SNM034: Does Your Audience Want Your Message?

The Altar of Ego

Many people start off with a message that they want to tell and that becomes the driving force of their entire business.  Unfornuatney, most companies driven by hearts instead of brains eventually come crashing down.

Whenever someone tells me that they know they have a great product or idea, but they haven't sold one or run any tests, I get very worried for their future.

School of Hard Knocks

I've made some mistakes on the path to my current success.  Like many entrepreneurs, someone told me it was a bad idea, but I was convinced that I could do it better.  That I saw something nobody else saw.  That I would succeed with an idea that had failed over and over in the past.

It's a shame, but I like to learn the hard way.  Learn from my mistakes and shorten the distance to your own financial success.

Find Out What They Want and Give it to Them

This is the ultimate business motto.  When in doubt, follow this simple law.  Find out what people want and then give it to them.

See what the market is doing on Amazon, Google, Forums and the top blogs.  Are people buying similar products and talking about similar products?  Or are you the first person in town?

Testing the Waters

You don't have to make the entire product and launch the business to run a test.  For less than a hundred bucks you can find out if people are interested in your idea, or if they simply hate it.

First to Market Or Educate the Market

There is a big difference between being the first to market and trying to educate a market.  Are you solving a problem they know about?  Or do you have to teach them they have a problem first?


If you have a following, take the time to survey them.  Interact with your following as much as possible.  Get tuned into their needs and adjust your message as needed.

A simple tweak can help you rise from the ashes of a bad idea like a glorious Phoenix.

Key Points:

  1. Learn the easy way, not the hard way
  2. Find out what your market wants and give it to them
  3. Don't be afraid to pivot

