100k blueprint review

100K Blueprint Review+Easy Recipe To Skyrocket Your Revenue

Your customers will not have to worry about inventory, Google Ads, or SEO, all it takes is just one single product.  The thing about it is it can generate from 0 to 100k in a single month with only ONE product in-store.

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What Is The 100K Blueprint?
How Does The 100K Blueprint Work
100K Blueprint Modules
100K Blueprint Reviews
100K Blueprint Success Story
100K Blueprint Pricing
100K Blueprint Review Final Verdict

What Is the 100K Blueprint?

The 100k Blueprint is the latest revolutionizing eCommerce strategy – beastly, redesigned, boosted. It utilizes the power of Facebook and Instagram to make sales, but there is more. The 100K Blueprint has helped small stores to go multinational and get gigantic orders from huge brands like Macy’s. You don’t need Amazon or wholesale.

The strategy is not built upon the print-on-demand model, and it is nothing like Etsy. It’s a quick and easy money-making machine that offers you great commissions for affiliate partners and leads prizes. It’s a business off to a splendid start for its unique system and approach that’s launching in a week. The 100K Blueprint is a 12-week dropshipping training program that is going to give you access to success in any niche. This is the best course on the planet that teaches you how to become successful in a packed marketplace, and in any sphere.

It’s a system that will help you learn how to increase profit and make money online in less than a few weeks, so if you want to learn more about it, bear with me and join my review. Let’s start.

How Does the 100K Blueprint Work

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Dan Dasilva, the 100K Blueprint’s whiz, stated that he and his team will choose a product that best fits within their 3-phase criteria, and in doing so, they’ll use powerful tools that will help them find the best products to represent their brand.

As an affiliate marketer himself, Dan said promoting products directly influences a brand’s reputation, so every product he and his team back up will reciprocate the value and the investment and will be top-notch. 

It all starts with creating a simple website with a single product by using a tool that uploads a custom theme and sets up the HIGHEST converting store possible. It takes no less than 5 minutes to create the website from start to finish.

100K Blueprint will create simple listings or ads and will run those listings like crazy. Crazy, right? A detail I particularly liked is that they will even pay $20 for someone to create those simple listings with studio-quality production. If you are good with that kind of stuff, you can make extra cash. The ads cost $1.50 and work LIKE GANGBUSTERS following the Blitz Bomb method, meaning those listings will be dropped so fast you won’t know what’s going on. 

In marketing, that’s a powerful strategy and one of the most popular ones being used now if you want to get noticed by a larger market. 100K Blueprint knows it so they are not only giving you the full experience, but they are skyrocketing your business, making sure everybody hears about your product within seconds, practically.

Having a great offer, having a great product means nothing if you have no one to present it to. Having an audience matters and they know it and have implemented it within their working strategy. You’ll get the core, the very rye of getting rich with this product. Those $1.50 listings will perform their working magic best, and if you’re wondering how – by sending high-quality buyer traffic to the store, of course! 

You, will get special access to our secret software that finds highly profitable & converting products for you.
Not only that but the software even UPLOADS the products for you. All you have to do is take the file the software gives to you…

The next step is them looking to broker deals with USA suppliers for faster shipping and have a source your customers can contact whenever they need directly and they have software that spits out products to your customers easily. 

100K Blueprint will copy the ads and will add $5 on them to get triple earnings. They plan on supercharging a portfolio of each and every one of the stores they open up, and they will collect the daily income much like rent. Given how easily those stores can be built thanks to the software they use, profits will hit the roofs daily.

Who Is Behind 100K Blueprint – Short Dan Dasilva Bio

Dan Dasilva is both an affiliate marketing and an entrepreneur inspiring other people to pursue and achieve their dreams. After making his first million dollars, Dasilva didn’t let success get to his head. He wanted to help fellow aspiring entrepreneurs achieve the same success in dropshipping that he did.

This inspired him to create the biggest eCommerce training community in the world, now having +114,000 members. He helped many people hit those seven figures for themselves. If someone truly wants financial independence and has a willingness to succeed,  Dasilva is the man behind the wheel offering you his 12-weeks dropshipping system strategy.

He has previously created courses like 7 Figure Academy, Influencer Marketing Academy & Social Marketing Mastery.

