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Kibo Eclipse Review & Bonus by Super Affiliate Jonathan Green

Welcome to my Kibo Eclipse bonus and review. Hey, it’s Jonathan Green from Serve No Master here and I’m so excited to start 2022 with you.

I really appreciate you taking the time to check out my Kibo Eclipse Review and epic bonus.

I try to be cautious about the programs that I review and create bonuses for. Writing this blog post alone takes me more than ten hours and writing this post about my kibo eclipse bonuses was double the work as there was a formatting error with the first version and I had to rewrite and format the entire post by hand.

If you’ve made it this far, you are looking to start a profitable online business and you’ve searched for Kibo Eclipse reviews or bonuses to see if this is the right program for you. This post isn’t going to break down the entire product but rather give a birds-eye view of what the Kibo Eclipse program can do for you, who the program is for, who it isn’t for and to help you see which camp you fall into.

If you’ve searched Google or YouTube for information about this program, you’ve probably noticed a bunch of articles and videos that promise the moon and seem to have been written by a computer program rather than a real person.

When choosing a review to read and a bonus for a product, make sure that it’s coming from a real person. You can tell that this page is chock full of original art and yes those are pictures of me in a Tigger costume I bought in Japan 😉

As a caveat (that’s a fancy way of saying warning), there are NO early review copies of Kibo Eclipse going out, so those Kibo Eclipse reviewers claiming to have been through the program and written a detailed Kibo Eclipse review are less than honest.. Only because I’m a super affiliate did I get the chance to see the product early and put together my epic Kibo Code Bonus package. (I have been through previous products by this team, so I have a strong sense of the quality of the training). I have received a few sneak previews, however, that I’m going to share with you in this post.

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Kibo Eclipse Foundation

Kibo Ecplise is the latest iteration of the system developed by Aidan and Steven (I’ll introduce you to them in a moment.) The program has gone through several names, starting with Kibo Code and then Kibo Code Quantum before Settling on Kibo Eclipse. I actually though the program was going to be called Kibo Code Eclipse and had to change a bunch of my artwork with the final title change.

The Kibo system started when Steven and Aidan visited a very special store in Japan called Don Quijote. If you can read Japanese, you’ll notice that in some pictures the name has changed to Mega Donkey. Donkey is short for Don Quijote, not the animal.

The beauty of this store is that everything it carries is awesome. You never know what you’re going to find there. And that’s why you go.

Rather than going to a lamp store, tire store or grocery store. You are going to an amazing store. I haven’t been to Japan since 2007, so there’s no way I can tell you what you’ll find it you visit a branch today. They change what’s on display all the time.

DonQuijote KiboCodeFrontDoor
This is the entrance to one of the craziest and most brilliant stores in Japan. And I’ve been there.

I’ve lived in Japan twice. Once for a Summer in Hamamatsu during college and then for two years in Saga after I graduated. I taught English in high schools around the prefecture and while I was there I discovered the craziest store I’ve ever been to. Don Quijote had everything.

It was one of those stores that you couldn’t stop exploring. While I was there I bought a bunch of full-sized Disney costumes, including Eyore, Tigger, and Dale (I’m pretty sure he’s the one with the red nose.)

These costumes were an absolute hit and traveled around the world with me for nearly three years.

Here are my friends wearing my costumes on a night out in Japan. This was taken on a camera phone nearly fifteen years ago, so the resolution isn’t that great.

kibo eclipse system

These costumes are part of the core concept of Kibo Eclipse. Don’t specialize or niche down. Be a store that carries what’s popular. Give people what they want.

The Kibo Eclipse Team

kibo eclipse system

Aidan Booth

One half of the Kibo Eclipse Team, Aidan started his first online business way back in 2005 after falling in love and moving to a country where he didn’t speak the language. I too am an expat in a country where I don’t speak the language…

In 2013, he partnered with Steve Clayton to start building e-commerce stores and the rest is history. Traveling the world, they walked into a Don Quijote in Japan and the core concept behind the Kibo Code program was born.

