SNM065: 7 Reasons You Need a Resource Page

The Serve No Master Toolbox is one of the most important pages on this entire website.  It generates more money than any other page and allows me to quickly and easily direct fans to the tools they need to build a business.

What Resources?

Every single day at least one person asks me how I built my website or what tool I use to do something.  Whatever you believe in and people ask you about the most should hold prime position on your resource page.

You don’t want a list of five hundred affiliate links.  Too much becomes overwhelming and people don’t take it seriously.

Always give people your top recommendation and stick to your guns.

Are You Selling Out?

You are in business to make money.  As long as you are honest with people, you won’t have a problem.  Some people will click on your links as a way of thanking you for the awesome feedback and advice you gave them.

You don’t need to hide that you get paid to recommend some things.

Only recommend tools and resources that you believe in – even if they don’t pay.

Scrivener is my favorite writing tool and I recommend it more than anything else.  There is no affiliate commission on that product.  They finally have an iOs version that I can get a commission on, but I have barely used it – that means I can’t recommend it.  I’m not sure it’s awesome yet (but it probably is!)

Be Creative

When building your resource page, look at the pages of people you look up to and admire in your industry.

Get an idea for how they design their page and what kind of products they recommend.

This is a great way to get a baseline rather than simply guessing.

If you look at my toolbox page, you will notice that the graphics are awesome.  They took me ten times longer than anything else about that page.  I made each banner myself and spent ages sizing each element to perfection.

That effort now will pay massive dividends for years to come.

Listen to more resource page tips and tricks on today’s episode….

Key Points:

  1. Find the right resources
  2. Build your page
  3. Create custom graphics

Resources Mentioned:


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