SNM014: Build a Tribe

What could you accomplish with an army of dedicated raving fans?  A tribe of just 1000 can support you and provide an amazing life for you.  If each one of them simply sent a dollar your way every week, you would make $48,000 a year.  That’s very doable when you build that connection.

Build a Tribe Using the Law of Effection

Your income is controlled by how many people you affect and how large that effect actually is.  You can reach a small group in a major way to generate a livable income.  This starts when you let your followers connect with you multiple ways.  People want to connect with you and spread your message.

The Tribe is the Core

Find those key people that are able to execute  Most people won’t finish products, answer emails or leave reviews.  When you find the action takers, strengthen that connection.  After you build the first tribe, you can get to phase two with more followers from the 99%.

Patreon business model

With a tribe of just 1,000 people, you can make $48,000 a year with youtube videos and no website.  They can sponsor your content and pay for you to provide that content without commercials.

Trust is easy to lose, impossible to regain.

Do not put your name on garbage.  If you recommend a bad product, your tribe will turn against you.  Look how quickly people turned against James Frey.  If you don’t remember him, that’s because his tribe, including Oprah, burned him at the stake on social media.  He’s the one who wrote A Million Little Pieces.

He also got other people to write I Am Number Four, which later became a movie.  That movie is so awful that I can’t in good conscience leave a link here in case someone clicks it and ends up watching that terrible movie.  It is worth reading the Amazon listing for his book, though.  He has over 2,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating.  That makes it seem like a great book until you scroll down and see that ALL the later reviews are 1-star reviews.

He wrote a book that people thought was his life story, but when they found out it was fiction, they turned on him.

He broke trust and his fans turned actively against him.

Key Points:

  1. Lots of Content
  2. Be Reachable
  3. Let them connect with each other

Resources Mentioned:

