SNM136: The Power of a Walled Garden

Should you chase that quick buck or is there long term value from running your business as a walled garden?

The Churn and Burn Model


Act successful and people will treat you like a success…

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Key Points:

  1. All business is based on perception
  2. Mask your desperation
  3. Project success to get paid more

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The power of a walled garden on today's episode today's episode is brought to you by Thrive themes please leave us WordPress templates blog and bill to get more traffic more subscribers more clients and more customers to you to find out try things can turn your blog or website into a moneymaking work of art go to\dry themes are you tired of dealing with your boss you feel underpaid and underappreciated if you want to make it online fire your boss and start living your retirement dreams now then you have come to the right place welcome to serve no master podcast where you learn how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented live from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now is your votes recently I've been a little more proactive about sending emails especially sending like fresh emails but new topics last week I sent an email about a really good promotion for discount on stock photos seem silly but actually we do online marketing I spent so much money on stock photos-at least hundred $80 month for my photo subscription have images to use all images my blog post all images my books uses my own images so much work having really high quality stock photos increases the quality of my product increases that customer express makes your expanse better which important critical to me it was kind of a unique experience because I don't send out emails about other people stuff very often my business models a walled garden and I'd like to explain to you why why it's valuable today more common business model marking is the affiliate model which is where you promote other people's products all the time and that was my business model at first on your marketing and you can make a lot of money that way but you shorten your relationships of people I get approached all the time hey Johnson they've got a list of customers and you have a really good relationship with your fan base I say that because I get emails every single day from readers I love that I five everyone who read my book would email me I'll be so happy that's my dream not that level yet where everyone would email me but a lot of people do I can email from a new person at least every day or every two days was never even before and it makes me so happy love that if you have her email me please tell doesn't serve the master is a figure out percent domain name the reason I have my business model this way is because it allows us to have a long-term relationship I would rather have a long relationship all right have a more enduring tribe focused mentality note as the Seth Godin book tribes which is all about if you have a thousand followers you can create a good life for you and them a lot of people think and it's been a factor that we in the future to wear lots we will follow really small and often will ever go in that direction but maybe with a walled garden it means that I don't share you with other people I don't recommend external offers very much the only things externally that I recommend are resources it has to be resource that I use I tell you that I bought that same promotion it was 100 photos from deposit photos for $39 normally for hundred photos are so expensive 300 $300 was always 90% off huge savings to me that's very valuable and I'll use this would having a resource available is good for me it's a backup to the other source that I used to sometimes a source used as an image a lot I am a big believer in buying resources so why recommend that it's a First American and something external I thought me I know she talk about why do things that this how I choose what I share with you guys how choose what I recommend and you may have noticed people actually email me like asking questions about other inner markers yesterday someone asked me about one of my good friends has a coaching program it's a little different than mine and had a simian look if I tell you by help Amy commission unleashed by I lost me money but had to be honest doesn't mean you don't need it stick to one plan you arty have a player implementing you only the second plant it's distracting me of too many voices and people cementing my athletic programs and courses not email to semi sometimes it is a good decision are some good things out there but if you have too many messages your odds effectiveness go down with how much I talk and preach about shiny object syndrome I don't be guilty of doing it to that's why don't have a small number of courses that all kind of flowed together if you go words are profit mastery and it flows into video magic as you start you learn how to make ghost write books and you can learn to ghostwrite those books in the videos that the logical step that's why this course is flown to each other and actually then want to start doing books to the podcast make sense to grow your business so everything is chronological the one thing that's little separate is look consulting millionaire that's good I am about the course that was my first business is actually a different direction to turn the primary thing I teach what some people would rather get an arbitrage business that one's a little bit of the exception deliver the stepchild of Serna Master but it's a business father really works it's actually really effective way to make a lot of money quickly it just most of you will fall me right now are more more of a passion for content marketing or this telemarketing but whenever I see an amazing course after I go I'm to learn all of this get good at and then a premium version because I