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Types of blogs that make money

In this day and age, when everyone is trying to build a side hustle for themselves to make more money, starting a blog is one of the easiest side hustles to get into even if you’re not a good writer and don’t yet have a topic you’re passionate about.

I started my first blog way back in 2006 and I’m still doing it nearly two decades later. My first blog was just stories about my dating life, I had no idea that I’d discovered one of the most popular log niches…let alone that it would turn into my first online business.

Blogging isn’t just about putting information out on a website; it’s about putting engaging content out there for your readers. The more readers you have visiting your website, the more money you can make. But how does that work?

You’ve read the title of this article. Blogs make money; that’s a 21st-century fact. In this article, we will be talking about the types of blogs that make money. We will discuss which ones make the most money, which ones make the least amount of money, how to make money blogging and blogging tips, and tricks to make your blogs better.

Top Twelve Blogs That Make The Most Money

1.    Finance Blog

money blogging

At number one, we have finance blogs. One of the blogs that make money are finance-related blogs. People are trying to become more aware of their finances in this day and age, and Millennials especially are concerned about financial literacy and independence. Millennials want to know about smart investments, passive income, and budgeting methods. These blogs are very popular and have some of the highest CPM’s when it comes to ads. (CPM is how much an advertiser will pay for every 1000 times an ad is viewed.) Because of the high traffic these blogs bring in, there is a lot of competition for advertisers, and the payout is much higher compared to other categories as the revenue generation potential is greater.

Writing about finance topics can make your blog a profitable blog. A niche blog like this will not only make from advertising, but if you’re doing affiliate marketing for products, then you can promote some very expensive products and get paid as much as seventy-five percent of each sale you generate.

Finance blogs should be explored by people who understand finance or have a passion for it and have the right content to put out there. The topics can get very complicated and you don’t want to get in trouble for publishing inaccurate information or bad advice.

Some of the topics that are covered by finance blogs are:      

  • Investments       
  • Saving money       
  • How to get out of
  • debt      
  • Asset management       
  • Generating passive
  • income        
  • Budgeting       
  • Ways to make money online
  • Personal finance management

If these topics are of interest to you, then definitely go ahead and start a finance blog today.

2.     Parenting Blogs

parenting blog

Moms usually write a parenting blog, which is why it is also known as a mom blog. Now that dads like me are getting into the game they are called parenting blogs. Mom blogs usually talk about the day-to-day challenges parents face in raising their kids. Mom blogs are very popular because new parents and seasoned parents both share information and tips on how to raise children.

Since most parents face the same challenges that other parents are facing, these blogs turn out to be very helpful. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve turned to mommy and daddy blogs looking for information to help me with my own four children.

These blogs help parents deal with similar situations by reading about the experiences of other parents. Since parenting is becoming quite tricky in this day and age, parenting blogs help parents learn ways to deal with problems they face with their children.

If you’re a parent with some valuable advice from your own experiences, definitely share those experiences by starting a blog. Even if you’re a stay-at-home mom and have free time on your hands, you can start your own mom blog. Most parents would be grateful you did.

Some topics that are common on parenting blogs are:        

  • Handling tantrums        
  • Education        
  • Children’s nutrition        
  • Balancing work and kids        
  • Dealing with teenagers
  • Potty training

These are just a few topics to start you off, but remember, the best way to get your readers engaged is to write about your own experience and what you’ve learned through those experiences. Parents are mostly just looking for advice and a sense that other people have faced the same challenge they are facing right now and survived it, so share as much of it as you can.

3.     Health and Fitness Blogs

health and fitness blogs

With how much people have been trapped at home recently, the need for health blogs has absolutely skyrocketed. We all want to find ways to lose the pandemic weight that can mostly be blamed on all the new food delivery services.

this creates a great opportunity for starting a health and fitness blog. There is a lot of content to be put out, and your readers will be engaged if you put out authentic and reliable content. You can simply write about your journey of losing ten pounds or more with the keto diet and people will be attracted to your authenticity.

