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  1. If I knew that you’d be at a conference and that I might have a chance to meet you, I’d bring along a little bottle of my homemade bug repellent to have you take home to battle any bug issues you and your family have while trying to enjoy the beach outside your home. It’s super effective and has a pleasant scent.

    While this is perhaps not the “fun” answer you were looking for, I would want to add value to your everyday life, not just at that moment.

    While on the subject of “good vibes”, I’m reading a book right now that is all about creating more good vibes in your life and working on unconscious money issues that you don’t realize are blocking your financial progress. While it is primarily aimed at women, I think that it can be very helpful to anyone who is ready to do the “personal work” that this process requires. It leans heavily on the law of attraction, which we all know is a very powerful thing. It’s called Get Rich, Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield. It’s worth a quick read. Happy New Year to everyone in NPNP, it’s going to be a great year!