on the platform read the whole thing the other day but it's really long it's been 3000 words it's really long my reviews tend to be the longest things I write on the site the reason so long is because you need everybody's information if we make a buying decision so if you're about to spend money a lot of analysis makes sense again people go too far we all know the data we have a friend who knows everything for the make a wash machine decision spent three or six months choosing the perfect machine and by the time the rated by the cycle machines is changed that's too long as well so you could do more analysis before you buy something we don't want to go crazy and take forever you do have to eventually make decisions so everything is any money you can have a little of longer cycle if it's actually taking speed action is way better it's better to do something mediocre now that something great never that book that fell for so long that was automated it in a game $800 the first month and then it started making a dollar a month I just everyone to be two years to release that I paid someone to write the book my demo book paid someone to write a lot of money and I just learned some hard drive for two years it was a huge amount of money because my waiting to do something I got distracted by other stuff I was working on my business I just let something sit and I hate that run my business that way the third reason why people fail is fear I don't want people to see me fail no fear also often manifests itself as process of analysis but it's also a little bigger sometimes you say I don't want anyone to see me fail I don't want to experience the disappointments but I look at the meter of someone who tried and failed at the mark that fear is very powerful I don't want to look my family eyes and say hey I spent the last six weeks working on a project and it did not work were all afraid of that and that fear can grow and grow the thing about fear and Marie is that it's always worse than the real thing the things were afraid of are so different from reality is what happens… Bad when you take speed of action as well you start doing something and you experience it one or two weeks that you can really measure quickly the reason I put the other stuff that's about make a dollar fast I want you to have that first taste of the next 30 days ideally next week that's critical you like it you over that theory as soon as you make it all you okay make them as possible because from the theoretical possible and that's very important were also sometimes afraid of success that talk about a priest podcast episode as well we have to deal with fear quickly the longer you spend thinking that something more power as well a high school I was like this little mouse scurrying around always reread all the possibilities of bad things happen and I read this in the magazine fascinating said 90 risen the things you worry about never happen and the person who wrote that I don't remember it was based on a study or hose or something trite but it's probably one of the best sentences the right of my life is altered the course of my destiny my fear now makes me confident every time and worried about something it makes me aware that there's a 90% chance it will happen soon as you worry about something that fear probably what happened I am realized I'm completely capable predicting what will happen as a teenager of course I first learned this try to date I only went on a few dates in high school not very many never that great high school dating guy but I remember I would call a girl this age we had to call house phone household I never knew was a certain point I started writing down a plan for the phone call wanted to go wrong so write out there's all the possibilities as well do if this happens not have a little my math for my maps but it was a like a flowchart if you got answers he is planning if her brother and sisters when because I been through all that I been there with her brother enters the data answers have been there was some random guy answers all these different things hello house I never knows the answer is word text now to avoid this experience but I write down all my fears and a right and always went to the cures attend possibly go wrong always be something I didn't think I colleges at a funeral or yes by colleges in the car line in the vanity for college is a car how might the car or always random things okay is always something unexpected was never able to predict what would go good or wrong all my fears were waste and not really help me to realize it's a waste of time worrying about stuff because you never worry about the right things I'm worried this is where you will get sick you worry about that you worry but they never get sick instead here you fall like so this thing we worry about we can't predict release of the waste was one of the many reasons why don't worry about stuff so much sometimes the stress about work or other things which is normal but it never becomes overwhelming fear or fear that forces me into action to people quit they fail because the fear begins to take control I'm not sure this program is real I don't want to take action or sometimes it's the fear of disappointing someone there are a lot of people that I interact with everyone emails me a email back I'll type them back about you people this week have a bunch of great people messaging me and people all for any tier of my programs with you just read what my books with you got a free copy just podcast whether you bought when my is a course people in a respectable area every level at which the levels program all interaction with me they all at some point to this moment where life gets in the way or they get distracted by something else and then they're afraid of disappointing's liquids it's okay for