SNM029: Don’t Be Selfish

Many new marketers are tempted to hide all their best material.  They want to become wizards shrouded in mystery.  This strategy often backfires.  Don't go in this direction; don't selfish.

Pay it Forward

Look how much information that I give away for free.  I deliver five free podcasts full of information every single week.  There is no co-host. Unlike other shows, I don't rely on interviews.  I internally generate the content.  This is pure value.  My listens go up with every episode and I don't hide anything behind a gate.  The only limitation on content is my desire to keep episodes to a certain length for you.

Secrets Don't Make Friends

When I first started out, I massively overvalued myself.  I acted like I was smarter than everyone else and I priced myself out of the market.  I was charging more than people who were in the same industry for years.  They might have big followings and a successful business, but I had better material. Hubris created a distance between me and my audience.

Sharing powerful material that helps people will create friends and fanatics.  Helping people to succeed will forge a long-term relationship.

I'd Rather Be Loved

I use Dragon Dictate for my transcription and dictation software and I can tell you that every single person I know likes the software and hates the company.  They have the worst customer support, payment processing, and sale technology of any company on the market.  They operate like an early 1990s company.  If another company came out with a similar product, they would be out of business within a year.

You can get away with running your business that way for a while.  Do you want to run a business that only exists because there is no competition?  Talk about a risky strategy.

People Purchase Structure and Access

You worry that if you give away all your knowledge nobody will ever pay you for it.  That's a legitimate fear.  People pay more for access to you and the structure of your products.  You can learn everything in my products if you read enough blog posts and listen to enough podcast episode.  The information is piecemeal; like Dr. Frankenstein, you have to reassemble the information in the correct order to bring your monster to life.

It takes more than pieces of information to create success.  And when people love you, they will pay for your products.  Focus on building a tribe and the rest will follow.

Key Points:

  1. The more value that you give away, the more your audience will love you
  2. Your information will change over time, so the old stuff doesn't matter anyway
  3. It's better to be loved and build an army of fanatics