100K Blueprint Modules

100k blueprint review modules

Drip Fed training (proven training followed by over 800+ students) 1–12 weeks 

2 Profit Machine 3.0 software (suppliers and store creator–the likes of you haven’t seen before)

Private Group Coaching Calls 3-6 Weeks 

4 TriFunnels Lifetime Access (you can create funnels inside your eCommerce store to accelerate your order value)

5 Support and coaching–the best part here is you can get Dan Dasilva himself to be YOUR coach or one of his trained coaches. The reason it took 2 years for the launch to happen is that Dan did not want just any coaches. He wanted to have people willing to support the community, willing to make a difference,  and help.

100K Blueprint Reviews

100k blueprint review content

It’s easy why. Their launch took 2 years and with a good reason. They’ve taken the good old eCommerce strategy and they’ve refined, polished, and mastered it the same as their funnels and sales messages over the years.

They did private launches with paid traffic internally to ensure the messaging and webinar-style had the highest conversion rates, no matter what the traffic source is.

With more than 500 student testimonials that every affiliate partner will have access to, you can earn $1,000 per day with a blink of an eye. 100K Blueprint has students generating over $10 MILLION per year following the program.

This is version 4.0 of the 100K Blueprint and this is the first public launch, which tells you that they’ve been improving and working on their product to the point of perfection. It shows that the team really cares about providing VALUE and uniqueness, and you know how obsessed I am with value, right? 

100k blueprint review content 2

Dan Dasilva and his team want you to have their gold dust, their golden ticket to colossal numbers, and they are not just predicting this. They know it: all of 100K Blueprint’s launches with internal and paid traffic, we’re hitting high numbers using half the technology and software they will be using now. Now, they don’t plan on reaching their $10,000,000 mark, but SMASHING it right out the gate.  They want to give you access to bonuses, and knowledge of how to make money online and boost the profit of your business. 

Also, (and I am pretty sure you’ll love this) there are prizes and competitions. The leads prizes are:

  • $10,000 – 1st Place
  • $4,000 – 2nd Place
  • $1,000 – 3rd Place

The prizes from the sales contest are even more abundant: 

  • $50,000 – 1st Place
  • $20,000 – 2nd Place
  • $10,000 – 3rd Place
  • $5,000 – 4th Place
  • $3,000 – 5th Place
  • $2,000 – 6th Place
  • $1,000 – 7th Place
  • $500 – 8th Place
  • $100 – 9th Place
  • $100 – 10th Place

Now if this isn’t inspiring, I don’t know what is! I am such a firm believer in the power of generosity, and these guys took generosity and redefined it. Great bonuses worth fighting for that’s all I am going to say. I mean, just WOW. 

100K Blueprint Success Story

The first 2017 launch generated over $1.5MM in just 6 short days and the company paid over $1,000,000 to its affiliates. That was using less powerful technology. Imagine what the new generation of tools will bring to the game. Just imagine. They will share everything live, every proof of success, every store, every revenue, so you’ll get to see with your own eyes that such results are touchable, achievable, REAL. 

The best part is during this masterclass you’ll see how you can have NO TRAFFIC ISSUES using a top-secret traffic source, and that’s what makes all the difference. Below, you have a picture of just one store they ran up: 

100k blueprint review total sales

By the 10th day, 15K stumbled through the gate. Sweet, huh?

Prior Releases Reviews 

100k blueprint reviews

100k blueprint reviews

100K Blueprint Pricing

The release date of this game-changer will be the 20th of August 2020 at 11:00 EDT.

The front end price is $1,997 and for all those interested and wanting to find the product on Clickbank, the complete name is 100K Blueprint 4.0 and the vendor, Dan Dasilva. But you knew that already.


Get Your 100k Blueprint Bonus


100K Blueprint Review Final Verdict

foto no exif 4 scaled

You have complete guidance and support from their team (even if you don’t know a thing), and the process is not so time-consuming. For all those having a regular job, this can be their sidekick since it does not require more than  2 hours per day. The commissions are generous and there are tons of prizes you can get, but most importantly there is no upsell and before the public launch you know there is a team of experts in the background who’ve been testing and testing until they came up with a product that really works.

By taking great care of your customers, they ensure that you are satisfied and successful, which means they care about their customers too – you. Facebook can “loan” you some advertising capital and they will teach you how. You don’t have to pay for it upfront. It’s getting harder to catch buyers’ attention, but thanks to their innovative method, those failure fears are a thing of the past. Stick a fork in them. Boom, dead. Dead and gone. Welcome to a new era where money-making machines are real. Big time.

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