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SNM013: How to find a mentor to make money online

Thousands of ways to make money online and every sales message was written by a professional.  Most of them actually work as well.  It’s easy to hop from an amazing idea to an amazing idea – promise to promise.  Trying to do two things at once always fails.  You become good at two things instead of excellent at one.

Writing my new book was fast, but editing it took WAY longer than I projected.  It’s very difficult to predict how much effort a project will take until you start.

You cannot follow two gurus – trying to serve two masters.

Shiny Object Syndrome

Each of those amazing courses and ideas sounds like the answer to all your problems.  Ninety-nine percent of people jump to the next promise before they even implement the first one.  Stop chasing dreams, find one path, stay on it until you succeed.

Balance Between Passion and Profit

We can get so focused on one idea, that we miss opportunities.  I only want to make money learning one way and I reject opportunities that don’t match that desire.  How long will it take to get there?  If a system takes too long to make that first dollar, your motivation will fade away before you get there.

Follow someone with a track record; I’ve made money online since 2010 – that’s six years of no office and total freedom.  My journey started with selling SEO and it was the only choice because I had no money for a different course.  One of the best ways to connect with your preferred leader is getting an hour of coaching.

Do you get access to the coach or just a minion who is regurgitating?

Choosing the Right Path

Start with a course and make your money back  Follow someone who does the coaching personally and has been doing what they teach for a long time  Many coaches make more money teaching than they do IMPLEMENTING what they teach.

Someone who has a pyramid of products and coaching that you can climb as you make more money.

Key Points:

  1. Don’t Get Overwhelmed
  2. Focus on a single strategy until you succeed
  3. Follow a coach who can guide you all the way to the top

Resources Mentioned:

Words to Profit Mastery

Bestseller in a Box

Local Consulting Millionaire

Serve No Master on Amazon

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