SNM120: Turn Cookbooks into Mountains of Cash

If you like to cook, it's a great time to jump into the wonderful world of cookbooks.  The market was cluttered with marketers and inferior books, but now Amazon has swept them away.  It's a very good time to jump in and share your passion while making some serious dough.

People Love Cooking

Recipes are a market that is always getting hotter.

People are always looking for that next new trend, diet or flavor.

Every time someone comes up with a new diet, hundreds of cookbooks follow in its wake.

This is a market that is steadily growing and continually reinventing itself.

Amazon is responding to this growing market by opening up new cookbook categories every few months.

There are amazing new spaces just waiting for that next chef to fill them.

The Competition is Small

Very few people have the ability to create or even tweak recipes.

This is a talent that I lack.

I can cook something from a recipe, but without a guide, I'm a disaster in the kitchen.

People are always trying to live faster, and that means fewer people these days truly understand how to cook.

To put together one of these books, you need to understand recipes, be able to organize based on a theme and take amazing food pictures.

If you can assemble these three skills, the sky is the limit.

We recently bought new cookbooks for my house, and I couldn't be happier.

I can't wait to grab a few more when I head to the states next month.

Show Notes:

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Key Points:

  1. The winds are favoring cookbooks
  2. This is a growing market
  3. The fakers have been kicked out of the game

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1 thought on “SNM120: Turn Cookbooks into Mountains of Cash”

  1. I have so many recipes, and a lot of them are ones that I have developed for my own family. This would be a great time to put those all together and publish!

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