Medical Tourism Saves You Money

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  1. My experience in Thailand was much the same. When Jonathan mentions greed being a huge motivator for medical doctors in the United States, I have to agree, as well. I’ve spoken with many people who became medical physicians, simply because they desired the lifestyle that it could bring.

    Finances aside, the passion was abundantly clear. Even when getting a foot massage in Bangkok, Thailand, I paid less than a quarter of the price than I would in US. They really care about their service, and go above and beyond to provide the utmost professionalism.

    Take a look at their movie theaters. Albeit smaller in seating capacity, you can find top notch theaters with state of the art 3D systems. You really get a bang for your buck. I haven’t had a serious medical situation in a foreign country, but I’m strongly considering getting things like dental work done abroad – insurance compliance permitting.