want you to hear a single message the benefit to my audience benefit to you and anyone listens to me is that there's not too much noise distracting there's not too many incorrect messages or competing messages there other people who teach how to write bestseller how to be really good as an author and sometimes people fall me by when the course of this course is just like your cycle of course it's only some new ways to do it this is only summary methods and mentor all the courses well whatever new course and that I buy a go through to see if there's anything I missing I usually just skip to the get review sections or see if they knew a new way of getting me is that I don't know but this process the way I build my business the way I communicate with you it's about giving you a single message so you don't get overwhelmed so the value to my customers is to invite my followers my fans my tribe and look if you bought one of my books bright incense if you took an unlimited book I should get more of my book is I nonsense I would rather you can a limited bike to get a more if you buy it friends as I make about $0.30-$0.35 if you can unlimited I make $0.60 when you read it so please feel for Jennifer free if you take my books for free I get paid for get unlimited is very good to me. I love Amazon a very big fan of the program it's about I use it as a customer and it's great so if you've just taken a can the limited of my smallest books are still to me a tribe member a customer of Fanta following my obligation is to give you the best experience best content there is chance for success I can that's my mindset it's critical to me I don't want people to follow me to slip to the wayside I do everything I cannot smoke you enjoy my coaching program a message on Skype and was everyday it was going on he was going on he was going to make sure you have everything anyhow to help you this but how can help you that part I always try to be there it's important to me and even people that are in my coaching program if you even remember me me back email everyone back first image offer fish recording this is check when first a check every morning I checked the server matching the first to reply to customer emails before anything else it's important to me to give you that amazing experiences important to me to have a clear message for you because it's distracting so that's the value for you the value for you is that there's not to me messages swung around and you can absorb and ID have enough time with an idea to absorb and implement if I were to mail I can mail offers every single day and I would make more money probably I can mail you other people's courses I could just mail and promote every single author course outermost either author teachers all promote each other all the time I don't do that I could but I don't feel the need to do I don't want to do that I don't lose you I want to be with me for the next five years and only to find out you like more K that's part of it if you listen to 50 author teachers my voice becomes one of 50 the odds are you still following me or 2% what's a plane doing that make a few bucks now would be if I would be there when you hit that success we email me when you got your bestseller love as he was only email me when you make your first thousand dollars your first $10,000 per hundred thousand I love those emails that's what I look for I love that stuff the value to me is there and the value to use their sobriety of course is single message will have success but the rights I'm leaving so he would simply human in the table because I can make money fast if I email it offer right now to make much but the short term benefits for long-term loss and is much as I talk about long-term I have to implement I have to's stick to what I say so part of me having a walled garden is that I don't want to give you shiny object syndrome and I want to be consistent having a long view and here's the long view we have a walled garden give longer relationships with people you could have a better relationship with people you can be with them for the entire arc of their journey my program earn 1K in a month all three such podcast video spot books it's all free write down website and you have to give your email address to go through you do that you make $1000 this month you can do it for him to ours today works every time or for hundred percent of the people to try it I given away for free because I would rather you make money and then by course for me by course and a credit card okay those are two choices police choose the first I have a walled garden so that I can control your experience don't have to worry about finding a message so thereafter were being distracted and so that I can ensure you follow a path that's best for you businesswise whenever I talk to someone if you can afford or make or so that we send them to place a limit money first let's make the money then you can for the bars that's of course that mindset its image and retire the goal that such a brilliant customer touch method that study why do it yes once I make you money to be absolutely pretty loyal to me that's not why do it it's that the main reason reason have a wildcard is good don't what your other messages I don't hear competing messages and weighty distracted and not have success very important so for me having a walled garden having a thing what I provide all the products it's a lot of pressure on me to culturally generate new products I can increase my catalog second more offerings to fit more people it's a huge undertaking to maintain a walled garden it's a lot more work five it improves the quality of our relationship improves the quality or experience all things that are very important to me I want you to have as much success as possible I want you to have the success you've always dreamed of and so I when I started serve no master I sat down and I said I could do the affiliate model and I don't want to anymore I want to do