These blogs don’t have to be for hardcore fitness enthusiasts who spend hours in the gym; most people who read fitness blogs are normal people who work a 9-5 job and are just looking for tips and tricks to improve their overall health.

Some of the topics that you can talk about are:        

  • Body empowerment        
  • Nutrition        
  • Exercise        
  • Mindfulness

Remember that you need to put out accurate information for your readers. The people who come to read a health and fitness blog already know health trends and aren’t ignorant. If your content is inaccurate, you will lose your readers’ trust, which will kill your blog before it even gets off the ground.

4.     Food Blogs

food blog

Another very popular niche is blogging about food. People love the recipes and the food experiments that people share on their blogs. If you are enthusiastic about food or cooking, definitely give this a try. Some people have favorite food blogs that they constantly follow; your food blog could also become their favorite food blog.

You can share recipes on your blog, review different foods or talk about restaurants. Food blogs are also great for chefs and want a side hustle to make some extra money.

Some ideas for food blogs are:        

  • Affordable meals        
  • Healthy meals        
  • Quick meals        
  • Restaurant reviews        
  • Baking recipes

With these topics, you can start your food blog and make sure to put out interesting content that keeps your readers wanting more.

5.     Travel Blog

travel blog

Travel blogs are great for people who love to travel and have visited many locations…or people who dream of traveling but their lives don’t currently permit it. A travel blog will highlight the good things about places, the local foods to try, the tourist spots to visit and of course the ones to avoid. Good travel blogs highlight the dos and don’ts of traveling to exotic destinations.

Another great thing about a travel blog is that you can use affiliate links on your blog to generate revenue. Linking to websites that sell tickets or book hotel rooms can earn a nice commission. You don’t have to worry if you don’t travel abroad too often. You can write about traveling within your country or even within your city. You can highlight different areas within your city that many people don’t know about.

Overall, travel blogs are easy to write for if you’re passionate about traveling and if you like taking pictures, that’s even better. Also, remember, if you have pictures from your travels, that would be great.

Some other topics to discuss on your travel blog are:  

  • Traveling on a budget        
  • Traveling within your city        
  • Local foods to try        
  • Things to see at a destination        
  • Countries to visit        
  • Traveling tips and tricks

It would help if you always remembered that the content you’re putting out needs to be reliable because someone reading your blog could be planning their next vacation, and your information is what they’re relying on.

6.     Marketing Blog

marketing blog

Marketing blogs are another niche that makes money. These days every business needs to market itself to stay ahead of the competition. And the marketing landscape is changing drastically, so people actively seek out marketing blogs to stay up to date on what is new and what strategies can be adopted to help their business.

Marketing is a very vast topic, so you will have to narrow it down and stick to your chosen niche. You can choose social media marketing, email marketing, telemarketing, or traditional marketing like banner ads and billboards. Regardless of the niche, it would be best if you remembered to put out authentic content that is well researched and is tried and tested. If you aren’t too aware of the area of marketing you want to write about, you can always opt for online courses to learn more.

Other marketing niches you can write about are:        

  • Digital marketing         
  • Search engine optimization        
  • Marketing on social media channels        
  • Website analytics        
  • Tv ads and billboards

Keep the information authentic; marketing is a vast field with many niches, pick the one you know best and start blogging.

7.     Lifestyle Blog

lifestyle blog

Lifestyle blogs are great for beginner bloggers. They give you a level of freedom that other blog types don’t provide. With lifestyle blogs, you are free to explore many topics, and they can be from different categories.

A lifestyle blog will give you the freedom that other blog niches don’t. Some common lifestyle blog topics are:        

  • Home improvement        
  • Relationships        
  • Travel        
  • Food        
  • Fashion        
  • DIY

This list will give you a starting point for lifestyle blog topics and how much freedom you have in it. I follow a lot of lifestyle blogs from ideas for things to do with my kids, to homeschool program reviews, to building the perfect home office. There are a lot of ways to dive into lifestyle blogging. If there’s something you’re passionate enough to write about, there are people passionate enough to read it.