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I even want to hear your message find out on today's episode that is absurd is brought to buy fresh books accounting and bookkeeping mistakes destroyed thousands of small businesses every single day bookkeeping doesn't have to be hard turned the number one invoicing software for small businesses start for free today that serve the\fresh books are you tired of dealing with the loss you feel underpaid and underappreciated to make it online and start leaving the retirement dreams now likely well no matter how open new revenue streams and make money wonderfully presented live in tropical and celibacy by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now is your home most businesses books ideas blogs stories videos the altars to the ego of the person who created them we start off with that idea and decide that everyone else needs to see your world needs our invention this is the ego first business model and so many businesses following and eventually they collapsed one of the biggest struggles new authors have is writing and releasing a book and then no one wants to read it's painful and it's stressful you can't figure out what went wrong so many times when I'm coaching or answering emails people say to me but such a good idea why don't people on I've seen some amazing ideas that I think are brilliant go nowhere it doesn't matter I think it's brilliant it matters if people want to buy one here it when you start your business with your idea with your invention with what you want for yourself and ignored your market you could end up struggling through the school of hard knocks I try to watch every single television show that's about investing I want shows where people come in and buy in and rebuild companies I watch over people pitch their inventions I watch all the variations from lots of different countries it's pretty much the subdivision I really like to watch and I noticed many people you have an idea to start this invention spent years with it never show it and he was never sold one people tell them all the time I think it's a great invention and that it's nice but it's honestly worthless the only thing that matters is when people vote with their money 20 people tell me like an idea great until they buy didn't really believe it this is one of the reasons they get confirmation bias in small group tests in bringing people to check out a new product in this area I would buy this I would buy this is not the same things actually buying we want to start at the very beginning of our business model finding out what people want and then giving it to them I know many different ways to make money online I know several large-scale business operations I know how to start things that are very flashing very technical I could teach that stuff I can teach that methodologies were used to teach five or six years ago a different way building a business but most of my audience doesn't want that I found what my audience once I found out what is most helpful most valuable to people like you when building a business when you're really looking for my entire structure where teachers all about content marketing this is an approach to marketing that is very methodical it may seem at first like it's the turtle the tortoise and hare it seems like it's a little bit slow at first but with each step you get closer and closer and you end up making a lot more money than that hair ever imagined this is a methodical but also unstoppable force as long as you follow the methodology teach the systems the steps that I share with you every day you get one step closer to that fortune that you deserve quitting your job leaving things behind taking control of your financial destiny paying off your debt all of those things happen the following methodology I'm teaching people how to build businesses I know that's what my audience wants because I asked why aren't all the time to respond emails of the time I paid attention what people say to me all the time I connect with my list whatever market you want to enter into fine know what people are asking about if you want to write romance novels go to the forms where people talk about romance novels and talk about their favorite novels we would have to say people will tell you I'm only interested in romance novels that are modern day I'm only interested once I was with the main characters military military no thanks I like romance novels with the main characters a shape shifter you can find out what your audience wants in any market people talk online all the time there are several places to go to find out and get a seat of what people really want to hear what people really want and need to know about I personally as a guy who releases most of my parts of Amazon right now that's why start my research I look to see if people buy books on the topic recently and I mention this in my new book coming out in a few weeks recently client came to me to start working on a book on tinnitus presently that's interesting I've never thought of it as a big market for a B will bring their years it's kind of a medical problem I don't know a lot about it but I said okay I'll do some research for you and see what we can find out put together I took a look on Amazon there's a couple of good books on tinnitus is not to really good ones and I saw 12 or 15 what I would say terrible or garbage books their books have a lot of bad reviews if a book has three good reviews and 15 badly as that's a big red flag for me most of the books had really really bad reviews I could tell they are written by people that wanted to get into the tinnitus market for some reason and Raposa didn't work which is really unforgettable gets a real problem men like someone said that is has a pain or ring of your all the time it's affecting their way of life and try and make a quick buck off people with that situation is not something I'm into this is why when I talk to extensive research I was man has been so much time just reading medical papers for my next face trying to understand current research and see what technology is to really get a grasp of where technology is renowned where cures are in the best solutions to the problem most people don't do the level research they just take a list from one website into a book is on Amazon so I looked at the two really good books on Amazon and neither of them are making any money they're both very low probably selling one or two copies a week this tells me there's no audience or no interest in solving this problem on Amazon some ideas huge on other platforms but that on Amazon people don't want to learn at their sometimes it's the format people want to learn to swim from a movie not a book understanding where to find your audience is important when you research if there's no book on Amazon that people are buying on the topic of is no book on the topic at all that's a big red flag that's a sign the people are interested in my be assigned to people simply are interested in Amazon but it might be a sign of something bigger so then you want to start looking at Google looking at being if you prefer that as a search engine looking at forms and looking for blocks when you find a blog on your topic you can gather a lot of information what I look for is how many active members to this blog and how often are people writing messages look for the most popular post sometimes you visit a blog it looks very popular I used to do research for some of my products for women for dating on a particular block and it looks so busy you see always got hundred thousand post office things it was very popular while I noticed because I track the frequency of post how often people reply that the site actually died and became useless for analog use as a research source when you're looking at a form you want to look for how often are people replying and how it applies to their been in last 24 hours devoted into replies and lastly rises at that site I want to see hundreds of comments and lastly far that tells you to thriving active community and that the data you can pull from it is important and valuable if you can find any form without a lot of activity on your topic that's a sign not them you are interested in there certain things that very small number of people care about only people tinnitus care about it and so it's a problem that affects a small number of people in only a small number of them and look for a solution in different places online when you're targeting a really small space that's a sign we consider before you dive into it does the market exist is the audience exist are there enough people interested in what you want to talk about what you want to teach about to support you financially you might have the perfect cure for tinnitus and that's wonderful if you could really help people rate I don't want to stop you just realize that it's a small number of people so there's a small footprint you can create a line there's a small opportunity for profit your very limited there are about 10 to 15 blogs that are kind of similar to my none of them are a direct match for their blogs about building a business there blogs are quitting her job their blogs about traveling around the world kind of living in these amazing four locations are traveling full time being a digital nomad if none of those blogs existed I would've hesitated a lot more to start this when you look at other blogs that are similar to your idea or that are in the same space you want to approach take a look at how much traffic they get you and see the rankings if there getting no traffic that's assigned no cares at the sign of the audience is interested in your topic topics come and go things that were popular in the past are not as popular now being aware of the changing winds of time is very important some of the blogs that I compete with her that they haven't put out a new post in two or three years it happens this is a sign that something went wrong for that business you want to notice that as well how frequently are they posting how much traffic really getting