something different and that's what you'll notice I only recommend technology I never recommend training that's why all my reviews are for software tools because they help you to do were already doing that's why you have a huge real grandmother that's why have a huge Rupe kickstart explain who it's for what's not why use a wife it's not for everyone that's why the things I recommend are things not training so that's the difference between me and other marketers that's the difference between my approach and other approaches now that we talked about the value of building all got inlets and implementation now you know why I do it how can you do if you're just starting out its basic possible you need to make money fast so the way to do it in this how I've done it in my other business models for a business it teaches dating courses this is the exact pattern that we followed to become more more more profitable we start off with what I view traffic sources have you building a business with you writing books are doing a blog or address on Facebook and start about your audience you start off as an affiliate I do think that's where you should stars begin in the beginning and you recommend different courses of pride to see what people react to what things I recommend to people actually buy that's the key what things is your audience respond to she could start often whether to enclose the weather doing dog training doesn't matter you reckon other people's courses products services and then you see what is the most effective once outside the box here because I've gotten a few questions recent about fashion so fashion is fine the boy does it not pay it's really hard to get a good commission for recommending something physical because the cost is so high the overhead on a physical item is quite high if a store selling address for hundred dollars it probably paid $50 for right to pay half and they delegate whatever the retail price is usually double the wholesale price writing that's the model $600 dress they paid $50 for then have the cost of warehousing at the cost of shipping and other things so they can only afford to give you a piece of that $50 they can probably only pay you like a $10 commission every 10 or less probably trying 10 less dollars you get 10% of the action where is if you promote Digital Products comes up you 75% huge difference 7.5 times more 7/2 times more than a .5 are not the same yet so on hundred dollars for a digital course are to pay 75 but let's talk about close get a close game and what a lot of women do right now is a start interim channels that take pictures himself wearing rabbits and in all the things that when you can click I go I like that address where can I buy you send them to the link that's phase 1 if you one get to the next level you figure out what people like you oh my gosh people only like when I do summer dresses as a lady from Texas who started quite successful she started doing socks she only sells stocks she started off showing all the socks have a really popular pictures on Instagram and Facebook of her socks and she makes her own socks which means that she makes a huge amount of money she's making millions of men's dollars on television a few times is why know about it a sock expert so you start off wearing all the things you find a people respond the most to my shoes while you can get into the shoe game you can move from affiliate to drop shipper which is where someone buys a shoe from you from your website directly you then buy it for a manufacturer who shipped it straight to the customer that's a drop shipping is so for physical stuff that's how you move from affiliate to drop shipping which is also something called by leaving us when you put your name on someone else's product but you pay the fee for the right to do it like white licensing construction doing her actual item but the same idea when you drop shipping you now make it so making $10 per dress your immigrant 50 that's a start make the real money see the difference this is when you move into a walled garden then you get to the point you only recommend stuff made by you why do you think shoe companies may close do you think they make a mess of the will of course none it's that they can get you into that Branson want people like you don't just buy stuff from you so if they like Sally dresses there only in a buy sell addresses you become a brand you become more than just a recommender you become the provider and what you take over that second step in the process you can begin to quit your own walled garden so now not only are you recommending things we also providing the shears why when someone goes to another source you recommend that source keeps her name address and begins emailing them so let's say you sell a dress from target the center of the target website for spray dressed $17 regularly by target then will send them an email every couple of days with other similar dresses for them to buy and you don't get a commission on those duress another email last week about the photo offer I knew the risk because now anyone who bought that offer is on the app summa list and Apsu has a new offer every week or two and there you get emailed about those offers and I will there's no reward fee for those is no commission in effect absolute is a pay is a very affiliate program anyways I normally wouldn't I wouldn't of promoted it for the money I promoted for the offer is actually bought it I only record things actually used by so it's after that first communication the two people we've introduced your customer or your follower and the business they start fornicating without you they cut you out got you out they cut out the middleman that's why we transition a walled garden that stops happening if I sell a course for $297 K personal level when so by my course that my course the cost that much to me three months to put together a huge amount of work huge course really powerful I don't have to share that commission