8.     Fashion Blog

fashion blog

Do you love to dress up? Do you consider yourself a fashionista? If yes, starting a fashion blog is the right step for you. Fashion blogging is another profitable niche to explore because fashion blogs are very popular. With the ever-changing fashion industry and new clothing trends coming out by the second, you will have good content to put out.

You can talk about the new trends taking over the fashion world, or talk about different fashions from around the globe. This blogging niche is going to help you make money online, and you’ll be writing about something you’re passionate about, so it won’t seem like work either.

For any fashionistas keen on making money online, a fashion blog is the way to go.

Here are some fashion blog topics to get you started:        

  • Affordable fashion        
  • New fashion trends        
  • Reviews of celebrity dresses        
  • DIY fashion        
  • Review of new fashion trends

There are some really big opportunities, even if you target a really small market. I have a friend doing very well targeting fashion for women in their forties and another doing well teaching women how to travel without ever checking a bag. If your passion is fashion, start on any of the above topics and blog away!

9.     Business Blog


Another popular blog category is business blogs. Anyone who has experience running a business or currently has their own business and has some valuable advice to share should start a business blog. These blogs may be similar to marketing blogs, but you can choose to steer clear of marketing-related topics and stick to more business-oriented topics.

These kinds of blogs are gaining more popularity in recent times as many people are taking the entrepreneurship route instead of the traditional employment route. With this new boom in entrepreneurship, many people seek out valuable information and find it in the form of blogs and articles. So make sure you’re putting valuable and authentic content on your business blog, and your readers will be hooked.

Some topics to start your business blog with are:        

  • Funding advice        
  • How to pitch        
  • Pitch decks        
  • Business strategies        
  • Unique business ideas        
  • Making money online        
  • Motivating entrepreneurs        
  • New business trends

You can blog from the perspective of someone learning and building their business and sharing their story or you can be the absolute expert and teach from your experience. I started blogging more than a decade ago as a beginner and now a decade later I’m the one teaching you the types of blogs that make money.

10. Pet Blogs


We’ve all seen how many pets have become celebrities on social media. People love reading, watching and talking about animals. If you are a pet lover, own a pet, or have experience with pets, then you can start blogging about pets. While it might seem like the audience for one particular breed of dog is small, their intensity more than makes up for the size of the market.

There is a lot to blog about in the pet blog category. You can talk about your pet and share tips and tricks on managing a pet.

Some other topic ideas are:        

  • Review pet treats        
  • Pet nutrition        
  • Common pet health issues        
  • Exotic animals

Pet owners love their pets, and they will come and read your blog if you put out authentic and interesting content for them which will also be useful to the pet owner.

11.Personal development blog

personal development blog

Blogs on self-improvement, self-help, and self-reflection are very popular these days. People are constantly trying to better themselves. Some are doing it to improve themselves for their career, some are doing it for their relationships, and others are doing it to improve themselves.

Whatever their reason may be, your personal development blog will be a hit if you put out engaging content. These blogs help people figure out who they are; they help them be more disciplined; they teach people about self-awareness and being goal-oriented.

Some topics to get your started are:        

  • Winning mind-set        
  • Relationships        
  • Anger management        
  • Importance of discipline        
  • Emotional intelligence

There’s a wide range of topics that fall into this category, from teaching people to build confidence to talking about numerology. There is a huge range of opportunities here, limited only by your level of passion. My very first blog started off telling stories of my dating life and eventually built into an entire business teaching men and women how to form amazing relationships.

12.DIY Blog

diy blog

DIY blogging is for people who like making things themselves, finding hacks to everyday tasks, and have a knack for doing it themselves. In DIY blogs, you can teach people to do things independently and make things at home. It shouldn’t require anything fancy and should be simple and hassle-free.

