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Virtual Coach Bonus and Review 2021

Welcome to my Virtual Coach Bonus for 2021. If you are reading this post, you’ve probably already heard of Virtual Coach by Eben Pagan and Annie Lalla. You probably want to skip to the bottom to see if my bonus is the best one…don’t worry, it is!

Virtual Coach is an A-Z program covering every aspect of running an online coaching business. Everything from finding your first client to closing the first sale to delivering a killer first session to getting amazing referrals. This is one of the most in-depth coach-training programs in the world and the 2021 version is even better.

This system is 100% online. You don’t have to meet with clients in person. If you’re looking for a way to make a large income quickly, coaching is one of the best paths. You get paid before you do anything and you get paid every single month.

I’ve been selling coaching in different forms since way back in 2007. That’s a really long time and I have put all of my 14 years of experience and knowledge into my custom bonuses. I think you’re really going to love ’em.


Virtual Coach Creators

virtual coach bonus

Eben Pagan

Eben Pagan has been a coach for as long as I’ve been around. I think I first saw one of his DVDs way back in 2005. He’s been a powerhouse in the online marketing industry for a very long time.

He started off in the relationship niche and after making nine figures, he moved into teaching people how to coach just like him.

He speaks from experience and you’ll see that in each of the training videos.

Annie Lalla

Annie Lalla is a bestelling author and coach in the relationship space. She teaches both singles and couples how to have successful relationships…and yes, she is happily married to Eben.  

Annie brings her experience as an active coach to the Virtual Coach program and speaks from a place of experience. She’s not just someone who teaches how to build a coaching practice, she’s actually done it.

virtual coach review
virtual coach

Jonathan Green

I’m not one of the creators of Virtual Coach, but I am the one writing this review and you should get to know me before making a buying decision from me.  I’ve been a professional coach since my first client handed me a 10 pound note for one hour of coaching way back in 2007.

I think it’s quite important to know who is providing any bonus more fourteen years of getting paid to coach is the background that qualifies me to supplement this program with my virtual coach bonus.

The Virtual Coach System

The Virtual Coach system includes seven modules of in-depth training that will take you from someone who’s never gotten on the phone to someone who is coaching clients who are excited to come back for more. Even before you get my virtual coach bonus, the program includes:

  • Breakthough Conversations – How to guide people to amazing pesonal breakthroughs with the lightest touch possible. As a virtual coach, your goal is to bring people to succes. inas few words as possible. This is how you do it.
  • Personal & Relatonship Leadership Coaching – You can help people connect with the important people in their lives in a deep and meaningful way. They will connect with their coworkers and loved ones in ways your clients never thought possible.
  • Inner Game of Coaching – So much of success comes from self belief. Unlock the confidence to apporoach clients and charge what you deserve, without hesitation.
  • Visionary Coaching – Light a fire under your clietns that inspires them to transform their lives and change the world.
  • Your Coachine Niche – Leverage the skills, knowlege and experience you arleady have to secure your territory. in the right niche. foryou. Even if you didn’t realize you already had. itwithin you.
  • Branded Coaching Package Design – Create a coaching package you can charge $2-10k for and watch clietns leap at the chance to pay you.
  • Attracting Coaching Clients – You can plant simple seeds in your life that generate client after client on autopilot.

The Pros and Cons of Virtual Coach 2021

Being a Virtual Coach isn’t for everyone. While this is a pretty amazing package, it’s not the right program if. you don’t want to coach anyone. I go in and out of doing coaching in my business. Sometimes I’m really keen to spend time with people one on one and sometimes I prefer to focus on courses. You do have to spend time talking to people at a scheduled time to succeed as a coach.

Virtual Coach Pros

  • Get paid before you work with anyone
  • Never meet with anyone in person
  • Set your own hours and control your calendar
  • Work from any location you choose (I work from the beach)

Virtual Coach Cons

  • You do have an actual schedule
  • When you schedule a coaching session you have to show up
  • Coaching clients can be stressful and emotional
  • The business is limited by how much time you have available
  • You have to make a fast deciscion, the program closes on December 10th

Why I’m Reviewing Virtual Coach

virtual coach 2021

My job is to separate the wheat from the chaff. There are some very profitable programs that I don’t think work, so I. don’t promote them. I don’t share programs by people that I don’t think are ethical. I don’t promote programs without refund policies. You should be allowed to kick the tires before you are locked into your purchase.

I took the time. to write this review personally (not one of my staff writers) because I. know this program is worth your time. While it’s not the right fit for everyone, I do think it’s the right fit for most of the people reading this post.

Virtual Coach comes with two layers of refund which nobody else does. You have two weeks to look at everything and if you don’t like it you can get all your money back. You also get ninety days to actually implement the program. Do your homework. And if you still aren’t happy, you can just show them your completed work and get your money back. That’s amazing!