and to show that money was anyone else I don't have to give details I can use that money to then build my next course I don't have to worry that I'll know I'm a $300 today minimum to lose this relationship because now they're gonna buy stuff from this other person now looking to get interactions other message so as you're building your business to building your fashion business or fashion website switching to drop shipping simply means you control the relationship with the customer you can still sell exact same clothes you can even drop ship from used to recommend you could say order for me and they send you the -8 to $20 dress I don't recommend doing this this is a little more how can you do what you can do this is like entering a drop shipping idea so you could say semi $20 to send you $20 can you order the dress and target yourself to your link and then you send in the dress it's too collocated doing that way but that's the idea of drop shipping right much better if you go to the wholesaler by pretend that we make more money but even then you still make a fellow Christian and you control the relationship inboxes are inundated with messages I used to have an email address that was my business email Jonathan organic consulting solutions station Michael name since a long known can spell it I still can't use that email address I haven't actively used in six years because I got onto a marking list there are people whom I might see this week in person who will not let you off the list you can unsubscribe as much as you want but they just won't let you off the in its illegal but they still do it and yet about families and all these things near him in so you have to actively fight against garbage and those are marketing emails so even if the only message that you want to read is the one for me if you get 50 marketing messages that you may not see the one for me I sent him a couple days ago the not let me who responded to my first thought wasn't oh my gosh no one loves me more my first I was on management to get to my emails I get the switch distracts the switch noise from the competition from other people competing for your attention it's a gift to your followers into your audience to not inundated with messages from strangers to help them have a clear message from you so here fashion website you're not just making more money you're also giving a better experience because they won't be overwhelmed with information they won't be distracted by all the noise that's what's important letting people have a good experience let you have a good chance of success is absolutely critical that's how you go from good to great the table from a business to a real business session he said that if you go from entrepreneur to business when you look at the web structured servo master it's different than how to structure business is the past here's why I could sell the entire business right now hypothetically I wouldn't I'm not that point but at some point I might be in 10 years I might want to retire if I go blind or if my voice blows out and I'll probably want to retire okay I'd like to have that option want to sell the business it would still have all the same content would be similar to running it selling my courses on my training using my information that's why it's not the Jonathan Greene show it's about the message more than just me is something I want to do but if you had parents who owned a business and then when they realized they couldn't sell it the retirement faced I want that to be in a position I want something to my children can take over or that I can retire from market sell when the time comes so this business is structured that way if you visit your own you all mimic all our money promoting other people's products to sale value of your business is far lower if you say all everything sells internal in the viruses is much higher so think about these elements when it comes do your business think about how you're going to deal with the future how you deal with it if you ever want to retire most people don't think about that we start a business the only think about it towards the end and that's a mistake to think about how you want your journey to end now it's her putting things in place this is why my businesses while guarding this is why even what people often a lot of money okay people offer me thousands of dollars for access to this list and I don't sell it I don't sell you my address and give you access to I don't promote stuff but I don't use it when people give me demo software about him the time really use it and be sure that I like it if it doesn't come apart my business I do recommend it okay okay but how much landing on the table does matter to me I'm in this for the long haul and I see the future the future that will have a long-term relation to the future that if I need to retire I can the futures of any to pass on to my children I can't so those are three more benefits to walled garden so even if you start off with a fashion interim account you can move into a real business that eventually you could sell and always think about that because that's the endgame of any business that's the ability to sell it what you much stronger position to think about these things Dick about turning your business into all guarded over time even if you started as an affiliate want to find out we want when you make your own versions or the white label version and that's the future so build your own walled garden and your future become secure thank you for listening to this week's episode of serve no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to escape that rat rings it over to serve no now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five star review of this podcast see you tomorrow thank you for listening this episode of the serve no master podcast to find out how to get a free copy of my new book head over to serve no\podcasts right now

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