This blogging niche isn’t recommended for everyone; it is for really passionate individuals who are all about making things themselves. DIY blogs also give you a lot of freedom to write just about anything as long as it’s under the domain of making something all on your own.

Some great ideas for DIY blog topics are:

  • Woodwork        
  • Landscaping         
  • Gardening        
  • DIY hacks        
  • Clothing

These are just a few ideas for your do-it-yourself blog. I have a friend who built a 7-figure business painting and redecorating the same rooms hundreds of times for each new article. I read posts about the best way to organize your desk and the perfect accessories all the time. You are only limited by your imagination.

You’ve now read my list of the different types of blogs that make money. While an idea for a blog is great, I know that you want to make an actual living from blogging, so let’s dive into that process for a moment.

How To Make Money Blogging

how to make money from blogging

This is by no means an exhaustive list of ways to make money from your blog, I’ve got loads more articles to help you monetize once you get started. Here are just a few ways to make money from personal blogs.

Google Adsense

 One of the easiest ways to make money off your blog is through Google Adsense. It takes a few minutes to get approved by Google and add the code they give to your blog. Once you’ve done that, advertisers will bid to place their ads on your page. The advertisers who win the bid their ads will be placed on your page, and Google will charge them a fee every time someone clicks on their ad. But the best part is that you get 68% of the profit from that charge.

It’s even easier than it sounds, as the entire process is automated.

The trick with Google Adsense is that you don’t want to flood your page with ads, and especially as a new blogger, this will turn off your reader and scare them away from your page. As long as you provide great content and limit the ad blocks to a few spots on the page, you can find that perfect balance.

Affiliate Marketing

 Affiliate marketing is how most bloggers make money and it’s definitely my primary source of income. Most products have an affiliate program. This is where you get paid a percentage of every sale you generate. You create a special tracking link to their program and when people click on it, you get credit. It’s all handled by the software and it’s how I make money from all of my product reviews.

One of my most profitable posts is my review of Publisher Rocket, which generates at least one sale every single week.

It is also helpful to use relevant keywords in your blogs to draw the right audience to the product. People searching for affiliate products or something similar to it will be drawn to your blog, and the chances of conversion will become higher. This is also called finding the target audience. People who will be potentially interested in your affiliate product.

 You can also collaborate with a brand and have sponsored content on your page. You can run banner ads and get paid by brands if you have enough traffic. Also, brands will pay you to write content revolving around their product. Many online businesses also pay to have their products featured in blogs.

Now that you know a few ways to make money from your blog, let’s look at how you can grow your blog and increase traffic on it.

Strategies To Make Your Blog Better

blogging strategies

Create Engaging Content

Content is king in blogging. Choosing the right keywords, writing content that is both informative and engaging for the reader, and covering popular topics are all methods to make more readers come to your blog and increase your traffic. If you are unsure about the keywords, there are two tools to choose from. Ubersuggest is the best free keyword research tool and Ahrefs is the paid tool that I use for my business.

Share on Social Media

 Social media channels are great for drawing an audience to your blog. Some bloggers are very active on social media, which helps them get more readers on their blog. Another really helpful platform is YouTube. Many bloggers expand into opening their own YouTube channels, and they start monetizing on that too. Starting a YouTube channel is a great idea to expand your audience and get more people interested in your blog. Another advantage of social media is running sponsored posts. You can gain a lot of traffic for your blog by running sponsored posts on social media.

I’m using social media a great deal to grow my blog this year with a special emphasis on Pinterest and YouTube. It can be daunting to try to grow a blog and social media, which is why repurposing your content can be so valuable.

Advantages Of Blogging

blogging strategies

We hope our list of blogging niches helped you choose which blog niche to pick for your own blog. The list we have formed includes popular blogs and will make you good money. If you are starting your own blog and want to save money, you can start your blog in just five steps. We hope we have helped make your blogging journey easier and stress-free. Remember, blogging is a great side hustle and it’s how I made my first dollar online and I’m still doing it all these years later.

Please share a link to your new blog in the comments below so I can be your first visitor.

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