Steven Clayton

The wiser Member of the team, Steve was the CFO of a Fortune 500 company and while the money. was good, he was chained to his desk. His desire to travel the world lead him to start building online businesses and eventually to partner with Aidan.

Together they have built the Kibo Academy where they have helped thousands of students to launch their first e-commerce business.

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What is the Kibo Eclipse Program

Let’s cut to the chase. You want to know one thing. Is Kibo Eclipse legit? You don’t need to read the rest of this post to know..the answer is yes. The entire Kibo Eclipse program is a deep system that just works. There is so much detail in this program and so many past success stories, you can rest assured that this program passes my sniff test.

The Kibo Code Eclipse system is a comprehensive training program that will show you how to make money using a very unique style of eCommerce that Steven and Aidan have made MILLIONS of dollars with over the past couple of years completely “under the radar.”

Kibo Eclipse is focused on teaching students how to build a store around a set of products that already do well and then to follow the Don Quijote system of moving the RIGHT products to the front and cutting the weak products out. You don’t have to worry about foreign suppliers or finding free traffic, because everything is covered in the kibo code training (now called the kibo eclipse training).

The main problem with most e-commerce systems is that they are extremely narrow in scope. You focus on one product, niche or product type and then stick with it until that works or doesn’t work and you have to start over. Aden Booth and Steve Clayton have developed a system that allows for mistakes and products that don’t work.

Because your store can stock ANYTHING, you can dump products that aren’t working and replace them with products that you’re customers do like. Although this is a system built around e-commerce websites, the system has a foundation in physical stores. Just like Don Quijote, you can open multiple stores with the kibo method. Making money online is very cool, but a foundation in the real, physical world is even cooler.

I love this business model and I already know the free traffic that Kibo code leverages. It’s very beginner-friendly and is a great way to get into online marketing, without spending mountains of money running facebook ads.

The Kibo Eclipse program is designed to grow with you and when you outgrow the free traffic sources, they coved some paid traffic methods that are much simpler than the big platforms. I’ve spent a lot of money on online ads, including up to $5,000 a month so I know a thing or two about making paid ads profitable. The Kibo Code Eclipse program passes my sniff test even for advanced users.

I was able to run online ads profitably for a few key reasons.

  1. I had my own products with a deep funnel, so even if I lost money on the initial offer, I knew I could break even within a month.
  2. I found a low-competition advertising network and was able to stay one step ahead of other advertisers for a while

Kibo Code Eclipse works because it bypasses the need to test and create your own product. They provide you with your initial set of offers – products they have already tested and confirmed are big sellers. And they open up some new paid traffic networks that I KNOW are underutilized and just ripe for you!

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The 5-Step Kibo Eclipse System

kibo code quantum

The Kibo Eclipse training program is broken down into five simple steps that I can share with you right here.

Step One – Install Your Ecommerce Website

AS you begin the Kibo Eclipse program you will build a generic electronic commerce website with a high converting theme. To be honest, Aidan Booth and Steve have done a lot of the heavy lifting here with their incredible software suite. You can get your store setup and ready to generate income in less than an hour.

Instead of using outdated strategies like building tiny little niche websites, you are going to follow the “Don Quijote” system. This means appealing to a wide audience and focusing on profitable products, rather than niches. They’ve spent 12 months testing and refining to get the most optimized storefront possible.

(The best part is, you won’t even need to set it up yourself… as they’re going to do it FOR you!)

Step Two – Identify Winners

I have a lot of friends who are in the dropshipping game. I live in the Far East and I have a ton of contacts over here. Dropshipping from China, which most other systems teach, is HARD. Either you sell small potatoes items and your customers have to wait weeks for delivery OR you do like my friend Jackson and fill a shipping container with hats and send it to a warehouse in America.

This method has the same downside as brick and mortar stores, you can spend ages waiting for delivery of popular products that sell out and at the same time stuck with shelves full of products that nobody wants.

With Kibo Eclipse, they GIVE you a set of America-based dropshippers with proven products. You simply plug in their product set and you are ready to start selling.

