Serve No Master uses networking to enhance business and connect with the right people for our business success. In this section, you will find topics related to networking for business.

SNM138: How to Meet Your Heroes

At my last convention in Bangkok, I hesitated when I saw someone I recognized. This time in San Deigo, I knew I had to live up to my reputation. I recognized the star of one of my favorite investment shows and was so nervous I was twitching…

SNM111: Eight Benefits of Good Networking

Unfortunately, when you hear the word “networking” most people think about lame events where desperate job seekers and low-level employees shove business cards in each other’s faces. But real networking couldn’t be more different…

SNM093: Bad Partners Can Destroy Your Business

When I first started working online, I was afraid to go out on my own. I formed a partnership with someone based on a fake recommendation. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. It cost me over 100k and nearly cost me my life. Please learn from my mistakes…

SNM089: Crush it with Networking at a Conference

Recently I posted a few stories about my networking trip to Bangkok. Rather than cover the same ground, today’s episode is purely practical.

How can you maximize your results the next time you go to a conference or networking opportunity?