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SNM028: Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Get paid just for recommending stuff that you already like.  That’s the magic of being an affiliate and it’s a lot easier than you think.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

You get paid just for recommending the very things that you use.  If you like a movie, you already tell your friends about it.  Send them a link to the page on Amazon and you get 4% of anything they buy in the next 24 hours.  What could be simpler than telling people about the things you love and use?

How to Find Affiliate Offers

Start by joining the Amazon affiliate program.  This is one of the easiest systems to join and very simple to learn.  You can recommend anything you like, including my book 😉

Find Your Voice

Not every great product will fit your audience.  Does it make sense to talk about your favorite pocket knife to a group of knitting mothers?  Your offers and recommendations need to fit your voice.  People get confused when you send a message that doesn’t meet their expectations.

Evergreen or Launches

Launches are events and promotions that have a start and end date.  You can only promote the product during a small window.


Key Points:

  1. Find Offers that you Believe In
  2. Focus on long term relationships
  3. Evergreen is a smoother ride

Resources Mentioned:

Excellent affiliate training at Affilorama

Amazon Affiliate Program

Serve No Master on Amazon

Send in your questions to podcast [at] servenomaster [dot] com

Namecheap:  I buy and register all my domains with Namecheap.  I have been using them for over ten years and there is no better recommendation is there?  Secure your domain now and begin your online domination!


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