Step Three – Pick Your Profit Path

The third step in the Kibo Eclipse course is to choose your profit strategy. Your first goal is to hit $1000 a week as quickly as possible by taking advantage of all the instant sources of high targeted buyer traffic. You want to make online sales as quickly as possible so that you stay motivated to try more of the Kibo Eclipse e-commerce methods.

This is where most of us get stuck. Traffic is the lifeblood of ANY online system. With Kibo, you get access to a shortcut for FREE buyer traffic which is the best way to start getting sales fast. This isn’t about small business marketing that takes ages to see results, with this training program, you will drive free traffic and see results fast.

Step Four – Accelerate Your Sales

Once you have mastered your free traffic source, it’s time to optimize your sales process to increase your profits, which can take years of practice and experience…

OR… you can simply copy exactly what they’ve done and boost your sales with five secret Kibo Eclipse techniques

Steve and Aidan will teach you multiple methods for generating traffic, starting with a top-secret free traffic course and working all the way up to paid advertising with platforms that are a LOT easier than Google ads.

Step Five – Rinse & Repeat

Once you open the profit vault and find a product that works, you can just double and triple down on it and become one of the Kibo Eclipse success stories. The entire program is leading to this moment where you start to find your big winners.

This is a unique and streamlined ecommerce business that I know you can successfully implement and turn into something magical.

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The Pros and Cons of Kibo Eclipse

Kibo Eclipse is a tried and tested system that has already generated hundreds of success stories and this newest version will be no different. If you’re looking to start an online business, this is a method that works. This program is great for people looking to get started with as little runway as possible. You don’t need a website or a social media following to start making money online. This is one of the easiest ecommerce methods that I know of

Despite how positive this review might seem, the Kibo Eclipse program is not for everyone. You don’t get to build a store around your favorite niche and sell to customers that are just like you. This is a wide approach that chases trends and can sometimes feel a little lifeless. Your store won’t have a sense of purpose other than profitability.

There is always a risk with paid advertising and without an advertising budget, while you are figuring out this system, it can be stressful to make it work.

Most importantly, is the cost. This is one of the most expensive training programs on the market. Sure it has a high success rate, but you have to pay that fee before you get started. If you are struggling to make ends meet and are thinking of spending your rent money on this program, please don’t do it. There will always be a new upcoming course and it’s better to wait for the right one.

And finally, selling physical products is complicated. You have to deal with shipping costs, inventory management, and returns. That has its own set of challenges. They can be overcome, but I want you to start your online business with your eyes open.

Any system comes with some inherent risk. If you take no action, nothing will ever happen. I can tell you that I trust Aidan Booth, Steve Clayton, and the rest of the crew that put the Kibo Eclipse program together. I know they will honor the thirty-day satisfaction guarantee. So if you buy the profit singularity program and realize it’s not the right fit, you can still recover your investment.

Why I’m Promoting Kibo Eclipse

My job is to sift through all the different online businesses and to present you with the ones that I believe in and prevent you from being distracted by programs that I don’t trust…despite their shiny marketing and massive commissions. You will never see me promote businesses that require you to invest massive sums of money to make them work. I don’t promote day trading, foreign exchange, or cryptocurrency programs. I consider those highly risky for one simple reason – you can work really hard and still lose more money than the program cost.

Kibo Eclipse comes with a generous 30 day refund period that’s managed by Clickbank.  That’s more than enough time to dig into the material and see if it’s the right fit for you. And it’s certainly less risky than opening a brick and mortar store. The refund period is important as sometimes we get excited only to realize that we simply don’t have the bandwidth to implement the training.  If you jump in and realize that ecommerce isn’t for you, you have a full thirty days to click a button in an email to get every penny back. You don’t even have to talk to Aidan Booth, Steve Clayton, or their support team. Clickbank handles the refund for you.

Should You Buy Kibo Eclipse Training

If you’re looking for a Kibo Eclipse coupon code, promo codes, or some kind of Kibo Code discount, you’ve come to the wrong place. There’s no point in hiding the Kibo Eclipse cost, if you’ve read this far into my article, then you probably know the program costs $3,497.

