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SNM029: Don’t Be Selfish

Many new marketers are tempted to hide all their best material.  They want to become wizards shrouded in mystery.  This strategy often backfires.  Don't go in this direction; don't selfish.

Pay it Forward

Look how much information I give away for free.  I deliver five free podcasts full of information every single week.  There is no co-host. Unlike other shows, I don't rely on interviews.  I internally generate the content.  This is pure value.  My listens go up with every episode and I don't hide anything behind a gate.  The only limitation on content is my desire to keep episodes to a certain length for you.

Secrets Don't Make Friends

When I first started out, I massively overvalued myself.  I acted like I was smarter than everyone else and I priced myself out of the market.  I was charging more than people who were in the same industry for years.  They might have big followings and a successful business, but I had better material. Hubris created a distance between me and my audience.

Sharing powerful material that helps people will create friends and fanatics.  Helping people to succeed will forge a long-term relationship.

I'd Rather Be Loved

I use Dragon Dictate for my transcription and dictation software and I can tell you that every single person I know likes the software and hates the company.  They have the worst customer support, payment processing, and sale technology of any company on the market.  They operate as an early 1990s company.  If another company came out with a similar product, they would be out of business within a year.

You can get away with running your business that way for a while.  Do you want to run a business that only exists because there is no competition?  Talk about a risky strategy.

People Purchase Structure and Access

You worry that if you give away all your knowledge nobody will ever pay you for it.  That's a legitimate fear.  People pay more for access to you and the structure of your products.  You can learn everything in my products if you read enough blog posts and listen to enough podcast episode.  The information is piecemeal; like Dr. Frankenstein, you have to reassemble the information in the correct order to bring your monster to life.

It takes more than pieces of information to create success.  And when people love you, they will pay for your products.  Focus on building a tribe and the rest will follow.

Key Points:

  1. The more value that you give away, the more your audience will love you
  2. Your information will change over time, so the old stuff doesn't matter anyway
  3. It's better to be loved and build an army of fanatics

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