Serve No Master uses networking to enhance business and connect with the right people for our business success. In this section, you will find topics related to networking for business.

build a tribe

SNM014: Build a Tribe

What could you accomplish with an army of dedicated raving fans? A tribe of just 1000 can support you and provide an amazing life for you. If each one of them simply sent a dollar your way every week, you would make $48,000 a year. That’s very doable when you build that connection.

scarcity mindset

SNM007: The Scarcity Mindset is Killing Your Business

At the start of every project, the scarcity mindset will destroy your perceived value. Will you loan a dollar to a businessman or a bum? There is a part of us that thinks poverty is contagious. We want to flee from people who are desperate.

If you are broke, people know they can get away with paying you nearly nothing. People see weakness and they think about the money they can save. If you project that you are busy and successful, the same client will pay you more.