me if you make mistakes it's okay for me if you can't finish of the times of the work is me disappointed as long as you keep coming back and keep trying I know the people of our lives look to be a full-time job you got two kids yellow stuff just to maintain a lifestyle I get that sewer company for two weeks and so they have an econometric sailor, the twigs that's okay I don't encourage that and say that's like the ideal result but I understand life is not unaware of what it's like to be human we have these different fears fear failure fear of success your disappointment fear whatever sometimes we struggle to course and then were afraid that it won't work so we quit now all my coursework as well as loads of pictures on the people talk about in fact I'm constantly looking for ways to make it easier for you I recently did a whole bunch of new podcast new blog post walking you through the process of making it firsthand about $4000 a month because I want to make it even easier than the previous version so that's there specifically to make things easier for you to ensure that it's possible at starting anymore emails of people to try going well actually work section with money is one of my love I love hearing that so I always want to make it easy as possible for you to overcome the first year but still there that fear causes people to fail all the time that fear is why people give up that's why people don't go for the new job or don't start their new business because they're afraid of afraid of discipline their favorite looking like a failure public you control that failure if you turn from something that slows us down into something that drives us the fourth reason that most people fail is shiny object syndrome we talk about this in the past it's normal I'm so guilty of this I am so guilty of getting cited by so many ideas just this week I realize I have to stop taking on new projects for only 66 but stop accepting yourself I by magazine software that I pay for every month two or three months ago many informants you know way I think about it like a black about cyber Monday are black Friday type design are not moderate in November literally three months now three months ago that I bought this software to do magazines that want to put a digital magazine I think it's really the opportunity on Amazon things are really cool. Move into I just don't have the time to implement some pain is what the fee edits there have another thing with hymns on physical read pay even more than magazine every month and haven't had time to really work on it at city with a thing happens a lot time of the activation provision five who could just use building software that I would have to start paying a fee next week for my 30 day trial. Same thing so I have a lot of side ideas that some of them cost me money that I don't have a lot of time for the sun just as guilty of this as everyone else I would love to master every different thing only when we integrate the focus that we can achieve success if you come to my website a week of a blog post is very cool AI with his other similar people out there now more and more of the competition for what I do is disappear when I started this blog listed in this business my primary keyword my central thesis if you will was escape the 9-to-5 school of phrasing and if you look it up there's about 10 or 20 blogs on the topic now I subscribe to all of them until end of 1919 of the blogs about becoming in this other terms for about being a digital no matter travel the world full-time and working from your laptop okay that's kind of the same idea so these are people who are traveling from country to country also talking about sub so I don't do that hard drive as she is out of the country live single place I'm not a digital nomad because I'm actually someone who just get the digital ex-pat lecture's unofficial term for that I know of but this amount no matter as you can advise those terms are close to what I do and I got all these blogs would be worth trying to Machu Picchu and working there and yet he is different places nationwide and in a resonating number God blogs the log still exist but never in the post last year one of the right to post every three months Ray I try to put up at least five sometimes 10 posts a week Tommy so when someone else is doing what every three months I know this all on what the really into the first guy who is podcasting course I thought first podcasting course I went to see more in the half he's moved into doing something totally different with programming or whatever you do different direction in the pockets of course the weather is even available anymore but it's tempting to circle back and we get shiny objects and we want to keep jumping from idea idea idea so you could easily come in my blog right with the other skip to 95 people and he will try for another the blogs or release posts from other people without checking the dates sometimes there's no data log processor blocks of first don't realize that you think you refreshed appearing stuff in 2013 or 2012 realize this versus that of business for three years August 11 so it's easy to actually get distracted by some the leads nowhere nothing I was the case you can also go in another direction but as a passive income lots of the ones I follow and you could start reading all their stuff and you look at their stuff to pack my stuff Uruguay don't know which one to do the front of the more interesting to the need to do more research to see who's right and who's wrong as you keep going down that rabbit hole you more more distracted I get approached several times a week to promote training courses that are external to her by other companies that are some of the refined sense of the terrible some of them I would never recommend users just like all high and no