The Postman with Kevin Costner

Serve No Master on Amazon


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Imagine what you could accomplish with an army of dedicated raving followers out there telling anyone about your business telling you about your products tell you how amazing you are buying everything you have for sale that's really the power and the wonder of a try most of us think that to achieve success you have to have millions and millions of followers but in reality you could very well with the following are just 1000 loyal fans are more than fans that their tribe people you connect with people that you interact with the people that are really excited about what you're doing the stronger connection with your following the more successful you can be the law called the law of effect Tatian sometimes is called the butterfly effect sometimes it's called a law vibration it says your wealth your income is driven by two factors the number of people you affect how powerful that affect us for example if you me work together I want to one coaching for the next year we talked every on the phone for two hours that a huge amount of effective very large effect but on a very small scale only one person if you wrote a song that everyone in the world heard once it's a very small effect on a huge number of people who want to find the balance in between to develop a try drivers we have a large enough group to make a difference and also be able to do a large amount of effect on them right now we listen this podcast and the largest circle of my tribe people heard my voice but to really have that deep effect and you have to be someone who reads my blog every day listens to every podcast next me emails is me message and see me within the different Facebook groups and followed my fan page and reads on my blog posting goes to some my course and is following the same path and try to build your own writing or online marketing empire trying to just make enough money to quit your job following what I teach that's when were on the same page that's what kind of have that leader try member affect the connection and that's what you want to develop with your followers you want to form connections that allow them to become raving fans a lot of that comes from dialing into who you really want to reach out to if you try to reach everyone in the world you will never work have you ever notice how every movie has really good reviews and really bad reviews there's no movie that 100% of people think is great everyone's favorite movie assimilates it I used to go to college with a guy whose favorite movie was the postman which is most people's least favorite movie he loved that movie he went everywhere this copy of it I remember one time he talked us into watching a business must be terrible and spent 45 minutes explaining the background of the movie to us like five or six arm of your maybe three arm I don't know it's so long I was dying he spent so long talk about this movie she was passionate about and that's what you want to get from your followers want to build this army this starts by becoming reachable the more ways your audience your followers can find you connect with you learn from you the better if you want to learn from me if you want to connect with me as a leader you can listen to this podcast you can read my blog posts you can read my book on Amazon you can buy my courses and read the PDFs or watch the videos that are part of every course you can follow my Facebook fan page you can follow me on twitter you format all the social media places that I'm set up them always try to follow it all there's always something there is always the difference is me was always ways that you can find information teaching knowledge to me that's the first part of being reachable people can find information and access it and there's a lot there for example you start your first blog if you only write a blog post once a week you'll never get to the tribe level connection because people are not offered enough information offering them enough bandwidth some of the websites I follow I'll read very few blocks because I need constant information when my favorite blogs is to fall for a long time he writes a post every three weeks is not worth me checking anymore as it was of a check in six months that we can read for 20 minutes of reading a post and then hoping the next post is something I like less frequently post the less interest you get from your followers that's why for the first two months this podcast I'm putting out five episodes weeks if you really want to enjoy my message viewing here for me you can do that is lots of content and I need to accelerate as well the content of my blog so that people can spend more time there I have like hundred poster half written draft guys have these ideas and put them in draft want to release them faster and faster because I know it's only gets excited and solidify the first time I do this find a blog it sounds amazing I got to read every post and I do so I find a new online comic is why God you see every single one of we get excited we withdraw that content and were building that connection or want to get our tribe going to offer lots and lots of content because people need lots and lots of content this is something that's much stronger in America than it is in other countries England a TV show has six episodes the best TV shows in England there's a show I used to watch that was on for 10 years the means to have 60 episodes in America six times as one or two seasons were really gluttons for content were greedy for content we want more more more information so the more information you put out there the more blog posts write books read however your providing content however your generating information for your people you need to do a lot volume it has that value so people can get excited about you the next element is the reachability the more you develop a 2 Way St. people want to feel like they know you have a connection with you you know little about my family you have two kids a limb on the beach I live in a small island you know these elements in my life and to lots and lots of personal stories and my books in different places I'm sure different podcast mentioned different things about me the more people feel like you're a real person more your followers were people reading your blog or reading your books or whatever type of content generating when you're building a tribe and this is really the content generation business framework this is not the buying and selling traffic is a different type of business but when you're the center of your business when people are excited about you the one of you are the one or personal story the more you share with them different pieces of your life you don't have to share your address or pictures for kids I don't post pictures like it's online that's not my vibe at all but I'll tell stories about them and share the journey so people can feel an emotional connection to tell them a real guy with a real family going to real experiences that people can feel more of a sense of a poor connection is a real person and get to know me and that's what you want to offer some people can begin to see more of you and that's why you then develop your social media platforms you can develop more interaction in the comments on your website these little pieces allow people to say something to you and when you replied to get very excited most people are so shocked when they send email to me I reply personally I replied every mother comes in myself 99% of the time people get an email for me and they read it or don't really click on the link could link reminder blog post or don't read it but I never apply to me they never go to the feedback cycle and they don't see what happens when you do that it's very valuable to someone at the top of the tribe when they start to get feedback in the search your back from you sometimes when I'm building a new course I'll send out review copies to couple hundred people that it would fall me for a while and then I say hey all I want to return is 30 seconds of your feedback so I can make it better have a testimony of my website and very few people do you know this is normal this is nothing personal you probably don't know time most people to offer me any feedback you see that email and ignore it this is how you start to find the first people to be members of the tribe the people that actively email you that understand reaching out leads to connection there's a value to that I leave reviews of books all the time I reach out to people who