There are a lot of shady Kibo Eclipse reviews out there that only have pictures from old sales pages and clearly have no idea what the program is about. It’s easy to get distracted by a shining Kibo Eclipse review, but you should never trust a review that makes it seem like a program is for everyone.

Kibo Eclipse is a flagship program and with how many people Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth have turned into millionaires, this cost is quite reasonable. There is only one Kibo Eclipse discount – if you buy the program this year you can get the program in 2023 for half price.

As I told you at the start, the program is delivered LIVE, so I only have a bit of insider knowledge but from what I’ve seen of their past products and what’s coming together.  I have some friends who are huge in the ecommerce game and far too many people are trapped in the first niche they tried, whether it’s working or not.  As I enter 2021, the most important thing I look for in any product, training, or course is adaptability. 

Can this program adjust to price shocks and market shifts?

With the Kibo Code that adaptability is baked in.  The “Don Quijote” method is designed from the ground up to adapt to shifting markets.  Whether a vendor disappears or a product’s sales start to decline, your store will remain profitable as you move better products to the front shelves. 

This program is not right for everyone. If you’re in a tight financial situation this might not be the right fit as you need an additional budget for ads to really make this thing work. If you want to build a business around your identity, that’s not this program. Your face won’t appear on camera and you won’t become famous.

I’m not a big ecommerce person myself. I do have a print-on-demand business that I’m building with my daughter, but 99% of my business has always been digital products. If you’re in that boat, then this training program might not fit you. And that’s ok. There is always a new training program coming over the horizon.

My bonuses are designed to help people who are on the fence about this program or have already decided to buy and are looking for a little something extra to go with their purchase. They are not designed to convince people who shouldn’t join the Kibo Academy that this is a good decision for them.

If you’re already thinking about buying the Kibo Eclipse course, then allow me to make the decision a little easier. You’ve now reached the end of my Kibo Eclipse review…let’s talk about my bonus.

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My $22,473 Kibo Eclipse Bonus

You might have skipped right to this page if your comparing Kibo Eclipse bonuses. I believe that my bonus for the Kibo Eclipse program is the best one on the market, but if you somehow find one that you think is better, please email me. Jonathan @ this website gets straight to me and I will match or beat any bonus out there. I’m the creator and actual seller of each of these programs, so they aren’t available from anyone else. If you want to learn how to sell physical products using the Kibo Eclipse training program, each of my bonuses is designed to help you succeed faster.

product launch formula bonus

Elite Mentor Hotline

($5,000 Value)

I will review your ecommerce store built using the Kibo Code System and record an in-depth review video for you covering ways you can improve your design, copywriting, and presentation. I’ve been making a full-time online living for a decade and I know this space inside and out.  The most important step on the path to success is getting some outside perspective, and I will provide that. I will go deep into your site and find all the little missing pieces that are limiting your success and ensure that you can correct them.  With a video you can watch over and over again, you can turn your Kibo site into an ATM.

F1 Pit Crew

($1,497 Value)

As a bonus for purchasing Kibo Code Eclipse through my affiliate link, you will get access to the team I’ve spent years building, training, and refining.  Whatever you need help with from graphics to video editing to copywriting to content creation…we’ve got you covered. You get an entire day of work from anyone on my team that you need.  That’s eight full hours (which I’ve never offered before) to bridge the gap on any task you need.  Need a logo? We’ve got you covered.  Need help finding profitable products?  No problem.  Need sales copy? We got you!

product launch formula bonus
SNMBonus CustomWebsiteAudit 1

Custom Website Audit

($997 Value)

We will use our premium analytics tools to run a customized deep analysis of your website looking for issues that are limiting your traffic and finding opportunities to bring even more customers to your new Kibo Code Eclipse website.  This report comes is customized to the Kibo Code Quantum and Eclipse business model and comes with a clear set of easy step-by-step instructions to accelerate your website and turn it into a diamond. Your website will be fine-tuned, optimized and the traffic will boost instantly.

