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Profit Singularity Review and Bonus from an Experienced Affiliate Marketer

If you want to get into affiliate marketing then the best time to start was twenty years ago and the second-best time to start is TODAY.

In February of 2010, I lost my job and had to start over building an online business. Over the past eleven years, I’ve tried a lot of programs, and despite everything…I always come back to affiliate marketing.

It’s my bread and butter.

This week is the launch of Profit Singularity and I’m very excited to share my review with you. This program is NOT for everyone, so please take the time to read this entire article before you skip to my Profit Singularity bonuses at the end.

Welcome to my profit singularity review. This program is designed to leverage the power of A.I. automation and tools to build quick funnels for you and remove many of the tech hurdles that slow down new marketers.

What is Profit Singularity

The Profit Singularity System is a battle-tested method for generating passive income through promoting affiliate products on YouTube. This is a new traffic source that is wide open right now and many of the beta testers and students in this program are already making tens of thousands of dollars. This is a strategy that leverages artificial intelligence to do the heavy lifting.

There are four main ways to generate revenue with the Profit Singularity method.

  1. Get paid commissions from Cost-Per-Action networks when you promote both digital and physical products
  2. Get paid every month when you promote subscriptions and recurring products
  3. Get paid 50-75% of every sale when you promote affordable digital courses
  4. Earn big commissions of 40-50% when you promote expensive products

This is a program unlike anything you’ve seen before. It reveals a new traffic source that has never been shared publicly. You can make money using artificial intelligence to create your videos, so you never need to show your face or voice on any videos. This is a system built for scaling. When one of your funnels is working you can turn on the heat and magnify your profits. This is a system designed from the ground up to be reusable and repeatable for every single student. Templates, walkthroughs, guides, scripts, landing pages, offers, and everything else you will need to succeed is provided as part of this program.

Profit Singularity Call to Action

The Creators of the Profit Singularity Training

There are three creators behind this program and I’d like to introduce you to each of them.

Profit Singularity Bonus

I’ve known of Mark Ling for nearly a decade, ever since he spoke at Affiliate Summit East. Since then we’ve connected at a few conferences and I’ve even been to his house in New Zealand. He’s sound as a pound and has a reputation for working on amazing projects and always treating his customers with respect and dignity. It’s not his reputation as a marketer that impresses me nearly as much as that fact that I’ve never heard a single person talk bad about him in my eleven years in this business.

profit singularity review

Gerry Cramer and Rob Jones are the creators of this program and I’ve worked with them on multiple projects over the past three years. Every single student I’ve sent their way has had a positive experience both with their programs and the support staff. It’s important that and program I promote has a really great backend. I want to know that refund promises will be honored and support tickets will be answered in a timely manner. Gerry and Rob have always provided that to my followers. You’re safe in their hands.

Profit Singularity Course

My name is Jonathan Green and I’m the founder of Serve No Master. I’m writing this profit singularity review personally because I believe in this program. I’ve been an affiliate marketer since I was fired in 2010 from my job at one of the top twenty universities in the United States. I live on a tropical island in the South Pacific with my wife and four children in a building that was a hotel when we moved in…now it’s an epic playground for my family. I put my real name and pictures on the products I promote. I did not create the profit singularity course, but I am an affiliate for it. That means I get a commission if you purchase through my link (just like everyone else writing blog posts and posting videos about this program.)

My reputation is everything and that’s why this is a real post on my website with a real photo of my face on my balcony.

The Profit Singularity Course

I can only reveal so much of what’s hidden inside this program as I am limited in what I can share with you. I don’t want to slip up and share and proprietary information, but I also want to help you make an informed decision. Here is what you get with this program.

  • Artificial Intelligence Funnels – This software will help you to find niches and ideas for your videos, create the videos automatically and tweak your campaigns to optimize their performance. This program has already been tested by 15 beta testers who have all shared their results throughout the course of this promotion.
  • Product Optimization – There are millions of offers to promote online and they are not all equal. Some are winners and others…well they are duds. You will learn the exact process for sorting and sifting until you find those golden offers that will generate massive revenue for your campaigns.
  • Create Profit Magnet YouTube Ads – There is a simple process for creating successful YouTube ads in the Profit Singularity system. You will learn this simple formula and the psychology behind it so that you can continue to create successful ad campaigns for a very long time.
  • Beautiful Splash Pages – There is a formula to the perfect splash page. Not only will you get that formula, but this program comes with templates that you can edit as easily as a Mad Lib to maximize your profits from every single click you send.
  • Get Your Campaigns Live – This is the most important part. You want to see this process in action so that the sales can start rolling in. Following the Profit Singularity Program, you will learn how to minimize risk and maximize profit.
  • Automate Campaign Optimization – This step is where you turn pennies into dollars. Minor tweaks can turn your best campaigns into absolute superstars and it’s handled automatically by leveraging Google’s A.I. Machine Learning algorithms.
  • Magnify Your Profits – There is a time to double down on your campaigns and even a time to go all in. You’ll learn the signs to look for to ensure you are making logical rather than emotional decisions. This is when profits explode.
Profit Singularity Call to Action

The Pros and Cons of Profit Singularity

You can get started really fast with this program and some of the beta testers were making thousands of dollars the very first week. This program is great for people looking to get started with as little runway as possible. You don’t need a website or a social media following to get started.

While all of those are reasons to take action, there are some reasons you might hesitate.

You won’t get to be the star of the show. You will be using a.i. voice software over videos that you create. Your face and voice won’t be part of the action. This program is built around designing a successful YouTube ad. There is always a risk with paid advertising and without an advertising budget, while you are figuring out this system, it can be stressful to make it work.