Should You Buy Virtual Coach 2021?

This program is expensive. I’m very aware of that. It’s a lot of money and if it’s going to make you worried about paying your bills or giving your kids a good Christmas, please don’t buy this program. That’s not what I believe. I have free training on this website that will teach you EXACTLY how to make enough money to pay for a program like this. Do that before you invest in something this big.

Are you going to try? I really don’t like sales calls. I do them though. I know it’s a part of the coaching business and in fact, I Was

$30,676 Virtual Coach Bonus

Maybe you skipped right to this section and I can understand that. I have put together what I think is the absolute best Virtual Coach Bonus and I’m willing to stand by that. If you find a better virtual coach bonus anywhere, just email me and I’ll match or beat it. My email address is just my first name.

Bonus #1 – Consulting Price Accelerator ($9,997)

SNMBonus CoachingPriceAccelerator

So much of your consulting fees come from your confidence. I’ll show you how to approach large organizations to offer massive coaching or consulting packages…and they’ll say yes.

You can build up your revenue by delivering powerful group coaching that helps more people in the same amount of time. Imagine making 10x the money for the exact same hour of your time.

Bonus #2 – My Personal Help ($5,000 Value)

You get access to my actual time. I will review any part of your new business from your website to a recording of your sales calls. I’m there to dig deep and find the tiny mistakes holding you back that you don’t see.

I’m in your corner 100% and I’m dedicated to making your new virtual coaching business an absolute success. Anywhere you need support, I’ll fill in the gap.

product launch formula bonus

Bonus #3 – Service Business Scaling ($4,997)

SNMBonus ServiceBusinessScaling

You can grow a service business fast when you follow the correct template, whether you want to deliver coaching, consulting, or online services, I’ve been there. I opened my first SEO agency in 2010 making $200 a month and within six months was making over $10,000 a month.

My ghostwriting went from $800 to $40,000 per project and I’ll show. you exactly how to replicate those numbers.

Bonus #4 – Coaching Call Profit Maximizer ($2,997)

My very first coaching job was ten pounds an hour. When I want digital, I jumped up to $97 an hour and I’ve been raising my prices ever since. Right now clients pay me $1,000 for an hour of my time.

I’ll show you exactly how to get to a number that’s much higher than the number you’re dreaming of right now….and how to get there FAST. You can 10x your coaching revenue in less than six months.

SNMBonus CoachingCallProfitMaximizer

Bonus #5 – High Ticket Sales Pages ($2,997)

SNMBonus HighTicketSalesPages

What if you could create a single page on your website that sold your coaching for thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. You don’t have to get on the phone to close high ticket sales when you have an amazing page on your website doing all the work for you.

These are some of the most successful sales pages in the world for high ticket sales and you can model them to create your own sale page. You don’t ever have to start from scratch.

Bonus #6 – High Ticket Sales Call Templates ($1,997)

These are the exact scripts that I use to close $10,000+ clients in two phone calls. I learned these from a mentor who does over eight figures every single year. These templates are nothing less than a golden ticket to the clients of your dreams.

Sales calls don’t have to be long or stressful. Just follow the templates and everything will fall into place.

SNMBonus HighTicketSalesCalls

Bonus #7 – F1 Pit Crew ($1497 Value)

product launch formula bonus

My elite team will get you everything you need to get your virtual coaching business up and running. We’ll help you with copywriting, ad design, social media images, your logo, or deep keyword research. You get five hours of my team’s time for whatever you need. Any gap in the virtual coaching system where you get stuck…we’ll get you out.

You don’t n. ed to waste time hiring someone for a small project. We’ve got you covered.

Bonus #8 – Personalized Niche Report ($797 Value)

As part of the Virtual Coach training, you will find the perfect niche to leverage your existing skills, knowledge, and passion. We will then take that information to create a custom report on the current status of that niche. Finding both the competition and great opportunities for you to start carving out your territory.

This custom report will give you an edge over every other student in the Virtual Coaching program and allow you to succeed faster than everyone else.

SNMBonus PersonalizedNicheReport

Bonus #9 – Coaching Tech Setup ($397)

SNMBonus OnlineBusinessTechStack

Technology can be intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be. In this guide, I’ll show you different ways to get off the ground from the simplest ways to just get your client on the phone to building out technology to manage large coaching groups with a beautiful membership area.

Whatever your level of experience with technology, we’ve got you absolutely covered.

Make Sure You Get Your Bonus

Make sure that you delete your cookies or use a clean browser before you click on the link to grab your virtual coach bonuses. As soon as you place your order, forward your receipt to support [AT], and all your bonuses will unlock fifteen days after you place your order.


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