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SNM200: Boost Your Sales Using Bonuses

You have a great product lined up. It’s super amazing, it deserves the spotlight; it deserves to break selling records. Nonetheless, your sales still haven’t gone up let alone hit the roof.

If you are wondering what you are doing wrong, let me tell you a few things you have perhaps forgotten or didn’t know until now.


That’s the keyword we will be focusing on today.

If you expand your product and omit bonuses, you’ll sell a lot less. However, if you expand your product and name the expansion as a bonus, you’ll sell a lot more.

Bonuses bring excitement. That’s why infomercials are so successful when you think about it.

Wow, I ALREADY thought it was a great deal, I ALREADY thought it was worth it and now I am getting a bonus? Awesome! 

You need to make people feel like they are getting the better part of the deal. It’s all about that perceived value because beauty is really in the eyes of the beholder. Hell, if you tell me I am getting a complete meal plan with a calorie intake calculator and a pre-made shopping list as bonuses for $20, I am buying that meal plan even though I hate dieting and I hate going shopping for groceries. But if you make it easier for me, if you help me cross the fence, I’ll buy your product.

People have so many objections, so many excuses. Help them surpass them, give them a shortcut to success, a template, a checklist, a bonus, and you’ll snowball your sales.

You need to provide value, and how do you do that? By inflating what people think they are getting and all you do is include what you were going to include anyway and name it a bonus.

A good bonus can be as I mentioned above, a shortcut, a template, or a checklist. In addition, a solution to an excuse your customer has is another sales booster you should aim for. Old people don’t want to exercise because they are old. That’s their excuse. Come up with a plan that’s going to facilitate their exercising and name it an exercise plan for people 60 and above. Solve their excuse before they even say it.

Also, mentioning the price at the end helps a lot. Salesmen keep your focus on the great features of their product, so by the time they tell you the price, it becomes almost irrelevant given all those bonuses you get and great features.

That’s something to think about, guys. Jumping over fences and crossing red zones. Until next time.

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Key Points:

  • Bonuses bring excitement
  • Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
  • Mention prices at the end

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