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SNM034: Does Your Audience Want Your Message?

The Altar of Ego

Many people start off with a message that they want to tell and that becomes the driving force of their entire business.  Unfornuatney, most companies driven by hearts instead of brains eventually come crashing down.

Whenever someone tells me that they know they have a great product or idea, but they haven't sold one or run any tests, I get very worried about their future.

School of Hard Knocks

I've made some mistakes on the path to my current success.  Like many entrepreneurs, someone told me it was a bad idea, but I was convinced that I could do it better.  That I saw something nobody else saw.  That I would succeed with an idea that had failed over and over in the past.

It's a shame, but I like to learn the hard way.  Learn from my mistakes and shorten the distance to your own financial success.

Find Out What They Want and Give It to Them

This is the ultimate business motto.  When in doubt, follow this simple law.  Find out what people want and then give it to them.

See what the market is doing on Amazon, Google, Forums, and the top blogs.  Are people buying similar products and talking about similar products?  Or are you the first person in town?

Testing the Waters

You don't have to make the entire product and launch the business to run a test.  For less than a hundred bucks you can find out if people are interested in your idea, or if they simply hate it.

First to Market Or Educate the Market

There is a big difference between being the first to market and trying to educate a market.  Are you solving a problem they know about?  Or do you have to teach them they have a problem first?


If you have a following, take the time to survey them.  Interact with your following as much as possible.  Get tuned into their needs and adjust your message as needed.

A simple tweak can help you rise from the ashes of a bad idea like a glorious Phoenix.

Key Points:

  1. Learn the easy way, not the hard way
  2. Find out what your market wants and give it to them
  3. Don't be afraid to pivot

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