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How To Sell Your Book On Amazon – With Derek Doepker

Do you want to become rich by writing a book on something that changed your life? Or, do you already have a book that you just can’t get it published? We are here to give you marketing strategies on how to promote and sell a book on amazon with the 7 times best selling author Derek Doepker. In 2012 Derek wrote 3 books. The first kindle book sold 3 copies in 3 months. The second time around, he started learning about selling books on amazon, but still only earned $70. He was on the verge of giving up when he attended a seminar where he learned about influencers and marketing strategies which gave him a motivation to try just one last time.

In December 2012, his third book “50 fitness tips you wish you knew” hit number one on the Amazon website in just 11 days.

How To Start Selling Books On Amazon

Amazon SEO is still very important, having keywords especially in the book title. But, in time you realize that maybe you shouldn’t follow so strictly the Amazon rules, because Amazon is an online platform, and what you need are real human beings that want to read your book. You need to know how people will perceive your book and what will make them buy it.

Having the right tools can also help you along the way immensely. I wrote a KDP Rocket Review after using it as my go to tool in keyword research in Amazon book sales.

Important Stages Of Amazon Book Selling
how to improve book listing on Amazon amazon ranking, amazon seo

The first stage is to discover what kind of author you are.

  • Raw– it means you are writing from your own experience.
  • Practitioner– you are an expert on a certain subject and you want to help others.
  • Researcher– you get your knowledge by doing excessive research on a certain subject

The next step is to see who do you want to serve? Here you can always read book reviews, take classes, get familiar with the target audience, and see what you can do differently. Never underestimate what your buys have to say. You need to be able to ask, create, and deliver a book that will both fit and stand out in the crowd.

How to Crush Amazon Ranking?

Remember, before people get to read the content they need to buy it first. The book cover, book title, book subtitle, everything needs to catch the readers’ eye. Let’s talk about the Irresistible hook formula. It’s easy as ABCD…

  • Attention-grabbing book cover
  • Believable title about something you are going to deliver in the book
  • Care, give a specific promise that your buyers will care about
  • Different, don’t be just another Amazon forgotten suggestion

Use the Aspirе method to promote your book as much as you can.

  • Advertisement
  • Social media
  • Podcasts
  • Influencers
  • Readers
  • Email list

As you can tell all of the methods mentioned above are connecting methods.

When you hit a rough patch It might sound generic, but, you do need to believe in yourself and be brave enough to keep fighting. Don’t get stuck into a negative mindset and fear the negative outcome. One of the worst things you can do to yourself when writing is to lose focus and procrastinate. Remember, the motion generates momentum, and momentum generates motivation!

Now that you have gone over some basic strategies on how to promote your book, you have some knowledge, but going that extra mile, learning something more that will inspire you is always a good idea. Start by downloading “Bestseller secrets”, and work your way up to more advanced books, and someday, who knows, maybe you will be the next bestselling author.

Show Notes:
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Key Points:

  • How to create proven strategies which work to promote you online books
  • How to get attention to your book
  • When amazon sees your bookselling, it will promote your book

Resources Mentioned:

Books by Jonathan
Derek Doepker 

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