stuff I like all the time I want to give that value even though I'm not turning anything back but I do know that sometimes when you send a really great email to an author or leave an amazing resident officially sometimes the reply directly sometimes you can reach people you'd never think you can reach out to someone who's part of something very successful so his performed over the most susceptible time what actually back you'll find people in your tribe the first adopters these the people that will write the first comment will send you the first email will be the first person message on Facebook and when you reply to the go back and forth there excited about your teaching and they will learn it and they want to succeed takes a little while to build this out of your tribe and doing a pure entertainment type of material to do like a videogame review blog where you're doing, books or something like that it's not as heavily about implementation are just as excited about you and tells of the people the way you can find early on the first people were taking action once you get excited by the early adopters and they'll begin to tell their friends about you share the materials you we do have to sift for every 100 people to buy any online course 99 of them will never finish every single person I know and I know lots of markers in the same field as me I know people that sell thousands of units a day there with you a small audience are begot into often discover this is what happens most of your audience doesn't read everything they don't finish anything the completion we find that one person who does that one implementor you start to form a relationship and right now as I'm building out this new Brenda moving into really growing certain masters of the I'm excited about I respond heavily to the early adopters people who email me the most I sent out review copies of my Amazon book 2 or 300 people to help me with early reviews but also early edits to say hey let me know if you catch any errors that I missed at least 300 people only to email me any errors one guy emailed me 45 or 50 things he caught tiny tiny mistakes that even where the sentence I did notice a convincing sent so many times offer me she to buy was very helpful to me and so I sent to my mother back of your personal Skype let me help you the next thing you're working is what you did was so valuable to me I found an outlier and I'm very excited about that and to give a lot of value much as I do this is the person, but also what I'm learning from soils that the same thing when you want to join someone's try with your following your someone else the more you connect with them the better a lot of times we joined tribes late the first round of early adopters those the people that had iPod before anyone else does the people that jump on and try new technology to same thing developing something when you are in the second phase you get people to really try but they're just fans and followers and these are people that join the tribe once it's very large those other people out there does all the books out about quitting a job working only a few hours a week and that massive followings of hundreds of thousands of people and most people jump into those types of tribes they say oh I'm not an early adopter I would wait until everyone else is confirmed at school that'll jump at the last person to join that's 99% when you have the core 1000 people tadpole of 282,000 people that are early adopters people that read-only courses always write reviews always give you feedback are excited about what you do share everything you do on social media following on twitter action read all your posts that's the real tribe and that's what's really exciting and for these people the fact that they can communicate with you back and forth the fact that they can condemn you on twitter and you reply all of that stuff is a huge value that gets them excited because that's how we want to interact with the world these days for me I'm not really interested in following so that I can actually talk to even if it's just getting someone to reply to my comments on their blog or reply to the resume my message if they messes her Facebook page something I want to be able to hear their voice if I say something that's very important to me and that's how most of the world now exists were people who want to interact with our heroes you can send messages to most movie stars on Twitter if you say the right thing the reply you can actually get a response from a lot of movie stars a lot of others a lot of really top of the pile people and the reason for that is his is now an expectation we now expect people to run their own twitters are the least regional twitter accounts sometimes we would expect that type of communication to be available we know that if you write a letter by hand you're probably not get ahead written reply from anyone who super famous but you can connect people in social media and get people to follow you back on Twitter you get a celebrity or someone your version of the reason we are following two retreats of the right a really great suite at me I see it all retreated that something really cool and that's what people expect as you building a tribe you have to offer this to the people that following you have to show them that you're paying attention to them if you just do one direction for medication here's my message listen to it have no interest in what you have to say you'll never get to the point where you create a tribe you have some followers maybe you are fans of you will never cross into fanatic or proselytizing area where they want to tell anyone else about you being reachable is what's really powerful and when you become reachable when people get excited and are chomping at the bit to see the next thing you're doing that's when you can generate real support there several really interesting business models that are growing right now one of them is the patriot business model this is where your followers pay you for content this is what a lot of guys are doing on YouTube right now guys and gals with big followings or even a smaller following any to say hey I want to keep making contact I don't want to sell anything directly but I ask you to support me and you can go to patron and you can to say every time this person makes a video of the type I like I want to donate a dollar if you have a tribe of thousand people that means her to give you a dollar each time make a video you may thousand dollars for every video you released you to if you do one video month you make $12,000 a year if you do four views a month with your little tribe is 1000 people to trust you enough to make $40,000 a year each of those people's only investing $40 in your teaching that spending a lot of money it's very small amount of the dollar we get something they won't even notice but it adds up when a person receiving it and that comes from being tribal for people building this business model on YouTube they respond to all of their comments you'll never see someone doing relatively well this business model it doesn't communicate you see those videos with their comments are turned off and I can see a lot of try building your concealer that real connection the real connection will try building has to have an element of medication that's were when you post a question under someone's video they reply how may times on YouTube try to learn something you see that video and you post a comment and it never gets reply to sometimes I see videos and comments from five or six years ago but never got a reply and you'll notice was a good three or four, does not apply people stop commenting becomes debt interacting with your tribe even if you're purely going into this type of model still has to exist people need to be able to reach use of the show excited about supporting the element of tribe there's an element of it that also includes the people around them they don't just want to connect with you they want to connect with the other people who follow you and it also comes on the comments with when I commented some oil supplies and a girl hops in her opinion and another guy applies another girl you get that back-and-forth feedback so there's a bit of conversation from your followers with each other allow them to communicate with you and what you'll see is that your early adopters your first try members will pass on your teachings pass on what's great about you share their favorite video of your still share what they've learned from following you though share their favorite blog post with the new people new people