meat I had approached by someone recently celebrity good friends for love, actually about six months ago something very interesting Anders I don't go to too much detail because it turned out to be garbage just me but was there's a there's a forum like Reddit but if the form where you post stuff up and down vote you and you make money base I voted in because he is a crypto currency think the Maxima to limit confusing to me but I love making money on people making money with people that were already making my point in our future followings and crypto currencies no other areas of writing I thought it be cool if you could write really great traveler blog stories whatever and turn it into revenue but I checked it out I actually spent a month in an interest in a month on it and we can make a dollar with writing quality writing this matter all the categories were dead except for writing about really advanced algae right now so I did not understand see happy someone who really understands bitcoin and writes really competent stuff and note the fibular crypto currencies then you could be someone who makes money from his other site that doesn't interest me why would I share that with you guys it was a whole course I had to do it but that I tried on their work have no interest in sharing stuff generates shiny objects and send you when you guys in my followers and leads nowhere that's why don't for what next. I don't want to distract you I feel bad enough that I have several different things you learn how to do here that's why over and over and over and over again I say don't my second course for me to make money from the first all I course works okay which when my first my first mate back across the course once you do it the only thing you need is implementation have a treasure map to follow it when you buy six treasure maps try to be good about Charlie good about that idea so when you have a lot of options it's easy to undo all O'Hanlon Facebook that's what a really good lead but I want to see if he wanted the CPC wearing the CPI when I go into content marketing I just wanted you to know each of sour cream what I just have to accept is that working with Twitter and we jump www.the problem is we not saving long enough to monetize it so we get stuck the perpetual state of excitement but not in a potential state of profit that stinks number five the fifth reason that he will fail as we get more sliders we get to a point where we no longer listen to what the audience is saying especially if you want to ignore critics around you like other people I got the double bachelor don't want to go to that website that's something have to overcome at first because you do have to experiment with there comes a point where the market itself assaying your ideas terrible I saw someone with an invention recently for like hotel rooms were supposed to put on the hotel room door is like a manual lock actually of security you would know knowing to get into hurt you and I watch the show in the eye was that way in some random guy walks applicant when the art is lots of it kicks the door right open Elizabeth takes like two or three checks see how this works is like way so your goal isn't to protect the person to receive an extra five seconds to see the death coming their way what can you do it unless you sleep with the God so inserts kick in your door you take some toothpicks to kick in the door and then there is not much warning that serving on when you pick up the phone call for help if you get there before you get that first time you get the second one not helpful this person have mentioned in the switch from protecting you the hotel and to give you a few seconds of extra warning totally different get in line as we all know this is a great invention even though it doesn't do you do you keep changing I seen so many bad inventions his other one when I first start having success online I used to go to a lot of networking events now most people were successful avoid networking events like the plague but as you know I'm an experimenter so I went to one and there's 50 people in a room and you make two lines 20 5L Expedia only talked to all 25 people in the side government admirable and basically most of these metals always meant you get to be 25 people rose businesses are failing are hoping to get me that one next person who can save them before they got a business that week always be with her within a month of going out of business is about that's why no one who succeed he wants to go because the stink of death is there therefore is contagious ever someone who invented back scratcher/spray tan machines that was like a stick W back and you can straighten your back they can't see it which means Odyssey look more like like a map to some parts of the darker support the light of his kids are doing terrible invention I can imagine it still around but maybe this I saw another venture recently that actually I wish it was his own reality TV show and invented saying that it's basically a piece of wood nailed to the wall you rub your back on it like a bear just anyone can buy right out of the 50 trees in your shop down there when my wall especially really just a piece of wood is fire when he near the wall scratch back it's a dream and mention something amazing is television some of the five years sometimes you have a bad idea and no one wants to buy if your ideal your product gets exposed to an audience the audience rejects it@you have to do something do not stick with that idea nobody wants to buy if you then say I just have to educate the market I guarantee you failed anyone who says educate the market always fails where it was an educated marketer inventing were the odds of them stealing are so high educating people is so expensive educating the market about a new product cost of $50 million why I was your time with what a waste of money I rather just take a $50 million engagement tire don't follow that you don't throw good money after bad little different sometimes people think this is happening in a quick way way way too soon do not quit until you release your product and it scene the audience that's when you can look at something okay I like it that's different if you're free release if you haven't really invested in the idea if you haven't really spent rear six months with the don't quit too soon the sixth reason that people failed to provide a business that projects fail is bad money management most people were entrepreneurs in this deftly includes me are awful with their money management I am really really bad tracking my expenses and tracking with the money goes knowing how much money is coming in in the next month all of those areas are terrible for me my area of strength is bringing money and if you say to me make this much money this much time I can always do that I was had that number of very good at the end I'm not good if you out that's why have a book even handles all of that for me keep track of everything handles all of that paperwork because it's a is like counsel whose expert to cut a fill in the gap but if you have money problems it starts at the top there are some simple ways that people do bad money decisions by a bunch of expensive courses with investing things there too much too high monthly fees if you're just starting out don't start taking on hundred dollar month fees my postings my website starts out $25 a month you don't need that level you can be three dollars a month and you're fine when you're first starting out you'll need the best unit illustrates the Ferrari sometimes you will just what the best of each service and they end up spending 10 or 20 or $30,000 before the phase when they might make profits the first person I ever worked with the first business partner everywhere with him actually stole a great deal of money for me and then threaten to sue me a million times… Go to court second our emails Emily changed minds all of that was because he did bad money management he spent a bunch of money of his own money without my permission dumb ideas he spent $6000 setting up a bank account so we can hide from some taxes of getting $100,000 for this decision in the first month he spent a huge amount of money setting up LLCs and other states is all we got have a office in Las Vegas we both live on the East Coast bank the bank he set us up with there wasn't a branch within a thousand miles of either of us anytime we wanted he wanted to make you have to drive eight hours each direction to go to the bank what a moron terrible financial decisions to do the exact same thing now that he spent around 20 $25,000 at least 23 was a waste and I had times when you doing any of this fancy stuff what it really is the product's evening was to fire before we start planning our you hide our wings and the government the lawsuit about the way they want me to pay for his bad decisions I said I asked you not to do those things he didn't do it with company money and personal money by making terrible decisions of course I'm not liable for decisions he made without my permission against me I said and don't spend money on that later on he want me to pay for but I told you do it so I was very fortunate I see that relationship you know eventually he did much of my work and sell it and play with this whatever I care anymore but it happened to me when I learned that same promise to himself this person's business bad money management will always crush I try to teach you good principles is a reason that I not in the startups I'm not into spending huge much money up front one time I try to get involved in project that way didn't work it's much better to start a large business for thousand dollars and make it back then do a 5000 then do a 10,000 and a jump straight to a $50,000 spent the final the seventh reason that most people fail the most people not stay the course is just looking for an excuse to quit most people don't actually want to change their lives most people just wants to catch a glimpse they see when my courses were you in my books as a bit of a vacation but not something that actually implements a long time ago I bought at the time of very hot book about quitting your job and start your business make money online at the bookstore and as I was buying in the girl working on the chemical that looks really good now that's the same way she looked at the book the same way that I look at science fiction books I don't expect a science fiction book to chair I respect in attaining and I could tell that she still working at his bookstore obviously she did emanating from book rights that try to do it she read it has a a piece of motivational fiction that's totally fine she enjoyed the book no problem and I said to her know how many people who read this book do you think are actually inventing a promise were actually now making money for themselves and other losses and she is probably 1% at most and the reason it is for a reason to not do it in the first reason is entertainment work is work for them and when work for me looking for any reason to make entertainment and not an obligation then we don't have to feel bad we quit because were never going to quickly read the book of Job is really wanted were looking for any reason to quit soon as we find when we do what to say it didn't work for me are something's changed I was just doing something on Facebook add to redesign a movie when the buttons wasn't to be five Xmas find it as I people say that the reason you work to change the redesign discourses work anywhere we can just change their whole design sitting you all this training course that I just file doesn't work