SEO Deep Dive

($997 Value)

With a finely tuned website, every chance to bring more visitors to your website will put more dollars in your pocket (or pounds and euros if you live across the pond).  We will do a deep SEO analysis of your niche, website and product catalog.  We’ll give you a report of the best opportunities for free traffic and exactly how you can take advantage of them.  This will give you a massive advantage over other Kibo Code Eclipse customers and is one of the ways I ensure that people who buy through my link surpass the people who don’t.

SNMBonus SEODeepDive
SNMBonus EcommerceSwipeFile

Ecommerce Swipe File

($2,997 Value)

My lead copywriter and I have scoured the entire world for the best ecommerce copy ANYWHERE. This is the file we use to create our own sales pages and product pages for our ecommerce projects.  This curated file has only the most high-converting templates for you to model.  This is exactly what you need to accelerate your Kibo Code business.  You never need to start from scratch. Whatever types of products you add to your store…we’ve got you covered.

The Email Vault

($2,997 Value)

Email marketing is the number one way to warm up your audience to your product and land that sale.  No need to hire a copywriter or spend hours mulling over what to write… get my curated list of email sequences from successful promotions that you can plug and play right into your new kibo store.  Think of these as mad libs that make you money.

SNMBonus TheEmailVault
SNMBonus CheckoutPageSwipeFile

Checkout Page Swipe File

($1,997 Value)

Did you know that nearly 4 out of 5 of people who see the checkout page never make a purchase?  You worked so hard to get them to visit your site, add to cart and click the checkout button…and it all fades away on this critical piece of real estate.

In this bonus, I provide dozens of high converting checkout pages to model.  You will retain more of your sales and improve how much money you make from every single visitor to your website.

Content Marketing Swipe File

($2,997 Value)

Many new ecommerce stores skip out on the power of content marketing. Adding a blog and social media content to your strategy can bring you customers that everyone else is ignoring.  Don’t leave money on the table.  This collection of killer content marketing files will bring you hordes of hidden customers…right out of the wood work.

SNMBonus ContentMarketingSwipeFile
SNMBonus PressReleaseDatabase

Press Release Database

($1,997 Value)

One of the easiest ways to send a horde of traffic to your new website is press releases.

I have personally collated a list of the 5,000 most successful press releases of the past year. Using some very expensive tools and my spreadsheet skills, I’ve created a searchable database of high converting press releases for every single market. This database will give you a reference point and template for every type of press release you could possibly want to write to promote your Kibo Code Eclipse store. In addition to my database, I have 133 press releases in PDF format for you to peruse. These are the highest of the high and will give you that turbocharge you are looking for. These templates have taken me years to assemble as part of my private library and now they are available to you when you purchase through my link.

Pinteresting Customers

($997 Value)

My tenth and final bonus is a doozy and honestly it can be a gamechanger. 99% of the traffic to my ecommerce store that I built for my daughter comes from Pinterest.  Using the very simple strategies in this course, we drive thousands of new visitors to our store every month…and it only takes a few hours a week to maintain and schedule our content.

This strategy is one that most people ignore because they think pinterest is only for the ladies…boy are you going to sell a lot more units than them.  This program is a secret weapon that I haven’t released anywhere else.  This alone will cover the cost of your investment in Kibo Code Eclipse.

SNMBonus PinterestingCustomers

Secure Your Kibo Code Eclipse Bonus

Step One – Order through my link right here

Step Two – Make sure you see my name as the affiliate is “paladin187”. If you don’t see anything down there or it’s a different code, then I won’t get the credit and you don’t get your bonus.  You may need to clear cookies or change browsers before clicking on my link to make sure you get your bonuses.

loci cycle affiliate

Step Three – Forward your order receipt to me or my helpdesk and we’ll get you squared away lickety-split. Just put support or Jonathan in front of this domain name to email us.

The downloadable bonuses (#5-10) unlock the moment you place your order and the service bonuses(#1-4), such as access to me and my team unlock after the refund period is complete.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my review and bonuses for Kibo Eclipse by Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton. This is a great business model for generating money online. If you have any other questions about online marketing, I’m always here to help.

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