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SNM024: Get Paid Before You Do Any Work as a Local Consultant

The very first money I ever made online was BEFORE  I did any work.  My first customer handed me a check for $200.  I felt amazing.  There is no feeling quite like getting paid before you do any work.

Invest Your Paychecks in Training and Technology

I received my first paycheck before I had any idea how SEO actually worked.  I took that check and began to invest in software and tools that I needed to deliver results.  Each additional check allowed me to get better equipment and raise my rates.  Your first client can be an Angel Investor that you never have to pay back.

Arbitrage is the Name of the Game

Three components to this business

  1. Sell – Get New Clients
  2. Deliver – Do the Work
  3. Manage – Hold the Client's Hand

There isn't enough time in the day to do all three and grow your business.

Clients Will Not Be Grateful

You can make a client millions and they will complain about paying you peanuts.  It's important to set up clear client management from the start.  If you start off weak, clients will take advantage of you.  You need a strategy from day one.

The Beauty of the White Label

If you spend all your time hunched over a computer, you have no time to actually grow your business.  Using a third party to deliver the actual product allows you to focus on those sales calls and client management.  As you improve your client management strategy, more and more of your time will free up.  You can then begin to scale your business.  Add on “support” as a paid feature to your service packages.  Nobody wants to pay extra just to call and annoy you.

You can generate infinitely scalable income.  You are simply a store, buying the service at wholesale and selling it to the customer at retail.

Big Menu Temptation

It's tempting to offer every service you can think of.  You want to squeeze every penny possible out of your clients or you keep throwing in “extras” as a way to close that sale.  You end up overwhelming the client or giving away so much extra that you take a loss.  With too many choices your fledgling business will fail.

You don't want to hear these dreaded words:

“I need to think about this before I decide.”

You will never hear from them again.  Just create three prices and stick to that for now.  People can easily understand small, medium and large.

Become a Job Creator

When the realty market floods, you can go in your own direction and create a business.  You can hire other salespeople in your area, pay them well, and become very wealthy.

But I Don't have Any Experience of Proof

Set up a demonstration website as a proof of concept.  When the website is ranking, you can rent it out to a local business owner.

Key Points:

  1. You can get paid before you know anything
  2. Focus purely on sales
  3. Hire sales staff to scale your business

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