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Don't be selfish on today's episode today's episode is brought to you by SCO prolapse the company that I trust to keep serving master at the top of Google to save 10% use the coupon code serve no master check out go to\SCO today are you tired of dealing with you longer and underappreciated to make it online and start eating retirement dreams now likely will open new revenue streams make money one reason why celibacy by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now as you know my very first product was a small guided written with a few basic tips on how to start a conversation with a woman when you're single nervous guy and have no idea what to do it was the very first thing I ever try to sell online and when I set my price when I set my entire structure everything was around me I surprise that I thought my perfect note is worth I don't care what other people sell their knowledge for mine is worth more and I offered affiliates and terrible commission so no one ever promoted me no one has any interested in unfair commission at the time I really believe that knowledge is more valuable than traffic I've since learned that the wrong traffic is worth 7090% of sale the product 10 to 25% traffic customers and audiences were far more in any product someone with an audience can recommend anything they want someone with a product or beholden to their fillets their JVs the people that are set in the traffic I didn't understand the power balance and I was too driven by my own Hoover's and my own selfishness there are other ways people manifest us in business sometimes people want to hide their best information behind a pay wall everything is about keeping their best material secret it comes out in their blog posts it comes out in their videos you can always tell your getting the junior varsity material and I really get in a team you're not getting the best self this mindset can really slow you down instead of like to propose to you a different mindset it will help you make more money build more of a connection with your audience and grow much much faster there's this movie may forward which may be like maybe don't and this really interesting idea that everyone should do three favors for strangers to push positive karma into the world heartwarming movies that I was as well be amazing if the world is like that and then whatever does it what you can do with your audience what you can do with your blogs your podcast episodes your video however your sharing information as a content marker however your someone creating information put in the world you can pay it forward you can create information and give the best stuff you have for free I have some very expensive coaching programs that I only opened up a few times a year I'm very very exclusive and very limited about how may people I can spend time with because my coach includes phone call Skype calls a lot of one-on-one contact with me a lot of working together I can have on people and I wouldn't be able to personally oversee 100 people working on a project where possible most of the information you get inside my high-level coaching program you can find if you go through all of my other books all of my blog posts every single podcast episode you can find all that information for free when people purchase a course more than anything else the purchasing the structure of the Pershing the organization when I purchase a course it's about the steps in the process more than anything else I often know all the things I need to do I knew exactly what I needed to do to launch my first Amazon book I didn't know the right order the order is exactly what I needed to find out I made a lot of money to learn from someone else since then ever find and improve their system five or six fold but that first piece of information at first it will knock it was what I really really needed giving away your material for free is not a mistake it's not a foolish mistake it's a way of paying it forward you'll develop a connection with your audience and audience will fall in love with you every time on the phone with the potential coaching client someone who goes the cycle visibly can't afford it I give them a series of tools and training it's from a blog ransom podcast evidence to help them make enough money so the next cycle have enough profit to be little bind my course bind my coaching by doing my training programs from profit rather than from debt there astounded that I give away this type of information for free why would help people make money online for free when there's nothing in it for me but that's the wrong minds that you don't want to be selfish only caught up in this me me me mindset want to focus on giving and pushing positiveness in the world what you want to call, or something else the more good things you do for the people around the more you help your list the longer the relationship will be it's very easy to make a quick buck off someone very very easy unfortunately that's what you want to do nothing I'm teaching you in any of my podcast lessons teaches you to do I don't teach that method I'm aware that I gotta do it but I know interest in the I'm interested in long-term relationships your listeners podcast episode I like you to listen to the next thousand podcast I was I would like us to grow together to the point where you quit your job your millionaire give total control of your destiny and we still have a relationship over the next 510 20 years that's the relationship I'm looking for the longevity when longevity is your mindset when you believe in the business or building when you're building a business instead of a hobby when you're building something you believe in and you look at the long view it makes sense to form a long-term relationship short-term literature with the customer to make $1000 $3000 almost anybody but a long-term initiative with that same customer maybe pays you three or four dollars the first year $10 and actually begins to grow pays a couple hundred dollars maybe over the next 1030 years independent and a $20,000 to help them grow in as they had each different plateau or moment where they need to overcome and grow when they want to go from $1000 a day to $10,000 a day when you go from $1 million-$10 million in the business Bill turn to you at the huge moment you conform is really powerful relationships because you started off giving away a lot of free content I don't hold anything back in my material I used to really have that mindset and it comes from this idea that you have secret piece of knowledge of people codified of the pay for it it works as a sales technique but it doesn't work forming a long-term relationship there are certain advanced techniques that I don't share in every form I don't share my most secret material in public platforms that's true I do save a few very special things to accelerate or turbocharge for my high-end coaching clients for my product purchasers for the structure of launching a book for every single step you need to launch a bestseller to write your own first book get on Amazon get an amazing cover launch it and have success make some money from it the penny penny the knowledge is there if you want to take that and then build it into a really big business that's when the next phase that's when you begin to have to pay for things with me but I don't hide material behind a pay wall