Any system comes with some inherent risk. If you take no action, nothing will ever happen. I can tell you that I trust Mark Ling and the rest of the crew that put this program together. I know they will honor the thirty-day satisfaction guarantee. So if you buy the profit singularity program and realize it’s not the right fit, you can still recover your investment.

Why I’m Promoting Profit Singularity

My job is to sift through all the offers online and present you with the ones that I believe in and prevent you from being distracted by programs that I don’t trust…despite their shiny marketing and massive commissions. You will never see me promote businesses that require you to invest massive sums of money to make them work. I don’t promote day trading, foreign exchange, or cryptocurrency programs. I consider those highly risky for one simple reason – you can work really hard and still lose more money than the program cost.

Profit Singularity is a Business, Not a Trend

While this system is using some cool new software technology, it’s still basically what I’ve been doing for over a decade. You can review cast study after case study from the beta testers and hear real stories about them using the program. When you combine how long I’ve known the product creators, my trust that they will keep their word on the refund policy, and a system that I understand…you get a program that I’m glad to promote to my audience.

I’m a big believer in building a business that you can pass on to your children. That’s how I make money to support my family and I want the exact same result for you.

Should You Buy Profit Singularity?

This program is not right for everyone. If you’re in a tight financial situation this might not be the right fit as you need an additional budget for ads to really make this thing work. If you want to build a business around your identity, that’s not this program. Your face won’t appear on camera and you won’t become famous.

My bonuses are designed to help people who are on the fence about this program or have already decided to buy and are looking for a little something extra to go with their purchase. They are not designed to convince people who shouldn’t buy Profit Singularity that this is a good decision for them.

If you’re already thinking about buying this program, then allow me to make the decision a little easier.

Profit Singularity Call to Action

The SNM Profit Singularity Bonus

You might have skipped right to this section and it’s fine. If you find a better or more compelling bonus out there, just email me and I’ll match or beat it. My email is my first name at this domain.

Without further ado, here are the killer bonuses when you get Profit Singularity using my link.

Bonus #1 – Elite Mentor Hotline ($5000)

SNMBonus EliteMentorHotline

Not only do you get access to me, you also get access to the team that I use for my business. We have copywriters, graphic designers, video editors, writers, and every other expertise required to scale an affiliate business. Whatever you need to jump-start your business, we are here for you. You get a whopping FIVE HOURS from my team to fill in any gap in your business. We will tweak your splash page templates, write emails, or provide in-depth keyword research.

Avoid the additional headache of trying to hire someone for a minor project that you just want DONE when you work with my team. You have better things to do than negotiating with gig sites. Let my dream team accelerate your success.

Bonus #2 – F1 Pit Crew: Use My Team For Your YouTube Ads and More ($1,497)

SNMBonus F1PitCrew

Not only do you get access to me, you also get access to the team that I use for my business. We have copywriters, graphic designers, video editors, writers, and every other expertise required to scale an affiliate business. Whatever you need to jump-start your business, we are here for you. You get a whopping FIVE HOURS from my team to fill in any gap in your business. We will tweak your splash page templates, write emails, or provide in-depth keyword research.

Avoid the additional headache of trying to hire someone for a minor project that you just want DONE when you work with my team. You have better things to do than negotiating with gig sites. Let my dream team accelerate your success.

Bonus #3 – Ultimate Copywriting Swipe File ($1,997)

SNMBonus UltimateCopywritingSwipeFile

Why reinvent the wheel. This is my personal file of sales pages and ads from the last century. Every single ad is out of copyright, so you can copy and paste to your heart’s content. This is one of my biggest secret weapons and I have a feeling you will recognize a few of the campaigns I’ve used myself. this is one of my secret weapons and it’s going to add massive value to your business.

Bonus #4 – Massive Sales Email Swipe File Vault ($2,997)

SNMBonus TheEmailVault

You can use your splash pages to capture email addresses and build secondary access to your audience. With a massive mailing list, you can keep growing your business even if YouTube disappears(it won’t.). I like owning my business and you should too.

Emails are the primary way I drive revenue and with these templates to model you don’t need to hire a copywriter or buy a course to get started. You can crank out high converting emails to magnify your profits from day one.

Bonus #5 – Create Money-Making Ads Swipe File ($2,997)

SNMBonus MoneyMakingAds

Welcome to my million dollar ad vault. Now you can browse through this swipe file of massively successful paid ads to get inspiration for your own campaigns. This bonus alone is worth the price of admission and will help you to blast past all the other Profit Singularity Students.

Bonus #6 – Ludicrous Landing Pages Swipe File ($2,997)

SNMBonus LudicrousLandingPages

There are a ton of great templates in the profit singularity program. Now you get my secret sauce landing pages. Everything you need to build your own splash pages and capture email addresses is here. All secrets are revealed and you’ll see how to stand out in a world where there are so many “free” things offered online. You can create an irresistible offer.

Bonus #7 – Crazy High Ticket Sales Pages Swipe File ($2,997)

SNMBonus HighTicketSalesPages

At a certain point, you’ll want to move past affiliate marketing and create an offer where you get to keep one hundred percent of the money. From your first course to high ticket coaching, I’ve got you covered. If you want to charge tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, then you are going to LOVE this curated list of highly successful high ticket sales pages.

How to Get Your Profit Singularity Bonuses FAST

Step One – Order through my link right here

Step Two – Make sure you see my name as the referrer “servenmaster” (I know the O is missing, no idea how to ever get it back but that’s definitely me.


Step Three – Forward your order receipt to me or my helpdesk and we’ll get you squared away lickety-split. Just put support or Jonathan in front of this domain name for my email.

The downloadable bonuses unlock the moment you place your order and the service bonuses, such as access to me and my team unlock after the refund period is complete.

Profit Singularity Call to Action

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