join new tribe members will join people are getting really excited about you teach the people living there for a while will actually work on your behalf at all if you really want to message and you got a message on Twitter isn't just Facebook as much and that person will then become more and more member to try because the leader the early adopters are helping them along the start sharing your teachings will say which of course is the best the tell people all these amazing things about you your tribe will continue to grow all because you really have these early adopters and the important thing is that this is a relationship built on trust that means you don't recommend products you don't believe in you don't recommend stuff you've never tried or seen just because there's a really great commission you don't break that trust because once you do if you break trust is your tribe you will never regain a trust is very easy to break but it's very close to impossible to repair certain celebrities they had an incident in the 80s some people they broke trust with your audience in a different way or the fans lost faith with them in 30 or 40 years later they still can't do big movies they still can't get on the big TV shows are still suffering from that moment a broken trust you must remain faithful to try don't teach anything that doesn't actually work my courses all work I would never put out a product that doesn't work specially my face is on a my name is on you can see my face all of my website that's there forever if you put something out into the Internet that doesn't actually work or that you read someone else's course you made your own version of you don't know if it works he starts selling out a lot of people do you put your name on something and you're hoping that it works and that is how you break faith with your tribe and you'll lose them if you start doing things that your tribe doesn't connect with that doesn't make sense you have a comic book for a long time and suddenly inject instead of being humorous you switch to inject a lot of politics you lose a lot of your followers ago hey I come here just to be entertained I want politics mixed and if it doesn't fit you can lose your tribe by changing your message to start off being consistent if you were always a political comic than the same people be fine with it it's not that your political is that you become in a moment for them politically suddenly changed it's the change that turn people off the sudden shift have a consistent message have something that you believe and have something that is consistent and people following me excitedly for very long time I try to be very consistent my messaging to be very consistent reply to people's emails are not perfect about social media try to get better better about checking everything every day and reading her between her Facebook but I'm not perfect about that but I try my best I check Facebook I checked almost every day you'll discover if you follow me trying to judge me different ways that I pay a lot of attention and the more you align yourself with whichever tribe he join the more the leader of the tribe with an aligned themselves with you maybe you've decided hey I want to follow one of the other laptop millionaires laptop from the world that all my blogs and that's your group uses podcast cousin fine but the rest the time you're reading the following courses you fall someone else that's okay the more you fall into alignment with that person the more you start leaving comments the more you start leaving reviews buying products being honest the person giving feedback emailing them directly to their website and the contact form all of those things will lead them to start commuting back with you people you think of as very far away are actually reachable most gurus most high people who love tribes of less than 10,000 people when you email them to Lima you back you can actually get that to a communication and start to form a relationship is a much larger drive anyone get on the radar that's me by our coaching and that's how you move up to hire a jaunt to the tribe and skip over the lower levels of one-week medication move into two-way communication this is how you can join a larger try to get notice in the same way the more you give to the person living a try to get back and you'll do the same thing as you build your business as you lot your blog launcher faced with channel move in the direction moving it made you purely want to write books for Amazon and you have no interest in doing the blocks he does have your Amazon presence and then you have your social media Facebook twitter as long as you respond to the people who messaged you you can form a tribe in that way people will leave positive reviews for your book people email you people follow you in that way you can form a very strong following with a very simple platform and a little bit of social media little bit each medication and a little bit of email you have to do a lot of things you want to teach the people who follow you that their actions are rewarded and tell you right now that people who keep trust with me who follow me people who leave me reviews who give me positive or honest feedback and let me know hey I found this for the course confusing when people do that for me someone sends me some negative feedback is a video number three in this course was terrible very confusing I didn't know what to do my response will be to record a new video the goes in between videos three and four copper with that person felt confusing responses in this is an idiot he didn't get my training know my responses okay now I not improve what I have to that's very valuable to me about my stuff always be better feedback even if it's negative to be very valuable to a person there's a lot of value in communication with people you're following the blogs you read all of those people are desperate for your comments desperate for feedback it's very valuable to them when you do those things will get rewarded and if you do those things for me I reward you heavily the people leaving a lot of reviews I often say to you early access to my course if you'll just tell me what's good and what's bad how I can tighten it up and leaving on his testimonial is a lot of people that will give you 23 $5000 courses if you just do that stuff and you demonstrate you like a person by demonstrating your implement or that you're someone who executes you go to the smaller course and leave a review that they go okay this person's ears give access to little bit bigger course sometimes people message mean is a all have any money we give me your $5000 course for free all leave your testimonial and I know that those people won't actually know that if I give someone that much value they won't actually do this people won't execute those that want to give you my smaller course you show me the goals were to our course and leave me honest feedback you me some real feedback show you can implement then you I can give you access to bigger things that most people won't do that you're wondering how to form a relationship with whichever tribunal to join demonstrate you can execute Gemma to implement in the be very excited to communicate with you and the same thing as you build up your following the more you connect with those who execute those who implement the model go from tribe members to raving fanatics will tell everyone how amazing you are in the give you enough of the following to generate a very nice income visiting Hague water I got a winning for the sky when they don't see is what happens next if you leave me a really good review on the notice that and connect with you and then you say you email me and say hey I'm stuck at this we help you take the half of the funding of course is you did something from you gave some value to me when I was studying music in my 20s I had to write a paper about one of the song by Michael Jackson and I found the email address of the drummer for that particular song I emailed him he wrote me back I couldn't believe it look at people who broke/20 or 30 years ago

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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Penny - October 30, 2016

I love this. The concept of getting 1000 people for your tribe seems much more attainable when you think in the context of the number of people who have internet access who may be interested in your content.

Good call about the trust factor. I remember the a Million Little Pieces scandal. Oprah tore him a new one. LOL


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