with the mindset of forcing people to buy I want people to be able to make money before they buy from me I want to make a little bit of a better place I want to help people out that's a little bit my mindset when you have that mindset people really form a relationship with you it's kind of that old saying a leader can be feared or love you rather be feared I'd rather beloved I would rather have my audience lamented fear me I'm past that phase of my life and it has to do with getting a little older having a couple kids definitely my philosophy is changed my business is growing massively because of it you want to form a business with a great deal of goodwill the structure of goodwill is everything when your audience likes you those people who can't afford your products as people who can afford to purchase any right now they can't really afford something instead of leaving them in the dust helping them a little bit and they will tell anyone they know how wonderfully work they will become the greatest affiliates of the greatest proselytizers for you people that you help without squeezing them will leave you reviews will leave you video reviews will follow all of your courses will postings on social media build tell everyone how wonderful your messages treating people the right way has a great deal of financial benefit the first part I told you all the reasons to do it for morality and for grading a better world you can also do it because financially in the long-term it's better when you help people out and create these ardent fans they will send you real customers real traffic the following help you grow your business and you make a great deal of financial gain symptom because their total believers and you Goodwill is one of most valuable currencies that you can have when you're thinking about writing blog posts writing emails to your list providing content recording videos give your best give your best content on those ideas give your really solid material you can save a few of your top-secret tips and a little something celebrate her's things that magnify the growth for the inside people by your courses most of the time Thursday they want that information all the different blog post they want in the right order how many times have people purchase books that were originally blocks you write a couple hundred blog posts and you turn it into a book people buy the book because they want the structure and the organization I purchased books exactly the same way organization and structure known the right order of things is very very valuable in every industry have entered in every market I've dabbled with I've discovered that the order things is the most important thing to know most people have an idea of the right things to do they just don't know the right order pretty much everyone out there if I said right on the steps of writing a book and getting it published they would be able to write them down they just wouldn't have them in the right order and they wouldn't know how many different pieces you need to reach whatever reviews do I need how many sales 20 there are no specifics like that but they would know the right steps just not the right order another great magnitude of them but they would know the right steps the same thing for most anything else when you give your audience really get information they begin to trust you love you and want to connect with you the want to help you grow because they appreciate what you're doing they appreciate the value given in the knowledge or give them that you don't hide things from that they feel like they can trust you they feel like they know you and never pour that connection is really would provide longevity in your business it's a lot easier to form a business based on goodwill it's very hard to play the seeker wizard shell game with your customers and feel good about it all the time you forget what you're trying to hide you forget what the secret you feel it's not a secret it's very hard to stay on top of all that stuff it's very complicated and there's really no value in your audience isn't going to appreciate it giving your audience your best is about building legacy everything you put online is there forever every blog post you write every podcast episode every video you make will be online forever for all of eternity I have videos that I made 78 910 years ago to review different products and I put them on YouTube I don't remember the password of the channel and arrive at a motorist anywhere I wanted to delete those because I never could plus they got uploaded to 10 or 20 different websites I deafly don't know the longest all those other websites things we do get disseminated copied spread out and their permanent the blog post to write if they really solid information they can become permanent everything I know about Amazon you can find through blog posts to these podcast episodes through my website through all of the different things I share through some of the books the release of Amazon now to share more and more my secrets it doesn't matter because the market is always changing my techniques are changing all the time the things I was doing on Amazon three months ago are very different from what I'm doing I'm always adapting to my market understand my market more finding new opportunities changing the way I approach the business if I give away everything and you six months ago is almost irrelevant because everything I'm doing now is change in the same in most markets I approach all of my relationship market material changes all the time I release new products every few months because the science the technology and culture changes a dating book from 20 years ago perfect example is the rules that's a very popular book for women it's designed to they control the relationship and getting out to follow with that book was written in the 70s and they haven't updated since they release it all the time some of the advice he gives is based on if your whole family shows one telephone downstairs in the kitchen our world hasn't been like that in so long and what has her own cell phone out when I was nice glad a page or even when I was high school long time ago the technology changed following the structure of the rules it doesn't make sense because it doesn't take and calculate technology change and culture changes as well the way people communicate with each other changes every few years the advent of texting than the advent of Twitter than the advent of Snapchat than the changing of these different technologies with people message on Facebook the way we communicate the slang we use the structure of conversation he changes many of the things that we think are static are not static the way people date changes every five or seven years now that I'm in a laundress of a bit of a very long time shifting out of that market more and more my material is about relationship strength English maintenance making sure your relation can go the entire distance but even there the technology is constantly shifting I was working on a project that's all about succeeding with a long-distance relationship I wrote the original version of the product to her three years ago with Sonos working with the project fell through as happened sometimes with some projects I kept all the material two years later I read it everything I was redoing the videos recently we recording everything many of the technology tools that