how relevant are they how active is their following all of these things tell you is there an audience that wants your message there might be some amazing blogs to see the blogger while this blog so beautiful amazing design look at all these posts if you look at the traffic numbers in their getting a traffic that's a sign have a beautiful blog but no one looks at pay attention to these things the next phase want to go to this research phase is to test the waters share your idea with people and see how they react there's some ways you can do this there is a method where you post an ad with your product for sale before you make your product if we release your idea and the people go to check out it says are out of stock and just look to see how he will try to even check out this is a great way to test market (100 bucks and you can buy that there's any interest in the idea with limited testing you can run tests on Facebook test on Google does a lot of platforms allow you to do this and that's the basic idea you show your idea to a group of people offer the opportunity to buy and rather the same would you buy it you create a buy button you'll tell it's not ready yet and when people don't click on it let you know all men also buy something must be wrong with my marking the message of my idea testing your idea dabbling with ready to share with people seeing how they react is very important sometimes you will come to that idea and I can tell instantly that I have a bad feeling about sometimes I'm 80% sure that is terrible so I don't want holy kill the person because perhaps I'm the outlier that doesn't see the great opportunity but you're in the situation where you don't hurt someone's feelings with ideas and very good it's a tough balance to be in I try to maintain my integrity until the person true that her feelings but it can be really hard and when your friends are somewhere is a member family and close relative their terrible idea it's hard to sell in the face your ideas terrible preliminary money in the poor house and her family she falls it is tough to say that stuff people do that they make these horrible decisions the greatest products and I see people seeking investment and they want to lower the cost of production they talk to their the cup their factory and if they buy 10 it's expensive and if they by 2000 and get a great savings by the tenant seldom first see if you can sell 10 at a breakeven and then try and sell hundreds a little of a profit confirm that the audit has any interest in the physical product idea get 10 made through him on Amazon see what happens if you still attending the you got a winner sometimes you have an idea that doesn't exist you create an invention is all probably something brand-new it's cutting-edge you have a brand-new approach things there's a difference between being first to market and educating the market educating the market is where you have to tell people about the problem and then tell them about your solution a great example of this is a series of commercials on television for toothpaste with a teacher about acid erosion the start of the commercial tell you about this problem you have in your teeth that I'm pretty sure doesn't even exist I think it's completely made up they put a person in a doctors coat but it's as of the bottom that it's an actor it's not a real doctor date and educate you about this problem and then try to sell you something at the end you may have noticed you see this commercial lot elephant still running but recently a couple years was running all the time they spend millions and millions of dollars on this campaign to educate a market costs a lot of money I had never heard of this problem before out the effective never heard of this from outside this commercial Nevada dentists say to me to get*I don't think it's real because no dentist is ever said to me and I visit a dentist in a dozen countries to never come up either that or I'm immune to this disease even though I don't use that toothpaste educating a market cost a great deal of money great deal of effort when you want to fix a problem so it has a problem and you have a solution to it as it takes seven contacts are seven messages to get on the radar if they don't want to have a problem after use was for seven messages to convince them that the problem it can take 1421 5000 contacts to take them through the sequence of you have a problem you need to fix it here's how we fix it's very hard to educate a market it costs a great deal of money that's when you build a business across millions of dollars to get out there that's not the type of business that I teach first to market is where people have a problem and you found a unique solution that's the difference if they don't know they have the problem you are going to suffer if they're using a different solution and yours is better it can be kind of totter in between these two places if the current solution people all use and it works okay and yours is just a little better it can be very hard to break and then you're in a tougher spot finding that balance when that's your little zone is hard and I can't give you generic advice because each case is very different single heart would be to educate the market or to transition the market to your slight improvement if you made a paperclip that worked 10% better because the 10% more could you get to succeed I don't know I'm not a paperclip expert in an office of the experts and sometimes you have to go to the expert in that exact field to figure out what's possible and run some test campaigns when you create your idea you launch it you start putting it out there you may discover that you made a mistake in fact you'll probably discover the main mistake and what do through point you have this business model servo master was originally targeted at guys in their early 20s my original idea when he first set up the website couple years ago that's what I was thinking about guys in their 20s graduating college basically guys like me when I was younger that's what was really targeting I then started building up the site during that time of the and my children refers to children definitely having more were just waiting until ready for the next one but my market shifted I discovered that the majority of my audiences women and pretty sure close to 100% if at least 80% of the people who listens podcast follow me read my blog post anything of children my audience is all most all late 20s and up really more more my audience is late 30s or early 40s mid-forties that discovery means I needed to pivot my message things that are cooled to 20-year-olds are not cool to people in fact I also had our message because I don't want to communicate in that way anymore I don't want to talk about action movies and all those things he's like I was losing so I know they've just changed the whale in a community no changes so my original vision review core idea for the servo master logo was the idea of like to summarize fighting and killing you one very violent very aggressive very physical something that would appeal to the people who buy mixed martial arts T-shirts even though the fighters that's on my target demo anymore I've pivoted my business to fit where I want to take my business and if it my audience I've softened my message matured my message and create a much stronger business by pivoting and you reach a moment where you discover what you're doing isn't quite working you need to pivot your business a little bit in order to determine the pivot you need to take you want to survey your audience if you're a member of my foggy been a member for while everyone so I sent an email why send you to a survey I send you to a series of five seven-time questions asking different things and sometimes us and one question service for some my lists what's your biggest problem right now what your biggest struggle right and what's holding you back from where you want to be right now but the one question survey the answers you get will tell you here's my problem this I sent out this Sunday with my parenting followers recently and most responses I got to the biggest problems terrible twos to guess what the next book I need to write about parenting as to why they told me what they want when you need to pivot survey your audience and they will tell you where you need to take the business as long as you have enough of an audience they are people listening to you won't buy your products and is asking will tell you I have a series of 10 products that will launch the servo master Audi outlined the order in which I release those products is completely based on the response I get for my audience you will learn how to make videos to a learn how to write nonfiction do you want to learn how to market on Facebook ask questions and the response I get tells you which ones to work on in that order in order want to make with the orders determined to fix my audience you can hit a point where you're in trouble your audience is no longer interested in you nothing selling your feeling overwhelmed you know you have to pivot and it feels like everything's collapsed around your business is turning to ashes if you have it by listening to your audience by surveying your audience to find out what they want to discover that your business is probably 95% of the way there you just had a load off in your messaging pivot give the people what they want and like a phoenix rising from the ashes you can create a message to your audience actually wants and generate the revenue you deserve for listening to this week's episode no master wants to never miss another episode be back next Tuesday to jackets on how to do that rap's no now chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller no master all you have to do is leave a wife don't you respond to Tuesday thank you for listening this episode to serve the master podcast follow [email protected]\serve no master

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Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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