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SNM201: A Winning Email Sequence To Make Your Sales Work?

In this crazy world of instant access to everything, millions of apps, and communication channels on so many different gadgets I give my best to remain the old school marketer who sends emails to his clients.

Why? Because when I send an email, I send an email to people who are already subscribed to me and I know that they will open the email I send them and will click the link I am offering to them and they won’t find me annoying, because they can unsubscribe anytime.

When you want to promote something to your client, a great new deal, a sale, a new book, whatever it is, you want to send email sequences. The goal when we’re sending a sales email sequence is to get people to look at the sales page. You want to generate that click and you want your audience to start taking action.

The first action in an email sequence is the subject line. If the audience likes the subject line they will move on to the second act, and that is to open and read the mail and click the link that leads them to your website. Small actions always lead to bigger actions down the line.

Once you’ve made the first step and you got people hooked. What you want to do next is to find a way to get in touch with both the emotional and rational buyers. You want to offer them something that will get them excited and something that they will know it’s worth their money.

The next email should be a FAQ email. FAQ stands for: Frequently Asked Questions. When you are in the business for as long as I am you will find that this email can be a lifesaver! Your audience will always have questions for you, at any stage of the process, so what you can do, is either wait for the end and have them send you their questions or once you’ve been down the road a few times before and you know what to expect when expecting you can give them the answers beforehand and save everyone some time!

Is there more you can do? Of course! You can offer a surprise discount! If you feel like it hasn’t reached enough people by now, you can go ahead and offer your audience a crazy, once in a lifetime, never seen before offer. You can offer them a trial version for a dollar, or give them a massive discount or a money-back guarantee….most people will go for offers like these because it gives them more value for less money.

There are even more email sequences you can try for different kinds of offers and promotions, so there is no such thing as a strict “you only have to do this” rule.

In fact, I even encourage you to mix and match, try different campaigns with different clients until you find what really works for you and for them.

In the end, if you offer value above else, if you care about your audience if you offer them products that you yourself use and you know they will help them to be more successful and if you have the proof to back all that up then you know you are doing your job right!

Show Notes:

 Email Sequence


Key Points: 

  • The seven most important email sequences
  • When is the right time to send the right email
  • How can you keep your audience engaged all of the time

Resources Mentioned:

 Books by Jonathan


 Email Sequence

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