anymore because as the site redesigns the funds are new places garbage out the works I get to quit we can find the smallest of excuses to quit earlier for any reason to quit looking for reason to quit any obstacle make a point about this doesn't work because that this doesn't work because he's left-handed I'm right ahead I will work for me it's really fascinating is how we do it in for us so what's this exercise program that would never work for me 60 only 40 was probably more fair to you heard that and that's amazing to me there is one thing you should never discount the amazing human ability find reasons to quit refund is amazing a rational reasons and some of the oh wow that's so crazy when the rash was but if you look at it if you look this person was always looking for a reason to quit and that's most people I was a talk last week was someone I just hired to again provide a level of coaching mentor should help me approve another of my business and were talking about how many coaching students succeed and fail and it was like I'm always playing all these different things to try to force people take action because I have to make them you have to make people succeeding to look bad I get you can't change people are there always be people were looking for an excuse to quit and you'll never have the power to change you everything you what I've tried every technique you could ever think of to get every person to succeed try tomorrow and I just accept a huge number of people who listen to me will still quit just inevitable some my favorite people 356 months go to email back and forth people were doing. Or try different things is disappeared at some point in the success as fast as they wanted and they just try to do it or they got distracted or that initial excitement the first time reach a master man so exciting right read this exciting book those possibilities and get you really pumped up it's hard to get that energy to last a long time have to move energy to imitation very quickly with energy fades to have us excite me were really stoked to try something here with the trust of the really great and then energy starts to get smaller and smaller and smaller and then we start looking for an excuse and ideally and I and I know a lot of you will do this and it stinks but it's true a lot of people will then blame me I had someone recently who I was working with just stops despite my messages set up Skype messages emails hey where are you with the regular work a little to make this happen we help you to help you help will be available to you there was one error messages that send me email twice for email not realizing that I checked support as well saying Jonathan did answer my last question I would quit first second hurt my feelings on what questions I need to send this email is a search of Skype messages I suspect left messages rehearsing hey what a great next step where you happened no reply I reply to the support request is that hey no problem cancel was he to do that is never enough to make it is you want to do cancel just tell me what question did I fail the answer what really doubt is what apply the excuse was just an excuse was the true million reasons given just really busy so we have it work for the whatever does matter we look for excuses to justify quitting or just by giving up once you get into that face then the failure of the claim comes inevitable see have to stop yourself we feel the temptation when you are looking for an excuse to quit but I want you to do instead is to wait a minute this is the moment where most people quit were about money never get better his that opportunity shows one final story that is coming to my mind right now because never happened before as you know I mentioned in my books and sometimes awkward and turns and right now I don't have enter the last cycle interns have appeared out for different reasons they are under their next project which is fine there growing in their different businesses in different ways I got an email from someone to say hey I really like to interview with you would you talk a Skype cold salads interstates are talking personal Skype five minutes he is look at the cells awesome I love to do it today interacting face-to-face accept what we now enter the sky was face-to-face I live in the middle of nowhere but this is a person who is Steve's implementation is critical Artie put together Wednesday to fly out here looking for place stage about a plane ticket to come while well enough how crazy is that doesn't sound crazy someone who sees the vacuum in the middle of nowhere as an opportunity because no one else can get here he is seizing the moment taking action on the said ovalis toys can enter the stories just started but is Artie taking level of action that I find very impressive and very interesting and who be coming here even sooner except for when traveling right out somebody actually way for the next three weeks for work stuff don't worry I'm still really blessed to have these podcast episodes that one story inspires you that shows you that you can actually take serious action and do things other people don't think of doing that are willing to do it separately from the crowd don't get caught up in these seven reasons for failure don't become a statistic instead join me and become another venture serves no master thank you for listening to this week's episode no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to escape the rat race over to serve no now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five star review of this podcast see you tomorrow thank you for listening serve no master podcast make sure to subscribe so that together we can achieve true freedom

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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