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SNM043: Educating Your Children Abroad

Even with kids in public school, we spend massive amounts of money on educating them.  Education prices rise every single year by five percent.  That means the price of education doubles every fourteen years.

If you have a freshman in college right now and a child in kindergarten, it will cost you double to educate your second child.

The Curse of Education

It takes the average student twenty-one years to pay off their student loans.  Do you want your child to make their final loan repayment at the age of 43?  That doesn’t sound that great to me.

Students in the United Kingdom complain a lot, but they pay ten percent of what Americans do.  We pay through the nose for an education that is often worthless.

Where can you child work with a degree in communications or philosophy?

That’s why there are more than a quarter of a million Americans with bachelor’s degrees earning minimum wage right now.

Public Schools Stink

There isn’t a single person on earth who thinks public education in America is any good.  If they say it, they are lying.  I have taught in some very bleak public schools.

The system is broken and the powerful teacher’s union will NEVER let us repair it.

More and more they replace textbooks with things you don’t want your children learning.

Many parents get so caught up in the debate about things that don’t matter.  It’s all a distraction to keep us from seeing that the entire system is broken.

And if you believe in Common Core, your children will live with you into their thirties.

Take Control of Their Destiny

The only purpose of school is to prepare my children to be successful adults.  They need to be able to interact successfully with other adults and earn enough money to support their lifestyles.

Anything else that school teaches is a waste of time.

When you move abroad the doors open up.  The cost of education drops through the floor.  Where I live I can hire a private, college-educated tutor for my children for less than it costs to send them to public school in America.

You can provide your children with a homeschool curriculum of your own devising, that will leave other students in the dust.

Every one of my children will be making thousands of dollars a month by the time they are eighteen.

Key Points:

  1. Your children’s education is your responsibility
  2. Start looking into homeschooling options
  3. Moving abroad and hiring a private teacher will actually LOWER your monthly expenses

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