SNM130: When The Motivation Fades Away

You don't have to give up just because you are feeling down…

We all have those days where it feels like nothing can go right.

You were two steps ahead this morning, but by dinnertime, you are five steps behind.

That big deal you were counting on falls through.

And suddenly there is that negative symbol in front of your bank balance.

Everybody Bleeds

Start by realizing that you are not unique.

You are not the only one having a bad day today.

There are millions of people in worse situations and they don't give up.

Use the strength of the world around you to encourage you to step back into that ring.

To keep on swinging.

To refuse to give up.

Carved out of Wood

The only way to get tough is to take a few knocks.

Just because I'm a little further up the mountain, does not mean that my life is no perfect.

I spent hours negotiating a new project with someone only to find out that they never had any intention of moving forward in the first place.

It can feel like a kick in the teeth and a reason to give up.

But these things happen to everyone and they make you so much stronger.

I know that time investment will pay off when that company realizes how fast I can grow their brand.

I will use that negotiation practice the next time I work on a deal.

Focus on that silver lining.

The people focusing on the grey never escape that cloud of despair.

But I know you can do better…

Show Notes:

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Key Points:

  1. All business is based on perception
  2. Mask your desperation
  3. Project success to get paid more

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