Are You Trapped in Your Job

We are made this promise when we are children that if we keep our heads down and study hard, eventually we will get the reward we want.  If we work hard in school then we get into a good high school, followed by a great college and a wonderful post-graduate program.   So we endure hours of abuse and boring teachers absorbing information that is completely useless.  When is the last time you had to figure out the area of a triangle?  How about naming three civil war generals.

I'm not against math or history, but we sure learn a lot of things that don't matter.  Teachers love to mis-quote, “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”  Except that quote is actually talking about your own history.  He was talking about learning from your mistakes, not studying latin history in high school.

I am just like you.  I grinded like a beast in school waiting for that big reward.  I worked so hard that I skipped a grade in COLLEGE.  Nobody does that.  I graduated in three years with a lovely degree.  Like every school mine had a department that helps you get a job.  So with a diploma in my fist I started emailing them.

Big surprise they offer no help.  Is it any wonder that every college tour guide is a former graduate from there?


We end up with these degrees that we invested huge chunks of time and money into.  And then we enter the workforce and the job opportunities are brutal.  Everyone is so excited to make more money with the rising minimum wage, but now all those jobs are being replaced by robots.  So the pay is better, but only if you can compete with a robot that never gets sick.

I was twenty-nine when I peaked in my career.  I was working at a tier one university and in charge of six other teachers.  I was in charge of a multimillion dollar program.  Even before I was fired, the job was killing me.  There was no reward for creativity or working hard.  When I finished an assignment early people looked at me with hatred burning in their eyes.

Whenever you work for a bib machine the first rule is to not make waves.  People are trained to work hours.  The level of success is almost completely irrelevant.

Whatever you are doing right now, if you landed on my website, there is a very good chance that you hate it.  Would you rather be doing something else right now?  Would you rather be watching a football game or making love to your wife?  Would you rather be at the movies or taking a nap?


That's a sign that something is wrong in your career path.

You have been sold a bill of goods your entire life and it's garbage.  That next promotion won't make you happy.  You will make a little more money and be charged a lot more stress.

They use fear and financial obligation to trap us in our jobs.  If you had no debt and fifty grand in savings, how fast would you be out that door?

That's why corporations conspire to keep us in debt.  It's how they have created a legal slave class.

You can shatter that fear and escape the prison that binds you.

I hated my job.  I was six months ahead of my work schedule in the first week.  I started taking three hour walks and two hours lunches and I still couldn't fill my days.  I am thankful everyday that they fired me.  It's like they fired me from a prison.

My old boss is sill working out of her tiny cubicle waiting for all of her benefits to vest when she turns sixty-five.

I'm sitting on the beach deciding if I want to swim in the ocean or the pool right now.

What do you wish you could spend all day doing?  Please share in the comments below!

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