I recommended an original version there in a business there's all these companies that make software apps on any app store iTunes after the Google flap sort you'll find pieces of software tools apps that are designed to help long-distance couples succeed they come in and out of business all the time someone has idea it last for 3 to 6 months in the company's gone the app gets to doesn't get updated flood stops working he gets left behind even if you're in a serious relationship even if your way past that early dating face much of the advice and much of the information out there the relevancy changes constantly one of the biggest challenges and long-distance relationships if you read any book written more than 10 years goes what the cost of long-distance phone calls this whole chapter is about dealing with Logsdon's phone calls and getting phone cards and all of these things that were big challenges when I was younger but no longer relevant with the advent of the cell phone long-distance phone call pricing disappeared you no longer paid a different price for local long-distance call became the same calling Ellie Delhi relating York with the same price the challenge disappeared all you can see each other so painful when you can't teach others to write a letter left with four days… Your Skype and Skype video understanding the way technology is changing understanding the culture changes because of technology means that giving away all of your information out doesn't matter because three months everything will change everything about blogging is constantly changing everything as far as driving traffic formulation with your audience doing social media guess what it's costly changing with new social media but for securing and different ones disappearing there's a very strong possibility that one of the largest social media platforms in the world will be sold broken off or dissolved in the next 12 months some of those platforms that were so familiar with and everyone thinks are wonderful are losing huge amounts of money I don't want to name names you can look online and discover that one of the social media platforms just dropped from number three to number nine in the last year and is lost $500 million in 12 months it's very hard to run a business losing that kind of money what happens when that platform disappears will all the courses on how to use a platform to make money become irrelevant you gave away great material but now the markets change as you change what you're teaching is you've changed what you're doing keep moving for two still have all the goodwill but most of that information is no longer relevant its order cutting edge people want your newest and best stuff don't worry about giving away your secrets so much focus one giving good will focus more giving people the experience you want to receive another way to give back goodwill and to pay for it is responding to your audience I wish I was the best at this unfortunately even I tell people a type some of you message me on Twitter or Facebook through in my Facebook pages I'm not very good at noticing those messages if you email me 90% chance I'll reply to you if you email me through this podcast I'll definitely see a reply I check this email account the most with her some of my pen name for authors they get a lot of junk email sometimes I miss you must go check them all the time a check once a day and things slip through but I tried to be very very good verifying everything a person who messages me on those platforms that to me that's one of the most important places to connect with people and is not that great at it because I'm not I love to be the best social media in the world it's not thing I excel at I don't always like checking twitter seven times a day checking Facebook for times a day and checking for Lincoln messages and check knowledge of things becomes overwhelming for me to keep up with all of but when people email me if you write me an email you will get a reply just this morning someone really wanted to connect with me and he sent me two emails to the podcasting address and a bunch of messages to the Facebook page once I saw those messages we chat on Facebook for five or 10 minutes we end up on the phone together and give them some legal advice help them to develop the next phase of his business project all because I respond to my audit some people of the mindset the send emails for address they never check your point all their messages and there's no hope of ever hearing back from them when you send a message to someone and you get no reply it feels very empty it stinks I've done it before I've been where you are right now I've been a part of the audience and sent an email to the person I looked up as an immature assignment I've said he was to people that I bought 23 $5000 courses from and when they don't reply or if I'm lucky I get a copy of his reply from customer service department that doesn't make me very happy makes me feel pretty crap you want to treat your customers that what you want to give them as much of you as is possible now at a certain point your business gets too big and you start getting hundreds of thousands of emails a day right now I'm lucky that I only get a dozen emails a day two or three a big day I can handle those myself it will get to a point eventually where it's hard for me to respond and when personnel try my best hopefully I can continue to do it myself but it's always possibly get to the point where it's too big but the personalized replies taking the time to answer was questions you have an assistant doing it in the new system passes to the unique emails of the ones that require more than a simple copy and paste this many people asked me to repeat questions how do I do this how do I do that I'm having a problem with this, this log in some of that stuff doesn't require me to isolate myself I giving of myself by answering anyone's emails I form amazing relationships I sell more coaching I develop more relationship somewhat product number that's intentional that just happens because of the way I deal with my audience and I find more opportunity sometime to email me that great idea and is a automatable stool something together you can find amazing opportunity by treating her audience the right way all of these doors open up because your mindset started out with I want to give rather than I want to take the more value love energy goodwill karma whatever word you'd like to use the more positiveness you give to your audience more really good information you shared the more your focus is on helping them rather than getting them excited enough to pay for your help that little change in mindset I want to help people rather than I want you to pay me for help can actually make you more money you feel better about yourself people like you a lot more and connect with you for a long longer don't be selfish and you become a millionaire a lot faster listening to this week's episode no master never missed a so be back next Tuesday with two jackets on how to escape that no now just to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller no master will you use the five don't you respond to Tuesday you just listen to another amazing episode of the servo master podcast make sure to subscribe we back tomorrow with another amazing so

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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